Tips for Google Reader users migrating to feedly

Welcome to all the new Google Reader users migrating to feedly. Here are some tips on how to adapt to the feedly desktop interface.

If you are not running feedly, you can install the latest version free:
Feedly for Firefox
Feedly for Chrome
Feedly for Safari

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Tip #0: Importing your Google Reader account

To import your google reader feeds and categories over to feedly, simply login to your feedly using your google account. Feedly will automatically sync your Google Reader account with feedly.

Tip #1: A more condensed view

A lot of Google Reader users use their reader as a research/curation tool and need to be able to crunch through a lot of articles very fast. When you are in a feed or category page, you can click on the gear icon and select the Titles view to get a denser text only experience. If you want assign the titles view to all your feeds and categories, there is a global knob in the preference page.

More compact

Tip #2: Starring Articles

When you hover on an article or inline it, you should see a bookmark icon. We call it the save for later icon. It functions similarly to the Google Reader star mechanism.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.50.08 PM

Tip #3: A more visual experience

Some of our users are designers using feedly to keep up with trends in their industries. If the content of the sources you follow are very visual, we offer a Cards view which allow you to skim the content through a more visual experience.
Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.46.29 PM

Tip #4 Preference Knobs

At the bottom of the left selector, you will find a link to the feedly preferences. We offer a variety of knobs: auto-mark as read, link colors, default view, etc..

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.48.17 PM

Tip #5 Tagging

Like Google Reader, feedly includes the concept of tagging. You configure your list of tags in the preference or create them one by one as you go.
Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.49.22 PM

Then as you open and read an article, you will see a +Tag option pre-configured with all your tags. We are working very hard to integrate the feedly tagging with both Evernote and Pinterest so that you can quickly organize and share your best finds.Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.49.37 PM

This is a live document. If you just migrated from Google Reader and have questions regarding how to adapt your existing workflow to the feedly interface, please leave a comment and we will be happy to try to help. We will update document as we get tips and questions.

Tip #6 Keyboard Shortcuts

Press ? to get the list of the keyboard shortcuts supported by feedly

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.47.11 PM

Type #7 Pick the white theme

At the bottom of the left selector, there is switch theme option. The white theme will make feedly feel more like the Google Reader environment.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 4.49.22 PM

Did you recently switched from Google Reader to feedly? What are your tips?

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1,761 thoughts on “Tips for Google Reader users migrating to feedly”

    1. Feedly IS based on Google Reader. They take our feeds from Google Reader and aggregate them in Feedly. If I’m not wrong, by aggregating with Feedly, Feedly already ‘import’ from Google Reader into their own Normandy. So you are good to go!

      1. YK Lee is right. I updated the document to clarify this. Simply login with your Google Account. Feedly will sync your feeds and categories.

        1. I am a Goole Reader and Feedly user. Do I need to create a Feedly Account ? It is not the case today, I only connect with my Goolge account.

          1. When you connect to Google, we create a feedly account automatically which maps to that Google Account. When Google Reader is retired in July 1st, you will be able to continue to login with you Google Account, the only different is that the content you will see in your feedly will be aggregate by a feedly server call Normandy.

            1. Just one question: I have to Feedly-(Google)-Accounts – one for business, one for my private eye only. What happens to them? Must I transfer them all to one account or will be both accounts still be valid in the future? (Google Reader exports to JSON, not to OMPL so that’s kinda – interesting… Gnampf.)
              Ad Astra

              1. JSON? The export I did was to XML. I don’t remember asking for a specific format, that’s just what I got.

              2. I have this same question. Except I have an early gmail account that I used to login to my reader but since Reader is going away, I’m just going to migrate all the links (and there are *hundreds*) from the old account to a new account.

              3. Did you ever figure this out? I have both a professional and a personal google reader account as well.

                1. Yeah I do have multiple accounts as well and trying to figure out how to import all of them properly is a bit of a headache.
                  Love the UX of feedly by the way!

            2. So i dont need to open an account on feedly ?
              I dont need to rebuild (adding) my google reader feeds ?

              What is the source after the google reader is offline ?
              How does feedly know my feeds when google reader is offline ?

              1. How many times do they have to say “we have a new backend, called Normandy” before it clicks?

                  1. Hey morons — how about Feedly uses some clear and understandable language. “To import your google reader feeds and categories over to feedly, simply login to your feedly using your google account. Feedly will automatically sync your Google Reader account with feedly.” SAYS TWO DIFFERENT THINGS — IS FEEDY “IMPORTING” OR IS IT “SYINCING”????? Big difference because if it is only syncing then the question of “what happends when reader goes away” is a valid questions. “Normandy” means nothing to the average google reader user. SO ANSWER THE QUESTION CLEARLY — WILL OUR GOOG READER FEEDS CONTINUE TO APPEAR IN FEEDLY AFTER READER IS TURNED OFF? It’s a simple question, just answer it. And answer it so that a non-technical user can understand. None of this “back end Normandy” crap.



                  1. FUN? who said FUN? | couldn’t resist | sorry – but: newsreader & ›fun‹: imho ›newsreader‹ is a(n important) tool, to make the overview of incoming things easierer. time-saving. the ›feel‹ of a newsreader: silly consideration, it just has to work, saving time. beauty-contest: why?

                    [excuse my gramar, mistakes, etc: i’m just a guest from germany]

                1. Many people don’t know what a “backend” is or anything about how RSS feeds are aggregated or stored. They just downloaded the app and started adding feeds. Give them a break.

                2. I had the same question until I read this far down into the comments. I’m an ordinary mortal, not an RSS fiend. I didn’t see Reader as a backend, so Feedly saying they have a new backend and giving me its name didn’t answer my question.

            3. Cool – Thanks – was worried that i had to do something more!!! now i know that i don’t!!!

            4. This is not as clear as it should be. The move to feedly was so seamless that I figured it was just using google reader’s backend. You’re google login screen should probably state what’s going on. Great work though. This is a wonderful app, makes me happy that Google got rid of reader. It’s obvious you care and feed this app better than google did / does.

            5. I set this up a while ago on my Android phone. The widget showed articles. Press it and Feedly opens but no article. Just “Loading. . .” shows on the screen. I go to “Home” and it states that I haven’t added any sites to my feedly yet. I thought the Feedly account was created automatically???

        2. I recently downloaded Feedly to my iPhone and signed in with a google account. No synching happened. How to troubleshoot? Thanks

        3. it means that on July 1st I will continue to read my feed on Feedly? (just by simply connecting feedly to google right now). Is that it?

        1. Thanks Feedly! Just transitioned and have removed Reader from my bookmark bar (Safari). Easy-peasy as my children say. Great job.

                  1. Great thread. Only if I understood how they actually kept track of my feeds after Google Reader dies. That would be awesome.

      2. Is there some sort of agreement among techies to try to make people hate them? Any answer to the question “What happens when Google Reader accounts cease to exist?” that refers to “Google Reader accounts” doing anything that involves existing is, by definition, nonsense!

        This is exactly what happened with SOPA: first draft of a law is bad (it almost always is) and interest groups chime in. The tech interest chimed in by saying, “You are all very stupid! Jargon, Jargon, Jargon! Duh!” Then you were shocked, shocked, that everyone didn’t bow down and just let you write the law. Telling people they are stupid is not a good political strategy, EVEN when people are, in fact, stupid.

        The worst is when you call people stupid when you are the one being confusing. Like now.

        1. Let me try to “translate” their answers about the backend and the existence of your feeds “post-Reader” in a simpler and less technical form.

          Right now: the first time you login to Feedly, they make a copy of all your feeds, including what is read and unread, what labels/folders you have, and so on, on their own server. They also create an account that corresponds to your address.

          While Google Reader exists: if you read or add feeds to Feedly, they also update this in your Google Reader account, and viceversa, so you see the content in both the interfaces.

          After Google Reader closes: given that they already have a copy of all your feeds, they simply stop syncing them with Google Reader. Your Google account is needed only for login purpose (e.g. checking that you own that email address). Your feeds now don’t live anymore in Google Reader, but there is still the copy on Feedly and you can continue to use the service like you did before, without interruption.

          Hope that helps. ;)

          1. Many, many thanks Lazza!!!!!!!! :) I was trying to find this out (in simple words, since I’m not a native speaker and I don’t have much time)
            Thanks to all these comments, but especially thanks to yours, I think that now I’m sure about not having to worry about anything because it works exactly how I’d like it to work: keeping both while Google Reader still works and not losing anything afterwards ;)

          2. Wow, finally someone spells it out, and answers all the pertinent questions (is it syncing at the moment? How will I log in when Google reader closes?, etc). So thanks a million! Pity I had to scroll for 10 mins to find your explanation ;)

          3. Finally someone to put it in plain English, now I can be calm and enjoy learning to use Feedly! Thanks!!!

          4. “the first time you login to Feedly, they make a copy of all your feeds, including what is read and unread”
            My feeds were reset when I imported (logged in with Google) and now a few days later I only see the new unread count, since importing. I really hope there is a way to import with read/unread from Google Reader. Ideas?

            1. That is due to the “new” migration to their backend server, called Normandy, that they performed some weeks after I wrote the comment. See point n° 4 here:

              One suggestion to “fix” your unread count is to use the function to mark all as read if the articles are older than a week, supposing you are a frequent RSS reader.

          5. Lazza, Since you are the only one speaking english and explaining things clearly:) I will ask you, do the readers of my blog need to install feedly in order to read my blog (after July 1) in a reader? (I have already installed and done the one-click Google Reader import.) What message do I need to give them for what THEY need to do?

            1. Wendy, your readers can decide to read your (or anybody else’s) RSS feed with any existing reader. If some of them were using Google Reader, they should have found an alternative (like Feedly) up to now, otherwise they will loose all of their subscriptions.
              The fact that Google Reader is closing does not mean your feeds will be altered, those are separate things. It will just mean that there will be one less web application to read RSS feeds.

          6. That sounds great, except it didn’t happen. I had all my feeds migrated into Feedly a month or two ago from Reader, everything was working great. Today I log back in to Feedly and find that all of my subscriptions are gone and none of my content exists. It’s a blank account.

            This doesn’t exactly build confidence in Feedly as a platform.

      3. Ok so your saying it should automatically pull in all the things I was reading on Google Reader? Cause it doesn’t seem to be doing that. I know it’s July 2nd and Google Reader is now gone. But I’m not seeing anything. There are posts as old as February & March of 2011 asking this same question on this blog post here:

    2. I transitioned from Google Reader and only see a small handful of my feeds (about 26)…where are the rest of them (about 150)??? I exported them from GR, but cannot find a way to import them into Feedly.

      1. On the left hand side, where you see your list of feeds, it may not be obvious that that column of feeds is scrollable, as the scrollbar is hidden unless you hover over it

          1. Like Andrew said, on the left side you can see your list, but the feed without new content are hiding, you need to push the link “## more sources” to see all of them.

        1. Agreed – that scroll function is so invisible I spent nearly half an hour looking for the Preferences which had seemed to disappear completely off the bottom of the page never to return! Maybe a hint needed for us less swift-thinking folks?

          1. Dang, until I slowed down moving my mouse, I didnt even notice the actuall scroll bar for the left window (or whatever it is called, I is not that…and for me, using feedly for chrome, the preference link (or whatever want to call it) is not at the bottom not matter what I do. It is actually at the TOP under my name next to organize. Drove me nuts after I first got feedly set up and then a day or two later went looking for preferences and the help article kept saying at the bottom.

            PS, I never noticed the scroll bar because I just used scroll wheel on mouse when in that section and it didnt think anything of there being an actual scroll bar to click.

        1. They’re all there. If you try to add them again using the search (magnifying lens icon) it shows them in “my sites” because they’re there. The scroll bar is to the right of the subscription list, it’s just VERY THIN and auto-hides when your cursor isn’t hovering over it. It took me a while to find it, but it’s all there.

      2. For me Feedly didn’t show uncategorised feeds. Hit “Organize” in the upper left corner, create New category by dropping feeds to it and they should appear fine.

        1. in fact, it does. feedly actually shows it in “Uncategorized”, as you mentioned it is such. check out your new category/tag :)

      3. Be sure the file you import to Feedly is the subscriptions.xml file from Google Takeout. (Takeout zips 8 or 9 files into one; you only need the .xml file for Feedly.)

          1. This is my burning question also, though I have not yet created my Feedly account. I am SO worried about losing all my previous items in GR, and I cannot find a way to open the json file exported of starred items. There is NO export category for ALL items, in all subs, that I can see. So I have to open the json file to check whether all items are there, from my previous years in GR. I did not see an xml file exported, nor do I have a clue how to import a FILE to Feedly. Any suggestions abjectly gratefully welcomed

      1. That’s my question, too! I don’t want to lose all the tags I created in Google Reader. Any way to import the tags so I can find articles I’ve already tagged??

