Priorities: Keeping the site up, listening and adding new features.

More than 500,000 Google Reader users have joined the feedly community over the last 48 hours. We love passionate readers. Welcome on board.

Our main priorities over the next 30 days are 1) to keep the service up, 2) listen to new users for suggestions and 3) add features weekly.

To keep the service up, we 10x our bandwidth and added new servers.

For new features, we are listening actively to our new uservoice forum and will be pushing out new releases on a weekly basis. Be vocal: we love candid feedback.

Note 1: Here are some tips on how to make feedly less pretty and more functional.

Note 2: If you are a Google Reader, give feedly a try before July 1st, and you will be able to migrate seamlesly:
Feedly for iOS
Feedly for Android
Feedly for Chrome
Feedly for Firefox
Feedly for Safari

Note 3: thanks for making feedly the #1 application on the Apple Store!

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680 thoughts on “Priorities: Keeping the site up, listening and adding new features.”

      1. NO, we don’t. we don’t. we don’t.
        Whw slow down a system that is slow as it is?
        Why should I care about somebody reading public information?

        1. Just because you don’t need it doesn’t mean you should put the idea down. If you want to spew all your personal information left and right, go for it.

            1. Nope. Pretty sure Chrome don’t use SPDY on HTTPS. SPDY caches content on Google servers. HTTPS is supposed to be secure and only be viewable by sender and receiver.

              1. Nope. You don’t seem to understand what SPDY is at all. It has nothing at all to do with caching (beyond what HTTP already did). It’s a binary packed version of the HTTP protocol, but with mandatory SSL. The guy above you meant that once they have the proper infrastructure for SSL, SPDY support will be easier to add (because SPDY cannot currently be done without it anyway).

          1. If you’re reading something you shouldn’t on a computer you shouldn’t be reading it on, how is that everyone else problem?

        2. SSL only adds marginal latency. If Feedly is slow, that’s an engineering problem on their part. Privacy is too important to be pushed aside by false concerns.

        3. #1 private feed that I use is the Linode events feed that’s connected to my private Linode account. Yes, it’s an RSS feed that’s accessible publicly, but Linode goes out of their way to at least make it /difficult/ to get access to the data. HTTPS is easy to implement (or it has been in my own projects) and, as others have mentioned, there are emerging technologies to make it FASTER on so many levels.

          It’s also worth mentioning that, if your argument is about the hardware layer, the server-grade chips that most web servers run on have a variety of instructions built-in to do the number crunching required to make HTTPS/SSL/TSL/RSA/etc. nearly transparent. In my own experience, the only noticeable slowdown I’ve seen in implementing HTTPS and related technologies is when you try using a software package that doesn’t have support for those kind of hardware implementations.

    1. Feedly, you obviously have something against windows and windows phones. You guys never even acknowledge all the people asking for the app. Come on. Get over it and spread the love .

  1. Just switched from Google Reader to Feedly
    Windows Phone / Windows 8 / IE apps and support please. Glad to hear that the Windows Phone app Feed Reader will be using the Normandy API, but official apps are always nice to have too.

    1. Yes, please vote on user voice for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. In the meantime making the freakin’ web site work with IE10 would be great. Thank you Feedly!

        1. I am a proud user of Windows 8. Why not using it?
          Please get also NextGen reader feeding from Feedly if posible.

      1. Yes please on Internet Explorer support, or better a web version. I view blogs during my lunch hour at work and our PCs are very locked down, no installing anything!

    2. I would agree – being able to use this function on Internet Explorer would be very helpful. Unfortunately the computer I’m using I can’t download or make system changes and it is still using Windows 7 and IE8.

    3. Yes, where is the Win8 app ?
      It’s annoying to switch back to Firefox on my Win8 Touchbook.
      So i am not using feedly anymore :-(

  2. Is there going to be a way to sign up without using any google account at all? After this, I want to break all ties with google, and I don’t want to be dependant on them in any way for my RSS service. I don’t need to import, I just want to start fresh. Thanks.

        1. +1. Google doesn’t have to be everywhere. If you care to make a choice screen between the backends earlier than Google Reader shuts down, I’d be willing to start using Feedly earlier.

