Feedly 8.1 – 10 Bug Fixes

We just pushed out feedly 8.1. It fixes some of the bugs/regressions reported over the last 24 hours (thanks for the feedback!).

Change log:

  1. FIXED – Mark as read counter was sometimes clipped.
  2. FIXED – Clicking on the unread count was no longer marking sources as read.
  3. FIXED – Move the “Back To Top” icon above the” Jump To Next” icon.
  4. FIXED – The source title and the author name sometimes push the mark as read link out.
  5. FIXED – There is no way to mark an article as read in the new card view.
  6. FIXED – Empty tag page resulted in a session expired loop.
  7. FIXED – Loading a category or feed page through a link sometimes resulted on an empty page.
  8. FIXED – The Google+ option of feedly mini does not always work.
  9. FIXED – Some of the blogs like LogoPond no longer render correctly in the mosaic view.
  10. FIXED – Sometimes “Jump to Next” transitions from one of my sources to an essential source.

Please let us know by posting a comment if you run into any other high priority issue. We are happy to do another patch if needed.

Author: @feedly

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73 thoughts on “Feedly 8.1 – 10 Bug Fixes”

  1. Android app: There’s no way of knowing if you liked an article already. Also i cannot unlike. My likes are spread to fb and anywhere instantly, so this is quite a problem.

  2. My problem is Feedly’s cookie info doesn’t survive a restart of the computer. Or maybe its the log out of a profile. I’m not sure if its even a cookie issue at all. All I know is each time I go log in to Feedly after a restart or a logout, none of my settings take and I have to manually restore all the previous settings. This includes the Theme and all preferences…..very annoying. I’ve started hunting for a replacement for Feedly, its gotten so annoying.

  3. Thanks for the hard work in alleviating those bugs. Here are a few that I’ve kept watch on:

    – With Feedly 8, the favicons for the respective feed item sources are not displayed, it was a nifty touch, missing it.

    – Using N to navigate a certain feed’s featured items takes a some wrong turns: upon first pressing N, the 2nd item is selected, with another press the third and then out of the sudden with the third press the popup with “At End” comes up. Thus one cannot move to the regular, non-featured articles using the keyboard. Would also really love having the option to customize keyboard shortcuts and re-map N and P to J and K !

    Following are a few “nice to have” features, don’t know if it would require a lot of changes in the codebase:

    – Feed Categories/Folders to the left could be represented as anchors, so that a feed’s/folder’s items can be opened in a new tab.

    – The new “infinite scrolling” option could be opt-in, I found the articles/page useful when navigating through 500+ items, loading them all could be cumbersome to one’s system load.

    – Along the same lines, a “mark read until here” option would also be of great use, helpful in a long list of unread items as well.

    – What would be extremely awesome would be a mapping of the starred/saved for later items to the category to which they adhere, such an aggregation would be oh so useful, for example one can single out the comics one has starred and read them much quickly as opposed to 1000s of items pouring out of the list, void of context save the feed they were posted in.

    Those were a few thoughts, thank you for allowing a blog-driven issue discussion as well, sometimes GetSatisfaction isn’t that useful for jotting down some quick ideas.

    I really appreciate the speed and the new font colours for the feed folders/categories on the left, keep up the great work, thanks for a great product! You can safely increase the amount of ads, I’d click them in an instant :)

    1. Glad to find someone who has same views as me :D “mark read until here” was a nice idea…although I suggested to them a much easier feature which is a “mark as read” per date basis and still its not given(or at least replied that they don’t plan to make that)

      Infinite scrolling == infinite consumption of memory

      Please bring back the options at the top of a site feeds page because when navigating using the left pane its takes long trip to go to the right just to mark as read or refresh

      Nice on removing non-title text on the new Title view but please include a favicon and another suggestion is that why not put the options either on the left most or right most depending on which is closer to the mouse pointer(ie i try to hover on titles only to see that the option are so far) and please put the same hover feature on the old title view :)

      I would like to suggest my previous suggestions but I think if you don’t want to implement it it really happen :(

      1. Unfortunately I also suffer from that marking as read the whole feed. Doesn’t work with sites like 500px. Because they post pictures like crazy.

        Both ideas good but they may not be good for design. Especially mark until here thing. Maybe a little button on articles that says “mark as read until this article” might work. It would be great actually and it can work very good for all views. Marking as read per date is good but after some thinking, it wouldn’t be efficient enough to use I think.

