10 new features for a smoother transition

We just released a new update of feedly for Chrome, Firefox and Safari with 10 new features. If you are using feedly on Firefox and Safari, please do a manual upgrade.

Change summary

★ Firefox upgrade from old v10 codebase to latest v14 codebase.
★ A new left selector design. Less loud – more more all caps.
★ Better read/unread contrast
★ Sort alphabetically
★ Denser, cleaner list view
★ n/p keyboard shortcuts.
★ Fast view switching
★ Faster saving.
★ Better LinkedIn integration.
★ Better recommendations.
☂ Memory optimization

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Detailed information

Feature #1. Upgrading feedly firefox from the old v10 code base to the latest v14 codebase. Firefox users will be able to benefit from a lot of the enhancements we implemented over the last 12 months on Chrome. Going forward, we are going to release Firefox, Chrome and Safari all at the same time.

Feature #2. A new left selector design. Less loud – no more all caps. Better contrast between read and unread. New selector Feature #3. Sort alphabetically. More control over how feeds and categories are sorted on the left selector. Either drag and drop and easily re-sort alphabetically.

Feature #4. fast view switching. One of the key features of feedly is that you can easily adapt the format/layout of your feeds to different workflows. We bubbled up that feature in the UI to make easy to try different views and see which one is right for you.

Feature #5. faster saving. We improved the experience for users whose workflow is to quickly scan list views and save for later (aka star in Google Reader).

Feature #6. Denser, cleaner list view. Making the transition from the Google Reader list view to the feedly list view as seamless as possible. New list view Feature #7. n/p keyboard shortcuts. We improved support for the n(ext)/p(revious) keyboard shortcuts. Type ? in feedly to see the list of other keyboard shortcuts we support.

Feature #8. Better recommendations. We improved the feedly curation algorithm used to select the articles which are featured at the top of each page.

Feature #9. better LinkedIn integration. Special thanks to the buffer team for sprinting with us to make the feedly LinkedIn integration as seamless as possible.


Feature #10. Memory optimization. No more memory leaks. No more refreshes while you are reading articles.

Thanks again for all the feedback. Please continue to be vocal and help us spread the word.

Author: @feedly

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584 thoughts on “10 new features for a smoother transition”

  1. I don’t see any change. I have the same old app, in fact now I can not read anything in the list view on the left side because it is white text on a white background and I still have lost my “preference” button which I have emailed support about 3 times over the last 2 weeks and have heard nothing back…

      1. I did that twice, I have the new features, but not having the preference button to make the changes I would like makes this frustrating.

        1. I found that I had to scroll on the left hand side (no scrollbars visible) to get down to the bottom of my blog list/options to see “Product Updates”. Maybe that will help for others trying to upgrade

    1. Vertical scrolling in the Chrome app is choppy and lags. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled multiple times with the new version.

    2. i saw a big make as read button, not beautiful.
      i just need a “pure” information reader, but this update can’t. make it faster, no more java etc..

    1. Yes. Sorry it took so long. Now that all the apps share the same codebase, we should be able to update simultaneously and make sure that all users are first class citizens. -Edwin

  2. People didn’t want “better recommendations.” They wanted to be able to get rid of the recommendations

      1. I don’t want to use list view. I want to use timeline view so I can see the pictures. Sure, Reader was basically list view, but now that I’ve seen the layout with the pictures in it, I like that one way better.

        The recommendations are completely useless to me because I’m planning to read all of the new stuff anyway. I only subscribe to feeds that I want to read. Why do I need to have specific articles in those feeds recommended to me, when all that does is cause them to be out of chronological order? That, and they’re horizontally aligned when everything else is vertical, causing me to need to scroll back up in order to get to the next article.

        It doesn’t matter how “smart” the recommendations are, I don’t want them there in the first place.

        But apart from that one tiny little detail, Feedly has been AWESOME so far. I panicked about Google Reader dying for about 3 minutes, and that was how much time it took for me to see the alert on Reader, do a search for an alternative, find an article listing out options for me to try, and log in to Feedly with all of my stuff right there ready for me to keep reading. Thanks for being here for all of us.

    1. same here, don’t want better recommendations. want to get rid of it. love reading in full articel mode and these recommendations are only stealing space on the page. it would be much better to use this space to read articles! please let us choose whether we want to have the right bar or not.

    2. Agreed, wholeheartedly. That “In My Feedly” bar in full article view is an absolute waste of real estate for me, especially since it isn’t pinned. That means the entire right-hand side is empty 99% of the time.

