MG Siegler on Native vs. HTML5

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler – a blogger I really like – posted this morning:

In fact, Taylor and Facebook have been talking up the HTML5 benefits in recent months, as opposed to native app development. On paper, that sounds great. But Facebook has to realize that native applications are still going to be far superior to anything done with HTML5 for at least a few years.

This statement is wrong on two counts. First, he frames the problem as an either/or when both approaches have benefits which can actually be married together. Second, saying that applications written in Cocoa and ObjectiveC are far superior to applications written in JS, HTML and CSS is no longer true.

Let’s kill this myth once and for all!

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6 thoughts on “MG Siegler on Native vs. HTML5”

  1. Edwin, would you go so far as to suggest that many developers will (or already are) entirely abandoning Cocoa and ObjectiveC because the distinctions are so increasingly slight? This isn’t to diminish the benefits of native apps, as you rightly defend; but I’m interested in developer behavior that you’re seeing. Thanks so much for the ongoing tremendous work with Feedly!

    1. Hi Michael, No. It is not that black and white. If you are building a game or are a Cocoa/Objective C wizard, building a 100% native application is probably the right decision. But if you are facebook and need to support iOS, Android, WebOS, WF7, etc.. need to adapt to 4″ devices, 7″ devices, 10″ devices, etc, need to often roll out new features and most of the UI paradigms are document centric than using HTML5 as the foundation and bridging only when necessary is the smart way to do this and something that can result *today* in an experience that is indistinguishable from native experiences.

  2. This statement is so true… Who wants an app which only works on certain devices?

    Now html5 holds the key to real interoperatibility

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