Feedly 6.1 – Enhanced Narrow Design and Lots of Bug Fixes

Thank you for all the feedback regarding what you liked and disliked about the feedly 6 release. We listened carefully. We are pushing out today a 6.1 patch update which fixes most of the bugs and adjusts a few design decisions. You can download 6.1 for Chrome, Firefox and Safari from our homepage.

The main design change you will notice is that the selector now collapses in “narrow” mode to allow more room for the content. The selector will automatically appear as you hover on the bar. We also did some white space optimization for text only feeds.

[[Update: A few people ask how the narrow mode is activated. It actually activates automatically when the width of the browser window < 1200px]]

Here is a change log of some of the other rough edges which have been polished as part of the 6.1 update:

  • DONE – add back hide and close
  • DONE – featured should stay in context…people do not like it going away.
  • DONE – narrower margin ( 68px instead of 222px) on text only sources like Daring Fireball. This should help reduce some of the complaints around too much white space for text only feeds.
  • DONE – I want to be able to discard article I do not like…from the list view (people do not know about the fav icon. or people think that it is too small).
  • DONE – I am not able to close the article mid-way anymore. – Clicking on the white padding around the article will close it.
  • DONE – Have a big visit website bottom at the end of the article on desktop (similar to mobile).
  • DONE – Change “Change theme” icon
  • DONE – Add hide close and keep as read buttons at the bottom of the entry viewer (similar to the top).
  • DONE – Narrow mode: because there is the rocket I want to click on it, but when I do the nav bar has expanded, the area is no more clickable > it could be > expand the “my feedly” button clickable area
  • FIXED – Oldest first does not work.
  • DONE – refresh button at the bottom
  • FIXED – mark as read does not work – latest do not mark as read
  • FIXED – verify that the keyboard navigation continues to work…some complained about that.
  • FIXED – “The latest section on each page doesn’t get marked as read with all the rest of the articles. In feedly 5 you were reaching the bottom of the page, clicked mark as read , then refreshed the page, and you were done. Now I have to mark as read, press go back to top, start hovering to see the button, mark the latest as read, then refresh the page with the button from the top. Why add all the extra steps for a thing that was so simple?”
  • FIXED – lifehacker does not have images.
  • FIXED – Daily Show Embedding does not work.
  • FIXED – I don’t know if that is us or the source itself but today, the autor’s name also contains the article. source: UXmag
  • DONE – Safari post installation experience is confusing. a) we should interecept http://www.feedly.com once the extension is installed and b) we should look and see if there is a safari API for automatically open feedly post installation
  • DONE – Post login, we should we should automatically transition from essentials to my if there are unread articles.
  • FIXED – j/k is slower because of the fade animations we use when in-lining articles. [removed fade animation when user is using keyboard navigation]
  • DONE – Firefox open sidebar should not show the scrollbar.
  • FIXED – BUG – Every time I open Feedly, I keep having to change the Read Links color in my preferences. I want it to be red, but it keeps changing it back to the default grey, even though I changed it to red in the preferences. What’s going on?
  • FIXED – Click on “add website once” > open the search area, click on it once again > closes the search area

We are going to continue to iterate quickly over the next 4 weeks so if you have other suggestions or run into a bug, please post a comment and we will look into it.

Thank you and have a great week end.

Author: @feedly

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83 thoughts on “Feedly 6.1 – Enhanced Narrow Design and Lots of Bug Fixes”

  1. Nice thanks for the updates!
    Please try to add the ff features:
    – to mark as read per date (like the ones on featured)
    – be able to create hid-able feeds/group of feeds
    – collapsible view per date (like the ones for group/category of feeds on the side)
    – be able to remove all features at right hand side (ie you might also like,thanks to etc) and maximize the viewing estate of the feed

    1. Would like to post some bugs:
      – “narrow” mode doesn’t work for me (or there is some setting to that…I’ve checked prefs there are none) im on windows xp firefox 7.0.1
      – when i clicked the collapse sign on a section it treats it as if I clicked the section and goes to that section when all i just want is to collapse the section to see the list

          1. oh i thought it will activate even if you have widescreen so the content will get more space thus more can be read…can you implement that? will really increase my productivity if implemented thanks!

          2. Don’t know if this is a bug or not (but for me is kind of annoying but can live with)…clicking refresh constrict the collapsed category…

  2. narrow mode dosnt wotk to me either… what to do? (chrome & firefox).

    anyway great update thank you!