          1. Same here. Feedly will get instantly more interesting as soon as it is no longer tied to Google.

            PS: You could quit Google Analytics and use PIWIK, too. A lot of people are sick of Google getting all the data.

  3. Switched over to feedly today. After some configuration, really enjoying its speed and aesthetic. Good job!

    The Android app is also super beautiful. However, it is essentially useless to me unless there’s a sort order setting added for feeds and categories. Please add this!

  4. I wish your website wasn’t so unclear, I have no idea how feedly for safari works or what is does :(

    1. I have to agree with you Paul. I signed up now, but I had no idea what I was signing up for. I rarely see websites so bad at explaining what their service does. I had to download an unknown Safari extension which eventually got me to a screen that made sense.
      I kinda hung out through the process only because I know Google Reader is closing down, so I had to find a replacement.

  5. Been using for two years now and glad you guys are picking up the reader mantle. A user voice forum & weekly updates is amazing, thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Yes please what is so wonderful about google reader is I can log on anywhere on any device. using only a web browser. This is what my needs are. I use university computers a lot which are public devices.

      1. +1
        Add-ons are usually blocked on office computers for security reasons. Websites after screening aren’t.

    2. +1

      I tried switching over before, and I remember that little icon in the bottom right getting in the way. Especially when it would bug out with other extensions (e.g, one of my extensions centers images; but it would also center the icon so every image open would have this clickable translucent icon in my face). Needing an extension that always runs the risk of conflicting with other extensions, just for a website, is definitely a weak point. At least give us a choice.

    3. This is *THE* feature you need. I absolutely will *NOT* give you access to my “data on all websites”, no matter how much you promise that you won’t touch anything.


  6. Hey I think this is a great RSS reader. I love the personalized layout and everything but I have a question. Can we have the remove from list button on the magazine style layout as well as the “All” feed? I like the personalization of the Today presentation, but I also like being able to remove items that I’m never going to read without having to click through them one at a time. It would be nice if when you moused over a featured item or any other item in the “magazine” layout an “x” showed up that allowed you to remove these items without necessarily marking them as “read.” My understanding is that marking items as “read” impacts the algorithms used in personalizing the feeds.

  7. Thanks Feedly. I’am a Google Reader castaway who just found his island!

    Thumbs up on how you managed the tsunami of new users.

  8. One feature that has always been on my wishlist is saved searches that are displayed alongside the rest of the feeds/folders. You would specify which feeds to search for a particular keyword/regex and be able to see new/unread items matching it.

  9. I had to dig a bit to find that you had Kindle Fire support. Including that in the list of links to different feedly platforms in this article would have been helpful.

  10. Switched over from Google Reader/ Feed Demon to Feedly. Already love it. Got it on my Android too. 10X Feedly

  11. In the process of switching from Google Reader.. Can you provide apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

    Also how can I pay for these services.. I do not want to the product you are going to monetize.

  12. Just trialling the Feedly service in anticipation of the Reader switch-off. Love the Desktop Chrome Extension. It’s just beautiful by comparison to the presentation in Reader. I love Feedly on my PC. However, at the minute, I don’t think I can pick Feedly as a replacement service unless there were a couple of improvements to the Android app (which I would happily pay for, if fully featured):

    1. The Android app needs a Titles (simply and compact headline) view for quicker browsing when the unread items have really built up.

    2. The Android app needs a text-only mode for people on data plans that mean they need to conserve data and so want to avoid downloading so many images when out of range of a Wifi connection..

    3. The Android app needs to cache stories for offline browser. This one is the killer for me as I do much of my catching up with Google Reader when offline (on the Underground).

    Any thoughts as to whether these are on the Android app development timeline?

    Also, what will happen to users who simply allow the Chrome extension or Android app to share Reader data without creating an account directly with Feedly. Will we be prompted to create a new Feedly account and import our settings before the July 1st changeover?

  13. Consider this another endorsement for offline reading in the Feedly iPhone app. I currently use Byline to pull in from Google Reader and will need some type of replacement for this functionality post July 1.