        1. I’d be interested to find this out as well – I used Google Reader as a sort of online cookbook, so I’d really prefer to not have to go through each tag one-by-one and find the articles again!

      2. I created a few tags in Feedly and it appears (not 100% certain, still investigating) that when I did, everything I had tagged in Google Reader was suddenly tagged in Feedly with those tags. But that means recreating ALL of my tags, and that will be an epic pain.

        1. This doesn’t make any sense. If you only created one tag and then miraculously all the tags were shown in Feedly why would you then say that you had to do it all manually?

          1. I think they meant they only have to create the tag in feedly, and all the contents of that tag in google reader will transfer over. You have to manually create each tag (they’re not automatically transferred) but you don’t have to manually add the tag to the articles.
            Thanks, by the way. I was about to move everything to “save for later” then tag them all one by one until I saw this.

            1. And there’s another problem. The tags you create doesn’t come alphabetically. It’s all mixed up as long as you insert them. If you have 10 tags, ok, but if you have 100, it’s painfull to find the correct tag. Besides, in GR we can start typing the tag and its automatically selected. It desn’t happen here.

      3. I have 531 tags in Google Reader and was able to get all of them into Feedly, but it took a little bit of work. Thanks to Zalin for this tip.

        1. Go to the Folders and Tags list in Google Reader.
        2. Select all the tags by dragging your mouse over the entire list. This will also select a bunch of stuff you don’t want like the word “Rename”.
        3. Copy all that you have highlighted and paste into something like Notepad.
        4. Now use find and replace to get rid of everything you don’t want. Add a comma between each tag and remove carriage returns. IOW, do whatever it takes to get a comma-delimited list of your tags.
        5. Once all formatting is complete, copy the entire comma-delimited string of tags and paste into Feedly’s tags box in Preferences.

        After I did this, all of my tags showed up in the list on the left side.

        Downsides I’ve seen so far after “importing” my tags:
        1. Even though I can click on a tag on the left side of the list and see all the articles with that tag, I only see one tag per article. In Google Reader I assigned more than one tag to many articles. The tags remain assigned in Feedly, but I can only see one of them when I look at an article.

        2. I am having trouble tagging new articles. I click on the +tag, but nothing happens. Before “importing” my tags, I at least got a pop-up that would allow me to create a new tag. I no longer get this. I wonder if I’ve exceeded a tag limit and if Feedly can’t display a list of all my tags from which I could choose.

        1. Had the tagging new items issue been fixed ? It seems to work for me and also allows me to create a new tag as well.
          btw I have about 640 tags in Google Reader (significantly rationalised down from an even bigger number) – I am just doing a cut and paste of each tag from Google Reader using the Rename Tag option and into something like Notepad as you suggested and adding comma to each as I go – then paste into Feedly Tags preference box. This approach encourages me to progressively review the tags & rationalise them. I then check each tag to make sure they all work in Feedly.

          Note – the limited search your own feeds & even the work-arounds has discouraged me from further rationalising the tags at this stage. But if the search your own feeds improved I would probably try to rationalise more Tags.

          Also in Google Reader you could rename a Tag but I cannot see that functionality in Feedly as yet – maybe it will follow later – obviously taking on an extra 3 million + users is a significant challenge.

          It’s slow but I am 75% done and hope to be completed in next day or so.

      4. In Feedly, goto Prefs and add them all in the Tagging section, I have 50+ tags and this took less than 5min. Just had google reader opened and notepad on top and manually typed everything

        and so forth, copy all and paste into the tagging section.

        I have an Article that I know has 5 tags for example. When I view the article in Feedly it only displays the first alphabetically. There doesn’t seem to be an option to edit or view all of the articles current tags. In Google Reader. tagging was so simple. Press “T” type “,” enter and done.

        All this clicking makes me sad

        1. I would also like that for the android app. I do not like having to use magazine view on my tablet. It makes “saving for later” so much harder.

    3. Hi, Feedly’s guys. I’d like to thank You for Your good work.

      Well, don’t beat me, but I’d like to make a two sad notes, while everybody are singing “Long live Feedly”.

      The main frustrating thing is complete absence of mobile interface. GR was close to ideal in that sense. I was able to read news everywhere. I don’t know, what for, but it was really cool )))

      And one more very annoying bug. Tags doesn’t work for me. Just now i click on icon in title of certain news and nothing happen. From time to time dialog appears but don’t add news in selected tag group. In a word it looks very buggy and unfriendly.

      The list become longer, of course, when starts tight work as it was in GR.

      1. Hi Sasha,
        Strange that you mention the absence of mobile interface. I actually got into feedly because I loved their mobile app (iPhone). They’ve got an Android version too. Check it out. I think it’s awesome. And account import is plain simple :)

        1. They do have android and ios apps, but as mentioned on a previous post these don’t appear to offer the compact view option. I think this is a deal breaker for me and possibly many other tablet / mobile GR users. So please fix or show us how :-)

    4. I don’t think anyone has answered Paul. We all know that Feedly is based on Google Reader. However, have you tried to subscribe to a RSS feed from a Craigslist search? It works in Google Reader but not in Feedly. Of course, if I have a RSS of a Craigslist search that I already had in Google Reader, it will import into Feedly. But I’ve not been able to create a new one in Feedly…

    5. To be honest, it is really nerve-racking that feedly fails to migrate Google Reader archive thoroughly. In other words, it could save only a small portion of the feeds which has been published since the RSS service of the site followed started. It would be nice if it could import all the things available on Google Reader.

        1. are you being emotional here? its a good thing that feedly isn’t asking for a completely new account.. instead letting us use it with our existing google account to login. just added feedly to my chrome, and before i realised anything, my whole reader account was recreated inside feedly in seconds, it was by far the most effortless service transition i’ve ever done in my life. top notch!

          1. Any service that forces its customers to log in through a third party service is flawed. I should never have to use Google or Facebook to login anywhere other than their services. It’s not being emotional to want to control how much interaction someone has with Google’s servers.

            1. I don’t see why it’s a flaw, it’s simply an alternative that keeps you from having yet another account and pwd to keep track of, and that uses new solutions like tokens.

              If you know something factual about the security problems that it poses then please post a reference to understand what why you call it a flaw.

              I would also prefer a dedicated login/pwd system, so the ball is on my court to use my G Account or find another service. It’s a choice, don’t knock it just cuz you don’t like it.

              1. Ok, feedly “copies” my GR feeds to their servers. We login with the same data account as with GR because a feedly account is automatically created with the same log in info as GR account. What happens when I add new feeds now and after Google closes Reader? I imagine now feedly is somehow synced with GR account so we get new feeds in feedly too, but after GR is closed how would we add new feeds? Many pages have buttons to add a feed to reader but those will become less and less frequent when the service is closed. Hopefully some will add some buttons for feedly but how many?

                Did I get the picture or am I wrong?

            2. On the contrary. You do not seem to understand how centralized sign-on works. I definitely prefer using a trusted party and a process which clearly defines what services or information a site is allowed to access to countless accounts with small sites which significantly increases security exposure.
              Tl;dr: Sign on using Google is great, keep it!

  1. Thanks for the tips. I use reader all the time – on the web and as a syncing tool for ios. I had been using byline as my ios frontend.

    Does feedly on iphone/ ipad operate offline so I can read my feeds whilst commuting (no 3G no wifi)?

    Now I’ve connected reader to feedly do I still need to export my opml file from reader and import it to feedly?

    1. Feedly Mobile does not yet offer offline support but this is something we are working on. More later this year when we release feedly pro.

        1. Check out portable version of Firefox and Chrome – you can take it with you on a USB or run from a directory without installing.

          1. Nope, sorry, this isn’t a solution. My USB ports are blocked at work and I don’t have rights to install anything. Please develop a web-based version if you want to be taken seriously. I would imagine it’s easier to maintain a single website than two browser-specific extensions.

            1. Agree. A simple fully web-based version (perhaps only HTML?) would be a good addition, I would like to access feedly via my mobile device as well.

            2. Agreed. Other than the Javascript injection to web sites I open, what is the reason this is a browser extensin instead of a website?

        2. Try Chrome Frame. Even a really locked down version. Can install it usually. Then to launch chrome RC=>Inspect Element (on a chrome frame page like google+) Click a picture from the site it will launch that element in chrome.

      1. I understand that Google Reader closing is not your problem, but I need offline support. It is a basic feature for a news reader. If Feedly can not provide this soon or if the feature is too expensive, many will look elsewhere to replace Google Reader.

        Do not take this as a threat. I am glad that somebody is taking care of us now that Reader is going.

        1. Learn to export to a read-it-later service, i.e. Pocket; those deal with offline reading without a problem.

          1. I normally use Google Reader to skim around 500 article titles each morning, maybe a dozen of which I actually read. Currently it picks them up automatically for me, so I can crunch through them while on the tube. I’ve had a brief look at Pocket, but it appears to require manual selection of the items to save offline – while online? I don’t see how this is a useful alternative.

    2. This is my question too. Will all my old items, accumulated over the years, appear here? That would be heavenly.

    1. I’m not sure about everyone, but my feedly stream contains a lot of inline images and embedded videos (youtube, vimeo, etc). Wouldn’t having the main feedly webapp on an SSL connection cause lots of “insecure content” warnings?

  2. Happy so far. Just two issues:
    1) I don’t find the global ‘Titles view’ option in Preferences.
    2) I would love the ‘download for offline reading’ option on Android, and would pay extra for it.
    Question: Will Feedly replace Google Reader as a default option for RSS subscription from websites?

      1. No that doesn’t do it- we want Title view which is very similar to Google Reader. Condensed/tiles view is very different..

        Also, I like to quickly scan my articles and star ones to read later. Feedly has an annoying slide on hover thing to show/hide the option to bookmark. Can there be a way to force the bookmark option to show on each article? However, bookmarking isn’t really an option to me until there is IFTTT integration so I can sync to EverNote, Buffer and Pocket.

      2. No. That isn’t the same as the “Titles” view on a per feed basis which is exactly how I’ve used G-reader for years. How about adding the Titles view to the global preferences as described in this post (Tip #1)? That is exactly how I’ve used G-reader for years.

        In the mean time I’ve imported my feeds to TheOldReader to keep pace with my workflow.

      3. I don’t see Preferences or anything else in the left column (FIrefox under windows) except My Feedly and +Add Content. The rest below that is blank. Is this due to some browser setting???

    1. +1 for the “download for offline reading”. Internet connection on my daily commute, when I read the most articles, is not the most stable (underground), so having access to the articles offline is a must for me.

  3. Currently feedly synchronize with google reader, but after 1st of July, will feedly have it’s own feeds database since the google one will not more be available ?

    1. Yes that’s what I would also like to understand. I am planning to start using feedly solely going froward to get used to it, is there a way to add new feeds to feedly not via google reader now? Apologies if its obvious, I’m a complete novice!

      1. There’s an “Add Website” Button in the top left of feedly.

        It will use feedly’s own backend after July 1st.

        1. Will these feeds added through Feedly extension be made available on the mobile app? I ask because I just found Feedly, and added a feed to my browser extension, but when I opened it on my tablet, the new feed is not shown. Or am I just being impatient and the service hasn’t synched yet?

          Also echoing the question by krekel, will we be able to add feeds from the mobile app?

          1. And now I went back to the feedly extension, and that feed I added is no longer there. Not under the category I created, not in uncategorized, nothing. What happened here?

        2. I have tried to add new websites with mixed results. It is not clear to me how to add sites. Some do some don’t. I also can’t figure out how to categorize them. Suggestions??

          1. I finally figured this out! Be sure you add the FULL address including the http:// . If you are using chrome, there’s a little transparent button for feedly’s chrome add-on on the lower right of the screen you can also click to add a website to a feed. There’s a tutorial on this in the help section – it just took awhile to find it.

        3. I found the “Add Website” button. I can’t figure out how to add a feed if I know its URL. Typing it into the “Add Website” box gets me a bunch of irrelevant search results. Right now I am adding new feeds using the google reader interface and the “add feed” button.

    1. No. Feedly will have a copy of your feeds and categories. Instead of serving the article from Google Reader, the content will be served from a feedly server called Normandy.

      1. Thank you for that clarification. One of my biggest fears is that the old feed data saved in Google Reader will disappear after they shut down. I have many ancient feeds saved, many of which belong to websites that no longer exist. If I try to subscribe to those feeds today, I will get nothing. I still regularly access that data in my research, so I’m absolutely relieved to hear that Feedly will retain all that data.

        Thank you for that!!

        1. I think this needs another feedly response. Are they even able to retrieve articles that aren’t on the web anymore and just archived on google servers?

