Preview of feedly desktop 9.2

We just pushed out a preview of feedly desktop 9.2 – Fixes Google Login issue, Add source bug and fonts. Enhances the UI for Etsy and Pinterest feeds. Available for Chrome and Safari. Please let us know if you see any regressions. Firefox will be available at the end of the month.

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59 thoughts on “Preview of feedly desktop 9.2”

  1. I’m puzzled, why are you now developing first for Chrome and Safari, then for Firefox? The first browser you started your development and gained users trust is on Firefox. Why is that changed now?

    1. Hi. Let me start by saying that we LOVE firefox. The reason for the delay is that it takes 2-3 weeks for the Mozilla add-ons team to review and validate feedly for Firefox. Given that they have already a very big review queue, we only push the final builds to Mozilla. There are still 2-3 things we want to see in 9.2 (in both Chrome, Firefox and Mozilla) before we call it final. Hence the delay.

  2. Not a regression for everyone, because I’m sure some people like it, but I’d love to change the article title font back to what it was, or better yet, be able to control it.

    It probably looks okay in magazine format, but I typically use Title format to skim large feeds quickly from my PC and then mark them as read, and the new font makes it much harder to parse quickly.

    Just a quibble, but since you asked…

  3. Themes and other UI enhancements still not working right or just plain missing in Chrome, but I guess we’ll have to wait for Chrome 18/19 for that.

    About the new fonts: I’m using Chrome 17 on Windows, and as you know, font rendering on Windows is quite different from MacOS. I actually like the new font used for article titles (Helvetica Condensed, I guess), but the rest of the text now looks ugly as hell… I’m guessing it’s some version of Helvetica, which is notoriously badly rendered on Windows. Arial was *way* better (and yes, I know Helvetica is vastly superior to Arial, but the default Windows font rendering engine is just incapable of making it look good). FWIW, I tried feedly on Safari for Windows, which has its own font rendering, and both fonts look just fine. Not so much on Chrome (and Firefox, I suppose).

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback. Yes: the title font is helvetica neue condensed. I will pass the feedback to the team regarding Windows + Helvetica Neue. We have a windows machine so we should be able to test it. We also have a subscription to so we have access to a lot of fonts. Will try to get this fixed by the time the final 9.2 update goes out at the end of the month. *THANKS*

      1. I’d like to second Nicolas’ motion about fonts. I see so many websites doing the same thing; designing on a Mac, choosing Helvetica and not looking to see how it renders in Windows. Windows is still the majority of PCs. While Helvetica is great I would prefer something more universally accepted for those that can’t afford a Mac or have no choice but to use Windows as that is what their employer uses. Twitter and Pinterest use it as well. So, now I have a hard time reading my blogs from Feedly, Twitter and Pinterest just to name a few. It looks great on article titles but everything else is so hard to read as it is so tiny in that condensed font. When reading it I feel like I am viewing font that is written by a pen running out of ink. And by that I mean the font seems broken or dashed and not solid. Unless this goes back to something that doesn’t make my eyes hurt (even though I’m using a large widescreen monitor) I’ll probably start reading my blogs on Google Reader again. I didn’t like their new changes in appearance which caused my switch to Feedly which I now love. However, reading the text is more important that the visuals of the page and if I can’t read it on Feedly I’ll go back to Google.

        1. I’d like to add something interesting I did. I took the Helvetica font off my computer (I use it for work as it is one of my employer’s branded fonts) and now My Feedly looks fabulous. So, although it may be designed in Helvetica if Helvetica is not on my PC it must be substituting another font and it looks good. Put Helvetica back on and it looks horrible again on my PC.

  4. Read articles STILL show in the Latest view when Unread Only filter is applied. How hard is it to fix that it’s been like this for the last 3 updates?

  5. Not keen on the new fonts at all, I would prefer an option to use classic fonts and such, it’s definitely harder for me to read.

      1. Same here, would like the old font back, and I would like to have the old titles overview back.


  6. I second the font issue (on Windows). It looks terrible in “Titles” view (which is most similar to how I read things on Google Reader).

