FIXED – Start Error in version 5.x

Some feedly users had trouble access their feedly today. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. The issue causing the problem has been identified and fixed (build 377).

If you are experiencing the problem, here is the best way to update to the latest version:

For firefox users:

  • go to www. and install the latest version. (or you can wait for Mozilla to activate the automatic update but it might take a few days until that happens).

For chrome users:

  1. close your existing feedly tabs,
  2. load chrome://extensions  in your browser,
  3. select developer mode
  4. click on update extensions now.
    (You should see the extension upgrade to 5.4.377 at which point you should be able to access your feedly).

The problem happened because part of our code had a wrong assumption about the structure of a JSON data element served by Google Reader and when they optimized that structure, our code broke, preventing the extension to start. Once mobile 2.0 is out, we are going to do a more detailed to review of our code and make sure that this does not happen again in other places in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Author: @feedly

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5 thoughts on “FIXED – Start Error in version 5.x”

  1. Hi,
    I have a request (aside from the topic of this post) :) Could you make the Feedly icon on the toolbar removable? It always puts itself back even if I usually reach my feedly other way and have no need for that stubborn icon.

  2. The problem still there. I reinstall the addon but nothing helps… I use Firefox 4 on Win 7.

  3. I’ve solved this problem (temporarily) by uninstalling Firefox 4.0 and rolling back to Firefox 3.6, then reinstalling feedly.

    Make sure you turn OFF automatic Firefox updates or it will attempt to upgrade to 4.0 again.

    Maybe the Google Reader API is interpreting Feedly’s calls from Firefox 4.0 as calls from a chrome browser?

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