Feedly 6: More Minimalist, More Personalized, More Social.

What’s feedly?
Feedly is a news reader for creative minds, a simple and elegant way to read and share the content of your favorite sites.

What do we stand for?
Being creative is about connecting dots. It is about putting together what you know, what you have seen and experienced and coming up with an entirely new picture. At feedly we want to enable you to grab the dots that matter to you and feed your mind to give you the freedom to be creative and have new ideas.

Where can I get feedly 6?
There are links to install the feedly 6 for iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on the feedly homepage. They are all available for download now (and free).

What’s new in Feedly 6?
We are lucky to have a very vocal community. We have taken the last nine months to carefully review all the feedback we collected over the last three years and re-imagine feedly. The result is what we call feedly 6, a more personalized, minimalist and social version of feedly. One that you can access from your desktop, phone and tablet. Here is a quick tour:

1. More minimalistic
We believe minimalism is necessary to create a delightful reading experience. With feedly 6 we developed feedly Alleys, a grid structure which emphasises the content to facilitate a fast and focused reading experience. feedly 6 is now a cleaner, more visual, and colorful way to enjoy your favorite sources.

2. More social
Creative minds are not only people who like to be informed and inspired but who also love to share their discoveries to feed their community’s minds. This is why it has been a priority to fix Twitter and Facebook sharing bugs and to integrate Google+ so that you can share the content you like on any social platform.

The integration with Google+ means that you can now directly +1 and share articles directly from your feedly.

3. More personalized
One of feedly’s key aspects is its ability to be easily personalized. In feedly 6, we go beyond RSS and Google Reader and allow you to leverage Tumblr, Essentials and Themes. Here is a quick tutorial about how the personalization works.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/29675307  w=750&h=422]

4. Anywhere

People feel the need to access information and to get inspired in such diverse situations, contexts and time. This is why feedly is available on both desktops and mobile devices and uses the cloud to sync across them. Here is a link of a video tour of feedly mobile.

Here is what a tumblr dashboard looks like on a tablet.

Our Streets HTML5 framework allows us to simultaneously release Feedly 6 to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS and Android. We look forward to your feedback!


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Author: @feedly

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184 thoughts on “Feedly 6: More Minimalist, More Personalized, More Social.”

  1. Awesome! Was thinking recently about features I would like to be added to feedly, then bam! All the features I want is now there! (Essentials, Mark As Read – Older than one day, Older than a week, etc) Exploring the features with tons of excitement, great job guys!

    1. Tumblr integration is indeed a phone and tablet (iOS and Android) feature only. Tumblr has already a great web/desktop experience, we are not looking at replicating that at this point.

  2. Is it me, or do the pages not support the themes? Now going with dark cats, but the LATEST page is still white. And where is the WHATS NEW page? And I have to go with “WHY IS IT SO”, the pictures next each article are very annoying, most articles I read dont have pictures, let alone I want them there.

    1. Hi Jasper. Yes. The themes currently only impact the background and accent color. We are going to listen to how users react to this first step and determine what the next step should be. Regarding images…If you want a more compact view, you should try the title only configuration.

      1. Mmm, I was to fast, can you help me locate the TITLE ONLY configuration? I dont see it in the organize source menu or in the settings menu.

        1. NVM, found it, its in the tutorial, (lucky me!) should have watched there first, I have to use the button next to the search field.

    1. No. The integration with Instapaper and Read it later should continue to work in 6.0 mobile. Please make sure that your settings include the right username and passwork information.

        1. We have heard the hide issue from many users. You should expect to see if back in 6.1. We are going to listen for a couple more days and see what other rough edges there are and then quickly work on a 6.1 which will try to polish things out. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. First the positive aspect:

    It looks and feels amazing, including the themes.

    What I don’t like:

    After the “Popular” page you removed the second page I used most frequently, the “Cover” page. This page gave me a perfect overview over important posts from my all my categories because of its excellent layout. The new “My Feedly” page takes me just about forever to scroll down to the end on my 13″ MacBook. Not good for a quick overview at all.

    You seemed to concentrate a lot on the “Essentials” feature. If I wanted to read preselected news, then I would read a newspaper. So that’s exactly the opposite of what feedly should be about in my oppinion. Feedly should be all about personalized news. Features like “Cover” and “Popular” were what made feedly so useful and unique for me. This and its great layout and style (which you definitly did improve!). If you want to help people find new sources the “Popular” and “You Might Also Like” feature would be sufficient.

    And why on earth did you remove the option to view all posts of a category sorted by their date? Apart from the few featured posts, they are all sorted by sources. With about 15 to 20 sources per category it takes ages just to scroll down to see posts from all sources. Well, there is still grid view, but I prefer this view only for photo feeds. I’m sorry to say that without this simple feature it makes feedly just a good looking Google Reader theme, because I have to click (or scroll) through all of my sources one after the other, in contrast to the customized “news channels” I had before, that didn’t care from which of my sources a post was.

    What I also do miss is to be able to quickly remove posts without reading them. In categories with fewer posts per week there often are posts that I know I’m never going to read, but because I don’t read them they stay in there for weeks an clutter my pages.

    As a longtime and everyday feedly user I’m far from giving up on feedly, but I want to express my concern about some features missing, that I consider core functionality. Besides, did I mention that the new feedly looks great? ;-)

    1. Just a suggestion about “In categories with fewer posts per week”, under the logo of the FEED is a cross to remove each article from feedly, this works very fast if you ask me.

    2. Hi Valentin, Thanks for the detailed feedback. Here is a quick response. Happy to drill down in more detail after the launch.