        Cards view+auto select on scroll is also a good combination but not efficient. Because articles on the right side can go without selecting and marking as read.

        Best way to look at those kind of feeds right now is full article view. You can auto select on scroll just for full articles. That way marking problem is going away. I use that way and browse with j/k.(Happy to see j/k bug is no longer with us by the way. :) )

  4. Still would like the small logo’s next to the articles on latest and magazine overview. And when that is done. I would like to have the small cross under it reinstated. Thx.

  5. Thanks for the continued good work. Thanks also for adding the ‘default view’ option.’ It works ‘a bit’ I think because my collection of links don’t seem to all change to the settings I set. I think it’s because feedly remembers what I manually set before and hence the default view option isn’t working on them. Is there anything you can do about it?

    Also, I think a more fool proof thing to do would have been to give the option ‘same view for all subscriptions?’ with ‘yes or no’ option in the PREFERENCES. Then the users could have easily changed the look of the pages without having to go through preferences. But that’s your choice. Hope you fix whatever is causing the irregularity in the current feature.

  6. Why I have on Safari 5.1.2 on Mac OSX 10.7.2 I have the version 8.0.414? I try to remove the old version, clear the cache and install the new version downloaded from your website but I still have the version 8.0.414 and not the version 8.1, why?

    1. Hey, I found a bug(I think).
      When you click a feed and then you click the Jump To Next Button, it jumps to the next unread feed. But if you mark as read the first feed as you usually do after reading it, it doesn’t jump to the next unread feed in that category. Instead it jumps to the next unread feed on the next category. Here is how it is: http://youtu.be/2Czxm3KpE0w?hd=1

      1. I confirm that this mark as read then jump to next is a bug. Will look into it. I will also look and see if there is a simple way to hide the scroll if it is not used. Might be tricky given the previous bug.

        1. Thank you Edwin.

          By the way, you should host your own addon on your own site. Not just on addon.mozilla. When we go to feedly.com, we should be able to download the latest version. Waiting for them to review sucks and it takes too long.

  7. Just installed the 8.1 update, and its not marking the last articles in any feed read, even if i leave the screen/view hanging there for a few seconds, so im still having to mark as read manually.

      1. Thanks Edwin
        Also, I cant seem to find a way to ‘keep as unread’ as before, now the save later button doesnt make a difference and I cant find old posts I need for later again!

      1. Yes. For firefox, we kept the 8.0 name to stay in the review queue. I confirm that the latest 8.0 update on firefox contains all the 8.1 chrome fixes. Sorry for the confusion.

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  8. Still missing the favicon/X-button i read that i’m not the only one who want it back, why don’t you bringing back??? I miss it!

    1. Agree, please bring back the favicon/X-button!! We still cannot close articles that appear under ‘featured’ and any article under the ‘mosaic’ view without opening the articles.

  9. I hate to say this, but every Feedly update seems to break something for me. First, the unread counts went missing (or were removed, I can’t be sure). Now the X button to hide articles is gone.

    There also seem to be bugs in every release, that tend to affect me pretty regularly. Feedly 8 & 8.1 are extremely sluggish when an article is open. The scrolling is smoother when viewing a list or timeline view, but the moment I open something, it slows to a crawl. This happens particularly in Chrome on Windows 7. Also, thumbnails for some feeds just don’t show up anymore in the timeline view.

    C’mon guys! I’ve loved feedly for as long as it has been around, but of late it seems to be going away from what I used to love about it.

    1. but, there actually IS a lot of logic in it, if you take the time to coseidnr it. I do have logic to back up my claims, but, I’m only saying? that if atheism and science go hand and hand, so does religion. It’s not just a bunch of make believe like those people think, and altogether I think it’s pretty beautiful. This is only my opinion, and my way of thinking.

  10. Yep, all I want is to be able to mark items as read without first having to open them. The favicon X was perfect. Now I only get the Mark As Read on hover for certain views. Not cool when you subscribe to a lot of feeds.

    1. In 8.1, the mark as read should be available on all views except for the featured article. We are exploring ways to making mark as read (individual/by date) simpler in 9.x

  11. I am unable to mark all as read. All articles are staying visible in the lastest section and in their respective categories as ‘tagged’. When untagged and marked as read manually, at refresh, become visible again.

