Feedly 8: Tagging, New Views, Infinite Scrolling and more…

We are rolling out today a new edition of feedly. Feedly 8 is centered around two new features and two new views.

Feedly 8.0 is available for Chrome and Safari now. It is being reviewed by the mozilla team and should be available for Firefox in a couple of weeks.

Feature #1: Tagging

You can now collect articles by tagging them. Think of tags as a more permanent/topical save for later. In version 8.0, collections are private/personal. In version 9.0, we will make it easy for you to selectively publish and share your collections.

Feature #2: Infinite scrolling

All the list pages now support infinite scrolling and will automatically load more content as you reach the end of a page. The result is a simple and faster way to browse through your favorite content.

View #1: The New Cards View

As part of feedly 8, we are rolling out a new view called “Cards”. You can apply it to the collection of articles you have tagged, to a section or a specific feed. It it optimized for great visuals.

To assign the cards view to a page, click on the view icon on the top right of the page and select the Cards option:

View #2: Denser and more efficient title view

In feedly 8, we have redesigned the “Titles” view with crunchers in mind. The entire with of the page is dedicated to content, tools hover in and you can easily navigate through the content using keyboard shortcuts. Combine that with the new infinite scrolling and you have a feed crunching machine.

Note: if you want to see the list of the sources in the latest page, simply choose the old titles view from the view options.

Here is a quick summary of the refined keyboard shortcuts supported by feedly in version 8.0.

Feedly 8.0 is available for Chrome and Safari now. It is being reviewed by the mozilla team and should be available for Firefox in a couple of weeks.

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. Special thanks to Sarah for the feedback she provided during the design of the new Titles view.

Author: @feedly

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120 thoughts on “Feedly 8: Tagging, New Views, Infinite Scrolling and more…”

    1. you can middle/ctrl click the title, opening a link in the background like any hyperlink. unless i’m forgetting about a dedicated button that once existed.

  1. Am I missing where the options to bookmark to delicious or Pinboard are? Hovering over the share button gives me gmail, twitter, facebook, tumblr, evernote, instapaper and readitlater. Is there an option to bring back the other methods?

    1. And I just noticed that “mark all as read” isn’t an option anymore. Or at least it’s not showing up where it used to at the top of a subscription, next to the view selection or next to “Latest” or “Featured.” Is it hiding somewhere?

  2. cool re-design :) great work guys, just some small feedbacks:
    -why… why… why…. the preview icon (the eye icon) is now at the bottom !! :( sometimes I need to see the whole article in a bigger preview window, now i have to scroll all the way down to click on it.
    -@View #2: Denser and more efficient title view: can we not have the rectangle wrapping around the title following my cursor everywhere it goes? it’s very annoying.
    -you know the saved section? I like to view my saved articles in the title view. I myself prefer the title view in the older version (without time grouping), but the main problem is there’s too much white spaces. too much scrolling needed.

  3. I like the changes except for the removal of the “MARK AS READ” button at the top and bottom of the list.
    I have “Auto-Select On Scroll” set to “No” and now I have to press the “menu” button on top, move down, select “Mark as Read / All” – too much work.
    Please, bring back the “Mark as read” button on top, and also next to the new “End of stream” text at the bottom of the list add a “Mark as read” link (like the one that was all the way to the right before, but I think it makes more sense for it to be on the left just after the “End of stream” text). Also, a keyboard shortcut for “Mark as read” might be helpful.

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    1. I went over to Netvibes/Bloglines. A few oddities here and there, but not too bad. The imanotprt part about migrating is to ensure (especially at this point with Reader on the brink of death) is that whatever you select does have its own export capabilities.One of the reasons I haven’t gone to a few of the services is that some require a tie in to a Google or Facebook acct. There may come a day when I just ditch both of those, so I would rather be unfettered.A giant thanks for all of your great posts – I don’t say that often enough.