      We did a lot of usability tests and one of the consistent feedback we got is that people had trouble understanding the different between cover and what’s new so we decided to try to merge them into a single page called My Feedly. It requires a little more scrolling that the cover but should feel more organized and should be easier to scan.

      Essentials are indeed an important aspect of this release. They do not replace personalization. They offer a beach head…somewhere new users can start before they have the time to fully personalize their feedly. Our experience is that good personalization takes a long time (and if you look at the personalization video you will notice that we invested a lot into that aspect) and we want the feedly experience to not feel empty during the personalization process. Essentials can be very easily edited out.

      Regarding the option to look at posts by time, there is one, it labeled title only.

      The option to quickly remove posts is still there. Combined with the favicon.

      Thanks again for the feedback. After this 6-month release, we are going to go back to more monthly incremental releases. I am going to forward your feedback to the dev team so that they are aware of it as we plan the roadmap for 7.0 and beyond.

      1. Ok, I missed the combined favicon, could have thought of that!

        Regarding the view, labeled title only sorts the posts the way I want them, but its really just like (Snow Leopard) Apple Mail would show me my feeds, not very reader friendly. Magazine view is perfect (feedly at its best), but sorting your feeds by sources really doesn’t make much sense, since you could always click through your sources via the left menu. It kind of destroys the idea of customized “channels” that categories offer. This is one of the key features why I use feedly and not a native Mac App like Reeder, that only lists my RSS sources in a nicer way than Google Reader.

        You’re right, “Essentials” are probably a good way for new users to start with. I guess I was just a little disappointed about the strong focus on this feature, while other features I liked better disappeared.

        Another thing I would like to add is that I accidentally clicked the tiny spot besides one of my categories and this marked all posts of this category as read. I didn’t even know what this tiny spot meant, it didn’t ask me for confirmation, and I couldn’t figure out a way to undo it.

        I’m a big fan of feedly’s minimal look, and I do realize that keeping things simple sometimes means cutting back on functionality, and that therefore there will always be people who are unhappy because of certain disappearing features, but I hope I could at least give you some arguments to reconsider these specific ones.

        1. Yes. This is very constructive. We are going to take the next 3-4 days and review and synthesize all the feedback we are receiving. We will then do a quick 6.1 iteration and try to polish as many of the rough edges as possible. Thanks!

          1. I second the above. Cover View gave me about 2 screens of organized feeds. Now, I have to scroll to see anything. I will dig in and try to find a view similar to Cover, but if I can’t… That view is exactly why I chose to use Feedly. It gave me the information I wanted in a compact but attractive way, like a dashboard type of view. Adding features doesn’t mean you have to take some away, guys. Not one of the users you actually have now needed the features you added for new users.

          2. Did you introduce the timeline view in the meantime, or did I just not see it at first? Exactly what I missed! You’re awesome!

      2. Edwin-

        “Popular” was the best way to find new sources and now you have removed it. Can you suggest a workaround?

        Please bring “Popular” back!

  4. definitely a nicer look, but i really liked being able to see a list of my feeds while browsing one feed… it let me switch between them easier. Also, I wish the list of your feeds on the right was a bit longer, especially as it’s gotten shorter with this release!!!

  5. What happened to the “contents” view? It only appears in the beginning and then there’s no button to get it back!
    Now there’s no page I can see my new content broken up to sources. It used to be the perfect starting page. What can be the reason to remove it? Do we have to see only “best” (!) content, picked by a computer algorithm, instead of our own minds?

    1. Yes. Google seems to take a long time between the moment the app is activate and the moment it shows in the android market. Will keep an eye open and let you know as soon as we see it.

  6. Browsing is changed a little bit. Right panel looks pretty much useless now. Everything is on the left panel. I could see every source(not just featured sources) when I click Latest before and browser every source one by one without changing to another page. It was pretty practical because I could browser everything separately from one page.

    And when I click a feed, there was a number of unread articles right next to the feeds name. It’s still there but I can’t click it now. When I click unread article count before, it was marking as read that feed. It was pretty easy and convenient because of its placement and size.

    And I’m pretty sad to see that j/k bug is still there. I can’t browse photograph sites because of this. After one or two pages, it starts to jump a post when it’s in full article mode. It’s really annoying. I have to open Google Reader to see posts of Piccsy or wehartit or 9gag. Interesting but 500px doesn’t have this problem.

    It feels faster. I mean felt faster until I hit my photo category. It’s normal of course to feel lag with page full of pics. But it felt more laggish than previous version with photo sites. I also looked at Firefox(7) memory. Started with 220mb. Doubled when I was in photo sources. Even more than that actually. Same with the cpu usage. Hits %50.

    Essentials looks great. Really time killing. :) Because I couldn’t get out of there. Pretty good way to discover new feeds.

    Seeing sources under categories on the left panel is pretty cool. But it lags a bit when there are a lot of feeds under a category. Especially on my tumblr category. :)

    Thank you very much for +1 button on posts. But it would be nice to share with google plus via feedly mini. There is +1 on mini but it can’t share post.

      1. I have to say it again. You really need to bring back the old Latest back. Because this one really sucks. It’s just a long version of My Feedly now.

        1. Hi Tyler. I do not understand that feedback. The UI of latest has not changed and the navigational elements are still there, they have just been rationalized into the left navigation bar. Could you please clarify so that I understand the essence of the issue? Thanks!

          1. Now I ınderstand. You guys took away that right panel and integrated into the left panel. But I still think it was more compact and easy at the right. Because left panel is little lagging and I have to click more than before.

            It was like this before: http://i.minus.com/ibBDMeFKj5TxG.jpg I could see every source and unread article count in one page. Which is very important to see both of them on the same page (I think).

