Better Title View

We just pushed out version 14.0.469 of feedly for Chrome. The key feature of this update is a better title view: more compact, better shorting and easier to scan. Here is what it looks like:

Better Title View

We would like to thank Christopher Seeds for his suggestions and mock-ups.

If you are a Firefox or Safari user, we hope to have these updates and more available for you at the end of next weeks.

As promised, we are going to continue to iterate fast so if you have suggestions, please post them to your user voice forum.

Author: @feedly

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178 thoughts on “Better Title View”

    1. We just submitted feedly 14 for iOS to the Apple Store. It includes a cleaner title only view as well. It should be out in 7-10 days depending on how the Apple review goes. -Edwin

    1. It will automatically update (it updates very frequently). You can go to chrome://extensions to get information about that version you are running.

      1. Hi, Thanks for publishing such a good acritle. I’m newbie for wordpress. I have follwed your steps and tried using trackbacks. But, i hope i have missed something. So, i’m not able to get the tackback link in my post. what ia have done is,1. I have added a post and added this link in tackback url :2. I have allow ping is enabled in my discussion box3. I have Allow link notifications from other Weblogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.) is enabled in Options-> Discussion4. I published the post.5. Now, I can see only the post in my user page without trackback url.Should anything to be modified to get the trackback url in my post or anything i have missed?Please make me clear

        1. IE is not a browser. IE is a tool for downloading browsers. Adding tons of CSS/JS hacks for every IE version would take much more time, than creating a web version.

          1. Actually IE10 doesn’t require CSS/JS hacks. It’s extremely HTML5 compatible, the only thing you need to add is “-ms-” css prefixes along with the “-webkit-“, “-moz-“, etc. I’m a web designer, and I code for IE every day. It’s much easier than it has been.

            Obviously it’s still better to use Chrome, but I use IE on my phone and tablet, and would love to have Feedly work there. Native apps would be even better, but they’re being stubborn and won’t commit to a Windows Phone/Windows 8 app (can’t wait to hear you complain about those platforms, I’m sure you will judging by your Linux icon).

        2. Page Pennington September 27, 2012 Alex,This was just what I needed today. Seeing all the red on your rohgus means there is hope for me yet. Really enjoying your day in the life videos. Please stand next to Maria V. Snyder for me while your at ConText.

    1. Nice. I really like that you have done with the left side bar. Will try to see if I can pull int some of these elements in the 470 update. Thanks for the input!!! -Edwin

      1. Hello Derek,Thank you for the compliments and I’m glad you found the trioutal useful.As for why I don’t publish my trackback URL, it was by design. On this blog, trackbacks/pingbacks are turned on based on individual posts (not by default) and in the beginning, the vast majority of my posts did not have it enabled, so I simply left it out of my theme when I created it.Moving into my redesign of the site, I will probably add it back because I’m allowing trackbacks/pingbacks on more of my entries.For the second part of your entry, if you’re using a WordPress powered blog, then yes, the permalink would work just fine because WP would send a pingback. If it’s a non-WP powered blog, then you would need to use the actual trackback URL (simply add /trackback/ to the permalink).~ Teli

  1. uhm… how do I know if I’m using updated version? I don’t see any difference… neither on the attached screenshot.
    Anyhoow – it would be nice if we could disable grouping by date and displaying already read items when unread count = 0 (those are two most annoying things right now).
    Also – why not stick with regular app accessible as url and not an separate app? I then could use it in any browser and not only a few supported browsers…

  2. How about update for Firefox extension (it is already very outdated comparing to Chrome). I decided to stop using Chrome after google decided to retire Google Reader.

    1. That discussion made me curiuos about how browsers interpreted target=_blank, because for me it was obvious it opened a link in a new tab and not a new window. That is why I wrote my first comment in the first place (and made the mistake between the two) and after testing it, between Chrome, Firefox, Exporer 9, Opera and Safari, only Safari opens a new window and not a new tab. Maybe is it more a Mac user problem then?