    I’m also seeing a change in my theme’s background color (I believe I am using the Pianist theme). I’m not sure when this change came through (but it was probably in the last month or two). It looks ok on smaller resolutions (which I never use), but at full screen on 1680×1050, it looks terrible. The main problem is the “new” blue background with the white text. The old “blue” looked a lot better (and I believe the “old” blue is shown in the theme preview).

  7. Another agreement here on fonts in windows. spacing is too large.

    Any chance of some sort of icon to show saved articles like in the android version (or am I missing an option here when viewing in chrome/windows?)

  8. Feedly for chrome was just now updated to version 9.3 and it is buggy, some categories don’t load at all and worst of all, all titles that are written in my native language (greek) aren’t displayed at all. Please fix this, or tell me a way to install the previous version which worked fine.

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience: We are aware of the issue with Greek support in 9.3. We are going to fix it for the next iteration – which should be out in two weeks. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Here’s some feedback for the more recent versions.
    – The popover when you go over the My feedly icon is incredibly irritating.

    Heres a main use case if you’re a google notes user, right now on all platforms this isn’t really supported well:
    1. Go to list of feeds
    2. Select a feed
    3. View articles of a feed
    4. Mark a feed as read.
    5. Return to LIST and select another.

    Getting to the list of feeds from a list of articles has too many steps in between right now. Since its possible for you guys to spend time developing a popover that adds pointless mousing distance from the icon to the link that must be moved, and a visual context break that takes up 1/3 of the entire screen and does nothing, maybe.. just maybe.. could remove some of the steps between doing the main tasks. THEN make it look fancy.

    Anyway, thanks for making feedly. Hmm.. i should probably make my own..

  10. Still missing the Favicon/ X mark as read, still need to open each Featured article to delete them, because if we click on mark these articles as read button they still be display same for the Latest articles.


  11. Hi, I got little question about Feedly. When I was using Google Reader, I used to pin tab with Reader, and if I had something new in “stream” tab light up with blue colour. Why I have to refresh feedly by pressing that feedly button or pressing “R” key? Why Feedly isn’t refreshing itself? Now it doesn’t fully work with pinned tab. I hope that you understand what I’m trying to say, sorry for my bad english and thanks for any reply. :).

  12. Guys can you fix all the bug you currently have and make it work good before releasing on a new platform…
    I am so disappointed about feedly. I loved it, now I am close to hate it!!
    I have already switch on tablet to flipboard..i am just waiting that these guys release a browser extention and I am done with feedly
    Do something!

  13. The scroll isn’t smooth in chrome, specially in an open article, whereas in firefox works well (in the same windows XP pc)

    1. impossible d’exporter les flux snifff ! j’attend qu’il soit acbsiescle sur androefde en version mobile pro Samsung ! a part e7a il remplace bien ce malheureux google reader disparu bien vite !

  14. while reading some articles i noticed a notification of smaller font saying ‘2 people recommend this’. For your info its positioned at the top next to the ‘TAG’ and ‘Save for later’ buttons. What i dont understand is how people can rec articles when there is no such button. Am being foolishly ignorant of some other button which lets people rec or is it the stats from the original site??

  15. This is a ‘bug’ so not sure where I should mention it.

    When I have marked a feed source as ‘all read’ and ‘refreshed’ it so that all the past unred feeds show, then pressing J or K will help me browse through them from newest to oldest older.

    Now I have observed that in the ‘titled’ most atleast when I browse to one of the feeds in the middle and and click them open with the mouse and then press J or K it shows me the feed that was last browsed manually from the top before using the mouse instead of the feed immediately after or before the feed that the mouse clicked on. Hope I make sense.

    This error is visible 80% of the times if not 100%.

  16. This is a ‘bug’ so not sure where I should mention it.

    When I have marked a feed source as ‘all read’ and ‘refreshed’ it so that all the past unred feeds show, then pressing J or K will help me browse through them from newest to oldest older.