            Now when I want this, it looks like this: http://i.minus.com/ixUDF53YfGnBZ.jpg And it feels slower at the left. And I have to hover my mouse on the left panel to see unread article count. I want to see that count all the time. I choose which one to read by that count.

            I can get used to this probably. I don’t know. But it was faster and easier before (I think).

            Either way, Feedly 6 looks really awesome. Thank you for all your work.

            And sorry for my English. It’s not my native language.

            1. The one benefit of having the navigation at the left is that it is present even it you scroll down and it is more rational because all the navigational elements are in one place. Finally it offers a more consistent experience between the desktop and the mobile. Please try it 2-3 days and let us know. I think that we can work on the open/close behavior and the readability/opacity elements.

              1. Thank you for your answers.
                After few hours of use, I can say that new navigation design isnt bad at all. I’m getting use to it. Only problem for me now is to see unread article numbers all the time. I’m not alone in this matter as i can see. I hope you can find a nice looking fix for this.

                One more thing: I talked about the unread article number next to the feeds name at the top of the page. I was clicking that number to mark as read before and bitched about that I can’t do that now. I rediscovered the favicons next to search bar for mark as read function. :) So it’s all okay now.

    1. Hi Evan. I am afraid there is not way to go back to the lighter gray. I can see how it would make sense to offer that. I will ask the team to allow for more customization in 6.1. Stay tuned. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Gone but a few more people have been complaining about that view missing so we are going to add it to the list of things to fix in 6.1. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Long time fan of feedly. I’m enjoying the new layout, however when using the previous version I sometimes would read long posts and click one of the sides of the box to close the feed. The application no longer does supports this. I now have to scroll to the bottom of the post, or back up to the top. This might seem minor, but a lot of times I preview what’s in a post, scroll down a bit, then close it. Is there any way to get this functionality back? Perhaps a settings preference or something?

    1. Benjamin. Agreed. This is indeed an issue. Arthur (our designer) is looking at how to introduce a visual element to allow user to minimize articles faster. Between now and then, the work around is to use the ESC key.

  8. In Chrome for Mac, the navigation bar takes up no less than 2 inches of the screen on the left; no way to minimize it. What a waste. It was so much more useful at the top, where I could ignore it.

    1. Hi Greg. What is your screen resolution? Could you please email me a screenshot of what you screen looks like so that I can pass it to the design team? I am edwink at devhd dooooot com

    2. I must echo Greg’s concern. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks on Chrome for Mac, with the viewpoint resolution of 1050 by 605 pixels: http://ow.ly/i/i7n5/original

      Not only does the navigation bar on the left takes too much space, the blank space just beneath the heading also seems uneconomical in terms of window space real estate, and not necessarily elegant from the minimalist design aesthetic.

      I find the functionality of the navigation bar quite excellent. As Greg suggests, It would be great if the user can minimise it to give more space to the actual contents, or, alternatively, if the user can choose to have the navigation on the side or on the top, as before.

    3. +1 for this concern
      Horizontal whitespace has to be optimized.

      This is how Feedly starts up for me on Chrome in a full width window:

      and this is how it reflows if I narrow it:

      For my personal taste, the simplest fix (apart from tweaking the excess gutters) would be to provide a toggle to collapse the sidebar – which I think is very neatly designed, but for my usage patterns is just redundant.

      I’ve always been in love with Feedly’s Index page layout – glad you kept it around despite your efforts to hide it more with every major release =) – and all my navigation and glancing needs are already satisfied by it, so I wouldn’t even need an alternate top navbar.

  9. Ohh man…

    The left bar

    it’s so frustrating how it opens up my folders the first time I click on it, meaning I have to click twice every time because I don’t like to see the underlying feeds in the left bar…

    And all of the feeds/folders show now, not just the ones with something to read! Can I change this somehow??

    And numbers for the unread items… noooooooooo, numbers just stress me out! can I get rid of them somehow?

  10. 6.01 just popped up for my xoom. yay! looks great so far.

    i was sad to see my suggestion for double click to close an open post was not carried forward into this version.

    i like the integration of tumblr, but then i feel like there should be a reblog to tumblr button similar to the facebook share button. with that said, i’m having issues and keep getting the message “error with publishing: there was a problem generating the feed story from the provided data” when i try to share a link to facebook.

    please bring back the double tap to close. it’s pretty annoying to have to go up to the corner just to close an item.

    the new interface definitely looks cleaner.

    1. Double tap was replaced with the pinch gesture: you can now pinch an inlined article to minimize it and go back to the panorama. The reason we did this is because: for some users, double tap conflicted with the browser smart content zoom and for others with scrolling.

      Tumblr+reblog. Yes. We are working on it.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  11. is it possible to get total article count for groups shown? having to expand the group to get an idea feels clumsy

  12. Well. I do like the slight changes to the UI in the android version. The fact that I can just tap the top bar to bring up the list bit instead of tapping the name of the feed makes things easier.

    But I have a few complaints :

    What does the little rocket logo do? Doesn’t appear to have any purpose other than bringing up the same menu as tapping that whole top bar.

    Why can’t I view my specific feeds anymore? On the handset version or in portrait on honeycomb I can only access my categories. VERY FRUSTRATING. I want to still be able to read specific sources. This is the one thing that may make me revert back to the previous version.

    Not having the unread count in that drop down menu is kind of a pain.

    Also, the one feature I was really hoping for; the ability to mark individual articles as “keep unread” on honeycomb wasn’t included. This was the one thing that was keeping me from using feedly primarily on my tablet.