    1. I use Byline too. I’m going to need an offline option please! I have an ipod and usually catch up on my feed when not online. Thanks

  14. Feedly iphone app is really amazing and I do enjoy using it. I can even say that it’s the ultimate feed app! However I cannot say the same thing for the chrome extension. It is constantly freezing. It’s heavy weight and crashes my browser for some reason. It might be an issue with my own pc configuration tho in that case dont take me seriously :P I’m sure you guys are aware of this but what kept people using google reader is that it was super fast, super simple. You guys have good design but dont forget form follows function.

  15. Have been using Feedly for a couple of days now after leaving Google Reader and I absolutely LOVE it! Love it more than I did GR as a matter of fact, I wish I’d found it sooner! I tried some of the other GR alternatives and everyone was crashing all over the place and in no way ready to handle the onslaught of new users coming its way after the Google announcement. Feedly never once flinched for me though and I am a total convert now – awesome job! I love so many features about Feedly and I am even getting better about using shortcuts. I love love love this product, thank you and keep up the great work!

  16. Can you make it so you can toggle “mark as unread” for articles already marked as “read” in All, when the “Unread only” filter is off? Thanks!

  17. At the office I have to use IE9. I have been using Google Reader on IE9 and Feedly on the iPhone and home Chrome browser. Once Google Reader is gone and I have to fine another reader for IE9, will I be able to sync with Feedly?

  18. Unless I am missing something, it desperately needs a search function. What’s the point of saving articles for later viewing if you can’t then search and find what you’re looking for. It looks as if Feedly took everything that I had “starred” in Google Reader and turned it into a “bookmarked” item in Feedly, which is absolutely fantastic, but if I cannot search through my bookmarked items it is really of no practical use.

      1. I completely agree. That is a major function for those of us that use the tool to store interesting (but old) messages on various topics.

        1. Yes, we need a full blown search function. Otherwise my 5-year archive of RSS feeds is pretty much dark matter to me.

          1. I can’t believe I just assumed that the search button (top right) only searches for Feeds, not within my Feeds. I just thought that would be a given. Now I have a problem. Surely this has to happen?

  19. Just migrated from Google Reader and love feedly but am trying to figure out how to tag in the android phone and tablet apps. This would be a great and much needed feature. Also agree with the caching and title support on the apps. Thanks for your awesome support, feedly team!

    1. +1 on this as well. I use the tagging feature very frequently to keep up with articles and “archive” for future use. Having this capability on the web and on the apps (I have an iPhone) would be great!

  20. To seamlessly transition from Google Reader to feedly, please make sure all data, e.g. the starred articles, is kept. This is the main benefit you have against other services. Other than that, keep it clean and fast. It’s awesome the way it is! I immediately moved to feedly and I love it! And the look&feel is so damn nice! Keep it up!

  21. I understand that Byline is in contact with you to sync with your service after 1 july. If that’s the case then I’m ok with continuing with byline. If not Consider this another endorsement for offline reading in the Feedly iPhone/ipad app. I currently use Byline to pull in from Google Reader and will need some type of replacement for this functionality post July 1. I read about 150 articles a day while on the train with no internet connectivity.
    I’m even happy to purchase a in-app upgrade for this functionality.

  22. I have started using Feedly just now and found it wonderful, both on my PC and on my Android Tablet.

    Any chance of having a view identical to google reader’s stock full article view, for android.

  23. I’d like to add my vote for SSL and browser access extension free. This is a great start to a replacement for Google Reader. Thanks for building it.

  24. I started using feedly the other day after the Google Reader announcement. In those few days, I’ve found a few errors that I want to let you know about.

    While reading feeds that have lots of posts, I’ve had several instances where I scroll to the bottom of the list of messages, see the End of Stream text, but still have many messages to read. I have a category in which several tech deal feeds reside. It gets about 500 messages per day. When reading that category, I might get the End of Stream after reading 250 messages, then again after reading another 100 or so, and several times after that, in smaller and smaller increments. I just read that category which had 50 messages in it and had to reload the category six times. I have a screen shot I can send if you like.

