Spike problem resolved.

Sorry for the performance issue we ran into this morning. The problem has been resolved. We are monitoring the servers and increasing capacity to be ahead of the next spike. Welcome to all of the feedly+Android users! We have a good news for you: new feedly 14 beta later this week.

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36 thoughts on “Spike problem resolved.”

    1. Yes please. I’ve just noticed that the Feedly add-on for Firefox causes CPU usage spikes (~10%) every 10 seconds, which is pretty bad for battery life (I only got about 8 hours yesterday instead of the usual 12 – that’s a HUGE difference). I’ve just uninstalled the plugin :(

  1. Or maybe a more condensed view inside the android app?? Something like the list view of the web based reader :) it would be awesome!!

      1. Thank you, the only problem I had with feedly was the lack of a condensed view on android. Hope to see this soon.

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  2. Yeah! A normal website, without the need of any plugin would be really great!

    What I would also like to see is a site with a changelog, what you are currently working on and what you plan to change/fix.

    Oh, and am I the only one who gets the “End of stream” message, even though there are still a few (sometimes even up to 50 or more) unread items in the folder?

    And how the hell can you sort your subscriptions alphabetically?

    1. You aren’t the only person to get the “end of stream” message. I really would like to see this fixed.

  3. its me or there are nre changes im menu with subscriptions in web version?
    in the past hour i have it fixed at left, now i have an icon to mouse over to see the subscriptions. i cant manage to revert that new style of the menu.
    im using chrome and win7
    any help? thanks

  4. I would really like to be able to copy / paste in the search field on the Android app. If I have an url that I want to subscribe to I want to just paste it inplace instead of typing it. (I use a Nexus 7)

  5. On Android, option to display only folders and feeds with unread posts, please!

    AND MORE: For God’s sake, option to sort by older.

  6. The Android app has a bug (at least on my Android 3.2.1 tablet): when selecting the left pane (where the list of categories is shown, plus the links to the preferences section and all), the pane becomes grey when you try to scroll it. I noticed that the ‘search’ pane (at the right of the screen) does the same. Effectively those panes become unusable; and effectively I cannot easily access many of my feeds (the ones that are stored in the categories that can only be reached by scrolling through the list…). This is a serious flaw for an otherwise very nice app (and browser plugin).

  7. Thank you SOOOO much for fixing this! When I heard that Google is stopping their reader service, I used Feedly. I was getting worried because half of the time, I couldn’t even access it. All of my blogs have RSS feeds, and I’m recommending Feedly to everyone I know that uses it. I’m glad that this was just a temporary problem.

  8. My biggest problem with this service is that the Android app is buggy – not sure if it’s because of the increase in traffic lately, but I have to log in every time I open the app, and after my screen turns off, if I turn back on my screen it redirects to already-read items. I would like an option to read without the pictures, because I would rather be able to skim quickly on my phone and I don’t care as much about the “magazine” feel.

    1. We have been working on a new version of feedly+android. It is in private beta. Please send an email to android@feedly.com and I will try to get you in. I am curious to see how much of your concerns have been address in that update. -Edwin

  9. People recommended to change to Feedly when Google Reader announced they are shutting down, but so far I have only been disappointed.
    Let’s start at the most obvious place: http://www.feedly.com. Here I find NOTHING except a login screen. No info about feedly, no place to contact you, no links, nothing. I found this blog only because you sent an newsletter, otherwise I wouldn’t have found anything. I find this quite disturbing as it would be so easy to fix – and naturally I want to read about a new service before (or even after) I have signed up. Fix this, please!

    Secondly, the main reason I used google reader was because it was slim and discreet and I could sort my blogs in different folders, so that I could keep important blogs (like those of my friends) in one folder and not so important one (like those kept mainly for inspiration) in another one. In feedly this is not possible, you mix everything up and show all the entries – in my case about 600 a day. Not cool.

    Even in the condensed view, it is still very visible. Not at all suitable for work, like google reader was. The way everything is shown in bold colors and with big pictures makes it impossible to use in a discreet way at work. This was my main reason for using and RSS-reader in the first place and I am very disappointed that Feedly does not let me configure the view the way I want.

    Please consider this. And yes, I am posting this as a blog comment because there are not other place I find where I can contact you.

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    Please stop ignoring Windows Phone. We dont want to use the API with another app on Windows Phone. We want a official app for Windows Phone.

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