  3. I’m not sure if I’m running the new version or not but I got something really weird today, I have some articles under the header yesterday, followed by a bunch of today, then again some from yesterday and then again some from today. I also find that I often get stories from hours ago, maybe that’s just a feed issue, but I never had that of Reader.

  4. I have 600+ blogs followed and read via Google Reader but when I installed Feedly, it only lists about 100 blogs in the index title. How do I access the other blogs that I can’t view in Feedly?

        1. Thank you for being on the live show last night Erin and being so gracious and open with how you are blnudiig your business and advice for others. The site looks beautiful! Glad to hear you will be staying busy over the next few days- Thinking of you!

  5. Is the icon supposed to be gray now instead of green? It’s also not auto-updating any more, meaning I’m not seeing badge notifications on unread items unless I manually refresh feedly or restart the browser.

    1. Thank you wraithdu. I was just about to ask the same thing. I hadn’t noticed the badge not updating, but I’m definitely not a fan of the dark gray icon on my dark gray background. If that was intentional, can that be an option which icon to use?

        1. Oddly, about 15 minutes after I left that comment feedly started updating and showing unread counts in the badge normally again. Maybe a server glitch.

          Either way, I’d love to see a dynamic icon. Maybe keep it gray when there are no unread items, then show the badge and turn it green when there are new articles. That would certainly make it pop out better.

    2. Yeah, I’m having the same issue too – it makes it seem like something’s wrong when it’s just greyed-out.

    3. Hi Egoiste,The default WordPress cneommts will show the trackbacks/pingbacks in line with the other cneommts.If you’re using HaloScan to manage your blog’s cneommts and trackbacks, then you’d need to consult the HaloScan documentation to see how to enable/view those features. Trackback URI/Permalink URI Please don’t assume that the trackback URI is the same as the permalink for WordPress, they aren’t.They are two different URIs used for two different purposes (although the end tends to be the same).However, if you use WordPress and are writing about a post on another WordPress blog, it would make the most sense simply to pingback the entry (i.e. use the permalink within your content).If that blog were to have pingbacks disabled for whatever reason, and left trackbacks enabled then you would need to use the trackback URI.I hope that makes sense and clears it up a little for you .~ Teli

  6. Great stuff guys. Just wondering, when are you going to fix/allow the ability to organize the order of your feeds? From the “Organize” page it doesn’t allow me to move around my feeds.


  7. I kind of liked the date separators. But if they’re gone for good, can you at least put dates on items that are over 24 hours old?

    1. Also, can you use our edited feed titles in this view? Feedly is inconsistent about which feed title it uses.

      1. Yes, I’ve some feed with weird and ven empty official titles, makes it really annoying in Feedly.

    2. I actually liked the date separators a lot- they worked really well with how I use Feedly. It would be nice to have them as a display option- there are so many other choices already. If that’s not an option, I think having dates for all articles is really important.

      1. If not dates, than at least show the ages. In most places, Feedly displays “43min” or “5h” or “7d”. The new list view should show “7d” instead of leaving it blank.

  8. Espero que hagáis algo.
    I hope you do something.

    Quiero tener prácticamente las mismas teclas que Google Reader.
    I want to have virtually the same keys as Google Reader.

    Tengo más de 3.650 canales y no quiero perder nada del mundo que tengo hasta ahora.
    I have more than 3,650 channels and do not want to lose anything in the world I have so far.

    ¿Puede ser posible?
    Can it be possible?

    Muchas gracias.
    Thank you very much.

  9. How ’bout instead of working on “Feedly for Chrome” and “Feedly for Firefox” you just, oh I dunno, have a WEBSITE that works with any browser? Standard HTML/Javascript is powerful enough to do what you’re doing here, and then I could use any browser on any platform I choose without having to install something.

  10. Such an improvement without the old date groupings – I’m sure most GR users will welcome this change. However, the removal of the smart icons, which visually identified each feed so well, is a sad loss.

