9 Ways To Optimize The New Feedly

[Note: you can install the new feedly on iOS, Android, Kindle, Chrome, Firefox and Safari]

1) Feeling lost in the concept or navigation?

Start by thinking of feedly as a simple mobile browser. Open the explore panel by tapping on the top right search icon and search for your favorite blog or news website. Feedly should load the content of that site as a set of “cards”. Swipe through the cards until you find an article you like. Tap on the article to expand it. Read. Repeat this experience and see if you like the experience. If you do, start personalizing feedly (see point #2).

2) Search your favorite topics and add your favorite sites.

Feedly is all about personalizing your sources and customizing your news deck! A wide variety of content and media can be added, from blogs and news sites to magazines to Youtube channels to Google News topics. More than 18,000,000 awesome sources can be added. For example, if you want to add gizmodo to feedly, you can search for gizmodo (title) or #gadgets (topic) or http://www.gizmodo.com (website url) or even http://feeds.gawker.com/gizmodo/vip (rss feed url)

3) Feedly Mini, the sidekick for smarter browsing on the web. desktop only

Many times we stumble upon great content while browsing the web or exploring links shared by friends. The feedly mini icon appears at the bottom right of your Chrome or Firefox window when you install feedly desktop. It is the easiest way to connect and stay in touch with the site!

4) Sort your categories. desktop only

The way you organize your categories on the feedly desktop navigation bar defines the order in which the categories are displayed in the today section and the mobile navigation bar. So if you want to re-order things to reflect your interests, go to feedly desktop, drag and drop to re-order and then reload feedly mobile.

5) Different views for different sources.

Not all sources are meant to look the same! The list view works best for dense sources or efficiency-minded users. The cards view enhances visual content and slower reading. The magazine view bring a balance between text and visuals. Sources and categories can be individually set or you can pick a default view for all sources in the advanced settings.

6) Night and Daymobile only

Choose between a dark background (night theme) or white background (day them). These options are available in the mobile advanced settings panel.

7) Make the most out of Today.

Some sources are must-reads to you and all of their posts should be bubbled up in your Today page. Other sources are so prolific only the latest or most popular items should make it to the Today page. That is why the option “Showcase more in Today” is useful: it will bump up the content of that source in the Today page.

8) Use Buffer for smarter sharing.

Feedly already lets you easily share articles with your twitter, Facebook and Google+. But for those us “heavy sharers” buffer is an awesome extension. The trickling feature of buffer allows you to read and share while you do your reading but the articles are delivered throughout the day to avoid punctual over sharing. Your friends and followers will love you for this!

9) Be vocal. Participate to the roadmap.

We work very closely with the feedly community to plan the roadmap of the feedly monthly releases. If you have creative ideas on how to improve the feedly experience. We would love to hear about them. See the feedly uservoice for more information.

If you are an advanced feedly user and have tips you would like to share to the community, please leave a comment.

If you are a new feedly user and have a question which is not address in this document, please send us an email to care@feedly.com.

Author: @feedly

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66 thoughts on “9 Ways To Optimize The New Feedly”

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    1. You can but the experience is not great. We love pocket and one of the goals of 2013 is to work with the pocket team to offer seamless integration between pocket and feedly on both desktop and mobile. More later this year. -Edwin

  1. Using the iOS apps and planning on getting the Android app soon, is it possible to filter “Latest” to only show unread items?

    1. Not completely sure if it already does that, but I guess more of what I’m looking for is that if I have no unread items, “latest” should be empty instead of filled with read items because there are no unread items.

  2. Love the update…but one question: on the Android mobile version, I no longer can find a way to open up the article in a browser. I see that you have integrated more browser like functions into the application, and that is nice, but there are still times I want to open it in a browser, or more importantly, actually have the ability to copy the URL from that item in my RSS feed.

    Please don’t tell me you have done away with this functionality…

    1. Wait…wouldn’t you know… the second after I post this, I found the little chrome icon again.

      As such, kindly ignore the above comment.

      1. You are correct. The icon at the top of the article viewer is either a safari or Chrome icon and it will open the article in the external browser.

  3. I tried your mobile client with my Android 4.2.1 phone (CM10.1) and found that the grey font color in night mode is too dark for reading. Since I have an OLED display in my sammy, optimizing dark backgrounds and screen brightness is necessary to maximize battery life. Reading black texts on white background long periods of time really kills the device. This means that making a proper and readable night mode is a must have feature for my reader client. Hope you guys will fix it!

    1. Hi Mika,

      We have conceived the Night theme so you can read at night (in your bed for instance) without hurting your eyes. This is why the contrast between the text and the background is pretty low.

      I agree with you though, we should conceive a theme for low batterie consumption. I am adding that to our roadmap!


      1. Is this still just “coming soon”? I’m amazed this hasn’t been enabled yet. Honestly I am looking for alternatives now, as Feedly seems to have stalled progress for a year now.

  4. Hi. The design of the app is great. I read a lot of tech blogs through Google Reader and think it would be great to be able to select/change which icons you can see at the top of the screen. For instance, keep unread is one I use multiple times a day and have to click twice each time to get to it.

    1. You look great in short hair! I get the urge every couple of years to go short then hate my life for like a year. I just don’t have the fereauts for it. My faves are Feb, May (cute shot) and now. You look great as a blonde and a redhead. It’s no fair!

  5. Why is Feedly for Firefox still in version 10.2? Coming back to FIrefox from Chrome i was really disappointed to find out that Firefox version is lagging.