      1. Throwing in another vote for an option to remove the “In My Feedly” panel in Full Article view. I usually have my browser at half-screen to be able to work on other things in the meantime, so stuff that uses up valuable horizontal real estate is a real headache. As with many others, I know what is in my feed list and don’t need a reminder.

        Just getting into Feedly, now that Reader is starting to die completely. So far, everything else looks good, though it seems it will take a bit to handle the transition.

        1. Yes, please add option to remove “In my Feedly” completely, to view articles completely and to waste that much screen space

    3. Agree. I like magazine view a lot, but I prefer to read stuff in chronological order, and I don’t want to have three-four articles randomly pulled up at the start of the page. A toggle for the recommendations would be very appreciated.

      1. I do agree with that, while I sometimes like recommendations i think there should be a toggle for that.

        1. The g+ sharing feature allows you to share articles to either public, google+ circles or email addresses. Google has done a nice job implementing that sharing feature. -Edwin

          1. Can you explain batter how to email a link through G+. Because emailing links e probably one of the most sharing systema people used.

            1. Easy does it if you are already on G+:
              Click on the G+ button (there is one underneath each article in your feedly)
              In the pop-up window: click on Add names, circles or email adresses
              Start typing.
              Hit the share button.

      1. I have actively refused to join any social networking sites, whether Facebook, LinkedIN, G+, Twitter, etc. for personal use and I will not start now. It’s been over 2 months to restore a feature that worked just fine before. The lack of a Gmail option is a deal-breaker for me.

  3. Hi, after I click Sort Alphabetically, the list of folder names disappear, and it won’t show up after I click it, click Sort Alphabetically, or try to organize them again.

  4. Can we just get rid of the extensions and have a simple website to go to D:?
    I as well as many others can’t access Feedly at work :\

        1. It can’t possibly be harder to maintain and host a set of code on your own servers than to write browser-specific plugins for three different browsers. I have no idea why you even started doing it the hard way in the first place.

          Maybe I’m an old fogie.

          For one thing, doing it as an ordinary website lets people use their browser’s own accessibility settings to, for example, control font color and size (tiny grey text on grey backgrounds are NOT friendly to older eyes).

    1. +1 on using the idea enabling any simple HTML5-capable browser instead of requiring 3rd party browsers I don’t use. Wake me up when you’re supporting MSIE10.

  5. I can’t seem to change the font of the titles any more. Why was this feature deleted? Or am I missing something?

    1. To reduce cost and bandwidth, we simplified some of the font options. They will come back in feedly pro. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Edwin

        1. Google Reader is going in part because it was “free” … I would be happy to see a paid version of Feedly so that there is a real revenue model for it. So bring on Feedly Pro as a paid product, I say – I’ve had it with “free” stuff not surviving.

        2. @Kamran Our expectation is that 95% of people will continue to use the existing free version. My guess is that you will be part of those :-)

          1. I won’t. I always thought I should pay for Feedly. Which I am using Feedly for the last 2 years. And I am going to be the first one to buy it.

            1. Hmm, maybe a “Donation” button somewhere in Feedly would help ease some folks minds. I’m excited that Feedly is going to remain free (for the time being) but with such greatness I’m thinking I can pony up some money to help keep things going.

            1. Kamran, here’s a simplified explanation for you:

              The way most free/paid services work is that the free version attracts a user base, and the paid version covers the costs and overhead. The break-even point between free and paid is according to how much the service costs, and how much is charged for the paid version. If it’s is not ridiculously expensive to provide the service, then you don’t need to have a huge paid following to support it — but that still does not remove the necessity of having income to cover the costs.

              Also, it’s far better for planning purposes to underestimate how many people will pay for a service than to overestimate it. If you expect 25% of users to pay and only 5% do pay, that’s a huge problem. If you expect 5% to pay and 25% do, then you have extra money to provide a better service.

              1. Yeah well Feedly did say that 95% of users will continue using the free version so my fucking predictions were goddamn right. :P

      1. This is fine, a pro version is need for sure because your are not Google that have other income. But, please, try to find a business plan that target not 5% of your user with the pro version but 20% or more. So you can keep the price tag low and accessible.

        1. I agree, price tag should be low enough so a ton of people would/could subscribe to support feedly. I think 1$ per month (12$ per year) is the psychological limit price.