        2. Me too me too me too. I MUST have access to everything accumulated so far. I hope that will happen; I have not started my Feedly account yet, am keeping my fingers crossed. Based on reading down to here so far, I am hopeful. Anyone know for sure?.

      2. Will Normandy be independently accessible? No offense, but the speed of adding feeds and creating new folders on Reader is nice. And that’s about it, cuz you guys kick it out for display options, etc.

      3. That’s great news. I only used google reader in order to keep number of different accounts to a minimum, so glad we won’t have headache of resetting things up. Thanks for the continued support – glad someone is.

  4. Nice rss reader. Do you have online version like google reader, so users do not need to install any additional software on their computers.

        1. Afraid so.

          I don’t understand why Feedly needs to be implemented on the desktop as an extension/add-on to a browser. Just implement it in the browser.

          1. I dont understand this fascination with device-specific browsers for web sites. Can I please just have a simple web page that doesnt require me to install something on every device I use.

            1. I ditched it for exactly this reason, went to another one that works in any browser. liked the google integration, but that’s a one-off compared to the antiquated model of requiring apps everywhere

  5. 1) Themes feels really uncomfortable for reading can you please make them more contrast?

    2) The themes seems to waste a lot of space even on titles mode there is too much unused space especially around dates even on the 1920 x 1080 and only few unread days it takes a lot of scrolling to scan trough the titles.

    3) The ‘search’ through subscribed feeds doesn’t finished in reasonable time.

    4) The service has a fancy design and workable usability but feels really sluggish.

    1. I’d like to also state clearly that those are the only issues I’ve encountered so far. Other than that everything works really nice especially the android app and seamless google reader sync. Thank you really good work.

    2. Colourized feeds would be perfect – I use Super Google Reader which allows me to recognize articles from each feed in the “View All” mode. I’ve also adjusted the font to Georgia 12 (which I see Feedly can do too, great!) and placed a light blue background behind the article text to provide more contrast.

    3. Black text on white, please! At least for the main content.
      Why grey text on grey background has become fashionable?

      second no.2 as well.

      1. The unread counts in the sidebar are too low-contrast – #dbdbdb on #ffffff is far too light (and the white background is the highest-contrast of the available themes). I struggle to distinguish between 0, 8, 9 and so on.

        I know low-contrast is all the rage at the moment, but this is too much.

    4. 1) For Google Reader I have been using “Google Reader Readable” extension for Chrome. This puts the focus on the selected article while reading. I think this would be a nice feature to add for online reading. Gives more ocntrast

    5. – No.2 -> +1
      – The performance of the site should be better!
      – When i open an article in a new tab it should be marked as read.

  6. Thanks for enabling us Google Reader users to log in and import our data seamlessly!

    I have two questions, both covering workflows I was used to with Google Reader. While browsing the All category, with Full articles being shown, the keyboard shortcuts do not seem to work. Is this intentional?

    And secondly, is there a way to access Feedly using a Windows Phone 7 device (either through a web app, or an upcoming native app)?

    1. 1) I just checked it with Chrome (OSX) and it seems to work just fine. What browser do you use?

      1. Thanks for checking! I am using the latest version of Chrome (Windows 7), but I just installed the Firefox plugin, just to make sure, and it is also occurring there: nothing happens when I press ‘p’ or ‘n’.

        One exception: when I am at the top of the list, and press p (for previous), it displays the message ‘At top’ to indicate I am already at the first item. So the keypresses are being recognized, it just generally doesn’t do anything.

        If it works for you, it seems I’ve run into a bug. I’ll check out where I can file it.

        1. Shortcuts seem to sometimes work/not work depending on what view you are using. You are right – this must be a bug. Double checked it:

          “All” feeds
          p/n in Titles – works
          p/n in Magazine – works
          p/n in Timeline – works
          p/n in Mosaic – works
          p/n in Cards – works
          p/n in Full Article – doesn’t do anything

          “Today” feeds (default view can’t be changed)
          p/n – works

          “All” feeds
          j/k in Titles – works
          j/k in Magazine – works
          j/k in Timeline – works
          j/k in Mosaic – works
          j/k in Cards – works, but in a very strange way (laggy)
          j/k in Full Article – works

          “Today” feeds (default view can’t be changed)
          j/k – works

      2. I am having the same problem. When I am viewing “All” feeds in “Full Article” view the n/p keyboard shortcuts don’t do anything. It works in other views.

        I am using Chrome for Mac.

  7. Where do I find the “request feature” option? I would love for the add-on of feedly to display the number of unread entries in the area between the Chrome omnibox and the settings-button.

    1. You mean like sorting the feed starting with oldest first. Right?
      Even I can’t find it.
      would be awesome if feedly had option like this.

      1. This option already exists in Feedly : use the icon “change layout ad filtering” on top right, and click on “oldest first” at the bottom.

        1. It’s only there on the individual feeds though. I typically read a group at a time, so it’d be great to have the option there as well.

        2. Can I set this checkbox as the default in a global preference, much like setting “Full Article” as the default view?

      2. I’d just like to see all the email under a particular blogger. For some reason they are all greyed off and I can’t see blogs older than a week. I tried removing the feed, turning off feedly and then adding the feed again later. Still greyed How to fix?

    1. Mine were imported automatically (see “Saved”).
      But i’m wondering if there’s an RSS Feed generated from that content (like in GR) which i can share to friends.

      1. I hope to and pray to the lord that we will be able to bring our tags over from reader i’ve got literally over 6 or 7 years of research and archival stuff categorized within those tags. Please try, best alternate solution out there thank you.

        1. +100. My thoughts exactly. It’ll really be so sad, if all those tags are lost. More than the feeds, its the whole database of tags, which makes GReader so valuable.

          Feedly has got the GReader’s heir status pretty much served on the platter (I know, I know, I am not saying they are not good… but then how many time does it happen that the biggest player in your market calls it quits, just when you have started gaining visibility!)… they just need to get this part right, and we’ll all be their fan!!!

    2. This is my question too. I have hundreds of articles that I created tags for. When I look at the stared articles, they show the tag, but the tag list did not populate on the left side (I had to recreate that) AND, none of the tagged articles show up there.

      Also, it appears that it will only let me add one tag per article. Some I want to have 3 or 4 tags.

      1. Me too! My tags don’t appear to have transferred over and that is something that is very important to me!!!

      2. Yes, I need multiple tags for one article. This is really useful. One more question: is there any limited number of tags supported? I notice that there is a comma delimited tag list in the preference screen and I don’t know if this comma delimited tag list can support over hundred of tags?

      3. Good news! I had the same problem – my starred articles do show tags, but the tags are not showing up on the left menu for me to browse my articles. However, if I go to preferences and add the tags by hand then they get in that left menu and I can find my old articles that way.

          1. be aware that the tags are case sensitive. I didn’t think mine imported once I input them but I didn’t capitalize them like I did on Google Reader

    3. I have a couple items in “Saved”, but I think those were starred in GReader. No tags imported. This is REALLY important – I have hundreds of tags!

    4. I want to see the tags imported as well! I have a (sort of) solution though. When I tagged something in feedly as “cars”, and then clicked the car tag, everything that I had previously tagged in google was there. I just wish it would import all of my tags because I have hundreds of them for various things. If you go to Feedly preferences and scroll down, there’s an area that you can write down all the tags you’d like… So maybe if google could make a simple list with all our tags it’d be a simple thing to import that way?

    5. I HAVE A SOLUTION. Takes about 5-10 minutes.

      In reader, click on the gear icon (right side of the screen) – reader settings – folders and Tags.

      Highlight all of your feed names (it’ll also highlight a bunch of other stuff, but we’ll take care of this)

      Paste it in google docs (or Microsoft Word of whatever). It’ll show up as a table.

      Highlight the whole column with the names of your tags – copy it.

      Paste it in Notepad to remove the table/formatting. It’ll give you a list with the tags on each line.

      Then repeatedly press: END ,(comma) DEL. This will put everything all together nice and tight. Highlight and copy it.

      Once that’s done, simply scroll down to “Tags” here and paste it. All of your tags will be there!

      The whole thing took me about 5 minutes and I have over a hundred tags.

      1. I did all this but the tags can be seen only when you go to the ‘saved’ articles and then you see that the article itself is tagged but there is no way to get all the articles that are tagged under one tag together. I tried clicking on the green bar in the articles but nothing happens. Are the tags supposed to be in the sidebar coz I can only see my folders, not tags.

          1. erm I’m an idiot. Didn’t realize that there was a scroll bar for the sidebar. It’s nearly invisible so I couldn’t see it. Many thanks for your awesome solution btw.

        1. Thanks for sharing!! This worked for me also. I had about 350 tags, so it took a little longer, but I’m glad I didn’t lose all of that information! :)

      2. The only problem I’ve encountered is that feedly only supports one tag per article, and I have many articles with a few tags. Hopefully they update this to allow more tags before reader shuts down.

          1. Oh, wait! It does keep the multiple tags! It just doesn’t *show* them on the article. For instance, if I tag and article with TAG1 and TAG2 you can find the article under each tag. The missing feature, then, is show *all* of an article’s tags. It helps when cross referencing and looking for similar articles.

            1. *sigh* I still have two problems with tags in Feedly:

              1) Feedly retains Google Reader’s multiple tags per article but won’t let you add multiple tags via Feedly’s interface. Multiple tags per article is the point of tags. Otherwise it would just be sorting into categories.

              2) To apply a tag you have to use the mouse and scroll through the whole list to make your selection. It’s got to allow typing to select tags like Google Reader to be useful.

              Thank you.

              1. same problem, no multiple tagging is almost unusable.
                thanks to robertbilodeau, I’ve been capable to import my tags smoothly.

      3. Instead of repeatedly pressing END ,(comma) DEL you can use “search and replace” function in MS Word or other text editor with this function. Just replace paragraph sign with “, ” (comma with space). In MS Word it goes like Ctrl+A (select all) – Ctrl+A (find and replace) – “^p” to “, “.

      4. You can shorten the time to 1 minute for transfering your tags by using notepad++ and its text replace tool.
        1) Copy and paste the list from the GR WebUI into a new text file in notepad++:
        2) Select “show all characters” in the tool bar.
        3) Open text replace window by shortcut [Ctrl][H].
        4) Select “extended” in “search mode”
        5) Enter the appropriate text inclusive \t and \r\n in “find what” and leave “Replace with” blank. Press “Replace all”. Repeat this step for all unnecessary stuff except the last \r\n behind each tag!
        7) Replace the last \r\n behind each tag with a comma
        8) copy and paste this one liner list into feedly.

    6. If you create a Tag in Feedly preferences with the same name of a Tag that you already have in Google Reader, it will automagically sync the content for that tag. Bad part is, if adding new tags to articles through feedly, it only allows you to add one tag to each article.. That needs refinement.

  8. Looks nice so far, but what I’m really missing is the GoogleReader feature that with space bar you can go through all new feeds. That would be so cool!

        1. I look at “J” and “K” as Jump forward and jump bacK keys. Spacebar in non-Google Reader will move the web page down, almost like Page Down would. But in Google Reader spacebar would also open the next item if the previous item would have gone off screen on the next spacebar press. This was incredibly useful on feeds that include large portions of the linked article, as you could skim through the text or images without moving your fingers off of spacebar.

          I personally have become quite accustomed to resting my head on one hand and tapping space with some or all of my other hands fingers to skim through the multitude of items.

          1. I agree! Space bar scrolling down and smoothly to the next feed is the thing I miss the most from Google Reader.

  9. Hello, I am a new user, so I have a little question.
    When I hover on an article, there are three icons, I am confused by the last one. If I click it, the article disappears, I can’t find it on Feedly any more, but this article is not deleted, because I can still see it on Google Reader.
    Could you please tell me how it works ? Thanks.

    1. Yes please – help on this. Changing the filter to turn off “unread only” doesn’t seem to bring things back. This is a similar problem when trying to view feeds where all the items are already read.

    2. Yes, It’s not clear to me what happens when you delete a post, it disapear completely. However when you read it you can chose if it’s shown or not. And in compact view it would be useful to change the “x” for delete with a “read” button, so you can put them as read once you read the title. I wouldn’t mind if they disapear from the view as long as you can get them later if you want. However if you press the “x” it’s gone forever

    3. Yeah, this “feature” is driving me nuts too. For the moment I’m using “o” instead to shrink the article back down. But I’d rather it was removed from the un-read feed but available when I go back to the “read” feed.

  10. I’m very addicted to Space key – I’m using it in Google Reader go down in the article or step to next one. Will be an option to remap keys to use Space instead of ‘N’ key.

  11. Let me say that I’m super impressed with Feedly, especially with the extra efforts you are putting in to help with a smooth transition.

    I do have one issue I’m stuck with. I imported my Google feeds into Feedly. Now, how do I add a new feed from a blog/website I’m currently browsing?