    1. Hi Alex, Here are the answers to your questions.

      1) Yes. the tap on the rocket == tap on the bar…Just trying to make it more explicit. Some users did not know that they could tap on the bar to open the selector.

      2) You should be able to tap on the rocket, pick one of your specific feeds and view it. No?

      3) Unread count in drop down menu. Yes. We are looking into it.

      4) More gestures are coming in 7.0 to allow manipulation of individual articles in the panorama view.

      Thanks for the detailed feedback.

      1. Hi,

        1) Fair enough. Thought maybe I was missing something. Not sure entirely how I feel about the look of the rocket though. I have thought before that it seemed a little weird that Feedly for android integrates so closely with the overall Honeycomb application UI…. except for the menu button in the top right. Seems to me like this is what the rocket does anyway?

        2) I didn’t notice until just now that the arrow icon next to the category in the list created a “tree” to the specific feeds. The button to make the tree is kind of hard to hit accurately by the way.

        3) I see there’s unread for the specific article view in the tree, so that’s all good for me. I guess if it was in the main list that would work too but might look cluttered. (which seems to be the reason for the big UI overhaul.) Maybe it would work putting the unread count IN the tree? (just as a suggestion)

        4) I’m glad to know it’s on the to-do. I understand that with a two-column set-up that it’s kind of hard to implement the same tap-on-side function as in the one-column phone version.

  13. It would be nice if there were links at the bottom of each post to go to the actual website article. A lot of times I will read a post from a site that provides a full feed and when I get to the bottom I would like to be able to just click a link so I can go to the site and read the comments. Now I have to go back to the top of the post to do this. Just a suggestion.

  14. I like the feedback already here. Glad that everyone who makes and uses Feedly has excellent taste :)
    One other thing: the themes look interesting, but the background images don’t tile and I don’t understand why they have so much visual interest in the center when the center is always obscured. I love the textures in these, but it really kills it for me when that texture repeats in a very jarring way after I maximize my browser window on a 1920 wide screen. I also would LIKE to have Giraffe, because I like giraffes, but I only ever see the Giraffe’s feet sticking out the bottom.
    You had that background image with the hot air balloons for a while, and I think that one really nailed it.

  15. I’ve used Feedly for Chrome for years now, and just love it. Now I’ve been struggling with the Android version! :D

    I’ve been trying to access the “My Feedly” section on Android, but it jumps back to Latest :( I’ve also tried to add My Feedly to the settings as the default section Feedly will open when launched, but Feedly still shows me only Latest (when I click on My Feedly, the top bar shows “my” [grey] “latest” [white]. When I choose Latest from the list, the top bar shows “latest” in white. Maybe that’s it?)

    And where’s the +1 button in the Android app?

    Thanks a lot for such a nice app, one that’s made me go back to reading my RSS feeds!

  16. I love the new update so far but want to second Dylan that the themes are gorgeous, but 99% of the time, I can’t see the center. It’d be really nice if this can be change. Second feedback is with my menu length, my menu scroll gets pretty long, I wish feedly can consider an option for user to hide some of their items on the menu.

  17. This looked like a great update, but on my Android tablet, the screen is locked in portrait mode when reading!! Please, please change this back, or make it an option to use landscape for reading. (I have a docking to the tablet)

  18. I much preferred the old ‘latest’ page, where each category was on the right hand side. Is there no way to change this back? It’s very frustrating only seeing ‘featured sources’, which is meaningless to me when different categories are lumped together. I don’t like the left hand side expanding links, it doesn’t feel as usable anymore.

    The center pane feels more distracting than ever as well; it’s the reason I only used the latest page and never anything else. Too many different objects and columns of text, I liked that it was mostly blank and empty until I clicked the link I wanted to see.

    I appreciate the work you are doing, but I really wish it hand’t changed. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to downgrade a Chrome extension.

    1. I completely agree. The new look is a serious let down. It looks like a student Typography I class project. Please get rid of the Helvetica Condensed titles. It looks trashy, cluttered and distracting. Not sleek and minimal.

      I’d really like to revert to the old version. I loved it how it was before I “upgraded.”

      1. Hi Kevin. Sorry for the let down. I see from your profile that you are a designer. In the next iteration of feedly, we will be allowing users to pick different fonts (as part of the theming effort). Would you be open to helping us create a set of fonts which would fit your needs best? I am edwink /at/ feedly.com

  19. Thanks for all the detailed feedback. We did a hot patch tonight and fixed the following issues in the desktop version.

    Change Log:
    1) Scrolling performance issue on Chrome+Windows and Chrome+Linux
    2) Added back the ability to both close and hide inlined articles
    3) Added the ability to view a category using a chronological order and a picture+summary. See timeline view.
    4) Added a theme called Feedly 5.0 which has the same light gray color as the previous version.

    We are going to continue to listen and update the 7.0 roadmap. We are ready to do another patch over the next 7 days if necessary.

    Thanks for all the constructive feedback.

  20. Congrats to the new design. Look and feels fresh – but I don’t like it.
    Here is why, in a nuthstell:

    Why are sources now in a directory structure under their category? I found groups left, sources right way better.
    Why do I have to put the mouse over a source, in order to see, how many unread artricles are in there?
    The new timeline design wastes too much screen estate for – not shown – pictures. How can i change the default view for all sources at once? I’d like to use “titles” view, now that timeline doesn’t appeal to me any more.

  21. Hi. I like the new version. saw it this morning on my mac using chrome. it has not yet updated on the pc (widows xp) using chrome. when i go to the chrome web store it shows latest version already installed. should i uninstall then re-install or will it automatically happen at a later stage?

