Feedly 9.0 – Polishing and Bug Fixes

We spent the last 8 weeks finding and polishing rough edges in feedly for chrome/firefix/safari. We are excited to push out a new version of feedly desktop (aka Feedly 9.0).

It …fixes the sporadic loading issue in firefox, …adds support for multiple google login, …fixes the integration with Facebook, …offers richer article previews and …evolves towards a more minimalistic experience (It might take a couple of days to get used to some of the new fonts).

We also added a new explore page to make it easier for you to find and follow new sources:

In order to improve the scroll speed, we had to evolve the theme effort. Some of the more sophisticated themes are no longer available (at least temporarily). Sorry about that. You should expect to see more work in that direction in feedly 10/11 – aligned with some of the optimizations the Chrome team is performing on Windows.

Available for Chrome and Safari now.

Being reviewed by Mozilla:

Looking forward to your feedback.

Author: @feedly

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48 thoughts on “Feedly 9.0 – Polishing and Bug Fixes”

    1. A few other users have complained about the right sidebar disappearing. We did an update an hour ago – aka 9.0.423 where we changed the behavior. The sidebar is back and will automatically appear as you scroll down.

      1. Great to see the sidebar back, only thing I can’t see now is the right arrow (>) next selection option that was in the sidebar.

        I just got myself a Transformer Prime tablet and of course the first app I installed was Feedly. I must say, it looks absolutely fantastic on Android tablets, thank you for making such awesome software!

  1. I’m not a huge fan of the new explore page. What I loved about the old one was being able to easily scroll down and immediately see the “headlines”, as it were. Having to click on each category separately slows this down, and there’s less incentive for me to select any of the options, since I don’t already know there’s something interesting there.

    I do appreciate the changes made for more convenient “mark all as read” options. Thank you.

  2. I like the changes a lot! A few thoughts have popped up so far:

    * Themes seem to amount to (quite nice) background colours with a little shadow, dropping the fancy images from the last version. Is that correct? I wouldn’t mind richer textures, but I’m very happy with the simpler backgrounds. I feel much more comfortable using them than I did the more elaborate images. However, those background colours are brighter than they were in the 9.x you had yesterday, to the point that some (such as Spring) have very hard to read text (and just don’t look as nice). That’s happening for sure in Chromium 16.0.912.75.

    * Using a theme that has light text, the current section in the collapsing (narrow view) sidebar is white, which is unreadable. Here’s a screenshot: http://ubuntuone.com/6ZwUU5oyqjcjT2S8zuRvEo . You can also see the wrong background colour in that screenshot. (I’m using the Black Cats theme there).

    * I don’t understand what the Facebook Comments option in Preferences does :(

    * I rather like the existence of other peoples’s Feedly pages. Looking forward to where that goes! I think I’d like being able to share feeds with my friends, and that looks like a neat way to do it. (I don’t _think_ there’s anything embarrassing in there…).

  3. The new version is for sure more organised, however, there is a bug in the mini feedly which does not include the “saved for later” button to save a webpage that is very useful, even i have already typed it in the preference section. Please provide a solution to that! Thanks! :)

  4. Thank you for the right sidebar fix. But you didn’t include Next button. Can you put that too like before?

    Fixed sidebar now appears only when we scroll down. When we’re at the top, we’re using the mark as read button placed on top. When we scroll down we’re using the right sidebar. I don’t know which one to get used to.

    And why the need for this change? Didn’t people like the right sidebar or didn’t you guys like it?

  5. I’m always willing to try all your new ideas for a while before judging, but I do have to say – Helvetica Neue condensed: not a fan.
    the uppercase 18pt and the bold 16pt look like totally different typefaces, at least the way they render in webkit.

  6. Always look forward to a good update, just a few issues which I feel havent been ironed out since Feedly 8:
    – The last post in any feed always remains unread, and I have to manually mark off to show its been read
    – I cant get the save for later to work, but Feedly 6 provided a ‘mark as unread’ option, which I felt worked better

    Also a suggestion:
    When reading in full article view (as I tend to) some articles can get very long, would be nice to have a button next to the individual post title in each feed to move to the next post.


    1. I hope they fix that last post thing. While it’s easy to mark unread, from a UX point of view, it just doesn’t feel right, y’know? As I’m subscribed to a lot of regularly updated feeds, it’s never emptied and I’m seeing posts that are like 3 or 4 days old.