  6. Thanks for the continued improvement. A couple of things I’d like to see:

    1/ rss feeds from tags
    2/ user configurable keyboard shortcuts, or at least a few extra customisable ones that can be assigned to your choice of service e.g.: d=delicious etc


    1. Chrome will auto-upgrade very fast. Between now and tomorrow morning. You should start seeing the new version. The left navbar is the most obvious change. -Edwin

  7. Is there a way to get the left sidebar to REMAIN open the way it did in the old version? “Pin” it open, maybe? I don’t like that it collapses on mouseout :(

      1. Huh. That’s handy, but I’d still like an option to keep it open – I guess I prefer to keep my windows fairly ‘narrow.’

          1. I tried the same thing (making the screen smaller, checking to see that I am not in zoom mode) to no avail. And I REALLY hate not having the left nave bar there. I have a big 23″ screen, and not having it, makes the reader seem almost overwhelming. Please let us know how we can get the left nav bar back.
            Thanks you!

      2. 1. I’d like to have an option to keep the left sidebar open, too.
        I have a screen wider than 1100 pixels, but I have to zoom in to a certain extent since the fonts are too small sometimes. Or an option to change the font size would be good.

        2. A shortcut for search should be added. It’s not convenient to go all the way to click the search button.

        1. I just want an option to hide/show left panel just like google reader. Sometimes I want as much space available for seeing feeds (photographs most likely) and sometimes I prefer to have the panel at hand.

          1. I do too need the navigation bar open at all times. I’d appreciate the chance to choose whether I want it or not. The collapsible thing drives me crazy!. So does the scroll bar one never knows where it is! If the navigation bar was narrow, it wouldn’t take up so much space from the posts, but even if it did, I’d still want to be able to hide or keep as I needed it

            1. I would also like the option to leave it on at all times, and find the autosizing really annoying. On my 13″ Macbook Air, Google Chrome, I like to keep the zoom set at 110% by default (in Advanced Settings). When I reset it to 100% I got the permanent sidebar back, so solved that problem, though I would still like the text to be bigger. More problematic on my wife’s Macbook Air 11″, which is just too small I think.

              Shorter: default zoom settings may be other peoples problem (FYI), and I would like a permanent sidebar option (feature request, and will go add it there, too.) Thanks!

      3. Why should I make my browser window wider? There is enough space to keep the sidebar open. It is quite annoying to have the sidebar open and hide again. Please add a preference to make the sidebar sticky!

      1. Agreed. I’m starting to find the hidden menu a little annoying and would prefer the option to keep it open.

        1. I should add that widening the browser enough to accommodate the left-panel messes with my other browser tabs which display things at the increased width that I don’t want to see.

        1. Agree with @anfuerudo, is it possible to add an option to select icon because some people prefer seeing the life in colors ;) ?

          Before finding this comment, I though it cannot connect to feedly …

          1. The new icon may be more consistent with Chrome’s native buttons, like back, forward, and reload, but it is inconsistent from most Chrome extension buttons, which are in color when they are logged in, but grayed out when they cannot connect to their intended source. As others have said, having a grey icon makes it look like Feedly is offline.

  8. I’m having a lot of trouble with signing in with my gmail account. Every time I come back to the page I have to allow access again. Is this a known bug?

        1. I think this might be related to some other extension: I always though it was related to the “DoNotTrackMe” extension I use or the “Spybot” application. Does that make sense?

        2. I have the same problem. I don’t have to allow access everytime but something like once a day or every other day.

          I use Chrome with those extensions :
          – AdBlock
          – BetterHistory
          – LastPass
          – Super Full Feeds for Google Reader
          – Web Developer
          – Wolpfram Alpha
          – And Feedly for sure

  9. There should be no reason why we have to install anything to read news feeds from a browser. :/

    1. Second this. Is there any way to use feedly on somebody else’s computer or on a public computer? The best would be just a web page + a favicon unread items counter.

  10. i want automatically pushes RSS feeds to my Kindle…. have scheduled push option will be very nice.

  11. question : before i was able to “mark as read” the entire section by clicking on the counter next the section tiltle on the left column, but now it is no more clickable, so i have to go all over the screen on top-right to click the check button. its less convenient, will you put back this option please :)

            1. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate feedly’s quick response to so many issues!

              The first time I looked at feedly and saw all the tiles and pictures and tons of empty space even in the most compact view, I was all “Oh HELL no!” But the more I see how well you’re supporting the fewer-pictures-more-text crowd, the more convinced I am that you’re going to end up being my reader of choice.

              Also, Giraffe! ;)

        1. thanks :), you’re doing a great jobs guys, its the app that i used the most everyday ! bravo.