  11. Hey guys, very nice job with this cleaning! Although I found one thing that makes harder to consume the list view. My eyes move more with this layout. Feedly score is important to judge whether a content is worth reading it and I always check the source then the score. This is my eyes’ path:

      1. Yes, this would be an improvement…after all, the post titles are the first thing you expect to see in “title” mode. The source, popularity and age are all attributes of the post which ought to be clustered in one region.

        I like Attila’s mock-up but as I just commented a minute ago, I loved the favicons that used to be displayed. Perhaps put the favicons back just at left of the post title, then the rest as Attila has proposed it.

        That would be just perfect for the way that I scan my feeds.

        Keep up the good work!

  12. I like everything about the new update except the removal of the favicons in title view mode. Please make that an option if possible.

    The favicons were very helpful when scanning quickly in title mode…low-traffic feeds that I always want to read would stick out visually in the sea of posts from other feeds that way. Just the text feed names are not distinctive in this way.

    Just my opinion…

  13. Just switched to feedly today.The chrome version does not have the option to email a feed item

  14. Auto-Mark as Read still doesn’t work in any view but FULL ARTICLES. I’ve seen people have this problem in 2009. Do you guys not know this? Or just don’t know how to fix it?

  15. Have you fixed the BIG problem of when scrolling using j/k you get a premature end of stream message, even there are still a lot of unread articles?
    It’s really annoying and many people see reporting this on your support forums.

      1. Kelly: I open links in new tabs a lot, actually. But soetmimes I don’t want to. Sometimes, for some reason, I want a certain link to open in the same window. Maybe I’m done reading the article in question. Maybe the article is boring and I’m not going to finish it, but there was a promising link. Being against the target= _blank doesn’t mean I’m against opening links in new tabs (or even new windows), it just means I think the decision should lie with the person actually reading or using the site. It might even happen that one day I want a given link to open in a new tab, and the next day I don’t (for the same link!) because the context of my browsing has changed.

  16. I think Feedly’s the best RSS reader, especially for its high customization and, in this way, I think it would be nice if I could choose whether to use this new method or the old one (with favicons and articles divided by days). :)

  17. I don’t like these changes. Initially when switching to Feedly, I thought it provided the best of both worlds from the appearance customization of Netvibes reader view and the functionality of Google Reader, but I don’t like these changes. I like favicons to quickly see the source and I like the daily grouping. You’ve eliminated both. I know there’s a persistent chronological bug with daily grouping that you’ve been unable to fix, so instead of fixing it, you’ve just eliminated time stamps older than 24hrs it appears. It’s also buggy. Some articles don’t appear when clicking on the title.

  18. How about making the service an actual web service so we don’t have to wait for extension updates for different browsers.

  19. I’m finding it a lot harder to differentiate between articles with the icon being removed in the title view.

    Before, I could tell at a glance where the article came from without having to read the title (This was useful because I know which articles are likely to contain video, which I don’t watch at work). Now I have to read each title and I don’t really think it’s easier to scan. :/

  20. Great job improving feedly for google reader user but why you’d take away some thing that was way better? Like date separator, it was great.
    If you give us an option to activate this, it would be so cool

  21. I can no longer use Gmail to e-mail articles from this new version of feedly, it seems. If this is the case, then this essentially kills feedly for me.

    1. Same here. Google Reader and Feedly were the only RSS readers I found that would allow me to email a snippet of the article (with pics) and not just a plain link. This was great and my friends had an idea of what I was sharing. Please bring this feature back.

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    2. Same here. I don’t seem to be able to see the mini toolbar where the send using Gmail is supposed to be.

  22. It’s great that the feeds are now ordered by ‘time received’ (exactly like Google Reader), rather than by ‘time published’. It would be even better to restore the favicons on the left, as before.

    Also, user-assigned feed names would be a great addition to this view, instead of the currently displayed original feed name.

  23. I would really appreciate it if you stick the “email” option back into the Chrome version. I swear it was there before this new version was pushed….

  24. How do you have the list of feeds permanently showing on the left a in your screen shot? The only list I can see is if I mouse over the bar on the left side and it pops up a temporary list of feeds.