    I’ve also noticed that the last message in a category does not always get marked as read. I’ve had to reload a category with just that one last message unread to be able to scroll down and mark it as read.

    I had set my default view to Full Articles in preferences, but that setting did not stick in any of the categories I had previously imported. I had to open the settings for each category and select Full Articles.

    While reading feeds, there is no link that I’ve found to the support page. I have a blog article bookmarked and have to remember to open it so I can find the support page. Having a link to that somewhere, in the header or footer, would be useful.

    On the support page, I set up my account and tried to create a password, but the system would just sit there after clicking the Submit button and the password is never set.

    Also on the support page, the link for Contact Support appears to be dead. Clicking it does nothing.

    Those are the errors that I’ve found so far. I do have two suggestions as well.

    I also installed the Kindle version of the site on my first generation Kindle Fire. The app appears to work quite well, but it seems odd that I can’t organize the categories to display the oldest posts first, as I can with the Chrome plugin.

    It would also be useful if the categories that had new messages in them were highlighted better, maybe with a different font color or bold or maybe a slightly larger font. You have to look close to see which categories have new messages in them.

    Thanks for the service. I don’t know if it will be my long-term Google Reader replacement, but it has been for three days now. Gary

    1. As an example of the issue in the second paragraph in my comment above, about not being able to read through a category without refreshing it several times, I just started reading a higher traffic category that had 96 unread messages in it. I had to reload the category with 53 messages, 27 messages, 15 messages and 8 messages left unread. I have my display order set to show oldest messages first and I believe the first couple of messages were the same through several reloads.

      Also, I found two other issues. There isn’t much of a visual difference when you click on the link to keep a message unread. Having some visual indication that the status of a message definitively changed would be helpful.

      I also noticed that if I click on the keep unread link of one message multiple times, the unread message counter for that category increments with each click, even though there may only be one message unread in that category.

  25. I’m a switched Google Reader user. Great app! I have one big suggestion & request. Please move the close and other buttons to the bottom of the screen, instead of the top. The bottom is much much easier to reach with the thumb.

  26. Have just signed on- thanks for carrying the torch!
    Am hoping to transfer my numerous Google Reader feeds to Feedly without too much grief! :-)
    Sorry if this is an obvious question (as I know that the Kindle Fire HD runs Android apps):
    Will this app be available for Kindle Fire HD (via Amazon store)?
    Thanks so much!

  27. Awesome reader. Would love to see a really tightly-packed view for power readers to quickly skim for useful content, that shows 50 (or even 100!) article titles on one page, with smaller font and very little whitespace.

  28. Is there a list view on the iOS app?
    Why is there no way to contact support in the app? Where do you go to email for support?
    Is there a way to organize my subscriptions into folders on this app?

    I quit feedly before and I am trying to like it now, but…

    1. Yea I think it is called titles on desktop that is similar to google readers view where you click on the title to expand to article. this needs to be put on mobile. Also can we have smooth scrolling so we don’t have to scroll between pages but can scroll the entire list like normal scrolling?

  29. Just migrated over from Google Reader and I have to say I’m very impressed. I do have a question… is there was to remove the blogs from the ‘Blogger-Following’ category into their respective categories that I have created, and ultimately delete the ‘blogger-following’ category?

    1. Seconded. I hate that category title. Is there any escape? It’s probably an aesthetic decision, but important to me nonetheless.

    2. I have a related issue. If you click on a blog in the “Blogger-Following” category and then click “edit,” you can check and uncheck categories to remove it from that one and place it in another. This worked great and my “Blogger-Following” category disappeared when there were no blogs left in it. However, when I started using Feedly on my iPhone, the “Blogger-Following” category reappeared and undid all my changes. Even once I rearranged everything a second time, opening the app on my phone seems to revert everything no matter what. Any way around this?

    3. This issue was bugging me also. You can still use Google Reader to move those items that appear in blogger-following into a more relevant category. Then Feedly will sync later and show them in that category.
      I do find that some blogs still appear in a blogger-following category and there seems to be no way to remove that. But they *also* appear in your own named categories set up via Google Reader, which at least allows you to completely ignore blogger-following.