    With Google reader, they had a chrome extension which would look for a feed on a webpage and provide me with a a button on the address bar. Clicking that would add the feed to my Google reader and I can happily add it to one of my folders.

    I use Feedly primarily on Chrome. Does your extension allow for such a workflow? If not do you have plans to add such functionality to your chrome extension?


        1. Only there’s no such extension any more… the link provided in the article is broken and searching for “RSS Subscription Extension” or “Rss Subscription” in the Chrome App Store only gives you Feedly and one other unrelated extension :(

          I’ve been using the Chrome Reader extension to add feeds to Google Reader and it works like a charm.

  12. I’m one of the -future- orphans from Google Reader. I am very glad to discover Feedly. It all seems very clear and easy-to-use. Thanks!

      1. I’m talking about the list of feeds, not items in a feed. If you look at the screenshot, there is no capital ‘J’/’K’ listed.

    1. This option is available. There is a huge tick (mark as read) icon on the right. Try clicking it. It should say: “Are you sure you want to mark the entire content of this page as read? This operation can not be undone.” You can then answer: “Yes, Mark As Read | No”.

      1. I would also like the Mark as Read button moved to the bottom of the page. I sort my feeds oldest to newest in a condensed page. When I get to the bottom of the page, I just want to click the mark all as read and be done with it. Don’t want to move mouse all the way back to top of page. Kinda lazy, I know, but that’s how I want it.

  13. Hoping for secure (SSL/HTTPS) support someday, like Google Reader has.

    I’ve never checked out Feedly until today. Thanks for existing and for making a sad day better!

  14. The options for android ICS users are different. The gear icon doesn’t appear, but you must select the option from the dropdown menu that prompts after clicking on the Feedly F, upper left hand size. > scroll down to settings > select advance settings > then default view > that prompts for an option menu: detect, list, magazine and card
    The Title option is not available!

    1. I’m also on Android, and I would be extremely interested in having a “Titles” view which works like Google Reader. If I can’t have that, I might need to use a different app for my feeds; it’s that important. I would also appreciate the option of skipping the “cover” page which appears every time I go into a new feed. Thanks!

      1. Fully agree. Feedly seems to be a good alternative for Reader on PC, but the lack of a ‘Titles’ view in the mobile app is a major drawback, to such a point that I’m looking for different RSS readers for my phone and tablet. Which is a pity, because I really want to keep the feeds synced between devices.

    1. This is something I would also like to know, I know that feedly has a book mark system – does this correlate with google readers stars?

        1. It seems my starred items are now in the “saved for later section” but what happens when you mark an article as read there…will it disappear? So I will lose my starred items?

    2. They’re imported – but into the Saved “folder”… is there any way that they can also be visible ion the feed they are from? I can often remember who wrote an article I wasnt to refer back to rather than when it was written – so keeping starred atricles in their feeds makes more sense to me :-)

    3. Are “starred” items that have been imported into Feedly still going to be available once Google Reader is gone?

  15. Is there a way to disable the automated grouping by dates in feedly? I would prefer the Google Reader style where the unread items are not grouped, just ordered by date.

              1. I take it that there is no such feature in feedly, but now how about a comment from the service provider – is it in your plans or not?

    1. Another +1. I just want a single stream of news sorted oldest to newest. I don’t care about the categories. Everything I subscribed to is potentially something I’m interested in and want to read.

  16. Hello Feedly team,

    You have a great website here and it’s time to shine :) I would like to see SSL connection on, the rest can be more or less customized by end-user.

    One question which I think it was omitted above. If now (before July 1) I delete a Feed (RSS) from Google Reader, it will be deleted also on Feedly because of sync?
    I would like to erase whatever data I have on Google Reader and remain just with Feedly.

    Thanks and all the best!

    1. I have this question as well. More specifically, there are several feeds I kept *attempting* to delete on Google reader, but for some reason Google reader kept adding the feeds back. I am experiencing the same problem on Feedly, in that the feeds I attempt to unsubscribe from reappear after a day or two. Is there a way to repair this issue?

  17. Is it possible to export an OPML file from feedly? I can’t find this option anywhere on the site?

    1. +1 on this one. As a long-term google reader user I’d appreciate to download an opml file as well. even more as google reader is shutting down now. who says feedly will be there the next years. or what will be following afterwards: a feedly importer to yet another reader?

    2. I also can not rely on a service that won’t let me export my feed. Please add this functionality so I can try feedly!

    3. I’ve seen the request for export in Feedly’s “Suggestions” area, as well as on GetSatisfaction. What I *haven’t* seen is a response anywhere from Feedly. C’mon, Feedly folks — this is a critical piece of the puzzle!

  18. In Reader, my favourite feature is that on the left I can see all my fees with unread counts against them. Feedly has this but it’s hidden behind an irritating popup on the left of the screen. How do I ‘pin’ this so that it stays open?

    1. If you browser window is narrower than a certain width, Feedly automatically condenses the menu. I’m not a fan of it either, but for now the solution is to make your window wider, if you can.

  19. Is there a way how to manually change order how the Sources are displayed within Categories? If I’m not wrong the Sources are now dynamically ordered by the time-stamp of the latest article within from newest to oldest. I want to change it so that the Sources are ordered according my preferences and not changing dynamically. I can’t find this option. It is possible in Google Reader.

      1. Likewise. This is really annoying. I had a specific order to all of my feeds and Feedly has rearranged everything.

        1. Go to “organize”. You can move the categories around by drag and drop, hover over title to see the move tool. You can also move feeds within the category the same way. Not a perfect system, but will help a little until they come up with better sort options.

          1. Drag and drop works for organizing order of categories, but concerning the feeds/sources you can use it only to move them between different categories, not to change their order within the category. At least it doesn’t work for me.

  20. Does feedly have some kind of notification?

    I Use Google Reader Watcher extension in firefox to know If i have new rss feeds to read. Does feedly have something similar?

    1. It seems like they don’t, but this answer I found is at least 4 years old, maybe something did change since. :)

      “Feedly does not know to push/notify users. All it does at this point is to 1) track for each of the sources you subscribe to which articles you have already read and which ones are new and 2) filter the list of all unread articles and create a list of the best/most relevant ones (the content of the greatest tab/category.”

      1. I found that as well, but it wouldn’t need to “push.” Google Reader notifier wasn’t a push service. You set an interval (like every 5 minutes) for it to check for new posts. I agree, that’s all I’m missing! I have the Feedly Plus Chrome extension which gives me an icon in my browser but I just want that icon to pop up with number of unread posts!

    2. Yes please, I’d like to see a chrome extension like Google Reader Notifier. This would make my transition from Google Reader complete.

      1. You have to uninstall the Feedy chrome extension, and install the Feedy Plus one instead. Once that is installed and logged in, you can change the Unread Indicator preference to have a similar notification to the Google Reader one.

        1. Thanks for the tip! But notice you don’t need to uninstall the Feedly extension. Both will live together with no problem at all (so far)…

  21. I would really appreciate a “Next” and “Previous” _button_ within a feed, just like the j and k buttons, but just with my mouse :)
    I use more often the mouse than the keyboard.

    And keep up the good work and thanks!

      1. AMEN!! One of the things I LOVED about Google reader was the “Next” button I was able to keep in my bookmarks bar. Makes reading so much simpler! I’m with you, Jeff. I will HANDS DOWN use the first reader to adopt this function.

  22. How do I search through my saved posts? I hope that they are searchable – moreover are only those saved indexed/searchable or all posts?
    Thank you in advance

      1. Now I know the searching is in the Add website section… But it’s not so easy for me to add a website, when I want to add one site it’s at the bottom of the suggestion.

  23. I’ve tried Feedly for the first time today. I have it set to display only ‘unread’ items.

    When I click a ‘folder’ on the left, for example ‘Technology (42)’ – I’m shown articles on the right pane, but not all 42 of them … only approx half.

    How do I configure feedly to show me ALL unread items, Google Reader-style!?

        1. I don’t have the “Oldest First” option under Filters! I want that option. I’m using Chrome.

  24. Wish there was SuperReader for Chrome(works on Google Reader) effect possible for Feedly.. basically allows feeds with links to be read within the site, load the site directly or show the feed with small summary and link which is configured on a category/folder or feed basis

    1. YES! I depend heavily on this feature to stay within one website instead of crashing my browser with tabs. Hopefully the Super Google Reader app developer will get in touch with Feedly re: transitioning it over. :)

    1. There seems to be a shortcut for mark-as-read already.

      “Selected Article
      m – toggle mark as read”

        1. I don’t see any visual cue after pressing the keyboard shortcut ‘m’. I would like to know if I have toggled the item as read, or unread.

  25. I have not found any way to subscribe to a specific RSS feed. It seems that I’m limited to the feeds available in the Feedly database and feeds added through my Reader account.

    Just tried a bunch of RSS-links (mostly WordPress feeds from small not widely spread blogs) and Feedly keeps responding “Sorry. No sites found”, while Google Reader happily accepts the links and present the feeds.

    A solution for this is crucial if Feedly is to replace Reader once and for all.

    1. You seem to be using their app? I had the same problem and had to work around it by adding new feeds in Google Reader… Today I downloaded their Chrome extension and voila! Here it is, “ADD WEBSITE”, in the top left corner.

      You can find the downloads here –

      I hope they’ll fix the app asap.

    2. Sorry, my bad – the adding itsefl was not the topic, you are talking about specific feeds.

  26. Hey feedly team, could you please add a keyboard shortcut to switch to the next source, like “ctrl + j” did in Google Reader? That’s the only thing i miss!

  27. 1. i would like to import my tags (and tagged articles) from google reader feedly.
    2. i would like the option to have rss link for my tags (i have that for reader tags i used before they changed it the last time).
    3. i would like the option to “share” articles, and have feed for that, now im using a plugin that does this.
    4. i would like to have “mark as read” at the end of each page on ALL possible views


    1. i have found that your tags do import… but you have to tag a new article to do so. for example, i have different categories of recipes tagged on google reader. when i tag a new recipe as a dessert, all my articles tagged as dessert from before show up in feedly. does that make sense? i was super excited when i figured that out. the only drawback is that this doesn’t happen automatically…

  28. I have trouble logging in as I get stuck on “Grant access” screen ( I grant, nothing happens). Is there any other way to log in?

    1. I run into similar behaviour. In the popup window, the two buttons i.a. “Grant access” are disabled. What to do?

  29. I really miss the number of unread articles next to the feedly symbol in the menu bar! It’s the most important setting for me!!

      1. I installed chrome, logged into feedly, but there still isn’t the indicator, you talked about.

      2. I have the Safari Feedly extension on both Safari 5.1.7 (OS X 10.6.8) and Safari 6.0.2 (OS X 10.7.5) and do not see this preference either. The only items under Advanced are: Auto-Select On Scroll, Auto-‘Mark As Read’ On Selection, Contextual Menu and Customization Key. I am logged in.

        What are we missing?

    1. Since some days I uses feedly on my android device and I really like it. I But I need a counter of unread articles! I I want to know how long it will take me to go through my news. :-)

    1. It’s not history till July 1st,… and even then you could export all your Google Reader info from Google Takeout and import it here, but just login to Feedly with your Google accounts and it will work in a snap

  30. How do I see a list of all feeds in a category? e.g. in ‘Untitled’ I have 50 feeds, but cannot get a single list of them. ‘Index’ shows a mostly empty white page with a few feeds compressed at the top. Of course what I really want is a list of feeds down the side of the screen, and a large pane looking at the one I’m interested in at the moment. Is that possible?

    Also, I’ve found that my starred articles have come across as ‘saved’ but they’re all jumbled up. How do I view the ‘saved’ for just one feed ? I can sort by date across all feeds (jumbled, not workable) so is there a way to ‘sort by feed’ ?

    Looks like my tags all failed to migrate. Is this normal ?

  31. 1 – Why do I need to categorize everything? I have feeds that are not in any folder and just want to see it.
    2 – Why do folders that doesn’t contain any feeds, still show up just with 0 items? I just want to focus on what I need to reed, otherwise is clutter occupying space

    1. I second this emotion. I have several feeds which have deliberately been left out of any folder so I can see their counts separately (such as a Gmail inbox feed to see new emails in my inbox). Is there any way at all to see those feeds without having to open the Uncategorized folder, maybe alongside the existing folders, as I already have it set in Google Reader?

  32. I tagged a lot of articles in my Google Reader instead of staring them. It seems that these tagged articles can not be displayed in Feedly. Is it possible to make this function available soon? Thanks.

    1. It already works, just not automatically. Simply add your tags to Feedly’s Preferences page and they will re-associate with the articles you had saved in Reader. Be sure to use the same uppercase and lowercase options, or they won’t match. Further down in these comments, a way is explained to do this bulk.