  3. while I preferred the way things were before feedly 6, i only really care about one feature:

    will you be allowing people to add and remove feeds from their “favorite” sources. formerly we did this using the star button. that’s gone. so while i can still view my favorites, i can’t add or remove feeds from my favorites list. the feature is in some kind of weird limbo. will it be coming back or replaced with some other functionality?

    i have lots of feeds but i only care about a few of them. this, for me, was the killer feature because i got notified only when the feeds i truly cared about were updated. can you please tell me if this feature is coming back in full, will be eliminated entirely, or will continue in the current half implemented state?

  4. The Narrow Mode doesn’t work for me either. Using feedly xt on Chrome on Linux Ubuntu.

  5. Narrow mode doesn’t work for me too (Chrome 14 on Mac OSX).
    Like Textnat, I really really would enjoy the come back of the favorites sources…. But maybe it has, once, on my feed there was a “featured sources” on the right panel. But a few seconds later, it’s gone. Impossible to show it again. Bug ?
    And finally, a way (preferences) to get rid of this damn right bar (you might also like) taking a huge amount of screen space for nothing.

  6. I still get an ugly scrollbar on the left sidebar in Firefox, as I have a lot of categories. The thin scrollbar in Chrome looks much nicer. But we really need the option to show only unread categories, like in Google Reader and Feedly 5. (And why do some categories have a dot instead of an unread count?)

    Narrow mode works for me in Firefox 7.0.1 and Chrome 15 on Windows 7.

    You can still mark or unmark favorites on the Organize Contents screen (click on the pencil next to a feed). Or when you’re reading a feed, go to ‘Organize’ on the ‘Change layout and filtering’ button (next to the search box at the top right) – the ‘favorite’ checkbox is still there next to the feed title.

    I much prefer Feedly 5.5 though, so I’m downgrading again for now…

  7. Heey, great great job!
    Plus: Everything works fine! Yes, still a scroll bar in FF7/Win7, but noo biggie :)
    Suggestions: 1. add tumblr to browser version (as in Mobile!) or make photo feeds open in the visible area. I RSS follow my tumblr feeds, usually use mosaic mode to browse and when clicking the content always displays below the visible area so I always have to “click and scroll”.
    Otherwise, great!

  8. For those saying that Narrow Mode doesn’t work, be advised that the X-axis resolution of the browser must be under 1280 to make Feedly render that way. Personally, I’d like to see it as a toggle between Full and Narrow. My sole complaint of the Feedly 6 extension has been that it uses up too much space on the left side for a menu that could be hidden until needed.

      1. I’d really like this, too. It’s important for me to be able to see my folder list, but I use my monitors in portrait instead of landscape, so the horizontal resolution is less than 1280. This makes the folder list default to be hidden (narrow mode). It would be great having an option in the settings to turn this off manually.

  9. First of all, thank you very much for the fast update. Feaured Sources fix is appreciated. Now I can use it.

    But I can’t see the narrow mode. That rocket doesn’t appear. Or I didn’t understand the narrow mode. Does it exist on Firefox? I’m using Firefox 7.0.1.

    – Also I can still see the windows scroll bar when i open a category. It’s ugly. http://i.minus.com/j6bdcvbxXTd52.jpg
    – Daily Show videos still won’t load: http://i.min.us/jgXucPC25AoKl.jpg
    – And same thing with the collapse sign Skeezix said.

    1. Narrow mode automatically activates when browser width < 1200px. Try to reduce the size of your browser window.

      Regarding the scrollbar. There is not much we can do for Firefox: firefox does not allow styling of scrollbars.

      Will open a bug for the daily show bug

      1. But if only the unread categories were shown, the list would often be shorter so a scrollbar wouldn’t always be needed. I have more than 25 categories so there’s far too much clutter for me – categories and their feeds should only appear when there’s unread content (or preferably give users the choice to show all or just unread).

        1. Good suggestion Tara. We implemented this change in the 6.1 mobile already: categories with no unread articles get collapsed at the end of the selector “5 more read sections”. I will add an item to our roadmap to offer a similar feature in 6.2 or 6.3 desktop. Thank you!

    1. Hello. The whitespace optimization is currently only triggered at the individual feed level. We are going to look into this some more in 7.0. Have a good week end.

      1. aah. thanks. i’ll sit time for the time being then.

        oh, i’ve noticed, the customize this source now appears when you hover over the feed title. that’s solved my missing right click problem from before!

  10. Whitespace optimization doesn’t appear to do anything?

    Oh, I see the reply above. Is it not possible to trigger this at the collection level viewing…?