    1. Firefox has a special review/approval process. They have a list of (good) things they want us to change to make sure that feedly does not conflict with other extensions. It is going to require 2-3 weeks of work. We have been busy with Mobile and have not had the chance to carve out that time yet. We still LOVE firefox and hope to be able to find the time to look into this as soon as version 14 and 15 of feedly mobile are out. Thanks for the feedback and have a great week end. -Edwin

      1. I just publish my ogarinil stuff mostly. If I rip off something, I try and give credit or else change it up so there is no copyright infringement. The net is an animal that we either share and share alike or don’t get much use out of. I enjoy the wild west ways it has so far. Once the rules and laws of other media grab it, then its appeal will be diminished a bit I think.

  6. Just discovered and installed Feedly and figured out it won’t work on FF 20 beta (from today), then discovered a HIDDEN dev Version 11 on AMO – why is this hidden?, it should be set to default!…..
    Now the main point, is there really no counter in the Symbol like show unread, mark all as read, check unread feeds (i used before Google Reader Watcher, since FF19 it has broken Features, unfixed) pr am i missing something?

    1. Thanks for the heads up. We are working on a new version of feedly for firefox. The firefox releases take longer because someone at Mozilla has to review the code and make sure that there are no source of possible incompatibilities with other extensions.

  7. I really like Feedly, the look & feel is so much nicer than Google Reader itself.

    1) But there is one big disadvantage of Google Reader that maybe could be fixed by Feedly: The update cycle of individual RSS feeds. I have quite a few of them and because they only have one ore two subscribers Google only updates them every couple of hours (sometimes only every 10-12 hours). Could Feedly trigger the refresh function in Google Reader so the feed is updated more regularly? Even a manual refresh would help.

    2) Integrating Feedly with other Readers then Google Reader. Any plans for this? E.g. integration with Fever?


    1. Hi Felix. Thanks for the feedback. We currently do not control the refresh rate of the feeds so there is not much we can go about 1). Regarding 2), we are in the process of building our own back end (just in case Google decides to end of life Google Reader). -Edwin

  8. Hi~ I’m a new user.
    I think feedly is very useful.
    But I don’t know where I can get articles, news and something I want.
    Is there some recommended website url about certain theme?
    I want to subscribe website that many people are subscribing.
    Thanks for this awesome app~

  9. Maybe you could clean up some typos in this post ?

    “If you are an advanced feedly users and have tips you would like to share to the community, please leave a comments.”

    This probably should read

    “If you are an advanced feedly USER and have tips you would like to share to the community, please leave a COMMENT.

  10. I love this app. Definitely the best ipod rss reader.

    However It doesn’t login if I have 2 step google authentication turned on. Probably a known bug. Just mentioning it if it isn’t known.

  11. Have thought about setting that would allow me to read my starred articles beginning with the oldest? I like to leave something for weekends when there is not much to read but when it piles up I leave old news and can’t get to them easily :) Or there is setting like that but I just can’t find it?

    Great job on app and I’m lovin’ it anyways :D

  12. Is there a way to search for optimized feeds, so we can get full articles and content in magazine style viewing?

  13. Hi there,
    sometimes I have found that Feedly cannot locate some blogs that I search for, even though I had the details correct. Why is this?

  14. Thank you for the app, (iPhone 3GS user). I noticed some of the articles have pictures that do not relate to them.

  15. Having just discovered Feedly and with fingers crossed, I’m hoping it will make a good substitute for igoogle which is due to disappear at the end of the year.

  16. I wanted more number of tabs in the app because I’m used to HTC’s News app. It’s really flexible. Also, if it is was possible to change the name of the tab it’d just be great !!

    Anyway, you guys are doing a great job !!!

  17. I just discovered Feedly on the iPad and i love it! In my opinion your app stays years ahead of the competition in terms of usability and UI. The iPad app only misses two features to achieve perfection ;) full integration with Readability and an “auto removing clutter” option.

  18. Is there a way to sort your feeds from oldest to newest, this is how I had reader configured, and it would be nice to have that ability in the chrome and mobile versions of feedly.

  19. Please make a “Favorite” section (such ‘Saved for later’), just to keep our favorite articles marked. Please.

  20. I love Feedly, but there are times when I need to use the content RSS feeds pull through in Hootsuite.
    Once I subscribe to a blog’s RSS, Feedly automatically adds it.
    In Reader, you could access the settings to avail yourself of the URL for the feed – can’t find this anywhere in Feedly.
    Sick and tired of disabling Feedly in Chrome just so that I can add an RSS feed to HootSuite. Please find a quick, easy way to display the URL of the feed you’re subscribing to.

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  23. I usually do not drop a ton of responses, but after looking at a great deal of remarks on
    9 Ways To Optimize The New Feedly | Building Feedly. I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it’s okay. Is it only me or do a few of the remarks look like they are written by brain dead folks? :-P And, if you are writing at additional sites, I’d like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post.
    Would you list of every one of all your public pages like your Facebook page, twitter
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  24. Every time I open Feedly on my iPhone it re-orders my categories back to alphabetical no matter how many times I customize the order on my desktop…. Help!!!!!!

  25. I am new to Feedly, so forgive me if my idea is already being utilized (in which case I would love to learn how I can use it).

    I run a music blog and would love to receive some sort of notification when an RSS feed that I follow posts about a particular topic (in this case, artist name) that I am interested in posting. Is there already some sort of filtering option to achieve this or is there a plan to implement it in the future?

  26. On my Android tablet (Nexus 7, first gen) the New Feedly has no way to paste a URL into the search box that pops out when I say I want to add new content. This means I have to memorize and retype by hand (on a virtual keyboard) the full URL of the new site I know I want to subscribe to — suboptimal.

    Please allow a long-tap in that text field to bring up an option to paste.

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