    Now I have observed that in the ‘titled’ most atleast when I browse to one of the feeds in the middle and and click them open with the mouse and then press J or K it shows me the feed that was last browsed manually from the top before using the mouse instead of the feed immediately after or before the feed that the mouse clicked on. Hope I make sense.

    This error is visible 80% of the times if not 100%.

  17. The old fonts were a lot better. Not necessarily because the new fonts render badly, but the condensed style of the headings make everything look cramped.

    I would like to see Feedly’s layout adapt better to big screen sizes. When i open Feedly fullscreen on my computer the articles barely fill 50% of the screen width.

  18. Could you please, PLEASE! bring back the old titles? This new Design is just bad. I always used the right list to open each of the source separate but now its impossible and i have to do 3-4 klicks to do the same.

  19. Hi, I got little question to developers and other users. Please answer if you got this too, or not. So: I can’t find “Essentials” on the left, there are only “Explore”, and now I don’t know how to edit my essentials, how should I do this? :/ I think in older versions, there was “Essentials”, and I checked in settings, I can’t find any options with essentials.

  20. When will Feedly 10 come out for the desktop version (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari) ?

  21. I am currently forced to use Google Chrome for Feedly, since you won’t update the Firefox version. I understand about review problems on AMO, but why don’t you offer Feedly for download from your own server for those of us who don’t care about AMO reviews? Or better yet, offer beta versions that way as well.

  22. Hi! Can i find anywhere previous versions for Chrome. New font is great, but I’d like to see previous mosaic view without any details, just pictures. Thx!

  23. I’m not really digging the new format changes and am hoping some of those glitches get ironed out, but for now my #1 complaint is that the color for links is a bright green that is very difficult to read easily. Would you please consider changing the link color into something easier on the eyes?

    The other things that are currently a bit buggy in the Chrome Desktop version are:
    1) the #index page has spacing issues such that the line that goes “x categories, x sources, x unread” is obscured by Category names and Feed names that are on top of it.
    2) on individual feed pages, the “x unread” number at the top of the screen does not automatically change to reflect clicking on articles, which it used to do before.

    1) The new font is kind of aggravating. I might get used to it, I might not.
    2) The placement of the “mark all as read” checkmark, settings, at the top right used to be a little more to the left, so that if I don’t have my browser maximized (which I typically don’t), I could see all of those options at once. Now I have to scroll sideways to get at them.
    3) After all the time using feedly, I am used to thinking black titles = read and blue titles = new. Having this suddenly shift under my feet is weird and part of the reason I stopped using Google Reader – the obvious difference between blue and black is faster to parse and go through a list of articles than the difference between gray and black.
    4) Magazine view isn’t the same, but I’ll deal.

  24. New layout is a mess. What a shame – we have lost over several interations the simple elegance of a great solution. PLEASE, PLEASE simplify all the chrome. For example, the new tweet gallery, the fonts, etc.

  25. Two things :

    Why, with the magazine view, we still have to open the FEATURED article to be able to delete it?
    And why for the FEATURED articles when we click on the “mark these articles as read” they still display?


  26. guys, i am open to new layout, but the new titles doesn’t quite work right with asian characters. I am using chrome, and all my asian characters on the title is align to the right when the english parts of them are all the left. (i hope i am not the first one to report this…) thanks, really appreciate your work!

  27. Please can you make it so I can view the desktop site via my iphone/mobile. At the moment it auto switches to the app, which sucks when I want to tinker with feeds and categories. Why not give people a choice to open in the app instead of forcing them?

  28. I’m confused… how is it a desktop app? it’s still only an online website you have to go to through a web browser…?? what’s that got to do with being on the desktop and not having to be online?

  29. I dont think this should be called Feedly for Desktop… its a Browser plugin. I was quite disappointed when I realised because I dont want to be in my browser reading RSS, I want a dedicated desktop app. I will try it though :)

    1. I second that! I searched for an hour to find Feedly OSX Desktop and couldn’t figure out why all I kept getting was a browser plugin. That’s like calling a car a bus. Two very different things. A desktop app can be used standalone and without internet. It is not a browser plugin

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