  30. I’ve been a feedly reader from it’s inception. I’m so happy that feedly is finally getting it’s recognition in such large scale. keep up the good work. You guys deserve this.

  31. Wanted to switch from Google Reader but going back until some of my issues can be sorted out
    – Having to select “Title” view for everything manually
    – Even after doing this when I installed the Android app, the only option close to it available is “list “and that shows a huge cover photo on top, I just want a simple list of my feed posts, no images, nothing.
    – Several of my feeds still say “add” even though im getting to them through my the feeds list itself. And if I “add” again, I have them twice
    – How do i get rid of “Today”, “yesterday” and just see the articles in a list?

    1. The one thing missing for me is actual Next and Previous buttons when using the Titles view. Shortcuts are nice (currently keyboard J/K) but having the buttons is a must for going to the next article.

  32. Any chance you could release a web-app version? I refuse to install extensions that requires the “access all data on all sites” permission especially since there is no good reason for it to do so.

    1. Yes, this is nonsense ““access all data on all sites” … Please give us WEB version !

  33. Hi,

    I’m missing three features in the website:

    1- being able to control the font size, I would like to increase the article font size some times.

    2- the only way to move between (inline next/previous) article is by using keyboard shortcuts J and K, there should be a button for that in the top bar also.

    3- the articles in full article view should be marked as read after I skip it to the next one, not when it’s in position for reading, I haven’t read it yet.

    Thanks for your effort ..

    1. Would love to be able to make the font size bigger too – sidebars and articles. I really miss Google Reader for readability that way.

      But feedly is brilliant otherwise and a great replacement.

    1. Feedly exists for a while. I do not see a problem with 100 or 100k users because 90% read the same feeds. So their server only needs to fetch the feed one time and not for each and every user. But the risk is there anyway, that’s why I will stick with a Desktop program especially because Feedly wants me to connect my Google account to Feedly.

  34. Hi everybody at Feedly!
    Came across Feedly some weeks ago and use it since then. The andoid app is really really good and I like the new and fresh style – keep up with your good work. Thanks!

  35. Hi! I have a feature request!
    I (probably we) would like to have a “Mini Toolbar” dropdown by clicking on the browser extension button instead of appearing at the bottom of the page and overlying page content (some websites have bottom navbars/buttons and it’s not so good :) Look at the “Fonts form” button on this blog).

  36. I want to be able to filter a feed using key words. There are website that put out a lot of info and I’m interested in only a few of them.
    I asked google to do this… Maybe that’s what made them abandon the whole thing? :)

  37. Hi there, I read more than 30 comment but you don’t tell any thing about Bada os on samsung mobiles. I think many people use this os and feedly must do something. Thanks

  38. Wanted to try Feedly but it says I need to connect my Google account? Hm.. NO?! Feedly wants access to your full name, your public profile URL, and even photo. LOL. No way. Disappointing that I cann use my mail account to sign up.

  39. Please add mobile version (or responsive design) for viewing from non-smartphone devices (as by Google Reader). Sorry for bad english.

  40. Can you make a reader that doesn’t depend on plugins??

    Would like it to work on my Surface RT and not sure why I wouldn’t work it you gave it a try..

    1. Feedly for “any html standard compliant web browser” please without needing an addon/extension.

  41. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
    I like the look, it is very clean. Beautifully rendered. Good job Feedly Team!

    Kindly build a search function like in Google Reader, where we can search a previous article by word/s. Please.

  42. Hi! I’m a GReader user and I switched to Feedly. But I have a problem: I can’t find my tags. I used it in GReader as a a way of organizing my starred items in diferent categories. But I’m afraid a will lose all these work when GReader disappears. Would you please help me to save them?

  43. Great transition for me from GR. Minor request for Android: is there a way to have the option of getting the “removing clutter” view first when tapping article title? improves load times. Loving Feedley, keep up the great work.