      1. Ah, yes, you’re right. Thanks. I had the browser window maximized, but I have my start menu on the side of my screen instead of the bottom so the window still wasn’t big enough. I have to either move the start menu or zoom out in Chrome to see the sidebar.

  25. Are you working on organize feed feature? Organizing individual is as important as organizing folders.

  26. Dear Remi Trang,
    Please stop ignoring Windows Phone. We dont want to use the API with another app on Windows Phone. We want a official app for Windows Phone.

    1. also can you expand the width a little wider, I don’t need full screen because it is too wide and it is kind of strenuous to the eye (moving from left to right too much). Maybe 75-80% of the width to occupy (that includes the menu as well not just the content) would be ok. Hope some of my suggestion can be implemented(or at least feed backed at). I’ve been suggesting stuff and don’t know if anyone is reading…

    2. I agree. It’s a bad idea to remove the daily grouping. Or at least please keep it as an option!

  27. “better shorting and easier to scan”, shouldn’t this be “sorting”.

    I have a suggestion.

    Add a “Trends” like section to Feedly, like GReader has.

    This will be beneficial to you guys as well, Trends shows which feeds are how active, and which are practically dead for months and years so the users can remove them and reduce the API/request load for your servers.

    This will give more control over the feed experience, you can make it a Pro feature but that’s for you to decide but do decide to make a workable replacement for Trends in Feedly.


  28. Awesome. It seems a lot faster and cleaner now. It’s even superior to Google Reader. Great job. But i have to agree, i’d like the favicons back. If some people think it doesn’t look clean enough with favicons, you could simply make them optional?

    Looking forward to the iOS update now :)

    1. Oh, also why does it show the original title of a feed, not the one i assigned this feed? The original titles are unnecessarily long most of the time.

  29. Please fix your HTTPS implementation. Whenever I use a Chrome extension that forces HTTPS on websites (KB SSL Enforcer in my case) I can’t get on the Feedly reader site.
    I can get on the normal but just not on the feed reading site. I have to temporarily disable my extension to get access.

  30. I would really like it if the folders in the lefthand sidebar would stay expanded once I’ve expanded them, and if the feeds with undread items were bolded.

  31. Really missing the email share function after I converted from GReader. Please bring it back. Feedly is fantastic, otherwise.

  32. One thing that would be very helpful for Google Reader folks… can you make the background color of the unread items slightly different then the read ones? Its a very nice visual clue when you are looking at a massive list of collapsed title view articles.

  33. I seem not to be able to login (through Google) to Feedly’s Chrome extension… I logged in on my iPad and HTC with no problem, but I can’t figure out how to login in Chrome. I have the Feedly Plus extension, which opens the url, but when I try to login, pass the dialog window allowing Feedly access to my data, the “Logging in” graphic appears, but then nothing happens. Tried on Mountain Lion and W7. Any ideas? Thanks! :)

  34. I liked the grouping by day. Please recover it back. or please add 2 options, 1) title view with grouped by day 2) title view without grouping by day.

  35. Overall, I like the new title view – it makes it easier for me to scan through busy feeds. So big thumbs up there.

    However, where are the DATES! For items posted in the past 24 hours, feedly tells me how long ago it was received (or saved for later) but only if I hover over it. For anything older than that, feedly tells me nothing. This is really frustrating and incredibly unhelpful. I want to see how long ago something was posted or saved immediately for all items. (As a time, eg. 23:56 for stuff posted today and as a date eg. 25 Mar for anything older.)

    I really appreciate the efforts you guys are putting in to push new features and make us all happy, but I’d rather have fewer updates that get things right than loads of updates that miss key things like this.

  36. Please please put the favicons back! The icons were really helpful to scan large amounts of feeds.

  37. Hi there i really want to sub categorize my category’s. I have too many and the list is annoying to scroll down and confusing. Also i want to tag an article into different tags, at the moment i can only have one tag per article. please help!!

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