Polishing rough edges – Patch 1

On tuesday, we pushed out the first beta of feedly 10 desktop. We received a lot of feedback and suggestions on Facebook, twitter and get satisfaction (thanks!). Today, we are pushing out a patch (build 10.0.431) which addresses some of the most pressing issues:

  • FIXED – Uncategorized is not accessible.
  • FIXED – Use a sans-serif font for the title only view.
  • FIXED – Add preference to allow users to customize header fonts.
  • FIXED – Clipping at the bottom of titles in title only view.
  • FIXED – Trying to click on the + sign to add a new feed in the search panel generates a loading loop.
  • FIXED – Index page spacing is broken.
  • FIXED – Allow users to make index their start page.
  • FIXED – Once inlined, the techcrunch image looks tiny!
  • FIXED – When using entire inlined articles, the read/unread color is not working.
  • FIXED – Ability to login to feedly account in Firefox/Aurora.
  • FIXED – Access to scrollbar on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. FIXED
  • FIXED – Link started kit header to matching explore page.
  • FIXED – remove tumblr option until we finish v1 to v2 API migration
  • FIXED – add twitter and facebook to the explore panel
  • FIXED – feed popup is missing a string resource m.496 (???)
  • FIXED – Customize button next to source title does not work in the category pages
  • FIXED – Featured articles should be fresher. Ideally same day articles.
  • FIXED – Explain feedly concept during unpacking experience.
  • FIXED – “unread only” not checked is not honored on category pages
  • FIXED – External links with embedded amp are broken
  • FIXED – Allow users to try to reconnect when feedly looses it network connection

We pushed 10.0.431 out to all feedly xt users. If no P0 issues are reported tonight, we will push the update to all feedly app users, safari users and submit the app to mozilla for review tomorrow.

We will most likely push another patch out at the end of next week so if there are other things you would like to see fixed, please post a comment or send us an email via care@feedly.com

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions <3

Updated on June 2nd: Feedly+Firefox 10.0 submitted to Mozilla for review. You can get the early access on the Mozilla Store: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/feedly/versions/?page=1#version-10.0 Have a great week end!

Updated on June 4th, 2012: We pushed out 10.0.432. Fixes the search regression. Re-introduces the jump to next button.

Updated on June 8th, 2012: We pushed out 10.1.435. Fixes issue where non-subscribed explore articles were sometimes shown in the featured section of today. Added back the explicit Add Website option. Fixed a few other pixels here and there.

Author: @feedly

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35 thoughts on “Polishing rough edges – Patch 1”

    1. If there are no P0 bugs reported tonight, we will the update to Mozilla on Sunday. We will most likely also make the xpi available to users who to not care about the mozilla review on Monday.

  1. Thank you! Being able to select font, especially one that supports non-latin characters, was one of your best decisions!

  2. Okay, I will ask this question here too. I remember, that I was always, able, to edit Essentials. Now I can’t edit them, I got just “explore” button. Can I still edit essentials? I mean, categories, I can’t see it anyway. Essentials changed somehow?

    1. Yes. Think of explore/essentials as a place where you can go to discover new sources/bundle of sources. If you find something you like, you can add it/them do your feedly. This model is simpler (only based on add instead of being based on both add and remove). This model also gives us more control over evolving essentials given that it is not personalizable. Hope this clarifies.

  3. Titles containing a guillemet sign a.k.a. french quotation mark («) are broken in collapsed views, but display fine when the article is selected. Strangely enough, this does not happen if the title *starts* with the guillemet.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Will open a bug against this. Do you have a sample feed we can use to replicate this?

  4. Will feedly introduce someday a button to mark previous news as read ? and it will be a plus if it has a shortcut linked to the functionality…

  5. I’m having a weird issue right now: somehow I seem to be stuck in keyboard navigation, meaning that I can’t get rid of the thin shadowed selection frame around articles (the one you move using the n and p shortcuts to select an article, as described in the keyboard shortcuts). It keeps following the first displayed article on every page when I scroll down using the mouse, which is both useless (I’m not using the keyboard) and ugly (it disrupts the flow of the page and creates alignment problems, especially in Titles view)… I’ve been trying to get rid of it by signing out and back in, clearing the browser’s cache, and even uninstalling feedly, to no avail. I’m positive I had never seen that frame until then.

