[Completed] Scheduled Downtime


Hello feedlies! A quick heads up: We need to take the service offline tomorrow, Saturday Feb 23rd between 6:00pm PST and 10:00pm PST to make some changes to our database – to improve the performance going forward. If you need urgent access to your feedly during that time, you can use the Google Reader interface. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Live Updates

[18:44 PST] The scheduled maintenance started. We should be back online within 2 hours. Thank you for your patience. We will update this post as the status evolves.

[18:57 PST] Maintenance complete. The service should be back online. Have a great week end.

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2 thoughts on “[Completed] Scheduled Downtime”

  1. Hi, it’s good to know that all staff trying to make feedly better and better, I really like feedly!

    but as a firefox user, it seems there’s no any new update version for firefox.
    when i try to got new version through AMO page, i can only get 10.x, either at feedly top page. AMO has another testing 11.x version which is still not pefect (some little glitch maybe, but layout changes are really great), but it stopped working on my firefox since downtime, and not working anymore even until now. is firefox version stopped develop/support anymore?

    Safari, Chrome, even iOS/Android version are all newer than firefox. i’really like feedly, but i hope not change my default browser due to my favorite news reader is not on it anymore… :(

    p.s. if AMO is taking to much time on publishing or something else, is that still ok to directly release new one on feedly site as ‘preview/beta version’?

    p.p.s. not working on firefox 19.0 beta @ Fedora 18 x86_64, same firefox @ Win7.
    screenshot: i.imgur.com/NnWzUtd.png
    feedly version 11.0.455

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