  44. Downloaded the iPhone app and it looks great! On functionality, apart from all the +1’s I’ve already listed, is there a way to:

    – Read full text without having to go to the website. I have used Feeddler on the iPhone as well and they have link-up to Instapaper I think which loads really quickly to show the full text of an article including photos sometimes. I’ve found that it loads quicker than going to the website itself and having to wait until your phone can load up all the adds and such.

    – Please add a “mark all as read” feature, which marks everything currently on your reader read.

    – This might be a stretch, but can there be a one-tap “mark all loaded as read” feature instead of having to do a long swipe to the left? It gets tiring to do long swipes after a while. This is definitely last in my priority list of features though.

    Some great feature suggestions already mentioned
    – adding a web access without plug-in
    – search feature
    – tagging feature

  45. New on feedly and already love it. Just one question though: how can I make the widget for Android to show the latest news instead of the unread ones? Hate to see that giant gray box saying “No articles available. Tap to refresh.”

    I know it sounds a bit stupid, but I found more aesthetic this way. Thanks!

  46. Would love to see a unread count so I knew how many articles I needed to read.
    This was a great feature in Google reader.

    Thanks for a great alternative

    1. There’s a setting for this on the browser version (Preferences -> Advanced -> Unread Indicator).

  47. Just connected to my Google account and so for its great. Loving it.

    Just one question, how is this free? Is there a paid version? Will this also end up like Google Reader?

    1. Excellent question. I’d easily pay $1 for the mobile app. Maybe even $2. With 500k new subscribers, that’s a lot of cash influx. Godspeed, feedly!

  48. The synchronizing page is very anonymous. “Synchronizing feedly v.14.0.468. Please wait…”. What is it synching?

    1. Getting the same message ” Synchronizing feedly v.14.0.468. Please wait… ” for a couple days now. How do I fix it or does anyone know what is wrong? Thanks!!

  49. I swapped to Feedly a few days ago.
    First thing, I’m a bit disappointed you need an extension to even use the service, but I can live with it. I managed to make the UI look a bit more like Reader but it’s still not what I liked, here are a few suggestions:
    -More contrast between read/unread articles
    -When you “open” an element in the tree, it feels like the element above it is the “title” for this element because there’s no separation between elements. I’m not sure if this makes much sense.
    -Reader handled new unread elements by adding them at the top of the “all” feed, no matter what their “post time” was. I tend to read new elements as I get them so when I check Feedly later, I sometimes have unread elements under the ones I’ve already read. Not a big deal but it is annoying.

    I was also a big user of the Reader Android app… Sorry but I don’t like your Android application at all! I especially miss the Reader Android widget. Now I have to actually open the feedly app to see how many unread articles I have, instead of being able to see that at a glance from the widget with Reader.
    Also, I do not like the presentation of the Android app, could you try copying the way Reader looked? There’s way too much emphasis on presentation over the actual content.

    1. Re your first point, you can change the colour codes for read/unread articles in Preferences.

  50. Hey there! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist with
    Search Engine Optimization? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not
    seeing very good gains. If you know of any please share. Thanks!

  51. Black fonts on white background. More contrast. At least for the main content.

    Have some respect for usability. Function over form.

  52. Not sure if this has been requested, but I would love it if the images in posts could keep their alignment instead of being changed to right alignment since it makes some posts look ugly. I would also love to see a mark all as read option when using the mobile app. If those 2 things were to happen I would say Feedly was better than Google Reader!

  53. Just migrate from Google Reader and i already love Feedly!

    – I like the fact to be able to configure the layout of your feeds indivudually, however i’m a bit confused…why don’t they react the same?
    For example, when in ‘mosaic’ an element gets read by clicking on the preview text but in ‘card’ it doesn’t.

    -Also not being able to hide ‘You might also like’ to benefit extra width is sad.

    -With the light gray layout, it’s also a bit hard to differentiate read/unread elements

    Keep up the good job! =)

  54. I just heard about Google Reader and have been using Feedly today. Love the site and the app, but I would dearly love an app badge! Any chance we’ll see one for iOS soon?

  55. I’d like to suggest a higher contrast theme be made available (and you may want to make the “themes” section a big more pronounced as it took me a couple days using Feedly to actually notice it lol). Right now I find Black Cats is the only one that is easily readable (I sit about 18 inches away from my monitor).