      That said, the process of trying to drive a golf ball after drinking a bottle of whiskey is still easier to do than use Google Reader, so bravo to Feedly for making such an awesome interface.

  7. It’s not showing every article on a tumblr feed. For example I had 4 new articles on a tumblr blog. It showed only 2. Refreshing didn’t change it. Google Reader was showing all four.

    All my tumblr blogs are the same. This needs a asap fix.

    Other sites other than tumblr looks ok.

  8. My opinion:

    I don’t understand very well why the right sidebar in showed everytime (I think in 8.0 was cool) as long as the buttons work like the top buttons do (Refresh, or Mark as read the showing articles). Or can configure for use each other on preferences.

    In “Lastest”, with “Unread Only” filter, the read articles are showing when all articles are read. It’s supposed to see anything in this case, i have the filter “Oldest first” too and i see read articles of one month old or the same articles read again.

    In Mosaic and Magazine views (Featured and smallest articles only) don’t have a “Mark as read”, “X” button or remove button directly in article without open it. It’s the reason why in 8.0 i left to use “My Feedly” view as default, it’s annoying to enter in each article to view full and click remove.

    And I start to use Mini feedly in 8.0, and i don’t know if it’s possible to only share in G+ without do a +1 before, and it would be great to use others systems or local to share (if it’s possible) and configure the “Favorite Sharing Tools” to view only directly in full articles inside feedly and mini feedly.

    However, keep up your work! Thanks!

    1. Great suggestions Lukas. Will try to get all these fixed in the 9.1 update we will try to push out in Feb. Thank you for the detailed feedback and have a great week end.

      1. Great! And sorry for my english :P
        In ” I don’t understand very well why the right sidebar in showed everytime…” is “… the right sidebar isn’t showed…”. I need read my comments before send them…

  9. Looks like the hangup loading in Firefox and Google multiple sign-in is all fixed. Thanks so much.

    Do I have to have:
    Steve’s Feedly
    Le Feedly de Pierre
    Günter Feedly
    el Feedly de Candela
    il Feedly di Gina
    on my left sidebar? I don’t want them. Is there anyway to get rid of them?

    Also, there doesn’t seem to be a box for alternate views for the My Feedly page; is that correct?

    As always, thanks for Feedly. It’s indispensable!

  10. I don’t like that the buttons on the right column disappear at all. I like that they’re always there in a fixed location, no matter how far down I’ve scrolled or how short the page is. Now, on a really short page, I have to scroll down before I can use those buttons. I’d much rather just have them stay there at all times.

    Also, I use Firefox, and the left menu always shows part of the scrollbar sticking out from under the main content, even when the menu isn’t long enough to necessitate a scrollbar. I’m pretty sure that isn’t intended.

  11. Nice look. But I have found a lot of my video based and reddit based subs not showing their thumbnails. Hope will fix it soon.

    Also, the non english based links below ‘steves feedly’ don’t make any sense to me. :P

    Thanks again for the awesome work.

  12. It looks greater with every new version and is still the best feed reader to get a great look and feel of RSS feeds. But with the new update I cannot see all my articles. If the sidebar shows 4 new articles, I will only see one or two.
    But I guess it will be better in the next days.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Patrick. I just opened a bug for someone in the team to look at the “some articles” are missing bug on Monday. Will keep you posted. Have a good week end.

  13. The new font doesn’t support some special symbols (somehow, previous versions didn’t have such an issue). I understand that it is important to fix bugs and stuff but is it necessary to change and “improve” apperance? I am really sorry for being rude, feedly is THE Best RSS reader, it’s nearly perfect, thanks for that. But I have a feeling that by the end of 2012 we will have like Feedly 24.0,,,

    1. Hi Gael. Thanks I will open a bug to look at the special symbols. No worries about feedly 24: The main focus for 2012 is mobile and tablet so except for bug fixes and readability enhancements, feedly desktop should remain very stable through this year. Have a good week end.

  14. I’m getting the same bug. One article per feed, two if viewing multiple feeds. MAYBE. (But NEVER more than two, no matter how many sources.)