  22. I mainly do agree with the previous post by Valentin.

    I am a “from the beginning” feedly user, and while I can see all the work you have done, I am sorry to say I just can’t use the new version.

    Cover and what new were the essential features in order to give me in a glimpse of what I could read in my sources. My feedly give me now access to only 6 news !! Where is the content ? Do you realise the alley style needs 11 pages to scroll down to see it ? Could you consider to add an option style for the My feed page that would be close to the former one ?

    Could you also add a preference to choose the width/number of columns to display to suit to large screen ? It could help more content to show in a glimpse.

    For a more minor remark, I am just disturbing about important content (the left nav bar) put in the grey nomans land.

    Hope this feedback will help.

  23. Hi, I’m an assiduous Feedly user, and today I’m familiarizing with this new version.

    Content access, use and display are still great, but after all they were already. On the other hand I lack a couple of secondary features that I used to made the most of.

    Am I wrong or in the preferences there is no more the option to move the main menu on the top edge of the page? Now the side menu is the only option? I think the top menu was less invasive and more practical.

    I also miss a quick link to the general index or content page, with a full page listing of the feed subscriptions, being “My feedly” or “Latest” the only general links given in the side menu. A visible link to the index page would fulfill my needs.

    Last thing, maybe the login through the google account now is slightly more awkward, But I’m sure this one is mostly a matter of habits, and soon I will get used to the new login.

    You are doing a great work so far, compliments, and thank you.


  24. Nice update! Just one issue… what’s happened to the ‘refresh’ link next the to the ‘mark page as read’ link at the bottom of the page. It seems to have disappeared :/

  25. I know you’ve been working hard at this update, but to be frank I really don’t like it.
    The navigation bar on the left takes really too much space. Have you measured the reading space that has been lost because of this ? I suspect it to be around 20%. You didn’t simply move the elements of the right column to the left, you also kept the column on the right, thus vastly reducing reading space.

    Where are my favorites (star) sources gone ? It was really a great feature. I would check this sources first. Now my lists contains a complete overview of all the feeds that have published a content, considering they all matter the same to me.

    I really don’t see the point in this upgrade… Less reading space, you’re removing features people loved without notice. In a nutshell, you jeopardized quite a bit of what made Feedly successful. Back to the roots please!

  26. I’m another Feedly user who relied exclusively on the Latest view. But as many users above have pointed out, it now takes a lot more clicks to use and the Timeline view seems to take up twice as much real-estate as before (meaning it takes longer to skim).

    I can see how it (desktop version) is now more aligned with the smartphone version (I also use Feedly for Android), but I think copying the mobile UI back to the desktop may have been a mistake, as it seems to shift emphasis from content to style.

    1. ^ Don’t want to sound all negative there – I’ve loved Feedly for ages and will continue to recommend it to my friends.

      One feature I’d really really like is the ability to hide my Listen subscriptions. I know that’s been asked for before, but just wanted to +1 it again. Thanks!

  27. On a second thought, and after a more “in depth” test of this new version, I have to say that I agree with the users (like Valentin and Stef, just to say a couple of names), that complain about the lack of some of the old features: maybe some features were reduntant, but they allowed a more personal organization of the contents. Now the reading experience is both more confusing and “driven from above”. If I want to manage my contents like I used to do, I simply can’t. Before writing my first comment I didn’t notice that browsing in a certain way, that was natural for me, now requires a greatest effort and some slight frustration.

    I’m sure themes and other graphic enhancements are a good thing, but they are secondary if compared to the functional downsides. In a few words, we lack the features and the flexibility that made Feedly so unique and way the best feed reader so far. :-)

    Thanks again, it goes without saying that I still appreciate your work, please consider this as a constructive criticism.

  28. I’m done with Feedly for a while until you work out some issues with this update. Its annoying that when I view the posts from one source I can’t just click to another in the right sidebar. Now I have to go to the my feedly thing and then choose a new source. Its nitpicky but its enough to make feedly not worth using.

  29. Hey feedly. love this new update! It looks and feels great. I also really like the left panel, having to click ‘more’ to see folders was beginning to grate.

    I do however echo some of Valentin’s sentiments. I’ll come up with more better feedback once i’ve spent my time using it. But off the bat, dont like or need the essentials feature, just had a look through it and there’s nothing interesting that i’m not already subscribed to. An option to turn that off would be great. Also seem to be missing the ‘edit subscribtion’ on right click. Just had to go through ‘organise contents’ and jump hoops to rename a feed.

    That said, this is a great update. Well done guys!

  30. I love the new interface. Great jobs guys.

    One issue. Pictures for lifehacker are no longer showing up. I’m assuming it’s the same for the other Gawker blogs but I’m not sure.

  31. I agree with others. Don’t like the new “Latest” layout. Bring back the old content list, and get rid of “Featured Content”. Shouldn’t I decide what should be featured?

  32. Also, could you make a way to minimize the left hand column? Now with the right hand and left hand columns taking up so much space, there is barely anything left for the articles, which is what we are using the service for in the first place

  33. Really disappointed to find today’s updates and changes in Feedly. It was perfect the way it was! Now I’m totally missing my favorite view and any access to the old themes :( All I can do is close a post. No hiding without refreshing!! Plus way too much unwanted crap in the right column. Graphics and features I don’t want to see, but am forced to now.

    1. Hi Cheryl. Sorry. We had to make some tradeoffs. Here are some tips that might help soften the transition: We issued a 6.0.401 patch last night which brings back the hide option so it should not be easy to hide a post after reading it. Regarding the right column, if you actually reduce the size of the window, it will go away and offer a more focused reading experience.