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  4. Nicely done! I like how easy to read the font visibility of the left pane. Also liked the way the center pane scrolls and the other part remains intact. Not really a fan of the new title layout(to much text) but what I really like is when you hover over the title options comes out very nicely done..If you can put the hover feature on the old title layout that will be great! The new Card and Mosaic Layout is great also provided the feeds have images in them hehe

    As usual for every release there would be some features others will not like (like me)…please give the option to turn off the Infinite scrolling and use the previous one (the one with the mark this page as read) OR implement a per date mark as read (I’ve been suggesting this since feedly 6 to no avail :( is it really that hard to do when you have implemented it on the Featured section)…My use case for this suggestion is that there are some (a lot maybe) of feeds that I want to read later but don’t want to put as “Saved For Later” since I still want to know what site is the feed from…Also can we have option for

    Now bug report time:(used chrome version)
    some feeds’ images are not showing
    the right pane functional pane(mark as read etc) are lost in site when the window is shrunk to a point(it might be useful to also put the function on top like in 7)
    changing layout is very slow

    1. Additional suggestions
      Unfinished part(2nd paragraph) Also can we have option for the “Jump to next” to jump from the next CATEGORY instead of next SITE feed
      Please bring back the favicon at least on the featured section so I can mark as read (without opening) selected feed/s
      Really liked the hover feature where you shows options…you could put that in every layout :D

      Additional bug :D
      Mark as read on the featured section does nothing when clicked
      Clicked on the tagged section (left pane above history) and the app went infinite loop saying Google session changed refresh then Google session changed refresh to infinity :D

    1. Ah, got it. Uninstalled the Feedly XT extension, and now it seems to have upgraded. That’s weird though. Why would you install an app AND an extension in Chrome for the same thing?

  5. Tiny visual glitch. What’s with the “box-shadow_” of the “.area” again?
    Used to work in feedly 7 for Safari but now it’s broken like back in feedly 7 for Chrome.

    1. There is a chrome bug slowing down scrolling when a box-shadow is used. As soon as Google fixes that bug, we will re-enable it on all platforms (we do not have a simple way to activate if on one platform and not the others – yet)

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  6. Lifehacker’s thumbs does not work anymore (tested on FF&Chrome)!
    Please restore markasread in the original position…
    everything else seems very good

  7. where are the close/remove button? I want to remove arcticle without open it, and the “make as read” button dosnt show on any arcticle and its not comfortable…

    but great job!

  8. First look: Perfect. Second look: It’s really really perfect. :) I especially loved the Latest. I loved the categories, new design, everything. I loved the new mark as read buttons and infinite scrolling. And it feels really really fast.

    And that Cards look. I can’t think of any better viewing for tumblr blogs and photography sites like 500px. Thank you.

    I think you guys nailed it with Feedly 8. Congratulations.

    Just a small thing: When I don’t hover my mouse on left panel, it looks like this: http://i.minus.com/ibuREt5CXTwYGX.jpg I can’t see half of the unread counts. When I hover my mouse, it looks normal: http://i.minus.com/izkzhtGq8VsBg.jpg

      1. Yes. Sorry. This is a known bug. Seems to be related to the site already including a +1 button (it seems that the Google library does not call us back). We are looking at ways to fix this for 8.1. Good catch!

    1. Thanks for the heads up. The half hidden unread count is a bug. Will try to fix it for the 8.1 update we will push out next week to polish all the rough edges.

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    2. Cenk: I am not able to reproduce this. Could you please email me more details? (bigger screenshots, steps to reproduce it, etc?) I am edwink …at… feedly….com

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  9. Bug report, Windows 7, Chrome 15.0.874.121

    – I go to Latest (titles old view)
    – start clicking on the links in the right section (feeds grouped by categories)
    – most of the times I get a list of unread articles from the feed (as expected), bus sometimes a blank page is loaded with feed name and the number of unread articles only, no “loading” icon . See the screenshot:

    1. Im having this issue too, no feeds seem to load unless I double click on the feed name, which is making my browsing longer.
      Using same platform of Win 7 and Chrome 15.0.874.121

  10. I love using feedly, but you guys just can’t seem to decide on a layout lately. After many changes I finally settled with the previous layout, and now it’s changed again. It’s not horrible, just annoying. My main problem is the lack of keep as unread/preview article/remove buttons at the top of the article previews. They were very convenient where they they were-scrolling down to get to them is just a nuisance. Also, there seems to be no instance of the close/remove article button in the timeline view. I used that button a lot to remove clutter-mainly from webcomics that update with many pages at once, giving me an entry for each page. Finally, before the update many blog posts with no title displayed [no title], giving me something to click on to view/go to the article. This appears to have been removed as well. I really love feedly, but all of these little layout tweaks lately are starting to get on my nerves. I would greatly appreciate it if these features were re-added.

