[FIXED] feedly for safari 5.x

We did a little sprint today and back ported all the 5.x enhancements to feedly for safari. The latest version of feedly for safari (5.4.380) is available for download at http://www.feedly.com This means two critical bugs fixes and a lot of new features.

Sorry it took so long!

Author: @feedly

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7 thoughts on “[FIXED] feedly for safari 5.x”

  1. And where is the iPad version?!? Please give more info about that, there is nothing more frustrating than checking the AppStore and being disappointed.

  2. I changed Firefox for Safari since OS X Lion is released, so I’m new with Feedly for Safari. How I can subscribe to a feed with Safari?

    Safari RSS Reader appears by default. I got with some extensions appear Google Reader, but I can not bring up the subscription window of Feedly. Is there any way to make this happen?

  3. When I open my Safari web browser, Feedly opens a second tab. I reset Safari frequently to clear everything and probably have opened Feedly only once.

    This is extremely annoying.

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