  33. I currently use Reeder to sync my news feed from Google Reader and one of the facilities they offer is to cache more content through Readability. i.e. when a particular item only contains a couple of sentences it will automatically download the rest of the article and cache it for off-line reading. Is this something you guys are looking into ?

  34. Do you need someone to help you out with all the E-Mails? :)
    Thank you so much for what you are doing.

  35. Hi :)

    I have my feeds organized into directories (tabs?), ordered by importance how I want to read them (like “ToRead” first, then “tech news” then “boring” etc). I’m missing two things from my workflow :/

    1. How can I tell Feedly to start in specific bookmark/directory? I don’t see it in options. – so I could start in my “ToRead” the moment I open it

    2. When I scroll news using space, if I reach end of last news in specific directory, I need to click new directory. Google Reader was jumping to next directory/feed in the hierarchy. – I miss that :(

    Great works guys! Google go to hell ;)

  36. Hello,
    While trying to get used to Feedly, I noticed a couple of things:

    1. I cannot seem to add new rss feeds. The ones I used to follow are customised generated RSS feeds and not just simply some website. I hope this is only a matter of me overlooking a feature here Please see this link to get an idea of what I am talking about.

    2. is there a way of switching Feedly to show all feeds as default and not just the unread ones, or do I have to go through each feed and switch the layout option manually?

    3. Will Feedly provide something like the ‘Next’ button that Google Reader had. It was possible to put it in the bookmarks bar of Chrome and it automatically takes you to the next unread item.

    Thank you so much!

    1. I only started with Feedly last night but had the same issue. I’m using the Chrome plugin, so your experience may be different, but if you go through the steps on that site to build your desired RSS and once the URL come up, look in the bottom right corer for a small icon that looks like the iPhone share icon (an arrow coming out of a box). This is apparently “Feedly mini”. If you click that, you can preview in Feedly which lets you see how it would look and subscribe. Much to my surprise, it grabbed the right URL for the feed I created. Give that a try! (You can also enable/disable and customize this in the preferences.)

      1. Yeah I am using the Chrome plugin as well, but this doesn’t work for me. Once I generate the url of my desired feed, the feedly mini only picks up the main url that is in the navigation field and not the one I generated. I tried opening the target feed’s url in a new tab but then the feed mini only gives me the option to ‘save for later’. Strange, that it worked for you! I depend on this for my work and the hair on my back stands up at the thought of having to switch to the outlook reader :(

          1. Hey,
            That is the way I was trying to add them, but no success. Is there another way of adding URLs? It seems like it does not recognise generated feeds as I indicated in my posts above :(

  37. In Google Reader I can 1) use my account as part of IFTT recipes and 2) make my own “Send to” sharing links (for example – to Kippt, Evernote). Would I be able to use Feedly in same way – to customise my sharing links and to use triggers for running some external service?
    Thank you

  38. I am in Feedly this morning (could not even get in last night), but it is NOT accessing my Google Reader account. I have over 600 feeds in Reader but they are not showing up when I click on Google Reader. How do I know it is even trying to synch? It just sits there.

    1. OK – figured it out. The window to grant permission was UNDERNEATH Chrome. It never ever showed on top. Sigh.

  39. Tagging and tags from google reader actually works! I just found that out be accident!

    If you imported from google reader and don’t see your tags don’t fret! Select any entry, tag it with the exact same term as in Google Reader (case matters so if your google reader tag is “Iceland” you have to use it with the upper case “I”. “iceland” won’t work). Your tag will be displayed in the left side navigation of feedly. If you click on it all your entries tagged with this term will appear!

    1. Yes! Thanks! This is fantastic. If you have many tags, you can also go to preferences and add all of your tags there, separated by commas with no spaces. I had 22 tags and types them in and the tagged articles show up under the correct tag!

  40. First off, thank you for offering this service! Found it via a Facebook post from a friend.

    Second, is there a way to leave items unread? One of my RSS feeds is my Youtube subscription. I don’t view all of the videos on the first pass and use the “leave unread” feature in Reader to keep videos around until I do have time to view them.

      1. Agreed! I’ve been using Feedly on my phone for a few months, and it’s the biggest thing that I feel is missing. Sometimes you just click on an article and it’s just too long to go back to and read (and, knowing myself, I probably would never go and read the “Saved for Later” items)

    1. Please help us. We miss being able to mark something as UNREAD when we don’t want to read it right now.

    2. I Agree, its different when you want to read something later or mark as favorite, for example normaly i marks as favorite some article that might be useful in the future, like, ‘how to configure a media center’ its different from read later becouse i don´t know when i´m going to read it

  41. I have been using feedly almost exclusively for some time, but I need to get back to Reader once in a while for just one thing: Is there any “recently read” function in the plans?

  42. Can I sync read articles across platforms (work computer, home computer, phone)? I can’t figure out if it’s syncing (now that I’ve been using it all of an hour) and can’t find a FAQ on it. :)

  43. BTW: Once thing I think Feedly should clarify: Are you going to take features away from the “normal” version when you launch the “Pro” version?

  44. I’ve just migrated from Google Reader, and my feeds and folders have moved seamlessly, yes. But the most important part of my Reader are my tags. which I use as very intensive research tools. Those tags have not migrated at all. Are you guys at Feedly addressing this issue?

  45. I mostly read on an iPad is there a way to make Feedly look more like google reader on the ipad? I want to combine all posts from every source and sort them oldest to newest?

  46. I use tags a LOT. I have hundreds and they are a really important part of google reader for me. But I’m having some problems with tags in Feedly – can anyone help?

    * How can I make all my google-reader tags appear in the left hand menu?
    If I add a tag by hand (to an article, or in the tag box on the preferences page) then the tag appears in the sidebar and, when I click on that tag, I can see all the articles I had tagged in google reader. But, as I said, I have hundreds of tags, so I don’t want to have to type in every single one by hand, I have better things to do with my life.

    * How can I add more than one tag to an article?
    I tried adding more than one tag to an article and it failed horribly. (Feedly crashed.) And when I look at articles I tagged with multiple tags in google reader, Feedly seems to know about all of the tags, but only displays one.


    1. Same here! I have tagged a lot of articles in GoogleReader and for me it’s really important to be able to add more than one tag to an article. Alphabetic order of the tags in the left column would be useful too.

  47. I currently add a “Share” tag to posts I want to share in Google Reader. This creates a public RSS feed which I then push to Twitter and such. That way I can quickly share content with the world across all platforms of my choice and have a page people can visit. Example:

    Can I do something like this with Feedly since it’s built on Reader?

    Thanks so much for all your hard work to support us Google Reader Orphans!


    1. is the ultimate tagged-pile-of-bookmarks site. You can use an recipe to post public bookmarks in with a particular tag (eg “shared”), then pass out the URL to the page for that tag in your account at (For example: All pages at have their own feed URLs.

      1. Oh, and: Check out for automatically pushing content to social networks. Feedly has support for Buffer built-in, or you can use an recipe to do it for you based on some particular action/tag.

  48. Auto-mark-as-read is broken. Google reader – as I scrolled through things top-to-bottom, it would mark all the stuff that I scrolled off the top of my screen as read, whether I “selected” it for 100 ms, waved my hands at it, or called its mother disparaging names. I’ve tried all 3 with feedly to no avail.

    1. Agree. This was the best feature of Google Reader. I cannot get it to work in Feedly, even thought the Preferences would indicate that it should.

  49. Some time ago google dropped support of sharing articles with my friends. I could subscribe to a private feed of my friend and vice-versa and share articles with a specific group of persons. Our workflow heavily relied on exchanging articles and news inside our groups. Shared articles would show up in our “All Items” view with a notation, who shared the article.

    Is this feature available on feedly or under planning?


  50. For Starred / Bookmarked posts, is there any way that they can also be visible in the feed they are from? I can often remember who wrote an article I want to refer back to rather than when it was written – so keeping starred articles in their feeds makes more sense to me :-)

  51. You guys just banked off Google’s decision to retire Reader. I honestly don’t know how I’d keep up with the web for sites like you guys. Is there a paid option so we can help support your future support of this Feedly service?

  52. Thank you guys for all the tips. I’ve been a long time Feedly user. I’m sad that Google Reader will be going away but I’m glad that Feedly exists. :)

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  54. Is there a way to mimic the fullscreen option that is in Google Reader within Feedly? To access in GR, you just hit the “f” key and it hides the interface except for the article list. This allows for a much more efficient usage of space.

    1. +1 for this… I’m finding it hard to j/k through imgur feeds, for example, because the image starts low down the page and is cut off at the bottom of the window.

  55. Google Alerts Setting?

    I currently have a bunch of google alerts setup to be delivered automatically to Google Reader.

    I don’t see Feedly in the options for other rss readers to send these alerts to. What do I need to do to set this up correctly for Feedly.

    By the way, I love feedly so far.

    1. I’m also interested in knowing the answer to this. I really want to retain Google Alerts’ RSS feed functionality after Google Reader is retired. I’ve tried contacting Google but they never got back to me…

      1. Hi!
        If you are logged in to your Google account you can visit this page:
        Click on the rss-button and search the document tree for the following tag: <link rel="self" href= (And here you will see a long url. Mark it, copy it and import it into Feedly using the "add content" button. Make sure you don´t mark anything beside the url)
        This works for at least some of my alerts. Not sure if this will continue to work after the shutdown though.

  56. Love on first sight. Feedly is the first rss-application that I’d be not only ok to pay for, but happy to do so to keep it running.

    If you could add some sort of subscription, one time payment or even a way to just donate some money, I’d be delighted.

  57. Feedly’s looking like a good Google Reader replacement.

    My first request would be for a global setting that would sort all feeds by Oldest First. It does save the Filter setting when you do it for each individual feed, but then I don’t want to have to update each one at a time ;)

    1. Ok, thought of another. Would be great to have shortcut keys for Next Feed and Previous Feed (Google Reader used shift+n/p for next and previous and then shift+o to open it).

    2. One more, would be great if Feedly would hide folders where there are no unread items – much easier to see what’s there to read.

      1. ” would be great if Feedly would hide folders where there are no unread items”

        This is very important for me! I subscribe to lots of blogs, none of which post regularly.

  58. I’m a librarian and I used Google Reader to store folders of feeds for scholarly journals. I then created bundles from each of those folders to share feeds on my library’s subject guides pages- I have Otolaryngology feeds, Ophthalmology feeds, Pathology feeds, etc. Does feedly have an option to create bundles? Or will the bundles I created in Google Reader still function once it goes away? I’d like to be able to update these bundles based on my library’s subscriptions over time.

    1. Check out Feedly’s support for to automatically share to social neworks, or use to make a recipe which will share items as you choose. Sounds like you might want to share saved posts on, for example.

      1. Thanks! What I was looking it’s the XML that Google Reader creates with your Starred elements.

  59. I’d like to be able to log in with a Microsoft account so I can do away with the google account…

  60. A question..
    Is there a way to have it so Feedly only shows unread? As it is now, I still see the read articles in my feed, in a lighter color. I’d like it so once I read an article, it’s not visible anymore. Thanks.

    1. Right. When I click the Mark as Read button, I want everything to disappear. Clicking the “All items” button on left should just be empty. I don’t want to see “read” items.

  61. Thank you for this! I’ve come to depend on Google Reader and use it daily. I was in a panic when I received the news that it will be retired. I searched for competing web based RSS readers but was disappointed by what I was finding…. and then I found Feedly! I think we are going to get along just fine. :)

  62. When I started using Feedly, I didn’t even knew Google Reader worked in background !
    Feedly is great (desktop AND mobile version) but the fact Google Reader was behind made it even more powerful because it allows me to read my feeds in other clients such as Flipboard (Even though Feedly remains my main tool). This, unfortunately, won’t be possible unless Flipboard (or any other RSS capable app) adds Feedly support.

    1. By the way, I’ve always wondered why Feedly needed to be installed as an extension since it is a web app.
      I hope Feedly would become a native desktop app taking advantage of the touchpad gestures on mac or Windows 8.

  63. Hi, sorry, this is probably a stupid question, but is our Google account login information secure? Does feedly store that info somewhere?

  64. I use Feedly and highly recommend it. Thanks for supporting the Google Reased feed after june…
    I do not see Feedly offering “search” options, to try to find old feeds that include a certain text, and that – after years and years of blog reading – is really really helpful (I do not always know that I will want to go back to a specific feed, so I may not starr it or bookmark it in advance).
    Is there (/ will there be) a way to SEARCH in old blogs posted?

