The next version of feedly is going to include a couple of feedly+facebook enhancements.

First, you will be able to see in the what’s new page a summary of the list of best links shared by your friends on facebook.. This is what it is going to look like:

Second, when you find an article you like, you will be able to more easily share it with your friends on facebook (including the ability to post the article to a page you own). Here is what the new facebook sharing tool looks like:

Finally, the new explore page will include source recommendations based on what sites your friends like/share in facebook.

If you are not a facebook person, there is a preference knob to turn the integration off.

This is part of our continuous effort in 2011 to make feedly a less solitary experience! We hope to have a preview of this out in 7-10 days.

Author: @feedly

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8 thoughts on “feedly+facebook”

  1. I liked the second one :) but, for the first feature, instead of a list of links, can we get a magazine like format ? :D

  2. Well, feedly just said on the twitter that they’re going to add the option for to turn the comment box off. Sorry for being aggresive. I just hate to see facebook everywhere all the time.

  3. Why does every application feel compelled to build in a facebook feed? stick to what you’re good at, leave facebook feeds for face book apps.

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