    Like, what the heck? I thought Feedly was an RSS reader, not… whatever it has become these days. I have no idea who Steve or Günther are, and I don’t care about reading their feeds. If my own feeds aren’t working, then what’s the point of using Feedly? Priorities seem to be way off. If the most basic of functionality doesn’t work, something is very wrong.

  15. I notice that Feedly for Chrome (at least under Windows) has a lot of display issues compared to the Firefox and Safari versions:

    – no drop shadow around the main window
    – background colors are plain instead of a gradient
    – most themes either display the wrong color, have an unreadable font color, or just don’t work (Moai, Socotra)

    1. Yes. Chrome+Windows seems to have trouble rendering some of those more complex UI elements: when we turn them on, the scroll performance becomes very poor. The Chrome team si aware of this and working on the fixes. We will enable them as soon as newer versions of chrome will be available. I will talk to the team about the contrast issues. Thank you for the feedback.

  16. I love the new typeface headings and neater UI on the firefox version.

    However, i still think that the change a while back to replace the mark all as read function with clicking on the unread articles number is a bad idea. Its minimalist and all, but reminds me of something i would have done straight out of uni. Something more obvious makes better ui,

    My 2 cents. I do feel strongly about that, but THANKS a million for making feedly. Significantly better than flipbook in terms of function in my opinion. Keep it going!

  17. Hi, doesn’t understand why you didn’t restore the “Mark As Read X/Favicon” i see many comments asking you to reinsert it. Did you not read them???

    Why the Featured has to be open to make them read???? No sens. And if we click on the “Mark these articles as read” they still display????

    Please listen the comments of your users. I saw many comments about those 2 points and doesn’t feel like they have been listened.

  18. Being an avid fan of the look and feel of previous Feedly iterations, I do have to make a few comments on the new changes:

    The font on the left hand side seems to clash with the aesthetics that Feedly seems to be aiming towards. The font seems hard, rigid and too sharp for something which is attempting to be minimalist. It also doesn’t help that they’re all in caps in contrast to the rest of Feedly.

    As for the bar on the right, I, personally, preferred it when the buttons were available all of the time. As I prefer efficiency and ease of use, I don’t like trying to click on the smaller buttons on the top next to the search bar. However, I suppose this is mainly a personal preference and is not as important to me as the font issue.

    Thank you for your time and I really hope Feedly continues on being a great feed reader.

  19. Like many commenters, I’m not a fan of the new fonts. You guys expected as much, saying, “It might take a couple of days to get used to some of the new fonts.”

    Why not provide a way to change the font settings?

    Thanks much, keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Doug. Thanks for the feedback. Providing a way for users to change the fonts is at the top of the list of things to look into for feedly 10. Will dive into it as soon as feedly mobile 9.0 is out. Have a good week end.

  20. While I love that you guys keep moving feedly forward, it seems almost a bit odd that you don’t allow more user control over the experience – with so many design elements changing over time, why not let users stick with one they like?

  21. I’ve been using feedly since way before you guys did mobile apps and so far I’ve been loving almost every update to it. same with the 9.0 update. sometimes it took a bit if getting used to, but most of the times it turned out to be for the better.

    one thing that really bothers me with the new update though is that you got rid of the small source-favicon under the article that turned into a “mark as read” X

    with a lot of articles it’s enough to read the headline and the teaser that feedly shows in the magazine layout, especially with news-websites, so I loved the possibility to quickly scan through the new articles and click them away once I assessed if I want to read the whole article or not… now that possibility is gone. well, there are this huge “mark as read” and “save for later” text links, but they don’t show for the three featured articles on the top of the page and due to their positioning after the name of the source they are also in a different place for every article. so it takes a LOT more clicking and moving the mouse cursor….

    any chance to get the favicon/X-mark as read combinaiton back? the one before the name of the source, so it’s always in the same position. take so little space and is really one of the best features you invented.

    thanks for your great work.

    1. Totally agree!!! Bring us back the favicon/X-mark as read. And do something for those 3 Featured articles we have to open to mark them read really annoyed.

  22. I’m a new Google Reader convert, and so far I’m loving Feedly, EXCEPT for how it is not displaying the image thumbnails in “Magazine” view for any of my own blog posts. I see them on almost every other blog I follow, but I want to know how I can get them to display for my own blog. If I can’t get this fixed, I will explore some of the other RSS readers out there.

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