  65. Coming from Google Reader to feedly, is my article history and starred articles going to carry over?

  66. Hopefully someone else using Feedly for business purposes will have the same question. I currently use Google Reader as a way to streamline consumption of both Google News Alerts feeds AND Factiva feeds (it brings in the preview to GR and then I click over/log in when I want to read something). I’ve seamlessly logged into Feedly with my GR account, but it doesn’t look like it’s bringing over any of my Factiva RSS feeds – they show up as a count, but when I click on them, it’s empty. Any ideas, Feedly users or admin? Obviously, I have a few months to resolve this, but it will be critical stay-or-go for my choice to take up with Feedly.

  67. Feature Suggestion: One of the most useful features of Google Reader is the combination with the RSS Subscription Extension (by Google), it easily allowed me to add subscriptions to my reader account. Some kind of similar or “right click” extension would be awesome.

  68. Giving Feedly a try today after hearing Google was dumping me, again. Previously a user of iGoogle, which is getting axed in November… they said, “oh, don’t worry, just move everything over to Google Reader!”… which I did. Asshats.

    Feedly’s looking good so far. Easier to customize than GR. I’d pay for a premium service. Please, just don’t leave me abandoned and alone on the side of the ride again… (ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but you get the point)

    Keep up the good work…

  69. Hi guys– small bug (I think)– In the preferences window I have the option selected for a “mark all as read” confirmation dialog– but when I click the number of unread messages next to a feed, it marks all of them as read– no confirmation dialog. I’ve marked all my feeds as read by accident three times in one day now!

  70. Just migrated from Google Reader.
    After importing all my feeds I tried to add new RSS feed, in the “+Add website” button. The feeds were only recognized using the search option. There is no option to add a direct RSS link that isn’t indexed. Disappointing.

  71. Sorry to be the latest to harp on about tags but these are THE reason google reader was so great. Feedly seems like the best reader alternative but could be even better!
    I imported all my tags by pasting a comma-delimited list of them into the tags box on the preferences page and that seems to have worked just fine.
    But Feedly is not set up well to actually use/navigate my 500+ tags. Could you integrate the tags into the ‘gg’ shortcut for instance?
    And could you add a shortcut to tag articles? (‘t’ seems to be taken by twitter but anything would do).
    Finally how about a dynamic tag box so I can start typing the tag name and it then appears?

    with crossed fingers,

  72. Hi
    Very nice tool, but is there a way to gain more space for the titles in condensed view in “Latest” page by being able to hide/toggle the left pane with the list of feeds

    And also, can I assign a color to each feed, and using this color as a background for the tile (like in Better GReader add on for Firefox)?


  73. You folk are great for getting things working so quickly. I have only one major thing that I’ve noticed so far… the global settings seem to be inconsistent. Condensed view seems to work, but in individual feeds, I want to set it to display all items, not just unread, and the only way that I can find to do this is to change them individually. May I suggest making the global view settings easily accessible in one place, like the settings? Thanks in advance, and thanks for doing such great work given the sudden influx of new users!

    1. In the left column: “+ Add Website”, then in the right column on top: enter URL of the feed (the feed, not the site).

      1. Thank you! I also had this question and was entering the url of the site. Getting the url of the feed solved it.

  74. Can we have more customization settings? I would love to see “Read/Unread background color” option. As “Read/Unread Link color” was implemented in one of google updates (which was not met nicely within community), previously they used background color to indicate state.

  75. Pingback: Bad move Google…
    1. I liked that feature too – I had prioritized the order I would read things within categories that way.

    1. Yah! Same question: will all my personal reading behaviour data be transferred yo Feedly account/service?? Including all the read(ed), mark as read, read time weekly/monthly, most read feed top10 ranking, most read percentage of feed top10 ranking etc etc! Really hope to see that!! Thanks a lot!

  76. I used Feedly for a while and eventually went back to Google Reader. Now that I am forced to come back I can say that I am impressed. I like what you have done with the complete service, so much so that I can say so long Reader. Seriously, Google neglected Reader so it is no wonder the usage dropped. The future is Feedly. :)

  77. Would also like to see sites/feeds broken out individually inside of folders. Sometimes I just want to quickly read the feed from one site, not all the sites in the same topic/folder.

    1. I’ll join the chorus asking for a setting to make the Android app behave like this. Even the most “compressed” setting on that thing is intolerable – four articles per page?! – when you’re used to Reader.

  78. Is there a way to import older starred items from Google Reader? I have a lot of articles saved that are older than one month, and I’d hate to lose them all.

    On that note, what is the cut off date on Feedly (if there is one)? Are all the items marked as read after one month, like on GR, or do they last forever? How long do saved items last?

    Plus, as others have said, a search option and the ability to add feeds from the RSS URL are pretty much a must.

  79. Hello! I’d like to be able to see the full article view and have the left sidebar be persistent. Can I do that?

    Also, I have it set to show “unread only” but when I go into a category that is completely read I see the list of read items (again in full article view). I’d like just a “you have no unread items” message like GReader please!

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on this – you have handled the onslaught well and I commend you for that!

  80. I hesitate to ask, since I feel somewhat betrayed by google shutting down reader, but. . . Can you add an option to share to google+ ?

  81. Very easy transition, thanks! A couple of questions:
    How do I reorder the feeds alphabetically?
    How do I listen to podcasts directly (streamed) rather than having to wait for each one to be downloaded (buffered?) before I listen to it?

  82. Reblogged this on Focus on Life and commented:
    Many of you may have read the surprising news that Google have decided to kill their Good Reader service on 1st July 2013.

    All, however, may not be lost for your precious feeds. The popular feed viewing app / service Feedly has shared some great tips on how to liberate your data from Google before the big switch off, and move over to their service.

  83. Just started using Feedly because of Reader’s shutdown and I’m already loving it. Great job, and really beautiful design.

  84. Google Reader got two great features that I’ll miss. When using Google Chrome you can add a “next” button to your bookmarks that shows the next article in your feeds. And a “subscribe” button too, so you easily can add a new feed to your collection.
    I really hope that Feedly will make that possible too, I use this feature EVERY day

      1. Yes ! The bookmarklet “next >>”
        (the 4th tab in the params of Google Reader: “extra”)
        That’s the only thing for me to definitively adopt feedly.

  85. I couldn’t find a feedback button in the chrome version of feedly, and I had what – I believe – is a bug report. Also, it took a jaunt to google to look for this blog to link to your ‘feature request’ website through the comments. Can you add a ‘here is where you feedback’ page or something to link to here and the feature website?

    Also, is there a good place to submit bug reports? I THOUGHT there was a link somewhere, but once I was logged into feedly it has no indications of where that might be.

    Anywho- my bug report is that when I am browsing with ‘full article’ selected and the article has multiple images in a block, they are displayed in reverse order. Rather than (top line 1 2) (second line 3 4) it is (top line 2 1) (second line 4 3). It makes reading the text on ordered images very confusing. :)

      1. There is a Support button in the top navigation, but only as long as you’re not logged in to feedly.

        1. Ah, wait: when you are logged in, in the top right hand corner you see your email address. Clicking it opens a dropdown menu where Support is one of the options.

  86. Whenever I want to use an alternative view to “magazine”(timeline, titles, mosaic, cards, etc..) It shows nothing and says end of feed even though there are tons of unread items when I am in magazine mode?


  87. This is only because I’m new to feedly, but I’d sure like to have alt-text button labels for small icons I’m not 100% sure on yet.

  88. The Android app shows only sometimes the “remove clutter” icon. It should be there all the time, since it misses the pages where I actually need it.

  89. Is the “titles view” available on iPad/iPhone? I want to do a quick skim most of the time, and don’t need pictures. I don’t see it in the settings. Also, I’d love to order my feeds from oldest to newest. Thank you!

        1. +1

          The iPhone App is not data dense enough. Please take a look at FeeddlerRSS UI. Feeddler shows 11 subscriptions or 7 posts on my iPhone5 in 1 page.

          I don’t like those BIG subscription category icon. It is a waste of space. All my subscriptions are in alphabetical order in categorized.

          I want a default view in Settings. Right now, I have to click on every subscription.

  90. Dear Feedly team!

    I have plenty of starred items in Google Reader, which are no more available on the web. I can see them in Feedly. But do you really import them from greader? In other words, will they disappear after greader shutdown?

    Thank you for your answer in advance.

  91. Okay, wanna replace my Google Reader? Get together with and allow recipes. I use google reader to “tag” an item “social” (for instance) which them posts it to my blog. Currently since Normandy is not used for my Google Reader account, this DOES work (i am told) as it simply tags (using Google Reader’s Tag command) and therefore will pick this up… BUT after July it will not work.

    Wanna replace my Google Reader, integrate across the web! Oh, and the person that said disentage yourself from my google account was perfectly correct. I want a feedly-only login AND there is absolutely NO reason feedly needs my emails and contacts, etc in order to do it’s job, yet it required them when i “linked” feedly to my google account!!!

    This is unacceptable!

  92. Please add the option to list individual feeds in alphabetical order. As it is, it’s a nonsensical mess.

    Expanding the view in the left pane so the entire name of the feed can be seen would be a +, too.

  93. anyone can help me to get feedly(firefox) running with noscript?
    I have feedly whitelisted but it does not help.

  94. I don’t know you guys but I would like to select were to start my “Today” page as I set on Google Reader. I set one of my Inscriptions folder to start, this is the News, to me it’s important to start the day reading the newspapers not all I have new from other sites. it should be great if the user could select were to start, not keeping the user chained on “today”, “all” and “index”.

  95. It’s freaking me out, how do I know that an article is marked as read or not? And then, how can I see only the read articles in the same order as I read them?

  96. I tried migrating to feedly from google reader, feedly is way slower than reader and is taking ages to sync my google reader settings, Is that what other users have experienced ? I used feedly browser plugin by the way

  97. I’ve connected with a Google Account instead of a Feedly one. How do I set up a Feedly account if I don’t want to connect using my Google Account?

    I mean, I connected to sync with Google Reader but my Google account uses two-step authentication so logging from Google is a chore sometimes. Can I set up a Feedly account after having loggeed through Google Reader? How do I do that?

  98. I think my biggest issue with it is the “dynamic css” portion of this. I don’t want a Facebook/New Twitter reader! I want a one-page-at-a-glance reader! Google reader was easy to deal with on one page. It gave a simple look that you could glance at and see that you had xyz feeds unread, it stayed in the order you added feeds in, you could easily operate on a single feed–or a single article within a feed. It seems that with Feedly we got a CSS mess of “lets make it look good but take 10 x’s the real-estate and make people scroll all over to read a day’s worth of feeds. It is unacceptable NOT to have a feed index displayed on each page!

  99. It would be nice to create a ‘feedly-account’ (after Google Reader has expired) So i can get rid of all that Google stuff… (I don’t wan’t to keep my Google Account after the Reader service has shutdown)
    So, if you would implement a login-system it would be so nice!

    1. Yes a Feedly only login would be great rather than using my google account (want to get off google completely!)

  100. Would it be possible to make it so you see the oldest feed first so you can keep up with your rss articles in the order they are received this was a nice preference in Google Reader being able to decide how to index the articles.

  101. hey–all over the site i see that you can easily link articles to instapaper in the ios/android editions, but how do you do it in the browser?

    also are there plans to have sharing abilities on google plus?

  102. How can we make these changes in the Android version? I can’t find the titles option — is it available?

  103. I use Reader to create ‘bundles’ or groups of feeds to then send information to various apps and devices. Does Feedly have the same functionality or are you planning to build it in?


  104. Muy buena aplicación que sería mejor si estuviese también en español. Enhorabuena

  105. love the look and function of this but have one request. On Reader, I loved the layout with the blog list on the left, and the blogs posts filling the right side. On Reader, when I scrolled down, it auto ‘read’ each post. I din’t have have to click on the article to make the status “read”. Is there a way I’m not finding on Feedly and sorry if this is answered already.

  106. It’s pretty good so far but how do I hide read articles? And by this I mean COMPLETELY hide, like in Google Reader. Here they just get a bit “washy”.

    Also, compact mode should be really compact. The left sidebar is huge.


  107. Great, I have tested it using my google reader account and I happily found all my RSS feeds and saved items but…

    … Will this feature to log with a google reader account will work after July 1st? or should I create a feedly account and import my feeds ?

    Thanks, answer appreciated.

  108. iPad, iPhone & Android Tips for Newbies post(s) would help me. Many tips for Feedly for web browsers create needless confusion.

  109. Is there a way to subscribe to feeds by URL via Feedly alone? I use an extension for Chrome that shows an icon when an RSS feed is available, and can subscribe with any arbitrary RSS reader if you give it the URL the service uses to subscribe to feeds. Does Feedly have such a URL for subscribing to feeds with, so that I can easily subscribe to new feeds without having to keep using Google Reader?

    1. the only way I’ve found is by clicking on the “find” button on the right side of the page and add the website on the field…it should be very nice to have an extension to do that…

    2. While I’m thinking about it, an “Unread Items” counter on your Chrome plugin would be nice as well. I like seeing my backlog at a glance. That should be pretty easy, right? Please consider it.

