Feedly 6.2 for Chrome and Safari

Feedly 6.2 for Chrome and Safari are out. It focuses on polishing the navigation: …1) collapsable navigation bar in narrow mode, …2) decoupling of opening and selecting a category, …3) featured sources are back and …4) new jump to next arrow. Please let us know if you run into any regressions.

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36 thoughts on “Feedly 6.2 for Chrome and Safari”

  1. Very nice in previous two updates. I’ve moved back from Google Reader to Feedly because it becomes useful now!!

    I have some suggestion to new Feedly:
    1. (Optionally) Hide the tags which doesn’t have unread post, so we don’t need to scroll to find unread posts.
    2. More useful to Flickr gallery. I see the same gallery since I started to use Feedly :p
    – e.g. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jliba/4195202912/
    3. Better design than zooming main contents when I mouse over the sidebar.
    (i) Zoom would be a useless effect since readers doesn’t care about it;
    (ii) The text is actually unreadable;
    (iii) A little bit lag/slow when zooming.

    1. is quite important for me. 2. and 3. are optional (and subjective :-)

    BTW, I’m glad to find your service and my old dad enjoys the Feedly experience too!
    Thank you!!

    1. Point 1 is a great suggestion! Love it!
      Thanks for putting back featured sources. At least the right nav bar now has a purpose.
      Please allow the collapsing of nav bar even if you’re not in navigation mode, and it would be perfect.

      1. Cant we have a back button on the left, I just browsed through my galleries / sources, and discovered I was expecting a last button ;) – since I moved on, to fast!

  2. Hi, I’m on Firefox and I didn’t have a look at Feedly 6.2 yet. But there is one thing, that bothers me a while now. I actually like that “latest” section in every… er… section. Though, I would be happy to opt-out of it, since I sometimes want to read the items in their actual order. Is this already possible and I didn’t see to activate it?

  3. Oh guys, this is sooo cool! I just HAD to try this version on Chrome though I’m on Firefox, to check if the default expanded categories by clicking behavior is back to what it used to be. Also glad that the “Featured Sources” are back on the right. Thanks very much!

  4. I keep feedly, gmail and facebook open as pinned tabs in Chrome always logged in on a Mac running Snow Leopard. The problem i consistently run into is when I try to repost to facebook or email an article from feedly is that it tells me to “Login Into Gmail/Facebook first” but I am already logged in. Very frustrating. Why does this happen?

  5. I’m a newbie to Feedly and couldn’t get how to collapse the navigation bar. Please, advise :) Thanks.

  6. Doesn’t work. Chrome 16.0.912.0 dev-m

    Technical Error Code: 010-services_not_started–fail–OFFLINE–ask profile returned error code:0. message:undefined–feedly_6.2.404_chrome

  7. I have 1280 wide resolution on my MacBook Pro, but I get the collapsing menu on Safari and Chrome. It is a very nice and minimalist design, but I prefered to have all the categories visible like in the previous version.

    Moreover, the content zoom in/out feature makes the page go all the way up so it is really annoying / impossible to read an article inside Feedly.

  8. Is it possible to add ‘copy url’ link in preview mode? It would be useful in case I’d like to send a link to a friend in Skype or anywhere else, otherwise I have to open an article in a new tab and copy the link.
    Thank you.

  9. After a proper install, the Feedly icon doesn’t show up in my Chrome extensions toolbar. I’ve tried twice but got the same result. Please help!

  10. Please , Please , Please ….get me out of the narrow mode or whatever its called …..
    I like my sidebar on the left visible all the time …. i like ti mix categories while reading …
    Atleast gimme an option to switch off the narrow mode ….
    Switching back to Google Reader until the option is available

    A loyal Feedly user on Chrome & Android !!

  11. I must be blind but I do not see a ‘mark as read’ or anything similar anymore, where is it located?

  12. Sorry I should be more specific; I see mark as read (tick at the top where it has always been) for a group of feeds yet where is it for an individual post?

  13. Love Feedly! However I use firefox as my main browser and the latest version of Feedly still isn’t available for firefox on the mozilla addons website. Is there a link where I can download the latest version for firefox? Thanks…

  14. Feedly is great, however I would actually prefer the navigation bar to be visible all time. Also, for the new version of the Feedly mini, is it possible to set “save for later” included as before? That is a main feature that I liked most. Thanks!

  15. Why does Safari extensions tell me that I have Feedly 7.0.407? The fact that it doesn’t work (oAuth then nothing…) makes me suspicious, I must say!

  16. Thanks for making Feedly, I’ve been using it a lot recently, and love love love it! ^^

    Not sure if this will be helpful to others as well, but it would be wonderful if next to the dates, we could “Mark Day as Read”, kind of an in-between stage between “Mark All as Read” and “Mark as Read”… Sometimes there is only time to scan through about a day’s worth of titles, but I don’t want to mark everything else as read yet. Please consider this, thank you!!!

  17. Only thing I don’t like about the new navigation is that sometimes i have the screen kind of small, when using my work computer and I can’t see the check for “mark as read” on the right side.

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