  34. How could the new version of feed possibly be more minimal when there is a huge side bar on the left side, feedly was close to perfect before this update now I’m looking for another news reader, damn guys you really messed it up.

  35. Suggestions: Reduce the width of the left panel. Remove these unnecessary spaces: http://i.minus.com/iOT8izibhWpbI.jpg

    And if you guys determined to not bring back the old right panel with all the categories and feeds and article counts which it’s really easy and really fast to use, keep those spaces on both sides and remove right panel all together. Losing that much space just for You might also like, isn’t worth it. And Featured Sources is no good at all because when you click a source from it, Featured Sources panel disappears which it doesnt make sense. And as you can see from that picture, posts looks narrowed down with this layout.

  36. Feedly, you’re the best feed reader out there but this new update is making me sad. Here’s my wishlist:
    1. Lose the hover animation on the left nav panel. It’s bothersome.
    2. Let me put my blog list in the right hand panel, I really don’t care about the other twitter, facebook, etc. miscellany that’s there now.
    3. What happened to my “share” button? Now it’s just “save” and “google +1” and I really liked the non-service-specific share button.
    4. Any chance of getting the old color and text options as a theme? These new ones have got too much going on. I use feedly to read mostly design blogs so having a lot of extra jazz going on in the background detracts from the content.
    I’m sure you’ll work this all out soon! Thanks for a great service.

    1. 1. Will ask the team to add a preference knob to turn off the animation.
      2. Need to think more about this.
      3. The +1 button will like in google reader, share in google reader AND +1 in Google. All in one click. You can turn off the auto-sharing in the preferences.
      4. In the 6.0.401 patch we pushed out last night, there is a theme called Feedly 5.0 which tries to bring back the old theme. We are looking to providing a more minimalist theme going forward.

      Thanks for the detailed feedback.

      1. So on point 3, does the +1 button take the place of the like/recommend/thumbs-up button? Because I can’t find that anywhere. I see the number of recommendations text, but even clicking on that doesn’t do anything.

  37. I’ve already read the comment about the Hide feature so I won’t ask for it. But why do we have to fight to have this returned in update after update? Why do you keep trying to remove it?

    Secondly, the new left hand menu is ridiculously lacking in contrast in every theme I’ve tried. It is practically unreadable for someone with good vision, I can’t imagine anyone with vision problems having any success with it at all.

  38. Is there a way to keep the Featured Sources on my screen all the time?
    For me it is much more important than the navigation bar on the left. In fact it is the most important feature in Feedly.


  39. Please can we have the cover page back please, it was the feature that made this site my homepage. Without it I’m afraid it won’t remain my homepage and where have the hide and visit site links gone? It seems all the features I used have been featured away.

    Sorry to sound negative.

  40. How do I see how many unread articles there are in each of my groups in the new Feedly for Android? On the desktop, it used to just show me. Now if I hover over the side thing it will tell me – not as quick and easy as before but at least I can see how many unread articles there are. On Feedly for Android, I’d hit Home, scroll past all the bits I never use, then I could see how many unread articles there were for each section. But on the new Feedly for Android it’s not showing me. Am I missing something?

  41. Well done! This is a great update with loads of improvements and new features. EXCEPT, and this is a big “except”, that now when you want to share via Facebook, Feedly asks authorisation to do almost anything with my Facebook account, and also with any Facebook pages that I manage. I would very much like to be able to post to Facebook without having to give Feedly free rein on it. Is there a way that this can be revised back to how it used to be? Thanks again for the good work, and I hope to hear back from you.

    1. Diego. I understand your concerns. Feedly does NOT do any automated publishing. The reason why the permission is asked is because a few users use feedly to manually publish articles they like to their Facebook page. Note the OAuth token is only saved in the browser so even if our servers were attacked no one would be able to get access to your credentials. Hope this clarifies things a little bit.

      1. Edwin,
        Thanks for the super quick reply. I am sorry but I lack the technical knowledge to completely understand your explanation (the manual posting vs the sharing). But why could I post to Facebook before this update without needing to give Feedly such a blanket authorisation? And can’t we have this back?

  42. Nice job on the new web interface, but please make it possible to either hide categories with no unread items in them, or highlight categories with unread items in them in the left bar.

  43. Another bug that upset me : when you first click on an article, why is the preview window not vertically top-aligned ? At least with chrome the top of the window is middle aligned so I only can read one third of the article then scroll down.

    All my best

  44. so after having played with the new version a little i’ve a few more comments:
    1.) the left and right columns take up way to much space in relation to functionality.
    2.) the thumbnails make for an aesthetically pleasing look. but they’re way to big and i follow a lot of blogs that rarely post pictures, which just results in A LOT of wasted space.
    3.) still no right click to edit subscriptions
    4.) it took a comment here to realize that sharing is now done with the +1 button

    basically, the update looks great but functionally is seems like a big step backwards. my biggest issue is the reduced reading space. feels like the focus has shifted from providing a great reading experience to something visually appealing with loads of useless bells and whistles

  45. Tried to read all the comments to see if someone had mentioned my issue: I really liked the “x” on the top left corner of each article that allowed you to “delete” the articles you didn’t want to read. It allowed me to quickly scan the list of titles, delete the unwanted ones and just leave the ones I want to read for more time later on.
    Where has this gone ?

  46. Umm, not so happy with this update. For a tool that’s supposed to help me keep up with my feeds it certainly adds a lot of white noise arounds those feeds, not allowing them much space on the monitor at all. The left panel is way too big (has been said multiple times now, but I just wanted to second and third that sentiment). The right panel is no right panel anymore for me, but a in-the-lower-right-corner-bunched-together-below-the-feeds panel. Design!fail – and I’m not going to apologize for the fact that I’m not using an ultra-modern 16tosomething screen. And the thumbnails solution in feeds leaves a lot to be desired. I read a lot of feeds that don’t have pics in them, which results in even more empty white space. In these cases, the feeds don’t take up more than 40% of the screen – what a waste. I’m looking at so very much white space right now, it’s quite depressing.