  11. Need to reduce my browser windows to enter narrow mode ? WTF???
    Strange idea that you need to reduce to gain space, isn’t it?
    At the end, this narrow mode doesn’t bring me any new reading space=>useless.
    Please come back to 5.5!!!! People loved Feedly then.

    1. steve, I am confused: If your screen width > 1280px, then you should be able to see a version of feedly which has the selector on the left and the full version of feedly on the right (same as 5.5). What additional content would you hope to get by going back to 5.5?

      1. I think left navigation takes too much space anyway. What I would enjoy is to enter the narrow mode whatever the size of my screen. The more space for the content the better.
        Also, right column previously had a purpose : show your feeds. Now it is really really useless.
        “You might also like ?” Definitely not worth taking 250 pix of my screen.

        I’m also really missing the favorites feature. I don’t want to have a full list of my feeds on the left. I would prefer check my favorites first. Not “all the feeds that have updates” as of today.

        I also have quite a good deal of feeds. The design of the navigation bar doesn’t make it too usable. I would enjoy smaller fonts for name of feeds, as well as less space between feeds (just like it was in 5.5).

        Thanks for your understanding. I know it’s hard to hear critics when you’ve been working hard. See the positive in this : we’re deeply engaged with Feedly! ;-)

  12. Feedly 5.5 was a superb piece of software that perfectly balanced the needs of Google Reader power-users with less tech-minded users who knew little of “RSS feeds” and the like. But I feel that Feedly 6.x has moved too much in the direction of catering for novice users, seemingly in an attempt to compete with the current generation of tablet-based news readers such as Pulse. I appreciate that the goal here was probably to build the Feedly userbase, but when it’s at the expense of ease-of-use and speed-of-access for existing users then I’m left feeling a bit let down.

    I have 187 subscriptions in 17 sections, curated over many years using RSS readers, Google Reader and Feedly. I care not for “Essentials” or things you think I might also like. There’s nothing for me in Feedly 6.x that’s better or more convenient than in Feedly 5. I would gladly pay for Feedly 5. This is not for additional content: for me, Feedly 5 was just structured more logically and was faster to use. I didn’t have to view an article to mark it as unread (I’d often mark a page of articles as unread to clear them out, but would want to keep one or two for later reading). I could easily see how many unread articles I had for each section. And I didn’t have to spend half my time constantly expanding and contracting sidebar sections so that I could see what articles I had left to read.

  13. I wasn’t completely sure about 6.0 when it turned up, but appreciated some thinking had gone into it, and decided to stick with it. Anyway, 6.1 turns up and it’s addressed all my concerns perfectly, without me even asking! Keep up the good work, well done for responding to feedback so quickly

  14. I second the comments posted by ‘steve’ and ‘Jer White (@afront)’.

    I have many feeds that show up with a big blank white space to the left of the articles (where the images go, if there is one). As an example I have quite a few Google News feeds in my collection which used to show up with pictures in Feedly 5.5—not anymore, just a huge blank white space to the left (Feedly 6.1). Wonder what It is considered ‘Text-only’ feed according to the Feedly team? Just a thought–I think it will be better if the images appear on the right side of every summary (like the 5.5 version) instead of left- this will also allow all articles to be aligned properly.

    Also, in Feedly 5.5, I used to be able to mark articles as read by clicking on the blue link at the bottom of every feed article summary. In Feedly 6.1 there is no link for ‘mark as read’ – the only options I see now are ‘hide article’ and ‘save for later’. I am not sure if clicking on ‘hide article’ also marks it as read??

    In 5.5, I loved the “favorites star button” next to the feed title when I navigate to an individual feed page. Now, I have to enter the organize contents menu every time I want to mark or un-mark a feed as favorite. Please bring the star button back.

    Finally, please allow clicking the navigational bar “arrows” to only toggle the list and not enter the section itself.

  15. Feedly, thanks for developing a very useful feed reader. However, I have couple of suggestions for the 6.1 version.

    1. Please bring back the top navigation. It saved quite a bit of real estate and also helped me keep my e-mail ID hidden which is useful when I am away from my computer.
    2. I also would like the favorite feeds module on the right side when I enter a section and the favorites star button.

    These features are very important for me, so, for now, I am going back to version 5.5 for firefox which I still consider excellent and superior to the 6.1.

  16. Hi Guys,

    I want to say thank you first for the best reader out there. Hands down.