  11. I apologize for the double post, but I forgot to mention one last issue-namely that any feeds from Gawker sites (Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Kotaku, etc.) don’t have their images shown unless you click on the article to open it.

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  12. Love the titles and cards view! Is there a way to set the ‘cards’ view for the My Feedly page?

    What happened to the X button that allowed me to close articles without reading them? I don’t see the favicon that used to change to an X button on the left-bottom of the articles anymore!? So, now I have to open every single article in order remove it? This is ridiculous. Were these changes done on purpose? or is it just a bug? Also, images from some of the sites are not loading.

    Feedly 8 on Firefox also seems to have a bug on the left nav bar where the unread counts are partially hidden. Please fix it. Thanks…

    1. The favicon has been replaced by a mark as read link which appears on hover. Click on the mark as read link to mark an article as read and remove it from the list. -Edwin

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  13. Hi, just realize that the favicon where i was able to delete any article without having to open it as disappear. I missing it a lot. Why you remove it???? Please reinsert the favicon and the delete article thing.


      1. Hi Edwin, you don’t have it for the “Featured article” and for the other yes i see it but for some articles the name of the blog + the name the author etc is often too long and the “mark as read” doesn’t appear. The favicon was so much easy why you delete it???

          1. Way too many permissions and after reindag about feedly mini I think I’ll stay clear of this. I don’t want and extension having access to my bookmarks and browsing history. I just want to be able to use Google reader with a better interface, no suggestions, no matching bookmarks and no recommendations. Looks like I came to the wrong place. Bring back Helvetireader I say.

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  14. Hi Edwin, you don’t have it for the “Featured article” and for the other yes i see it but for some articles the name of the blog + the name the author etc is often too long and the “mark as read” doesn’t appear. The favicon was so much easy why you delete it???

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  15. Why did you make “Mark As Read” so hard? It used to be that if you clicked on the number of unread items on either the left or right column lists of feeds it would mark them all as read. That is now broken. Now, nothing happens when you click on those numbers. The fly-out comes up claiming it will mark all as read, but it does not work.

    Your ease of use was what separated you from Google reader and you are going backwards.

    1. We decided to let users selectively show their GR tags in feedly. You can perform a batch update by going in the preferences page and entering a comma delimited list of tags. Any new tag you create in feedly will also be created in Google Reader.

        1. I dont like that solution. I’ve 151 tags,and i have to go to google reader, configuration, folders and tags, copy and paste into excel, copy de tag column, paste into notepad++ and make a script for separating into comma and delete carriage return. Finaly copy and paste into feedly. Too complicate!

  16. my logopond feed will only show the images in magazine view. I was using mosaic previously and no longer see the images. the new cards view does not work either.

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  17. The mark as read option does not appear on articles listed under “Featured” or on any article that appears in the Mosaic view or the Cards view. Please, please, bring back the favicon/X-button. I used this feature a lot.

    Another bug that I came across– when I click the feed name that appears in bold letters under each article, the dedicated feed page opens blank.

    Thank You!

  18. I use Feedly because it is great, but it seems to me that marking articles as read without opening them gets more difficult with every new version. Personally, I am pining for the old icon strip that used to hang out on the side of articles a few versions back, but I would be amazingly happy just to get the favicon/x back. I am really glad that Feedly puts so much work into continuing to develop their product, but the old “if it ain’t broke” adage applies here as well.

  19. Feedly 8 is a very welcomed update. I just wonder if there would be any high contrast themes available. Lower contrast ones are just difficult to read.

  20. Sorry, but no. I’m not very happy with this. I used to love Feedly for how compact it was, but that’s pretty much gone. Way too much wasted space. For those of us stuck with a 1280×800 screen, it’s getting to the point where it’s pretty much unusable. I understand that you need ad space, but pleeeease, release a paid version of Feedly that removes the crap to the right.

