Announcing Feedly for iPad and Android…

Finally. Feedly mobile 2.0 is here. We focused on iPad, Android, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Here is a mini reviewer’s guide:

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  1. awesome guy !! awesome !!!

    This will be the first app I install when I get my hands on my first Android tablet, I promise ya !!!!!!!!!

  2. Amazing work!
    Although it feels like this took forever to come, it’s finally here. Hooray!

  3. Please make one for the BlackBerry PlayBook! You can create it in HTML5, Flash, C++, or Java :) Please do it!

  4. Hi, may i ask if it is possible to zoom text or offer some different font sizes? I wear Glasses and its sometimes hard to read the small text size even on tablets. Zoom or a bigger font would help. Thanks a lot :-)

    1. There is an option to change the font-size of the article once it is inlined. We are looking at why sometimes the content of the article is not pinch zoomable. Seems to be a bug. We are looking into it.

  5. Social Media.

    Hey Feedly crew, ny chance that mobile versions of Feedly will allow sharing using other social media tools. is essential for me, I assume Facebook would be huge for other users as well.

      1. Awesome.
        Well, awesome for Facebook users, anyways. My number one feature request would be integration as can be configured to forward posts/sharing to Facebook, twitter, and heaps of other social networking platforms.
        Otherwise, keep up the awesome work!

    1. Just tap on the black bar at the top and a selector list should popup. You can tap on “Login” to connect to your Google Account.

  6. How do you get the grid view on Android Tablets? I notice it works for Design Milk but I can’t seem to find how to get other pages to display that way.

    1. Good question: it should automatically switch to grid view if the blog includes consistently large images and the image sizes are defined in the HTML content. It will also switch to grid view if in the desktop, the page for that feed is set to grid (click on the pen icon on the top right of the page to get the view settings).

  7. what happened to the instapaper option that was in the video you did?? All that is there now is a “save for later” but I cant use that when on the subway because it is looking to connect to the web underground

  8. I’m really happy to use feedly on my iPad and iPhone! Thanks for this great work! But how can I have acces to my shared items and saved for later items there are on my feedly desktop ? And I don’t find the ability to share or saved for later contents on my google reader like before. Do you have delete this function ?
    A Readability feature to read entire content on the truncated RSS feeds would be very great too!
    Thank you!

  9. I love feedly, but I’m not crazy about the need to have a google reader account to use it. Will there be options in the future for a feedly account? Also is there going to be an option to add / delete feeds directly with feedly mobile anytime?

  10. About time!! :)

    Great app! Finally! I luuuuuuuv it! 5 stars well deserved!

    There is one only thing that I don’t get about it. How can I save/star articles? I see that I can like them, or put them in Instapaper, but I don’t know how to save articles for later when reading them in the iPad.

  11. Feedly is nice but I find the horizontal swyping much too sensitive on my android phone. I’m using my thumb to scroll down the page and 50% of the time it scrolls horizontally instead of vertically.

  12. Great start, but I’m missing some features on my iPad2:

    1. Please let use choose and save our prefered layout per feed and group for the list of articles. I really like the “magazine style”-view, but for most feeds and for groups feedly is automatically using another more boring view (table with text and picture).

    2. Please save our prefered article view (website or “reformated for mobile device”) per feed. Some feeds are useless, because they only show the headline, so you always have to click the headline to start reading the article. After that Feedly opens the full website and I have to click on the magnifying glass to get my prefered article few. This is one click and one unnecessary loading screen to much. Maybe you could even fetch the text and picture from the reformated view to build a more complete article list for “headline only” feeds.

    3. Is the only way to close the article view to click on the “Done” button in the upper left corner or am I missing something? This is very uncomfortable, because it forces me to hold the tablet in a specific way. Please add some gesture (double tap or swipe) to close the article. I’m also missing a “Last” button (there only is a “Next” button). Sometimes I want to go back, after realising that I skipped an interessting article.

    4. It would be great if you could implement preloading of the website like Flipboard does. In Flipboard you can read the article (feed view) and while you are reading it already fetches the website (and shows the top of it). It only takes one swipe to switch to website-view in a very convenient and great looking way.

    I hope you will consider some of my suggestions for future updates. Feedly is on a very good way to become my favorite RSS-app, but those problems make me go back to Reeder or Flipboard at the moment.

    1. Agree with all of Fred’s points. Plus landscape orientation support — that’s a must!

      Feedly is THIS close to being my only RSS reader. Keep it going!