    Is there any way to add in the options maybe or directly. So that when you click on the category name on the left, it just simply pulls up all the articles in the category without actually opening the category. There is an arrow next to each category which could be kept for opening to see all the feeds in the category but I think the name of the category should not open to show all the feeds. The problem is that once I am done reading that category, I have to click on the category name again to close the category, instead of just clicking on the next category.

    Just a suggestion

    Thanks again for Feedly


      1. Hi Edwin,

        +1 for me as well: I miss the old behavior of clicking a category and keep it ‘closed’ while reading it contents

  17. i’m so used to the ‘minimize’ button to be on the top right corner that now i keep clicking on the X button which completely hides the article. how do i undo it? and i really hate the X button there, too many buttons, i think it’s unnecessary. Also too much white space between the ‘add to bookmarks’ buttons (at the end of the article) and ‘top recommenders’, take alot of scrolling to go all the way to the end and hit ‘close’. One more thing is that, in the saved section, if i don’t have a lot of pages, the views options are not available, and the default is an ugly magazine view – it’s ugly because some pages don’t have the thumbnail, results in unbalanced white space in between articles.

  18. Hey, I don’t know why but it’s not working on my Safari. Installed from your website, clicked the icon, safari goes back to #required

    Safari 5.0.6
    OSX 10.5.8

    Any ideas? :(

  19. Hello!

    The ‘open in website directly’ toggle on the desktop is not syncing with my iphone app. I have NOT enabled the ‘open in website directly’ for any of my feeds on the desktop app. However, on my iphone, some of these articles directly open in the website. Also, these articles that open directly in the website do not offer the ‘reader’ option on top right.

    Could you fix this please?

  20. Please, bring back “just share with google reader” feature (not like, not +1)..
    And (in my opinion it is quite logical) it would be better that the click on the arrow to the group reveals the list of feeds without opening mix-page.

  21. Love it, thanks! A few comments:

    In Full Articles mode, please also have the sharing buttons at the bottom of the articles.

    When I share/star using keyboard shortcuts (“s”, shift+s), show a “Shared” or “Saved” message so that I know the action was registered and done successfully.

    Looking forward to more great updates!

  22. Long time user of Feedly desktop and Feedly iOS. I’ve just now, finally, figured out how Feedly’s “Save for Later” equals Google reader “Starred” (and how to stop “Save for Later” from automatically being “Share on Google Reader”).

    I also just realized that on Feedly iOS, “the “Like – thumbs up” button means “Share on Google Reader”.

    But now it seems that the Feedly “Like” is missing in desktop Feedly — I can’t see any way other than “Google +1” to recommend something. Did the “thumbs up” button get removed? Why?

    The “Like – thumbs up” button still exists on Feedly iOS, which confuses me no end. Why are they so different?

  23. From a first look, a vast improvement to the last version! The narrow mode works wonderfully and things don’t look so bunched together. The only problem I’m having with it is, that whenever I toggle to see the navigation the page scrolls back to top, which is kind of annoying when I’m in the middle of reading my feeds.

  24. Here are some suggestions that I have:

    – When I click on a source to load the articles, there is no indicator to let me know which source I am on so that I can mark the rest of the articles as read. Please add some indicator so that I know which source I am on in the list of sources. I know there is a “Mark as read” check mark at the top, but it is faster to click from the sources list since I am most likely to choose another source.

    – It would be nice to have an option to list sources by the number of articles. So, for example, I would like to list my sources from largest number of articles down to the least number.

    – It is nice that you now remove the source from the list once you click to have all articles marked as read. I think to improve this a little more is to also automatically move to the next source down. That would greatly shorten the time that it takes to read through all my sources as it will now take one less click per source which could be ~20 less clicks for me most of the time.

  25. Mac OS, Lion 10.7.1. using Chrome 15.0.874.83 beta – Facebook integration not working anymore. Can’t post to FB from Feedly and FB feed in the right column isn’t loading.

  26. Here’s an issue/bug or whatever
    Feedly on Firefox

    Stopped working after the wide navigation updtae.
    Error message “Synchronizing feedly v.6.1.403. Please wait…”.
    Uninstalled Feedly and installed the version on the Feedly home page
    Error message “Synchronizing feedly v.6.1.403. Please wait…”

    In both case it tries to sync around 20 times and then give up and the white box around the syncing message turns grey!

    No idea what is going on hope you do.

  27. Bug?
    Using Feedly v6.1 on Firefox 7.0.1
    I can no longer access the top feed category, which currently has 77 unread articles, nor do any articles from that category appear in “latest” or “featured”.