    I would also consider making a highlight effect on the feeds which have unread articles, or just find a way to make the unread count more pronounced.

    One last suggestion, update the page’s tags with the overall unread count when there is at least 1 article unread – that way those of us who regularly have 10 tabs in their browser open will know when to pop over to feedly.

    One extra last suggestion =) consider adding support for optional HTML5 notifications:

    1. Apparently HTML is stripped entirely, not just escaped on here. When I was talking about updating the page’s tags with the unread count I was talking abut the HTML ‘title’ tag – so you would have something like “(5) feedly” in the tab’s title.

  56. Isn’t “Get feedly for …” a little bit old fashioned? Why not use a web-interface that would work on any browser? I use Opera, which doesn’t seem to be supported by Opera?

  57. Is it possible to import the feeds on my iGoogle page into Feedly? I have already opened an account and the Reader sync is working fine.

  58. I tried to sync my Google Reader feeds with Feedly in hope that I can switch over.
    But, what a surprise.
    First, the Feedly webapp is unbearably slow, I just can’t use it.
    Second, I just clicked on the button near the feed folder in hope to get some sort of menu as in GReader, but what a surprise, all my feeds were marked as read, without any confirmation. What’s worse, it propagated to Google Reader…

  59. I am a long-term feedly user since its debut. I quit after a while as the services always stopped while updating the feeds. Since Good Reader will be closed soon, I came here again for checking the current feedly.

    Unfortunately, I live in China, where most google services aren’t that smoothly available, so is feedly sometimes still, too. Will it change a lot when syncing with google’s server stops after the closure of GR?

    Another issue I concern after fully migration from GR later: can I still search for the old feeds before 2011 or even before 2007, which are still searchable in GR now? Feedly only syncs feeds of the last 30 days as I can see now.

    At last, does it mean that feedly will shift to its own server right after GR’s closure and sync with google’s server until that day?

  60. Would be great if Feedly has an option to download a copy of all subscriptions (for backup or future migration) like Google Reader does (through Google Takeout).

  61. Cuando ya uno cre que domina el caballo tecnológico, dan un nuevo fustazo al animal y te quedas sin montura y bridas…

  62. Anyone able to tell me how to add a tag in the iPad or iPhone App? I’ve managed to migrate all of my tags from Reader, but they don’t seem to show up on the Apps nor can I tag from the Apps. Suggestions?

    1. French? Why?
      There’s hardly any words in the GUI that needs to be translated. Try learning a word or two in English instead. This is the perfect opportunity.

  63. Tried using Feedly before. This was a long time ago, but I remember I switched back when I accidentally misclicked and marked a folder of 50+ unread feeds as read. There was no confirmation, “you’re marking a lot of stuff here as read, you sure you want to do this?”, no undo, and I wasn’t actually in the folder so that I could just un-mark it. I loved the layout options but Google Reader just had more common sense.

  64. Can a version of feedly be created that doesn’t require a download of anything? In locked-down environments like corporations, we are not allowed to download anything to our machines, and hence cannot obtain the feedly app. A web version would be accessible to those in such environments, as Google reader is.

  65. I came from Google Reader and I don’t like this place all that much.

    What’s the politics behind no Internet Explorer support?
    IE is still one of the most widely used browsers in the world and many corporate users have no option but to use IE because it is the only browser that’s easily manageable in an enterprise Windows environment.

    You have Safari support though… honestly, who is using that browser?
    You here at Feedly probably but probably no one else.
    What are you going to do next? Add support for Opera?

    I don’t like the chrome background addon/plugin thingy either. Why can’t you do with a regular web browser? Web pages should stay in the web browser or they could just as well be native applications with better GUIs.

    The Android app is quite ok. It looks beautiful and I’m considering to continue to use it if only I can get used to the non intuitive user interface where I constantly try to use my “back” button which unfortunately closes the application. I guess it will take some time.

    None of the GUI’s that I’ve tried are nearly as easy to navigate as Google Reader. Prettier, yes of course but for usability…. no.

