Feedly featured in Google Chrome Web Store

Special thanks to Google for featuring the feedly app in the chrome web store. A great milestone!

If you are a new Chrome+Feedly user, we are here to help. Have a great week end.

Author: @feedly

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7 thoughts on “Feedly featured in Google Chrome Web Store”

  1. Impressive and well-deserved! Question: any word on the appearance of an Android version of Feedly?

    1. Developer said feedly android will be released before March 11th.

      But based on track record, we can probably expect a “Feedly for Android only 4 weeks away” announcement on the 12th.

  2. Hi Edwin,

    Hope all is well.

    I am using a B&N Nook Color rooted and running Honeycomb. Can I test out the Android feedly when it is available?


  3. The chrome version is *AWFUL*. Why didn’t you make a nice simple no-scroll clean news reader like your apps? This is the same baffling cluttered ordeal as Google Reader- 10,000 stories crammed into an endless web page. A much better app would be 3 or 4 stories a page with a flip interface, just like your mobile apps. The Chrome version adds no value to news reading.

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