  28. Funny thing is, it was really fast to browse when categories were on the right panel. I’m talking about the old latest look. You took that away and put it on the left panel but it’s still a lot faster to browse with right panel with featured sources and a lot slower-laggy on the left side with categories. Only difference for me is that, now I’m browsing my sources without my categories. My usage is like this: %25 percent left panel and 75% right panel.

    1. The same with me. I had all sources sorted in several categories, some I read daily, other occasionally and want to see what sources and in what category were updated. Having them on the left with a lot of clicking is tiresome. Having feedly in the center of the page when browser is full-screen is tiresome as well. And still requires clicking to glance through all categories.
      Pleeeease, give an option to get categories back on the right.

    2. Good news. The organized categories on the right panel of the latest page is coming back in the 6.1.404 update we will be pushing out tomorrow night.

  29. Now it’s really hard to save article. No save button when viewing article. No save button in mosaic mode. And when I save it and want to unsave it, it’s harder! try everything but reload feedly and it’s still there. Have to access Google Reader to unstar it.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. We were able to reproduce this bug. It will be fixed in the 6.1.405 update we will be pushing out tomorrow night. Have a great week.

  30. I agree with others that prefer v5.5 and have downgraded from v6.1. The main reason is I rely on Favorites as my start page — which is an extremely efficient way to scan the updates that are most important to me. The second key reason, I find the ‘mark as read’/’keep as unread’ hoover-over toggle is very useful to quickly preview an update while easily marking it as unread for later. The v6.1 approach of using a small button is not nearly as efficient.

    The v6.1 features of a narrow sidebar and social pieces are not important to me.

  31. Ugh – There is still no way to hide an article from the mosaic view!

    Prior to the upgrade there was an “x” that I could use to clean out the duplicate or uninteresting stuff. Now I’m stuck with it, unless I waste my time opening it or change my layout to something that takes up more space and is less visually appealing (IMO) like titles.

    But even in Magazine & Timeline view (which are so similar it took me a while to figure out the difference), I can’t get rid of the articles you’ve (for no reason I can determine) have decided to feature without wasting my time opening them.

    I have lots of feeds in lots of categories and being able to quickly clean out the stuff I don’t want *was* one of the best things about Feedly. Now it’s no better than any of the other pretty readers out there that force me to look at everything to get to the good stuff.

  32. Just want to leave 2 little comments. I haven’t been using Feedly for a while but I totally love it. This narrow mode update works well but I’d really love to be able to disable it if you want. I’m running at 1280 X 800 and I don’t feel like I gain that much space with the narrow sidebar… The only downside I see is actually the fact I have to wait for my bar to open and at the same time it makes everything else look smaller. I’m really jumping a lot between my different categories and I find it kinda annoying (just an option somewhere in the preferences would really be sweet).

    The other point is with the facebook feed module on the right pane. Twitter works fine but I’ve never been able to link facebook in. It only stays at “loading…” and I never get the option to connect or see my feed. If that can help, I’m using google chrome (14.0.835.202 right now, but it’s not a new bug).

  33. I agree with Robin. I dislike the new narrow feature. I don’t want to wait for it to open and shut, just want to click my feed and read. Having a feedback link somewhere in feedly would be appreciated too. Thanks for making a great reader and being receptive to feedback.

  34. I’ve recently found a bug for firefox…beside a category if you click the number on the right it function is supposed to mark as read all under it right? well if the number on the right turns to a circle (> 99), when clicking that turns the page to My Feedly page

  35. I’ve found a bug on Feedly. :) When you’re viewing a photo site’s feed, like 500px or 9gag in mosaic mode and you’re navigating with j/k buttons, you get to a point where Feedly has to load the rest of the pictures-articles and it says “Loading articles…”. But it doesn’t load it. You have to scroll down a bit to load the rest of the articles and that breaks down the seamless j/k-mouse free navigation.

  36. It’s great that you’ve given users with smaller resolutions the benefit of a narrow nav bar – but all you’ve done there is force them to open/close that section, while having to endure a right-hand sidebar that many of us (or perhaps just me) have no use for.

    So, even as a user on a 1920×1020 resolution, I’m still stuck with an irritatingly narrow content space, when all I want to do is deactivate or at least shrink the width of the right-hand sidebar.

    I have no use for any of those features, and apart from you wanting them for the sake of revenue (I presume, but feel free to explain it to me), it’s a useless and restrictive feature. If some people like it and some don’t, why can’t we have the ability to choose whether or not to have it?

  37. I don’t like narrow mode, but my laptop window is obviously too small because it won’t go away. Please can we have the option to activate or not in preferences??

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