  66. I am one of those google readers who has flocked to feedly. So far so good.
    I am still playing around so I might be asking for features that already exist.
    1) I’d love for the iphone app to cache data. I read a lot of feeds when I am away from service (on the subway, on a plane, in the back room of the underground theater I perform at) and I often would cache my reader (via byline) on my iphone to read in those places.
    2) I can’t seem to figure out an easy way (on the app) to mark a story as unread. I sometimes read a story, realize it’s longer then I expected or something I want look at when I get home via my mac, so i want to mark it unread. On my mac I hit ‘m’ but how do I do that with the app?

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for being there for us Google Reader cast-offs.

  67. 1. Please allow us to share feeds with others via email. That option was available in Google Reader, but not there in the feedly I use.

    2. Please make feedly web based, so that it can be accessed at computers anywhere.

    3. Please make the “keep unread” option easier. It seems to work….but when I return to feedly, I find “unread feeds have disappeared into the “read” folder.

    Thanks for being willing to listen to feedback.

  68. Google Reader to feedly, please make sure all data, e.g. the starred articles, is kept. This is the main benefit you have against other services.

  69. I have 1050px width screen resolution and the sidebar does not fit! It’s really annoying to keep hovering it.

    Make condensed layout, that works with regular 1024 screen width so that sidebar is shown also.

    Great product, I still use it even though I keep missing to look at the sidebar since I have to hover to see it.

  70. Create an option to hide folders and feeds from the sidebar when there is nothing to read.

    I used this feature in Google Reader.

  71. Suggestions:
    1. Make the side bar visible independent of the screen size.
    2. Make the tilt of a feed smaller.
    3. Make side bar folders’ names bold if they contain unread feeds.
    4. Allow using space key to scroll to the next feed.
    Thanks very much

  72. What will make this usable is this: in Saved items, when you unsave it, refresh the listing so flipping back no longer shows it. Byline does this very well. Flipboard doesn’t. If I find a reader app that does this, I’ll use it.

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  74. Besides the FF plugin, I use the Android app.
    * On both platforms, I’d like to be able to search within my own feeds.
    * On Android, I miss the ability to mark all as read.
    * Also, when viewing “Latest”, could the Android app show read as well as unread items? (just like with the FF plugin)
    * Lastly, again on Android, I’d like to see the option for traditional scrolling, not page be page like how the already available option works.

    keep it up!

  75. I am really keen to see off-line / cached functionality in the Android app – it is something I’d pay for – although exposing an API to third party apps is a possibility.

  76. I’ve loved Feedly for some time now on my ipad, but funnily enough have never thought to put it on my PC. Have just done so now. Just wondering, being that the blogs I read I’ve never actually added them THROUGH Feedly, more so they’ve been synced via Google Reader. Will they still be here in Feedly once Google Reader ceases? Thanks for your time.

  77. I started using Feedly a couple of weeks ago because of the the Google Reader debacle, but I’m starting to think about using it to replace iGoogle too. Can we have better control over the Facebook and Twitter feeds? There seems to be some triage going on of what displays in the feeds that I can’t control.

    In the world of “wishful thinking”: how about some cool widgets for other items (weather, tools like currency converters or language translators, useful links, that kind of thing)? With that, us poor orphan iGoogle users might be able to find a new home.

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  79. I frequently need to use Page2RSS on webpages that don’t offer an RSS feed. At this point, I currenlty have to add them through Google Reader first, before seeing them in my Feedly stream. Can you please make Feedly directly recognize the Page2RSS feeds, so I can bypass Google Reader entirely.

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  82. I’m really impressed with Feedly and with all of the recent improvements.

    Could you please make an option for the mobile lists to scroll smoothly ? I don’t like the way they jump to the top or bottom of the phone screen at all.

    Apart from that; thanks for your great work.

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  95. Is there any way to organize by date on a Kindle Fire? I want my feeds listed oldest first, not newest first.

    1. Oh, and my mini toolbar disappeared from Firefox. Any chance of getting it back? It is difficult to add new feeds without it.

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