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Here is a little secret: we are going to launch feedly for iPad on March 11th, just in time for iPad 2 and iOS 4.3. Here is a little extract from the Apple iOS 4.3 which makes us very happy:

2011 is going to be an exciting year for mobile apps! Stay tuned

Update: If you want to get the specifics about how much better iOS 4.3 and iPad 2 are going to be, see this thread at gdgt with specific SunSpider results! #hot!

Update 2: Yes. Feedly for iPad will be a universal app which will work both on the iPhone and the iPad (although the UI will be different on the iPad). It will be a free upgrade for the existing feedly for iPhone users.

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74 thoughts on “Feedly for iPad”

  1. Android Android Android!! :D haha Good job guys, this is great news if it’s finally on mobile, Android should follow soon, Fingers crossed!!!!

  2. You guys rock!
    Thanks for making it a free upgrade!
    Still the best RSS reader on iOS.

  3. Cool !!!

    But then I couldn’t care less until I can lay my hands on “Feedly for Android” :-)

    Please, please, please make it a reality soon, sooner, soonest (??!!!).

  4. am I mistaken or is it not working? i still have the 1x 2x buttons and the text overflows the screen (on my ipad)

    1. Apple was not happy with one of the icons we had in the application. We are in the process of redesigning it and resubmitting the app. Sorry for the delay.

  5. I just got the iPad 2 and I’m pumped to get the Feedly iPad app. Can you let us know when it’s available?

    By the way, in case I didn’t make it clear, I love Feedly.

  6. Let me start by saying I love feedly and cant wait to use it on my iPad. I saw that it was supposed to be released on 3/11. I only see the iPhone version in the app store. Can we get an updated date for the iPad since the originally stated date has passed?

  7. Very exciting news. I can’t wait to throw flipboard, which seems to think all my google reader feeds (about 80 of them) deserve to be just one grouping. They ignore folders, very annoying. Can’t wait to have the same great feedly experience from Chrome and Firefox on my iPad 2.

    Any thoughts on support for webOS and the HP touchpad when it comes out? I know webOS is small in terms of user count but it’ll grow :)

  8. Awesome..can’t wait..am checking the app store hourly for feedly for iPad! Feedly for chrome is the best!

  9. I never thought i also would be checking the app store hourly for an app. Clearly, Feedly has some big network effect & reputational potential. Hope they know how to manage this potential despite apples murky policies.

  10. I’m disappointed at not only no iPad app over a week after it was promised, butat the lack of communication about why. Not even acknowledging your loyal customers when they are asking you is pretty crappy. Thanks guys.

  11. I just downloaded the app, and it is unusable on an iPad because the UI is bigger, but framed within the iPhone “window”.
    I can’t even log in because the submit button is outside the view.

  12. Any news on the universal feedly app for iDevices? I’m looking forward to testing it on my brand new iPad…

  13. Guys, any – we mean ANY – communication about Feedly for iPad would be great. There are a great deal of us continually checking the app store with no luck. I understand you had to re-submit, but where are you in the process?
    Had the re-submission happened? Are you still working on the fixes Apple asked for? Do you have a ballpark idea about when we can expect Feedly for iPad?

    1. Hi Corgin. Sorry about that. Our first submission got rejected because we were misusing an icon. In the meantime, we pushed out feedly for xoom (android tablet) and got some good feedback/suggestion. We have been fixing the image issue and implementing some of the suggestions and will be submitting an updated version of the app to Apple today or tomorrow. Will will take 8 days for Apple to accept or refuse the app.

  14. I keep hearing that Feedly for iPad is coming out soon. Try to get regular updates, but still no Feedly (for iPad) in the App Store. Days, weeks, months? So hopefully, when it’s finally available, it will be a great app.

  15. Ok, got my Ipad 2, I’m so happy! The first app that I wanted to install on it is Feedly but still no Ipad app and we are in April!

    Come on guys! Please hurry up!

  16. Yes, eagerly waiting here too! Love the iPhone version, I know you cannot rush Apple Reviewer anyway.

  17. That’s curious I too edit apps for iphone / ipad it never takes that long to appear in the app market.

    1. Hi Benj. feedly for iPhone 1.0.6 was buggy so we decided to do a private beta for the 2.0.1 (iPad version) and invited 20 people to try it out. They found a few P0 bugs. We fixed those and resubmitted the app to apple for review on Tuesday. It should hopefully be approved by Apple by the end of next week. Thanks for you patience and have a great week end.

  18. aaarrrrgggh :) Edwin, pls be carefl next time and rather announce a release on the day its in the store….or announce a month late and make it a surprise by being earlier than announced.

    Go feedly!

  19. Well I guess this is because of the M&A between feedly and Xwiki. I hope it has not caused to much customers to be pissed off and for myself I hope this will be a lessons learned for the future of feedly.

    Awaiting 3rd of May now…But hey, if you don’t have it by then, I will have to sing a song for my wife…! (What I don’t want to…)

    1. Edwin, thanks for not having me to sing a song for my wife! :-> Dont make me suffer next time!
      What a wonderful app you have here. This is the stuff feedly got famous for. Nice, tidy, simple and aesthetic design. Thank you for your work.

  20. Thank you guys!! What a pleasure is to use Feedly on my Ipad…

    Worth the wait and the wait and the wait :)

    Please enable landscape mode in your next upgrade if possible :)

  21. Thanks for the update, I can now say bye bye to Flipboard and Zite. Couple of bugs so far:

    I have a category which has 7 unread items but only 6 are shown — moving to next page only goes to the next category and the top bar does not show 1 page correctly.

    Another problem is the app hangs when loading a category — which is random and goes away whenever I kill the app and restart again.

    Feature requests: how about giving an option to read the items already read? Also, able to share it over Google Reader like the browser version? Last but not least, it would be great to share the “Saved” items with “Starred” items on Google Reader.

  22. Landscape, please , love this app … I wasted my money buying GoReader ??? This app worth min $4.99

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