  21. Why doesn’t Feedly resize to fit the size of your browser window? I just noticed a toolbar on the right side I hadn’t seen before because I habitually have my browser window taking up only 60%-80% of my screen.

    The lack of intelligent resizing in the new Google Reader redesign is what made me switch to Feedly, which I have overall liked, excepting some issues getting my preferences to stick. But if it’s been nearly a month now and it took me this long to notice a toolbar, just because I rarely have my browser maximized to fullscreen? That’s worrisome.

  22. I love feedly + use it multiple times every day almost exclusively in the “Latest” view. While the new interface for “Latest” is sleek, fast and legible in the list, it breaks down when you click a title to read the post. 130 characters per line is painful to read. I know some research suggests cpls of this length are fine but my eyes disagree. Please get the character count below 100 or maybe provide a way for us to set a max width on the article… Thanks and keep moving it forward, it gets better with every release.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Stover. Will talk to the team about adding a 200px padding to the left of the article to make the content area narrower. We can use that area in the future for annotations (a la CNN). Thank you very much for the feedback.

      1. I see some changes in the latest article layout!!! Thank you guys for being so responsive and agile. The reading experience is much easier especially on longer articles. Keep up the good work!

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  23. Is there a way to remove the right column for the mosaic view as in the card view ?
    I never use it and it could be precious space gain on my mbp 13″.


  24. Why do i have to select the titles (old) view for each page? pls impliment a option to make titles (old) as standard view! i dont like the new title view, because im missing the overview with pages on the right side.

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  25. Is it just me or is it because of the Lion OS new scroll bar style? if you hover the left sidebar, the scroll bar appears but it appears like a hollow bar, all white, very ugly.
    Im using firefox. Please fix this. Thank you

    1. So much goodness, I don’t know what to conmemt on! Really love some of these links and saw that Bad and Angelina thing on Facebook. Cracked me up. The fat Tom Cruise looks just like a guy I went to high school with!

  26. What happened to Share in Google Reader? I don’t want to share to Google +. Once Google did away with Google Reader’s “share” button, I turned to Feedly as an alternative. The experience in Feedly has been much better than that in Google Reader, but now I can’t do what I liked most about Feedly, which is to share in Google Reader! Is there something I’m missing? Or is there an alternative service that will allow me to share in Google Reader?

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    1. Hi Michael thanks for letntig me know! A few questions:First, have you tried going to the extension’s options? Does it show that the default key is a ; ? And what happens if you change it to something else like z’ for example? Also, when you look at the console on chrome, do you see any errors in javascript? You can usually tell by the bottom right hand corner having a red-x if you can open the console when you click reload’ on the extension or when you press the shortcut key see if you see any errors. Thanks!

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  27. I like Feedly, but this version doesn’t allow saved for later button in the mini Feedly. Is it only me who encounter this problem? It would be great if this feature could be restored. If it is only me, is there any solution to this problem? Thanks!

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  28. I stopped using feedly with this version.
    Really, why can’t i remove the autoscroll feature from the settings?
    It makes impossibile to mark as read multiple elements in “pages”. It’s all-or-one-by-one, which is an impossible and undesired task for most of my feeds.
    Please, make paginated view an option.

  29. Like others said before about the titles view: I prefer to stay with what’s now called the (old) titles view: I like to keep seeing the sources on the right: I prefer to read the important (sources) titles first, before going to the mainstream of titles.

  30. Can anybody tell me why the hell I am always getting this annoying “end of stream” message, even if there are further posts in the category? If infinite scrolling is a feature of feedly, I’d expect it to work. Thanks for any feedback. I’m using Win764bit, Chrome with Feedly extension.

  31. I’m also annoyed by the “end of stream” message. is there a way to get rid of it? I don’t see infinite scrolling as an option…is it supposed to just work? I’m also Win64 Chrome….I’d be pretty shocked if that had something to do with it though….right?

  32. Solution to “end of stream”:
    click on settings icon on top right (to the left of refresh)
    uncheck the option “Unread only”

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  33. Infinite scroll is limited to the last 72 days.I am not able to go beyond that.
    Is there a way I could see the entire list ,say from the last one year.

    Thank you

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