Turbulence – Feb 17th, Feb 18th and Feb 19th.


We are in the process of upgrading some of our back end services to be able to handle more users faster. There will be some turbulence in the service over the next couple of days.

Between now and then, here are some work arounds:

1) If you have trouble logging into Feedly/Google Reader, please visit Google Reader and see if the authentication requires a captcha, if so login first to Google Reader and then go back and login to feedly.

2) If you have trouble loading feedly, please wait a few minutes and try to restart your browser or the iOS and Android app.

The service should feel a lot faster and more reliable by the end of this week. Thank you for your patience.

Author: @feedly

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5 thoughts on “Turbulence – Feb 17th, Feb 18th and Feb 19th.”

  1. Did you remove the “latest” option from the web interface? I think that’s good: I could never figure out how “latest” was different from “today”, and then there’s the history view as well. A bit of simplification would be good.

    1. Hi Rob. Yes. There has been some confusion on today vs. latest. Going forward, we are renaming latest to “all”. Because latest is often used by users who want to read all the content in their feedly. We are also going to rename today. We are thinking of using “Highlights” to emphasize that it is about a subset of your feedly. The content of “Highlights” will also change over time. Arthur is going to do some usability test and see who and how it is being used and how we can simply/improve it. Let us know if you have suggestions.

      1. I like “Today” section: I can mark the sources I like the most, and they are shown more often in this section. However, the option to mark sources to be displayed with priority in “today” section is quite hidden… I would prefer it was more accessible.

  2. No probs thanks for the info. Loving Feedly on Android 4.2.2 its really smooth. Any plans to bring direct sharing to Google+?

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