  47. Overall, I like it a lot. I really like how stories are laid out, with only two quibbles. I like the featured stories, and I like when stories have the image to the left and the full synopsis, but I dislike how a couple stories are tagged onto the end with just a title, source, and time. I want all of the non-featured stories to display in the same way.

    Preferably, I want all of my news items on a single page, but lacking that, I’d love to see the Mark all as Read and Refresh buttons and links to be merged into a single button at the bottom of the feed that marks everything as read and loads the next set of stories.

    I’ll explain how I use Feedly, so it makes more sense. I open Feedly (on Firefox) to the “My Feedly” page. I scan the the headlines, middle-clicking each headline I care about to open them in new tabs. When I reach the end of the page, I click Mark as Read and refresh the page. Then I start the process again. When I’ve finished, I then move through my open tabs to read the stories I’m interested in.

  48. Overall I’m fine with the new design; it’s not drastically different than the old, and there are even some things I like about it– the ability to expand the left categories and select an individual feed, for example. But there are some issues I’ve run into with the new UI, and I’ll list them below.

    1. There’s not enough contrast between the navigation text and the background in the default gray theme. Even my fresh young eyes have trouble picking out faint gray against slightly fainter gray. If the text were even a few shades darker it would be much easier to read.

    2. The space dedicated to the navigation is far too large. It’s been said already, but it’s the second thing that jumped out at me. It doesn’t need that much breathing room, and it makes the the main content feel squashed to the right.

    3. Several of my feeds are missing images now, which I believe has been mentioned before. The new content layout would be much lovelier without the huge empty gaps.

    That’s it. Other than that I don’t think it’s a drastic change from the previous layout, which is a good thing.

    1. Hi Ashlee, Thank you very much for the detailed feedback. We are going to push out an update next week called 6.1 to polish some of the rough edges/issues reported over the last 2 days. 2 and 3 are already in the 6.1 list. I will ask the team to look into 1 as well. Stay tuned. -Edwin

      1. Thanks! One more thing I forgot to mention, though it’s tripped me up several times now: I keep mistaking the “X” in the corner of each article for the minimize button, and I end up hiding articles I don’t mean to. I understand the logic behind it– “X” traditionally means “get rid of this window” in a computing context — but in the context of how I’ve used Feedly before, I expect that button to merely shrink the article. It would be nice if there was a clearer distinction between “hide” and “minimize” in the new UI. I now realize there’s a tooltip, but I zip around my screen so much I seldom hover over anything long enough for it to appear.

  49. I hate to say this, but none of the themes can provide me with the nice clean look (i.e. doesn’t distract me from the content) that I’m so used to with Feedly. And why is the content pane pushed so much to the right? I believe that’s not where our visual focus usually is…

  50. iPad landscape mode is Great, thanks for the upgrade. There was a small button to show the post in mobil versión, is that gone?.
    Desktop versión, I’m getting used to, i feel that the big column in the left is a waste. In versión 5, I had the categories on top, maximazing the space for the posts. Please bring that back.

  51. One critical feature is now missing from version 6! When I view the ‘Latest’ and then click a feed on the top right, the list of feeds no longer remains on the top right of the screen and I have to click on ‘Latest’ again on the left menu just to see my list of feeds again. This has decreased the usability of Feedly immensely.

    In addition, the thumbnails that are now added to the left of the feed summaries amount to visual pollution and should be able to be turned off. The Titles view does not offer the solution since no summary of the items is included.

    Did you actually do any user testing before releasing this update??

    1. Hi Neil. The 6.1 patch we will be pushing out will implement “the featured should remain when you drill down” request. Regarding the extra white space we are going to automatically collapse it when the feed has no visuals. And yes we do testing but different users use the product differently. There is nothing as good as a large scale roll out to get a clear picture of where the rough edges are. 6.1 which will go out next week will address most of them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  52. Hi.
    The latest section on each page doesn’t get marked as read with all the rest of the articles. In feedly 5 you were reaching the bottom of the page, clicked mark as read , then refreshed the page, and you were done. Now I have to mark as read, press go back to top, start hovering to see the button, mark the latest as read, then refresh the page with the button from the top.
    Why add all the extra steps for a thing that was so simple?

  53. A couple of comments about V6:
    + Love the new themes
    + Love the html5 improvements, animations, and the general smooth feeling
    + Love the layout from the graphical point of view
    + Mark all as read button is easier to find

    – The timeline layout doesn’t load images for some sites on collapsed items (kotaku, siliconera)
    – V6 has a significantly smaller reading area, which is especially bothersome on smaller screens. There’s a lot of whitespace on the sides, the images in the timeline layout are bigger. The end result is that it takes longer to read a feed, and the most important information – the headline and a sample of the text takes up less than 50% of the whole page’s width!. Look at how little space is left for the actual text – http://i.imgur.com/vPSuY.png
    Please do something about it!
    – Read items don’t automatically disappear from the list on the left when you mark them as read
    – Grouping items into categories forces the user to make an additional click to get to his/her feed (the click to expand the list). It would be nice if it could be turned off in the configuration – for those of us who have less feeds :)


  54. Hi Edwin, I’ve scanned the comments and can’t find anyone with the same issue I’m having. I’m an avid feedly user and have been for some time now. Unfortunately with this update all of the pictures from the sources that I read do not display on the screen at all amongst any of my categories and so most of the screen is white space. However the categories that feedly has put together as standard in feedly 6 all display pictures fine. I have tested this problem for the Chrome and iPad versions of the application using my account to no avail. Is this a known issue?