  13. Is there any way to add a new feed to feedly through the iPad app? I keep looking…maybe I’m just missing it. Thanks!

  14. Hello, Feedly (Goodbye, iPad Reeder)! I’ve been searching for a good feed reader that would sync between my iPad and PC and today I discovered Feedly. I’m a very visual person, so i love Feedly’s magazine-style layout. At first I missed the ability to save articles to ReadItLater, but after installing Feedly to Chrome on my PC, I have to say that I like the saved articles display in Feedly. It also imported my previously starred articles from Google Reader, so this was a big plus. I really appreciate Feedly’s browser-based display on my PC because Google Reader is just plain ugly, and now I can use the same feed reader on both my PC and iPad. Love it!

    1. I took it out of the Valley. Was in Pioneer Square in a tight parking space. We ntoecid 4 homeless guys standing around, smiling and talking. They actually helped us get the truck parked without hitting a pole. We bought their breakfast! So simple goal is to follow my heart and look for opportunities to give a little every day. Nancy

  15. Just downloaded the newest update and loving the changes. But……… how do I mark individual articles as read from source view in the honeycomb version? I use the “tap on the right side” function on my phone frequently but it doesn’t seem to work on 10 inch tablets…

  16. I find most of my feeds not in a separate folder in google reader missing in the ipad version. ( some of them are in featured) but i can not go to a specific feed if it is not in the featured list.

    How do you decide which feeds to include in the ipad version?

  17. Feedly is by far my favourite app on my Android. The only trouble I have with it is that when I go to tweet a link it all appears to work but the tweet never appears in twitter. Works fine from the desktop just not from the phone. Anyone else having this issue?

  18. I am using Feedly for android. It is my favorite feed reader, great job. Just one question/request:
    Is there an option to automatically reformat (ex “mobilize”) pages when i select “View in website” ? Will it be available in future updates?
    It isn’t convenient to wait for a full webpage to load and then selct ‘reformat’ especially when not using a wifi connection.

  19. changing font size doesn’t seem to do anything. the text size is way to small t be readable. you and flipboard seem to only be aware of people under 30. the rest of us can’t see the damn letters!

  20. I really am enjoying using Feedly. Thankyou.

    FEATURE REQUEST: for Galaxy Tab 7″ users like me (and HTC Flyer users) please would you user our screen realestate better.

    I have version 3.0.5 and it appears to have the same layout as any other phone. Would you implement a layout (as an option if you prefer) for something like the Xoom layout on our 1024×600 screens. I know its not as big as a xoom but it’s a lot bigger than an HTC Desire HD which we seem to share a layout with. I hope (and assume implementing it with you html5 technology) would be straight forward and hope you can take a look at this some time soon, at least to tell us if it’s possible or not.

    Thanks again,


  21. I apologize if someone else has already commented about this. First, I just want to say that there are a lot of things I love about Feedly in general and the attention the team gave to its mobile products. I really like how you can reformat a webpage to just focus on the text, for instance. One thing I can’t seem to shake though is paginating from right to left. I’m a user experience designer and I make this mistake EVERY TIME, where I expect to scroll vertically to get more articles rather than swipe. Here is the reason: as our eyes move down the page to read more of the headlines, we naturally expect that the next article out of view will come into view through the bottom.

    Again, maybe others don’t have this problem but I suspect many do. I fully realize why the team wanted to go with pagination, I just don’t really agree with it and I get frustrated every time I use the product because I have to re-learn that I’m not supposed to scroll (like scrolling the articles if they come up), I have to swipe.

    Regardless…still a great first version.

    – Drew

  22. A few things about feedly for iPad:

    1. Mark read/unread should be a button, rather than sometimes-not-so-responsive-and-seemingly-kind-of-unnecessary gestures.
    2. Landscape viewing mode please?
    3. Better layout. Now it’s good, but I feel it can be better. Looking forward to having the same awesome experience I had with feedly for desktop browser.

  23. Oh and I’d like to see the full article view NOT in fullscreen.

    It may sound strange at first, but Flipboard also does that, and I like how that enables me to jump back to list view by tapping any side (left, up, or right) outside of the article, not just from a button on the top navigation bar. (this is especially good for ppl holding the tablet and using only thumbs to navigate like I usually do)
    And it’ll look like feedly for desktop too.

  24. I just installed Feedly on my new Android tablet (Xoom, running Honeycomb). I have Flash, too, and it renders embedded videos on my browser just fine. But I seem unable to play embeded videos via Feedly. Is this normal or am I missing a Feedly setting somewhere?

  25. Hell yes, i want write a thing like this in other respects than that didnt have time, may i repost this Announcing Feedly for iPad and Android… | pile Feedly says:
  26. Are there any ad-free version of the app?
    Can you check to add detikcom feeds into the app, and see why there is always double pictures on every feeds?

  27. You are talking about the 3.0 version, on the German App Store I see the 2.0.1 one… are we gonna get the update also here?

    Great product! Thanks!

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