    1. I’m seeing the same thing. When viewing my Latest feed, with no unread items, I’m seeing a list of previously read items. They aren’t even the most recent previously viewed items…they’re the items I first read when I logged in this morning.

  12. When I click on a link on the contents page, feedly repeatedly sends me to an empty page. If I go back and try again, sometimes it gives me my posts, but not always. I prefer to read my articles source by source, so this is getting annoying.

    1. Please make sure that you are running the latest 8.1 version. There was a bug similar to what you were describing on 8.0 but it was fixed in 8.1 ie build 416

  13. I miss the small ‘X’ that would appear in magazine view to close an item without reading it. I would regularly use that feature to dismiss articles I knew I did not want to read.

    1. We are looking into ways to better offer mark as read and remove options. In the meantime, you can use the mark as read link which appears on hover. It will mark as read and remove the item from the list.

  14. BUG. try logging out while a feedly page is loaded, will go on an infinite refresh saying expired(chrome version) :D

  15. Thanks for this!
    In Firefox, I am not able to see the “+1” button on articles in my feed. but , in chrome, I can see that. I am noob feedly user here, so is that an issue or a characteristic?

  16. BUG. Viewing Hacker News’ feed (in feedly of course) only outputs finite amount, doesn’t even scroll to infinity

  17. I read in previous updates about a “narrow mode” in which the navigation bar collapses to the left, but apparently it’s only available for people with small resolutions? I’d like to have the option to activate the narrow mode at will: I have several webcomics in my feeds, which strips don’t resize and get horizontally cut; that would be easily fixed if I could have the 200 pixels or so that the navigation bar eats.

  18. firefox plugin version:
    – “delete icon” now on the right – please stay with one version!!!!
    – i’m using “Latest”-View – but now the “marked as read articles” don’t disappear (after reading).

  19. Removing the mark all as read and changing the function to clicking on the number of articles creates a really confusing user interface. Kidding right?

  20. Having a few issues with this.
    As was pointed out already, the favicon/x-close is missing. It has been said a few versions early that this was a treasured feature. I’ve actually no idea why you took it out (again). Closing articles is a real bother now, because you have to move the mouse constantly. Articles without summary can’t be closed at all without opening them. Bad. Also, I used the favicons as a visual clue to see what site I’m looking at. It’s quite nice that you bolded the site names – but if they’re long they get cut off and you have to guess what you’re currently reading.

    1. Thanks for the detailed feedback Michelle. We understand the need to be able to more easily mark things as read (individually and as a batch). We are looking into ways to enable that in the new design. I will pass your feedback to the design thing as one more “murmur” for them to listen to. I hope that we will have the start of a solution in the feedly 9 update we will push out in January/Feb. Happy holidays.

  21. Somebody might have mentioned this already, but I can not read all the comments, so forgive if this is a repeat. I have feedly in firefox (windows 7). I quite like the new feedly, but no matter how many times I mark some articles as read, they show up in the “Latest” (turning the filter on or off doesn’t make a bit of difference). Also I am not sure what that check mark (mark as read) in the right navigation is supposed to do – it doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all. Is there somewhere a quide to all the recent changes? Thanks.

  22. I like Feedly, but this lastest changes are very confussing.
    First, in Firefox, i can’t see the version/release number, 8.0 is 8.1, i don’t know what fixes are installed or not. Maybe because it’s an app based in a web…
    The “X Button” or “Mark as read”: Much people don’t like you change this, i miss this button too, but i don’t understand why in “My Feedly” View (I like it) only can view the “Mark as read” in the middle size preview, and not in the big (Featured) or small previews. It’s very annoying open each of these articles and push remove, when in the preview you can view if this article interest you or not. I have 50-300 articles each day, i have to open and remove most of the articles?
    The Mini Feedly is a great idea to share contents, but i don’t like something over the screen everywhere, Is it possible create a toolbar, a button toolbar or a secondary button options in the Feedly icon toolbar for this share options?
    Talking about sharing options, add Google Plus to Mini Feedly is great, but i don’t know why +1 is required to share (with or without comment), in some cases i want to share something without +1 (And G+ allow it), and Feedly don’t permit this. It’s similar (But isn’t the same) of “Likes” in Facebook, with the difference of you (mostly) don’t “like” your own shares. For Google, +1 it’s a tool to promote this link, but if i don’t want this?
    For twitter share, other option would be edit the string for twitter (can change “$Title $Link via @feedly” for others options), or only erase “via @feedly” (Honestly, i erase this for do space for my own comment)
    And, ¿Could be possible to choose which sharing tools to use (the Favorite Sharing Tools option) and *only* show these sharing tools in Mini Feedly and inside Feedly? They should be configured, of course, and the others sharing tools could be hidden behind a button (Like it’s now inside feedly with all sharing tools).
    Also, with that, you could add more sharing tools, like Tuenti http://www.tuenti.com/developers (well known in Spain and another spanish speaking countries) and other systems of all the world to take the most of “Favorite Sharing Tools” option.
    Anyway, Feedly is a great tool. Great work! Thanks!