  110. Dear feedly makers

    Great work i really enjoy your service.
    Here is one bug i found in Feedly for Android:
    IF: The screen rotation is locked to _landscape_ orientation.
    Then: Feedly always starts in _portrait_ orientation and wont turn.
    It only turns when the screen rotation is available.

    One feature request: Can you make an global setting/filter for: Show unread items (yes/no)

    Tanks and keep going

    Greets from Germany

  111. I follow a TON of blogs (almost 2,000) now on Google Reader. I was flipping out when they said they were closing. That is, until I found Feedly. I LOVE this service, even more than I loved Google Reader! So glad you are around, thanks for a fab product!!

  112. I used Google Reader to compile a spreadsheet that I used to share with my employees. Is there a way to export saved items from Feedly into something that would work the same way? The saved items page on Feedly would work fine, but I don’t want to give out my Feedly user info to employees so they can see it, and I would prefer to have the resulting information available only to those who have a link to it.

  113. Can you provide a web version without the requirement of the extension/addon?
    I would like to read on PCs I do not have control over as well. I can adapt to the other UI differences from Google Reader but being able to see it anytime, anywhere is one of the things I loved about Reader.

  114. okay so, i clicked the X on one of the articles in my feed. it disappeared. fair enough, i suspected that… what i didn’t suspect was that there’s seemingly no way of getting it back. what’s the deal with that?

  115. the share buttons would be better if located below the article and not on the top of the page, you’ll only be able to share an good article after reading it, not before…

  116. I would like to see a “suggested feeds” section for me based on what I regularly read or who I am subscribed to

  117. Anyone knows how to stop the synchronization between Reader and Feedly once you have imported the feeds for the first time? I mean, when deleting one feed in Reader it gets deleted in Feedly too. :(

    1. i’m quite sure it’s not possible now, i believe it’ll after reader dies. currently feedly is based on reader, after thei change to “Normandy” it’ll be feedly by his own, not depending on reader.

    1. Great question.. I too have IFTTT built in heavily to my Google Reader… This is a must!

      Just out of curiousity, what recipes do you use right now with Google Reader? or maybe a link to your recipes in general (always good to view what people have to get ideas)

    2. Yeah this would be great. I use IFTTT to send things to Evernote. At the moment my Evernote share button in Feedly isn’t visible.

  118. As a Google Reader power user (I think), some stuff in Feedly (for Firefox) definitively doesn’t work well with my workflow (I’m talking only about the titles view, the most similar to Google Reader):

    – There’s a lot of screen estate wasted everywhere; yeah, I like negative space, but it should be a configurable knob (when I’m speeding through a feed I want to see the most information possible in one glance, and too much padding/margins/(space to the left and right of the ui) make it very hard to do so).
    – The font size should be configurable (if you use the browser’s zoom function the ui becomes even smaller… not so good in a 1920px wide screen).
    – The date headers in a feed should be configurable (on/off). If they’re off, the date should appear somewhere in every title line (as it does so now, but only for recent articles).
    – The “titles” view doesn’t appear in my global preferences… is this a bug?
    – There’s no way to search for items in the “Saved for later” view. Or I didn’t find it.
    – When I select an article at random in the view, then press “j” to go to the next one, the article that opens is the first in the view, not the next to the one that is open. Is this a feature or a bug? (I vote bug).

    I like the “magazinesque” view Feedly provides, specially when I’m on the go, but when I’m in front of the computer it definitively works against me.

    Anyway, it’s an amazing product and I’ll probably use it even if you don’t fix it for power users.

  119. I had signed up for Feedly a good while ago but when it “synced” my feeds, it messed up all of my read/not read designations.. I think it set a cap to only the last 25 unread messages.

    I foolow A LOT of feeds and many of them i just prefer to let build up for a while and then read in one shot.. but I am worried that coming back to feedly will mess it up again like it did the last time..

    So I guess my question is… Does feedly correctly keep track of what is read and not read when imported? Is there any cap?

  120. Thank you for sharing these great tips to help ease the transition. A few suggestions / requests.

    View All. just go into the river of news and start reading the latest. I’m less concerned with today or what’s been curated …

    Google Reader has the ability to view in both compressed or expanded modes. Can we please have that here? I am a power reader in list mode and the way you seem to do it is to expand one post at a time (the compressed view) which makes the page jump a bit when you go to the next post. I’d love it if things were already open …

    On mobile (android) I’m finding myself suddenly in a topic or tag from simply interacting with a post and I really don’t have any idea how that’s happening. Please let us “stay in place.”

    I’m looking forward to your API so that some of the existing tools we use on Google Reader can migrate to you as well.

  121. Keyboard shortcuts n/p don’t work when viewing “All” feeds in “Full Article” format. It does work in other formats. Would love if this could be fixed as this is my primary way of reading articles in Google Reader.

    I am using Chrome (25.0.1364.172) for Mac (OS X 10.8.2).

  122. Having a real hard time with your theme colors and readability. How about a plain ol’ BLACK text on WHITE screen. All other contrasts do not work for my old eyes. Also, I cannot for the life of me figure out what the little icons are for to the right of the messages; can’t even make out the first of the 4?. Help? Speaking of which, it would be nice if there was a Help page as it is gruesome to have to scroll thru all of these messages looking for something.

      1. Yes please!!!
        The contrast ratio for gray text in the navigation sidebar is 1:0. It should be a minimum of 4.5:1 for people with any sort of vision problem. (WCAG 2.0 1.4.3)

        Please give us some ability to modify text color.

  123. Feedly seems to be the most Google Reader-like replacement that I’ve found. So far I’m quite happy with it. I wish I could re-order the feeds within a category like I can reorder the categories.

  124. I get a LOT of items from tech sites like Gizmodo, Mashable! and Engadget. A lot of times, I have a few minutes to scan through the titles in condensed view. I would really like to see an option appear on the flyout menus for each feed item to “Mark Above as Read”. This would mark all articles above that one as Read. That way I can get through chunks of the 100s of articles some of the more active feeds throw my way.

  125. I tried to read through the comments to see if my answer was there, but almost 400 comments is too much.
    How do we import a non-google feed?
    I want my WordPress Feed to show up in Feedly

    1. hi sonya! did you ever get a response to this? I am testing feedly for a while and missing the “search reader” functionality very much!

  126. I’m using feedly now after Google’s announcement. I mainly use it on my Android. How do I star or save for later items that I like?

    1. In the Android app when you are reading an article you should see (or I do anyways) 3 icons at the top left corner. One that’s the logo for Chrome, one of a bookmark, and one that’s 3 dots vertical. The star/save for later is the second icon, bookmark.

  127. I have just transitioned from GR and (on first glance) all my feeds are there – only, all the posts that were marked as read in GR do not appear in feedly (and consequently all the Feeds with no unread posts don’t show any posts at all.)

  128. Is it possible to get a full text RSS feed for saved articles? Like the old google Shared RSS feed. I’ve figured out how to send articles to pocket but they only supply an RSS feed that contains the article title.

  129. “At the bottom of the left selector, you will find a link to the feedly preferences.” Where is this “bottom of the left selector” of which you speak? I see no such thing.

    1. At the top left of the page, there is a little icon of 3 horizontal lines. If you hover over this with your mouse, the left selector menu flies out.

      1. At the top left of the page is my avatar, my name, organize // logout, followed by categories of postings. The only three horizontal line icon is on the All category of postings. No menu flies out of anything.

  130. I have a feature request for Android app – make it possible to not sync some feeds. For example, i have some podcast feeds, which i’m not going to read with feedly, but rather with some other podcast app. I would love to not make then as read accidentally in feedly.


  131. How would I go about getting my existing tagged articles from GReader recognised in Feedly? Thanks

  132. is there any Subscribe shorcut you can add to your bookmark bar like google reader does to instantaneously Subscribe to any feed you like?

    1. I would like that too – have to add sites to my google reader to get them into feedly. If I try to subscribe using teh RSS subscribe button feedly says it doesnt recognise sites – quite fustrating as I love feedly

  133. Not sure the chances of my question being answered or even seen, but here goes. 1. Is there a way we can view STATS, like how many subscribers are to a certain blog? I kept track of my readers that way.
    2. Can we expand the categories on the left? I would like the option to view and click on each individual blog within a category if I chose.

  134. We represent many RSS publishers. Is it possible to get an “Add to Feedly” button or documentation for a URL which will enable subscription to a feed in Feedly from a web site?

  135. Please allow for podcast playing and automatic downloading on your android app. I love using GoodNews to automatically download podcasts for listening. That way most downloading occurs on wireless and does not require streaming and thus data usage. Also, if the tags could be imported automatically that would be great. Good luck with what I’m sure will be a large jump in your user base.

  136. how about searching for a “archived” article?
    for example… i am searching for a thread… wts canon s110.
    this feature seems to be missing in feedly

  137. I’m currently trying many services to replace Reader. Feedly seems nice (good looking!) but I miss the very basic “next article” button… I know I can use te “j” keyboard shortcut but a button would be easier.

  138. I want to be able to change the “today” view to “titles” is this an option – I can’t find the gear or settings within preferences? On the “today” view, I don’t like the “featured” section at the top – how does it know what to feature? Also not a fan of the “in my feedly” on the right hand side.

    1. I agree with that, does anybody know how to turn off and make “in my feedly” dissapear? It steals a lot of space on a screen and as for me doesn’t help at all.

  139. In google reader for Android I would scroll through articles and star those I wanted to read on my kindle and long press those with videos to share them instead with pocket.

    In the feedly app, I seem to be able to set the long press action to be -either- instapaper or pocket. I would need a fixed bookmark button (and IFTTT integration) in addition to this long press to match my Google Reader workflow.

    I’d also need a headline only view and a “mark previous as read” action.

  140. i just signed up for this i was wondering the feeds will stay here when google is gone right? is it possible to have the full post show up when you click to read it? and if you follow through google friend connect will a new blog show up in feedly?

  141. How does Feedly organize the left side listing?
    – I have a lot of feeds and categories, so when Feedly mirrors my Google Reader it comes over somewhat unorganized.
    Can I have it sorted alphabetically (as with Reader)?
    – Are there any other options for sorting left side?
    Is there option for hiding categories that have no current feeds (as with Reader), instead of showing a 0 count?
    – I’d like to see categories and feeds only that have material to read.

  142. As a long time Google Reader user, I have long created a system using stars and tags to keep things for later and/or forever. I see that Tags are available on Desktop, but I do most of my “Reading” on mobile, My Phone and iPad. I don’t see a way to access the Tags there. Any help? Is this coming?

  143. Every time I open Feedly in my browser, I get the page asking me to log in or connect to Google Reader, and have to “grant access” for Feedly to access my Google Reader account. Why are these settings not remembered on my computer?

    Also, Feedly is adding the mini icon to the bottom-right of every web page I open. I have set “Mini Enabled?” in the preferences screen to “no”, but still this happens.

    In fact I decided to stop using Feedly a few weeks ago because of these problems – but I’m willing to persist now that Google Reader is closing down, if there is a way to solve this.

    1. +1 on this. I also can’t get it going. I thought maybe it might have something to do with third party cookies or something, but I enabled everything and it still won’t work.

    2. I am using Feedly on a Windows notebook, my iMac and my iOS devices. I am having this problem in Chrome after switching between the devices (at lest between Windows and the Mac), but I don not use any privacy extension

    3. I can’t get Feedly to remember my Google Reader connection to save my life!

      Not the Safari extension, and not the iOS app. Sometimes the connection lasts a day, sometimes almost a week, but never permanently. I’m getting tired of re-logging into Google. I’m going back to MobileRSS for now… it’s rough but reliable! I’ll check out Feedly again in the summer.

  144. 2 things…
    Is there a shortcut to Tag posts in Feedly?
    Where are my Tagged posts from Google Reader? I’ve been using Tags instead of Star in Google Reader to make it easier to find things, but they seem to be gone when syncing to Google Reader in Feedly.

    1. I’ve discovered that if I tag a post with one of my Google Reader tgas, the tag appears below the main list on the left with all my other posts included in that tag, so now I just have to do that for all my tags which will be a while.
      I would still love that shortcut though :), and is it possible to Tag a post without opening it first?

  145. I’ve been trying out Feedly, but there are a few things I don’t seem to understand. For one, my news entries don’t seem to be in the order I’d expect them to be. Rather than appearing in the order of their age, I end up with a bunch from today, followed by some from yesterday, followed by more from today, etc. What’s up with that?

  146. How do I uninstall or stop using Feedly? I wanted to try it out but now whenever I go to a ‘feed’ page for a blog or website I like it automatically takes me to Feedly….how do I stop this. I don’t want to feel TRAPPED by this app, I want the choice to use something else if I end up not liking it. I’m using Chrome and cannot figure out how to stop it.

