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Feedly for Android is finally available for beta. Now we need to hammer out all the bugs and polish the user experience. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions!

You can learn more about it here:

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16 thoughts on “Feedly for Android”

  1. it looks okay. i’m not blown away.
    what i want the most is smaller app size and the use of the android account authentication.
    it’s a annoyance to create application access code, since i use google’s 2-step authentication.
    for now i’ll be using newsrob or google reader, but i believe in you guys! i love feedly in chrome :)

    1. If you look at the beta program page, you will see a mini roadmap document http://blog.feedly.com/feedly-for-android-beta-program/ . Integration with the Android Account Management is at the top of the list. It should be included in the 0.9.3 update we will push out on Friday night. Regarding the app size, there are a few more images we should be able to remove from the package. We are shooting to reducing the size to 2.5M over the next couple of iterations. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Really like the Android app. But… Not a total fan of the Essentials list. For one, I could care less about Apple. Not a big fan of fashion… and could definitely do without the Celebs.

  3. I really like the “you may also like feature”. But I expected to be able to subscribe to these “recommendations” right there, Any way to get that part working back with google reader? Loving the app though, I think it has just become my new go to app.

  4. Love Feedly an android!!!

    When there is a homescreen widget option, I will be able to ditch gReader pro

  5. I just updated Feedly through the Android market and I’m really disappointed with the pre-loaded “essentials” list. They’re not essential to me and I don’t want them. I just want to read my feeds.

    But there seems to be no way to get rid of the essentials, just like there’s no way to replace Tweet with Post to Facebook in the initial “share” menu for posts.

    As fas as I am concerned, I love Feedly on my computer, but you guys are really missing the mark with the Android version. What a shame.

    … back to Newsrob until Feedly’s future updates make it more usable and user-friendly.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for the candid feedback. The selector will just show all your category and feeds before it will list the essentials. In 4.0, we will add a preference knob to exclude the essentials from the selector. Facebook integration is coming very soon. Cheers.

    2. Google’s Android mobile OS is cnimog soon to iPhone 4. Android can already run on iPhone EDGE (2G), 3G and iPod touch. The ports don’t work as well as they should do, since iPhone and Android don’t go along well (power management not optimized, iPhone’s battery drops to zero within a few hours) but it’s definitely great if you want to try out the so called open-ness of Android. Was this answer helpful?

  6. I’d like to ditch ALL the essentials stuff and only see my google-reader subscriptions. How do I do that?
    I really just want a nice rss reader, not a twitter/facebook/friendster/ourkut/4chan/kitchen-sink client.

  7. I can’t find a way to manage my subscriptions even though it says in the marketplace that I should be able to. I want to delete the essentials permamently, and I don’t like the lack of Evernote integration. For now, I’ll be using pulse.

  8. Same here. That list of “essentials” is really bugging me. It forces me to pay attention to it, and it does not include feeds that I would want to read. Also, I do not like the idea of an app forcing a certain style of usage on me, if I had wanted that, I would’ve gotten an iPhone instead of an Android device.

    That being said, the layout and usability of feedly seems great so far, just get make it more customizable. I have also yet to find out how to subscribe given a certain URL (i.e. custom feeds that are not found by the search in feedly).

  9. I want to tweak the essentials and have more integration with my feeds. Not an all or nothing on essentials but individual check boxes. I see a lot of customization on desktop but less on android.

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