  23. I keep getting this message

    Technical Error Code: 010-services_not_started–fail–core not listening–feedly_8.1.417_chrome

    My internet is working fine. I’ve been getting this message for a week now and I cannot access my feedly at all.

  24. Just got this…using firefox…installed feedly and it was going smoothly then i installed firebug and for some reason feedly wont start no more

  25. Yes, same here. Using Firefox 9.0, Feedly 8.0 combined with Firebug 1.8.4 doesn’t work anymore. I keeps on on reloading with the message: “Sync’ing feedly. Please wait….”

  26. Same problem here. Firefox 9.0.1 (german), Firebug 1.8.4 and Feedly 8.0 running on a german Windows 7 64-bit.

  27. I have left the same feed on the 9 ways to personalize your feedly page. But this seems to be right place for it so I reproducing it here:

    I have recently shifted to feedly from Greader and find myself using it more and more as it is clutter free. I use it mainly to get feeds from my fav. food blogs and to keep track of the long list of blogs.
    There are some features that I would like included in feedly. I dont see “you might also like” or “source” feature in the rightside. I am sure they were there 2 days ago. I found the source option useful to go from one feed source to another in a category without having to go to index or organise page. Is this a new change. please give back the feature of listing feed sources under a selected category on the right hand side.
    I agree that showing all sources and categories in the right or left side all the side takes up necessary space. But once a category is opened it is easy to navigate between different sources of that category if they are listed on right hand side. I would very much appreciate if this feature is made available or at least if there is a keyboard shortcut to activate it.
    On the organise page also once category displays only five feeds rest have to be displayed by selecting the option. Here also it would be nice if all feeds are shown. This would solve my navigation difficulties in feedly.

    thanks for this wonderful reader. keep up the good work

  28. ok i worked out that all the features are working in firefox but not in chrome . so I disabled a few extensions and it turned out that adblock was blocking the right side of feedly. all fine now. But better navigation is still needed. maytbe a keyborad shortcut to show all feed sources on the right or leftside as at times I am searching for a blog whose feed i have subscribed to and have to open each category to find it.

  29. Please restore the “Mark As Read X/Favicon” to the right of the source name. I liked being able to go down in a straight line clicking the X, but now the “Mark as Read” test moves depending on the source and author names.

    Also, please bring back the same feature for the featured articles, or at least make them disappear when I click “mark all featured as read”. I like the articles that I’m not interested in to disappear, and I can’t have that happen anymore.

  30. Please please please stop making ‘rash’ changes just like that. Moving buttons around, removing themes etc etc. You don’t give people enough time to adjust or any option to revert back, one moment feedly looks one way and another completely different.

    I just got used to having the mark all as read button on the right and started to like it and *puff* you’ve moved it back to where it was before. Also, there was a theme I loved very much (the one with gray squares, can’t remember it’s name) and *puff* now it’s gone, replaced by a dull gray background (that’s to bright btw).

    I really like the way feedly is evolving, but olease make changes at a slower, more gradual pace or with an option to use the ‘old’ layout until you perfect the new one (just like google does). You have a big following now, people like your product – don’t go scaring them away by mixing up the ui all the time.

    Thanks :)

  31. Hi Feedly devs,
    The new version is a downgrade for me. The new font is very ugly, the old one was nice enough. The right icons removed for a useless next arrow, i was using the mark as read and reload right icon, now it’s on the top and with the invite scrool it can be very high. And the last thing, the original noise gray background was great, i don’t white why you removed it for a plain gray one… At least the backgroud i don’t care much it’s ok but the font and icons i want it back. You should put options for that in the settings.

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