  12. Hello Feedly,

    In the old title view, the posts were grouped by day, while in version 14.0.469, this feature is gone. I was wondering if this feature can be optional? I know some people want this denser cleaner title view, but hey, adding group by day only as an option won’t hurt?

      1. Thanks for the prompt reply, Edwin. Do you have a ticket for this which is open to the public, so I can follow up how it goes? Is it on getsatisfaction.com? Thanks.

      2. Thanx, I also liked the grouped by day, it could even be done as an easy switch, Like the one between views.

  13. It would be good to have these 2 shortcuts

    Shift + a
    – Mark all as read

    – Go to “Saved” items.

    1. The application also need shortcuts to navigate through source tree on the left.
      At least something to jump to the next/previous folder (with unread items or all folders), and something to expand/close the tree node.

    2. I just discovered an undocumented shortcut for “mark all as read”: Shift-M
      Now feedly is perfect!

  14. Mark as read when clicking on unread count for individual feeds and categories is now broken.

  15. “we implemented over the last 12 months on Chrome. Going forward, we are going to release Firefox, Chrome and Safari all at the same time.”

    As a Firefox user this was exactly the reason why I abandoned Feedly to go back to basic Reader…now that you have promised to make Firefox a priority then I will be happy to come back.

        1. Not to put words in their mouth, but maybe because the only way to find out the uservoice forum exists is to ask a question here and have someone reply with it? I can’t find it anywhere in the help or other info IN feedly or on feedly’s main website.

    1. This feature is a must. People with lots of feeds like me will be glad. In fact this is why sometimes I use google reader. Just because it’s cleaner when reading lots of feeds.

      It’s like, feed read, feed cleared. :)

  16. In Firefox the “Change layout and filtering” button doesn’t seem to work anymore (nothing happens when I click on it).

    Otherwise, great update, thanks !

    1. I am able to reproduce the problem. Thanks for the heads up. Will open a bug and make sure that it is fixed for next week’s update.

            1. Don’t know if it’s the same bug or not, but also cannot edit feeds in Organize view; the pencil icon is similarly inactive in Firefox.

    2. Note: I resolved this problem in Firefox by removing the add-on and then re-installing from the link in the OP. Both the gear icon and the edit capability in Organize now work for me (Firefox 19.0.2).

    1. It does not work for me, too. I’m fine with j/k though, if only the same keys worked on the Russian keyboard layout… annoying to change the layout every time I want to move through articles.

      1. I’m having the same problem, it would be nice not to change layout every time opening feedly

        1. How do you get this update? When I go to my add-ons and check for updates, I doesn’t find any updates.

  17. Feedly is no longer working on Safari. It is just taking me to a page to download the extension over and over. I have downloaded it repeatedly, uninstalled the extension and re-downloaded/installed it. No luck.

  18. a few things:

    1. ‘Full Article’ in the hover is spelled ‘Full Articlew’
    2. Clicking ‘product’ and ‘support’ triggers ‘sort alphabetically’. That’s a glitch. .
    3. a confirmation to the sort would be nice. Now I have to rearrange all my categories the way I like them.
    4. In one of the builds, if all items were read, it didn’t show a 0, it was just empty. I like that and thought it was cleaner. Just my thought, I don’t expect you to change it.

    1. also one HUGE thing for me. Clicking the unread items used to mark the category as read. Now that doesn’t work.

      I have a NSFW category that I click on the items and mark everything as read so it doesn’t appear in my feed while I browse at work. Now I have to go into that shady section, have the images visible and mark as read.

      Please correct back to the way it was!


        1. Greetings. With the latest Feedly update, categories marked as NSFW are now appearing on the Today page. Could you please roll that back? Currently using web interface, MacOS 10.7.5, Chrome 26. Thank you.

  19. It appears clicking on the article count to mark all as read is no longer functioning (in Chrome.) Hovering over the article count for a feed group shows the tooltip “Unread article count” but clicking has no effect. Likewise, hovering over a particular feed’s article count shows the tooltip “ark all as read”, but clicking has no effect other than to reload that feed.

    For more information, I have “Confirm Mark As Read” turned off in the settings, and toggling it back and forth had no effect on the above bug. Any insight on this?

    1. I am with you i liked the email article option. Are you able to select the G+ button and then enter an email address?

  20. Saving in Feedly is AWFUL!!! Maybe this is just Firefox, maybe it is everyone, I don’t know for sure.

    Magazine and Cards view is VERY difficult to save items because you have to hover to display the save button, pointlessly not user-friendly but ok whatever…but on the Mag and Cards views you can’t even get the buttons to display…on Mag you can for some but for Cards…NEVER!

