Feedly for Chrome 14.0.466 is out

We just pushed out a new version of feedly for chrome. It impacts both the feedly and the feedly plus flavors.

Here is a quick overview of the change log:

Change #1: We fixed a series of session related bugs. As a result, you should start seeing fewer offline messages.

Change #2: We renamed Today. The new name is Highlights. This is to re-enforce that that section is a subset of the articles published on your feedly. The content has not changed yet, but it will. Arthur is doing some usability research to understand how people use that section and how we can simplify it while making it more useful. More soon.

Change #3: We renamed Latest. The new name is All. This is part of a bigger goal of better supporting people who read everything in their feedly and for whom All, unread counts, marking things as read and saving things for later is very important. Here again, Arthur is doing some UX research which will help us streamline some of the workflows power readers have put in place.

Our focus for the first part of this year is to improve the quality and performance of feedly across the board. This is a first step towards that direction. Please let us know if you have questions/suggestions.

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29 thoughts on “Feedly for Chrome 14.0.466 is out”

    1. Thanks for the feedback Pak. The problem with Latest is that it does not convey that you can see all items. We are also working on allowing users to change the order of the articles (oldest first, etc…). Latest is not flexible enough to capture those use cases.

      1. @Dimko, @Jonas Currently, the main difference is that Feedly Plus has a button on the toolbar which offers information on the number of unread articles and a faster way to launch feedly. Going forward, feedly plus is going to evolve into a tool for power readers and try to offer more efficiency to feedly users who as crunching through content as part of their creative/professional life. More on this later this year.

        Note: it is not recommended to have both feedly and feedly plus installed. You can go to chrome://extensions and see which one you have installed and pick one or the other.

  1. I find latest or All Works only if all the items in the cards are marked as read as I scroll past.

    I imagine many of us have thousands of items a day and if they’re not being marked as read correctly, we are seeing a lot of repeated items throughout the day as is my case.

    Currently, in card view, if I scroll down, only 1 maybe 2 items are marked as read randomly.

    1. Agreed. Better support for auto mark as read is something a lot of power users have been asking for. We are looking into it. It might find its way into the desktop v15 update. Thanks for the feedback. -Edwin

  2. Is there a way to switch the default email for sharing from gmail to outlook on the desktop version? I can share from my outlook account when using mobile, but am having difficulty doing so with the desk top version.

    1. Unfortunately not yet. Better email support on the desktop is something we are going to look into as soon as Mobile v14 and v15 are out. Thanks for the feedback -Edwin

  3. I like the updates. I’d suggest a link for feedback. Also, sometimes I get into a category and can only read a handful of items, refresh, read, refresh, repeat. I’d love a way to be able to just click on a category and see everything in it, not just some.

    1. Have you tried to click on the gear next to the category at the top and select the timeline view? It should like all the unread article in that category broken down by time. Should fit better your workflow. -Edwin

    1. No. We continue to love Firefox. The mozilla team has a code review process to make sure that extensions do not overlap with each other. During their last review, they changed some of their best practices and have requested that we align with them. Feedly being a pretty large code base, it is not a trivial modification. We need to find 7-10 days of development to implement those changes. We have been really busy with feedly on mobile and have not yet found the time to implement the changes. We hope to be able to do so at the end of March or beginning of April.

  4. I connected to feedly with my google account several weeks ago for the first time. I used the chrome extension. I had personalized all my favorite websites into categories. When I tried to connect to it today, it doesn’t seem to respond. I connect with my google account, but it still asks me to login. Even when I try to create new categories. I thought I got confused with my different account, but no one account seem to work. How can I access my saved websites and categories??

    Thank you!

    1. I almost have the same problem. Feedly Plus does no longer sync’ but time to time; no idea why. It only asks me to login or connect to my Google Reader account but it doesn’t seem to work. It’s happening since the update… If anyone could help, this would be great ! Thanks.

  5. I like feedly app very much. I use it on both laptop and iPad. iPad version has night mode. I cannot find night mode option on Feedly for Chrome though. I like to have this feature. Thank you so much!

  6. I started using Feedly today to potentially replace Google Reader. One suggestion so far – to add a website, you must click “Add Website” on the left, type it in on the right, then the labels pop up on the left again. Can you streamline this so you don’t have to keep scrolling back and forth across the page?

  7. I started using Feedly today to potentially replace Google Reader. One suggestion so far – to add a website, you must click “Add Website” on the left, type it in on the right, then the labels pop up on the left again. Can you streamline this so you don’t have to keep scrolling back and forth across the page?

  8. Late to the party, but as someone who at least reads the headline of EVERY post in Reader/Feedly, I adore the “All” bucket and especially the “Oldest first” sorting.

    Thank you for embracing the Google Reader exiles.

  9. I sure wouldn’t give up too soon, it doesn’t cost anihtyng to wait. Then keep trying to contact someone, maybe leave a comment on the EntreCard Blog? Don’t complain, just ask for help without details.

  10. I love feedly I have one question and it may sound dumb so pls excuse me, but on the chrome browser even with the feedly extension how do i save a site directly to feedly?

  11. I am having trouble with several feeds imported from Google Reader which are feeds based on Google News search results (for which Google News provides an RSS button at the bottom of the page). Even when clicking “mark as read” these remain as unread and the number of items builds up.

  12. The Feedly extension for the Chrome (Feedly Beta, ver. 16.0.528) no longer displays the count of unread posts.

    Perhaps it is caused by switching from the Google Reader serveres to the Feedly servers.

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