  147. Just wanted to thank you! I’m very sentimental about my Google Reader, as for many like me it was constructed and tweaked for years with special care to be just the right amount of Internet aggregated to me. The special care you’re taking into making the transition smooth with articles like this and services like Normandy make me feel welcome and reassured :)

  148. Great work. I could easily use this if google shut down reader, BUT, one thing I rely on a lot is folder based searches. Is there a way to run a search throughout all (or most recent) posts in a certain folder of blogs?

    e.g. a “Tech Blogs” folder with 30 RSS subscriptions in it – I want to search for all articles on the Galaxy S4 within that folder.

    I cant find this functionality in Feedly. If you can build it in, I’m sold.

  149. When you update interface to let us see only articles without left and right tab? Like “u” key in GR

  150. This is a great tool, thanks!
    One thing I still miss from reader is the thing I could scroll through headers using the mouse wheel and they were automatically set to read. It seems to me that with feedly I have to click on each articles to set it read which is not good for me. Does any settings allows to do so? I could find it.

  151. I love Feedly on my tablet but I have always had problems on the web version. I usually look at a group of sites that I have put into a folder. Most of the time though I can never see all articles before it hits “End of stream”

    For example, if I look at sites in my Tech folder with the “Full Article” view I will eventually get to the “End of stream” even though there might be 40 articles I have yet to read. Then when I refresh there are lots of articles that I see that are newer articles that should have been shown before I refreshed but didn’t.

    1. I have the same problem too. would be great to be able to see all feeds of a folder not needing to keep refreshing the page…humpf!

    1. Sue, if you keep “full screen” the selector will be enable for reading, if your’re using compacted screen like I do, there will be 3 straight lines at the left high top of the page, put the cursor on it and a selector will be shown, then just go click on Preferences…

  152. This will be a big, big help! Before July 1, a key feature I’d like to see you add is the ability to work with For example, I have a recipe where any starred Google Reader item goes into my Buffer account and to Instapaper (separate recipes). I know Feedly integrates with Buffer now, but I want to make sure I have this same workflow. I like sharing articles that catch my eye, then I use Instapaper to really dig into posts and articles for future blogs.


    1. I agree! I used the ‘Star in Google Reader’ recipe to archive things to Evernote, I’d love this functionality in Feedly.

  153. Please, please, please… i really loved your app, but implement the BEST feature of Google Reader. Show only sources on the side column that has unread feeds. Not all the sources..
    Thank you

  154. When I import my Reader feeds, will my starred items be imported as bookmarks, or not at all?

    1. As I was searching the page, I found that this was partially answered above. I’m not sure that it was sufficiently answered yet. I think I will wait a while to transition to Feedly or another, until they get the transition process as streamlined as they can.

  155. Does Feedly already have or plan to add a ‘Mark previous as read’ feature as the Google Reader mobile app has (and Google Reader in the browser used to have)? It’s very handy for flying down long lists of articles without having to open or mark each as read individually.

    1. I discovered that, if you swipe left or right in the mobile app (Android version, at least), you can mark articles read/unread from the list view. A short swipe does one at a time, while a longer swipe marks the whole page as read. It looks like you still have to do this for each page, though, so it won’t be as quick if you have dozens of articles that you want to mark read…

  156. Does anyone know if there’s a way to use Feedly via a mobile browser? It keeps redirecting me to install the app, which I did. But I grew to love using Google Reader from the mobile browser. If not, I can deal.

  157. When I go to “Organize”, it says I have 109 sources to organize, but it only shows me 24. How do I organize the rest? And the “Blogger-Following” category is not in the organize window, so I can’t move things in or out of that category.

    1. So, I accidentally found the “Organize Sources” page, which lets you edit individual subscriptions, and has all the “Blogger-Following” ones… and it indicates you can drag and drop to change categories, but I can’t pull anything out of the “Blogger-Following” category that way. Going through each of these subscriptions to edit their category is kind of ridiculous :(

      1. Oof! And, after I’ve individually edited a bunch of them, it puts them BACK in the “Blogger-Following” category the next time I load the page :( (It leaves them in the other category, too, though… weirdness.)
        I have very high hopes for Feedly :) I must say, it’s very impressive off the bat, but my usage of GReader was… odd, so getting it to fit might be difficult :/

  158. You are beautiful. I was so upset to find out Google Reader was ending, but then I found you, and I like you so much more. Thank you.

  159. Ability to search for key words but only within a folder full of feeds or a specific feed. Please! Best feature of Reader!

  160. Really good except the “save for later” thing is a pain. Please implement stars or similar on the left side of the post. It is meant to be a quick exercise to star things.

    Also there seems to be a lot of wasted real estate. The more I can read from the “preview” next to the name of a post, the better. Way too much screen space is wasted.

    Lastly, no drag and drop functionality with feed list on the left? I had my feeds arranged in my own way, now they are alphabetical. There should be a way to arrange as well as to drop blogs etc.. into folders.

    I understand this is a new product and is not meant to BE google reader. However you are essentially inheriting thousands of google reader users and as the saying goes, if it aint broke dont fix it.

    Really good job though in general!

    I hope these comments get to someone. At this rate you’d probably need an entire office to absorb all the comments.

    Bigup yourselves tho!

    1. Last thing – the “Today”, “Yesterday” thing should be customisable. I much prefer having all the posts one after the other in chronological order… No headings no nothing just post after post

      1. Yes, I want this too, can not live without that.. if this is not implemented, I am going to Netvibes or The Old Reader as they work this way

        1. It’s in Preferences at the bottom, under Advanced: “Auto-Select On Scroll
          Should feedly automatically select and mark-as-read entries as you scroll the latest page or other views organized by time? yes, no or inlined-only.”

  161. 1. Can I have it sorted alphabetically (as with Reader)?
    – Are there any other options for sorting left side?
    – I have a lot of feeds and categories, so when Feedly mirrored my Google Reader it came over somewhat unorganized.
    2. Is there option for hiding categories that have no current feeds (as with Reader), instead of showing a 0 count?
    – I’d like to see categories and feeds only that have material to read.
    3. Can I remove the “Featured”display listing?
    – I want the feeds view only, not what Feedly thinks I want to see at the top of the page…
    4. Is there a way to furher condense the page viewing, as there is a lot of unnecessary vertical spacing preventing an ‘efficient’ experience.

  162. I set myself up with Feedly yesterday when I saw the Google reader EOL announcement. Here are my comments.
    – Initial setup: it’s a snap. I just logged in with my Google credentials and I was up and running. Impressive.
    – I noted the issue that you can’t set “titles only” on all feeds globally, you have to go into each group and set it there. I voted up the issue in the issues list.
    – I accidentally marked all feeds read by clicking the small dot (thinking it would bring up a dialog of options). I have the preference set to confirm first, which doesn’t seem to work.
    – I love the Index View, which is more compact than anything similar on Google Reader. I would love to bring that selection to the top of the left-hand toolbar, is there a way to do that?
    – I am frustrated that I can’t seem to reorder the feeds in the groups in the left-hand toolbar – they are stuck in alphabetical. Also, I had them ordered in Google Reader, is there a reason you can’t migrate that ordering when I log on through Feedly?
    – I also wonder why this must be an extension to the browser, rather than just a normal browser window view. I don’t have permission to install extensions everywhere I want to read blogs.

  163. I really applaud Feedly staff for such a quick response and a seamless transfer from GReader- it’s much appreciated!

    I do have a couple of bugs at the moment however – for one, my share to Evernote button does not appear, despite me having it as one of the sources to share to.

    The other problem I am having is that a large amount of items show a display error at the moment; I am hoping that this might be due to the large influx of new users and will decline over time.

  164. I have a question about email integration. In my Google Reader workflow, I would email articles to myself from within reader. When I try to do this in Feedly, I click on the mail button and it says I need to log on to gmail first. But, I have gmail open in another tab and have logged in with the corresponding google account. I cannot figure out how to additionally log into my gmail account from within Feedly.


    1. I tried to email, and it actually said “Sorry gmail integration not available in this platform yet” (Chrome). I wonder if that’s something that will be coming soon?

  165. I’m one of the probably many people that have just transitioned to feedly upon hearing the news of Google Reader’s impending demise. First of all, thank you for providing this great product and stepping up to provide us feed readers with a new home :). In the past 2 days I’ve been trying out several highly praised online and desktop app alternatives and have been bitterly disappointed with the offering. I must admit, I was a bit weary of trying Feedly due to its packaging as a chrome extension rather than a standalone app or website, but once I’ve tried it, I immediately knew I have finally found GReader’s replacement.

    If you’ll allow me a few comments/questions:
    1) I was happy to find most keyboard shortcuts I use are the same as GReaders, with the exception of the “n” key for next article. All is good, “j” still works fine. But maybe a nice feature request would be customizable keyboard shortcuts (at least for your chrome/firefox editions).

    2) I understand you sync up all our items into App Engine’s highly distributed store, does this include read articles going back a few years? Is there a limit to the number of articles stored or how old they can be? I haven’t yet checked if my few thousand starred articles are all there, I would assume you sync up all of those regardless of how old they are?

    3) I see you have a tagging feature. I only have one personalized tag I am using in GReader where it shows up as a subscription. I use it as an alternative to starring… some articles I star while a different class of articles I tag with this tag (the articles are read). I don’t think this tag got imported. I’m sure the articles are still found in the many feeds they came from, but I don’t have them all organized in the same tag/folder. Is this a feature you currently don’t support? Do you have a recommended workaround?

    I apologize for the long message, I got a bit carried away :)
    Thank you,

  166. “If you want assign the titles view to all your feeds and categories, there is a global knob in the preference page.” I wan’t all my feeds to always display in title view, but I can’t find the global option to do this. Anyone? Thanks in advance

  167. My only ask is that we have a way to sort the feeds so that they can be non-alphabetical. I typically group my feeds into themes but not in folders (folders sometimes stymie access.) It would seem to be an easy update, but would make Feedly PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

  168. I would love it if the ‘m’ keyboard shortcut would also mark an article as unread if it’s already marked as read. With reader, on some noisy feeds, I tend to hit ‘j’ multiple times to move through articles quickly then when I see one I want to look at later, just hit ‘m’ to mark it as unread.

    1. Second this!

      And while we’re talking about “m”… It offers no visual clue that anything happened after hitting it…

  169. can you change it to title view on the iPad app? don’t see the same options. Not a fan of the visual view.

  170. This looks like a wonderful replacement for the soon-to-be defunct Google reader. One question: Is there anyway to configure the space bar to work the same way in Feedly as it does in GR while displaying articles in the tiled format? (I know I can hit “J” for that, but I liked being able to just hit the space bar to page down and having it jump to the next article when it was at the bottom of the previous one.)

  171. Is there coming a web based version of Feedly? I can not install any apps on my Chrome at my company computer. I would also like to be able to read my feeds on any other browser.

  172. Hi.
    Can you please explain what’s the difference between “favorite” source and “must read” source?
    Thanks. :)

  173. I was crestfallen at the news that Google was sunsetting Reader, but I’m happy now that their decision forced me to look at other options; I only wish I’d discovered Feedly before now… all of the best of Google Reader, plus many added bonuses. I’m very glad to see that keyboard shortcuts are intact here, and match Reader’s. It’s much more aesthetically pleasing, too, but I like the fact that one can choose a condensed view, too.

    I discovered, in the Android app, that I can mark articles Read/Unread by swiping left/right on the title. It would be helpful to have a button/icon/menu option to do so when I’m viewing an article, so that I don’t have to interrupt my flow by returning to the list view to mark an article unread.

    On a similar note, I’d like a similar “Mark Unread” icon in the browser-based version, as well. Also, it would be nice if there was a visible indication that I had marked an article unread while I’m reading it (I’m using “Timeline” view, and the article title is always black when expanded, rather than being grayed out when read as it is in the list view). I’m nitpicking, I know…

    Thanks for the great, free service that you all have created!

    1. Agreed! Everything in Feedly seems pretty great coming from Reader, but a Mark Unread icon would most useful!

  174. Is or will there be a version, or a way to use Feedly on a Nook Color? The Android version is Google Play, which doesn’t work on Nook.

  175. A “Subscribe…” bookmark that can be clicked while on any page with an RSS feed would be very useful.

    Is there a way to see your list of subscriptions? This seems like a very basic feature that I can’t seem to figure out.

  176. The ability to see “Latest” and “Saved” in Title view without being split up by date would be great as well.

  177. I’m still testing things out so maybe this has already been answered but, Are items kept indefinitely if not marked as read? If not how long are they kept?

  178. Feedly is only showing about 100 of my starred items from Google Reader. I have thousands of starred items. How do I get the rest to migrate to Feedly?