feedly.com goes dark. May 3rd…

feedly.com goes dark. May 3rd is going to be a big day for us. If you use feedly, are a tech blogger and want pre-launch access to do a review, please email me at edwink /at/ feedly.com Have a great week end.

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13 thoughts on “feedly.com goes dark. May 3rd…”

  1. Euhm, I need feedly for special gameinformation RSS feeds, so please dont put it out for a day… ;).

  2. Dunno what going dark means, but I am hoping it means you have just scored some big investors and are going to relaunch for iPad with all kinds of amazing screenshots and hoopla, so that you finally get your due amongst the Pulse and Flipboard and Zite crowd.

    And why did Fast Company completely leave you out of that news aggregator mix anyway?!


  3. Why is my feedly firefox extension just constantly now resyncing and not loading content before finally gettin to that page ?

  4. Dark theme would be great, I type in dark text editors so it would be completely natural for me.
    Dark as in the black, then congrats for raising more funding if that’s what y’all mean.

  5. Yes, I’ve been thinking for quite sometime why the dark version is not explored. It will definitely look good with the lot of thumbnails, and also save some energy on my laptop/android mobile when running on batteries. Can’t wait!

  6. I just updated the iPhone app, but before looking at it, I thought I’d pop in to see if there was something about it on the blog.

    Feedly for me is one of the most useful tools both at home and at work. I understand the need people have to connect to what others do, be it their friends or other readers, as it was presented in the latest Scoble interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbzqg7jOUA8

    But for me, feedly is first and foremost about news. At my job in the stock market, I have noticed a very annoying habit people had to skim through plenty of financial news sites in order to stay updated. You can only do this a limited amount of times a day and you are limited by the amount of websites you can visit since you do have to actually watch the markets, among plenty of other things. Being used to work with feedly for a long time beforehand, I put it to work and quickly, well.. instantly, since it all syncs over the cloud, got all the news listed to me as they appear on every website i input. A very essential tool. It even beats the custom Twitter feed I prepared since the view is way more comfortable and clear to read. I even stay updated on news of the markets during meetings or at lunch with the iPhone app.

    The only thing i’m missing, is the ability to better arranged saved content, which is important when you do research and even at home when I suddenly want to go back to a particular article, which had valuable information. I still haven’t found a good app or website that does this as it should, even though there are plenty of read it later apps/pages out there. Maybe feedly will surprise me on that front as well.

    As for at home, I don’t really remember myself before feedly. I actually never used Google Reader before feedly came in the picture.

    And… I love my feedly Tshirt, so thanks for that one too!

    Now, off to see what changed in the iPhone app.

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