  6. I wrote my thoughts on Feedly 10 in few places but I’m going to write it again here after hours of use. I think it looks beautiful. Some people hate the fonts and the looks I guess but I loved it. And it feels faster. Espically opening of the articles feels really fast.

    But, in title layout, selecting the next source is hard. Sources on the right side dissapears and you guys removed the “next source” button so we have to go to the left side and it feels long. We mark articles as read from right side, right above the source list and we should be able to switch to another from there too if sources on right side going to dissapear. If you’re trying to kill title layout with this, you are going to be successfull. Because I can’t use the title layout like this. I don’t think anyone can.

    And one bug I’ve been dealing for a long time: https://getsatisfaction.com/feedly/topics/feedly_cant_load_every_unread_article_and_says_end_of_stream

  7. Another related issue is that the selection frame moving around noticeably slows down smooth scrolling in Chrome (a longstanding issue in feedly, but at least version 10 was scrolling smoothly enough before the selection frame appeared).

    Speaking of which, I fail to understand why smooth scrolling in feedly has always been so bad on Chrome. I use plenty of other websites with complicated layouts including gradient backgrounds, shadows, etc., with no impact whatsoever on smooth scrolling — feedly is by far the worst.

  8. I noticed that in Chrome in the old titles view the titles are still clipping after I reinstalled Feedly XT. Could it be that “…FIXED – Clipping at the bottom of titles in title only view …” is only fixed for the new titles view? Would be great to see the bottom of the titles in the old titles view as well again :-) Great work by the way, thanks!

  9. Incredible, I can’t acess my home anymore. I get the mobile Ad redirecting to your twitter feed. No way to read my news.

    There is no way to get to my feedly home and trust me it’s very frustrating !

    Now I know I won’t use feedly mobile just in case you lock my phone on your advertising. Who knows.

  10. using old title view…the text is not visible (lower part not seen)…also please return old title view :D

  11. Congratulations for such nice update. It looks awesome. The only thing that I found that it is still not working properly is the search function on “your feedly”. :)

  12. Hi, this update is nice (it’s the first time I say this, because I didn’t like all those past updates at the beginning, so that’s a good sign). Just one thing – when pressing ‘visit website’ button, it always opens in the same (one) tab (as in previous versions you always got new tab, whenever you cliked ‘visit website’. So if I am listening to some song, and decide to click ‘visit website’ when checking any other feed, it opens in that tab, where the song plays. Or it is just me? I’m using Chrome.

  13. It’s great to see you listening to us. Jump to next button is great. Fixed my problem. Very very useful button.

    Can’t wait for the Firefox version. Thank you sooo much.

  14. aw replacing old title view with current :(…the title view requires a long mouse movement to close feeds unlike the old one and it show some unnecessary text when in fact its a TITLE view :| please return old title view…

  15. Would it be possible, to also make thumbnails click-able/linking to original article? Especially timeline and cards views offer pretty big pictures, but you have to click on a rather small (comparatively) headline. Other than that I haven’t really had any problems or bugs.

  16. I updated to 10.2 version and… No more history option? How can i find old posts, specially for read new comments?

  17. Google +1 button still doesnt seem to be working in FF even with latest version. Miss that feature. Also the feature to add the Pin button for Pinterest would be great.

  18. HI there guys! I´ve been trying feedly these days just to see other RSS readers (I use mainly Google Reader), you made a great job! I like very much the mix of twitter, facebook and the like all in one app, as well as the UI, just wandering about a couple of things, Is there any way to select the featured items? or remove the section? also the quasimode of the sidebar can be a bit tricky sometimes, can I switched on/off? Oh! and noticed that the podcasts don´t work neither on chorme or firefox, really miss from GR.

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