  55. Hi!

    I love the new look and all, but I used to use mainly the “latest” tab, having the list of all sources (not just “featured” ones) on the right and being able to switch easily from one feed to another (understand, without having to click on “latest” again). That’s the way I read my feeds since the beginning (like on most desktop feedreaders) and I like it this way.

    I’m clearly not enjoying myself when items from different sources with various contents (like, photoblogs, news sites, short stories sites [FML likes] and other things) are mixed together. Indeed, I don’t really use any of the “smart” features from feedly, I just use it as a nice online reader (and it’s awesome on Android too). So, “smart” and “featured” things are sure appropriate for some “creative minds”, but, pleaaaaase, let me read my feeds the old fashioned way in your great design since it seems I’m not anything “creative”!

    Hear me guys! Please do and then keep up the good work :) !

  56. It would be great to have an option that the user can decide whether the navigation bar is placed on the left or on the top. I prefer it on the top, since screen is to small~~~~

  57. I hate the new sidebar. It is just a big waste of space.
    Please provide OPTION to hide the sidebar.
    Not all people read feedly in full screen. We may want to read news and search in another windows for more information!

    You can refer to “panel deign” of Opera browser. It is just beautiful and useful.
    3 mode: 1. open panel; 2. icon only; 3. hide it.
    If it is too complex for users, please bring back the design of old sidebar/topbar

    Except this, I really like the new design. Especially the new “explore” function.
    I like how you make use of the tags.

  58. the “killer” feature was the favorite sources star because it works well with the chrome plugin status notification. it was great because it shows up only when a few sources have unread material. but now i can’t add or remove favorites even though the page still exists. please bring back the functionality.

  59. I second (or third or fourth) that the Cover page needs to come back. It was pretty much the only page I used on Feedly, and “My Feedly” is a poor substitute. You should never, NEVER take features away completely. Giving us an option to enable/disable would be great. Please don’t let long-time users and supporters down like this just to bring in new users. Bring COVER back, at least as an option.

  60. Completely agree with the need to hide the sidebar:
    1) I’m using Feedly Chrome, on 1024*768, tend to use the “My Feedly” view, and the sidebar takes up way too much space.
    2) As it takes a up a lot of space, the contents actually start getting skewed:
    * What used to be the right column (with Facebook and Twitter feeds, is now pushed to the bottom of the page (where I almost never go).
    * The spacing of the contents isn’t even anymore. So I can’t do what made Feedly so incredibly effective: When using to click on the favicon of the article to hide it, I could just click through articles that I didn’t want to read, without ever moving the mouse pointer. With the contents all skewed, the spacing between contents varies, and now I have to move the mouse pointer, making going through a few 100 articles a lot less efficient.

    So please, please, give us back the top-bar OR give us the option to hide the side-bar (which I hardly ever use, as I tend to view everything in My Feedly view, I know where each section is).
    All the rest of the app is awesome, but the above issues will push me to go and look for something else if they don’t get addressed.

    1. Thanks for the detailed feedback we are working on a new design for the narrow mode which should address most of your concerns. It will be included in the 6.1 chrome, firefox and safari updates we will be pushing out later this week.

  61. I appreciate the effort, but I don’t like the new version. It looks more modern, I give you that. But the navigation seems more…cumbersome for my browsing style. My biggest complaint is with the “Rocket ship” sidebar. In the older version I would start in “My Feedly” and then start working on individual categories, and within each category, start on the individual sources. The categories were visible at all times at the top ribbon, similarly to the way Google handles their apps, and the sources for each category were listed conveniently in the (always visible) right sidebar, so everything was very easy and intuitive. Just point and click. With Feedly 6, I have to keep going back to the sidebar to access the different categories, and then go back to the sidebar again to navigate category drop menus to find my individual sources, because the sources are not listed on the category page itself. It sounds crazy to me as I write this, because opening the “rocketship” sidebar and finding sources or categories takes only a couple milliseconds more than doing the same function in Feedly 5, but that makes a big difference. Also there seems to be less reading space overall.

    TL:DR Bring back the category ribbon at the top. List all sources per category at the right sidebar like before. More reading space plz.

    Also, Feedly 6 can’t seem to log me in automatically in Firefox.

  62. I was once a feedly crazed lover…now -not so much

    I drove people crazy fawning about it and telling them
    to use it instead of google reader.

    Now, I am quiet.

    This makes my friends happier
    but not me.

    It seems like all the things that made feedly rock
    are changing.

    I like the themes, but everything else sucks

  63. I love the new Feedly on both mobile and desktop.
    Great job guys and great support by Edwin here too!

    I would like to suggest some configuration options though:

    – auto-open left menu on/off
    – article count on categories on/off
    – article count on feeds on/off
    – show counts on hover on/off
    – hide feeds without articles on/off
    – show/hide rightmenu

    It would also be nice if the Google Reader 30 days unread ‘issue’ would be overruled.
    Does the Google API allow for this?

  64. I want to back old white theme. all the new thems are distractive. can you put some theme without figure. just colour. better; can we load our background picture from our computure. and i want to see twitter twits in a rss style. for example, twitter category like rss category in the left side. sory for my english:)

  65. Unable to Mark All as Read in Saved feed. It’s not working. very painful. Planning to go back to Google reader.
    Using Feedly 9.3.426 for Chrome. Any update to fix this issue?

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