    Why do you have a save button icon on Titles and on Mobile but you have this stupid hidden text link that can’t even be used on certain view types?

  21. Titles is improven…great, that is good…especially for users used to Google Reader but wtf is with removing Mosaics view? (keep in mind that I am a Firefox user so if you did this a long time ago…this is the first time we experienced it being ripped out without warning.)

    1. We are trying to simplify. The difference between Mosaic view and cards view is minimal. We are also making the options consistent with what the next Mobile version will be offering. If we fix the saving in the cards view, do you still need the mosaic view?

      1. I enjoyed the Mosaic view. Unlike cards view, the content pane didn’t bounce from one side of the screen to the other as I went through my feeds. Mosaic also kept the cards at the same size and level with each other, while Cards has them interweaving with each other to make a visually confusing layout.

        I would be happy if you brought back Mosaic.

        1. I think Card view has to be improved to make all cards the same size. When a card has only a title it is smaller than the ones having more content. That makes the different rows have different levels and seems odd.

          The bouncing effect you mentioned seems to be fixed for me.

          1. Also another note…the boxes in the Mosaics revived style I made stays the same size even if there isn’t a picture in the item. The title is still trucated like it does if there is a style but that part is kind of unavoidable. CSS can’t do if statements and not really worth it to use it and greasemonkey.

      2. Is there any way to configure the size of a card in Cards view? If not, it’s useless to me. Mosaic view was my default and I’d rather have it back.

  22. Thank you for working on all these changes. You guys are doing an awesome job. This update is great, and I’m wondering if:

    1) Are you guys considering allowing us to customize the right share/save section (which currently has evernote, instapaper, pocket, and delicious)? In Google Reader, we have an option to customize the Send To menu, and I found this very useful because we could uncheck the services we didn’t use and add services that weren’t in their list already. In my case, I’d like to be able to add pinboard.in and kippt.

    2) And will it be possible for us to use our own bit.ly accounts on feedly for chrome just like we can currently do so on your iOS app?

    1. Hi Rebeca. Yes: these two features are on the roadmap. Not sure if they will be part of feedly or feedly pro. Expect to start seeing them into the product after the migration is complete.

      1. Cool. I’m looking forward to what you guys are working on. If you need any beta testers, I’d be glad to be part of the testing team.

        I also wish feedly was accessible through Reeder (for iOS). I know you guys have an iOS app, which is improving, but it doesn’t yet fit my needs. If you guys had an API and made it possible for people to read their feeds through any app as a part of the upcoming feedly pro, I’d be much more likely to get it. — But maybe that’s too much to ask. Either way, on chrome and firefox, feedly is still my favorite way to check my feeds.

  23. My list of comments

    – Mark all as read on left panel’s feed number is not working anymore.
    – Card layout is chaotic, please restore order to feedly with option to use good old mosaic layout.
    – Change layout and filtering button on top right still not working since version 10, unless you scroll down.
    – When you read all articles in folder, folder’s name is not return to regular, it is still bold.
    – Support and Products Update menu sort feed alphabatically, unless command it to open in new tab.
    – The whole page of blank space is after End of steam.

    Thank you for your hard work. Hope to have every problems solve soon for every browsers…at the same time!

  24. I changed over from google reader recently, I subscribe to 313 feeds averaging over 1,100 stories a day according to my google reader trends. The feedly transfer was easy, the changes above are great. I am very impressed. Five Stars out of Five

    iam joesixpack

  25. Thanks for all your work producing a fantastic product — and I’m astonished at the level of personal interaction and support you’re providing here!!! Excellent work, Feedly peeps.

    Minor comment for you to file away… I actually liked seeing the small icons (like appear at the top left of Chrome browser tabs) in the List View, at the left of each post. I do understand to desire to mimic the Reader look as closely as possible, but I liked your innovation of including that icon! Made skimming the list for particular sources even easier.

    Overall, though, fantastic work!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

    1. I have to agree, the favicons on the left of each line were an important visual enhancement, it was a pity to lose them. They also brightened up an otherwise colourless page.

      Also, the new placement of the Likes numbers “in-line” means they do not stand out as they did when in a column at the end.

  26. On the feedly plugin for Chrome, is there a way to send the article as Email to someone, as in Google Reader? That seems to be the only thing missing from the GReader Interface.

    1. A few million users joined feedly over the last 2 weeks. The email integration we had in place was not scalable enough so we had to remove it. We are working on a new implementation. Between now and then, you can use the G+ -> email sharing capability. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Edwin

      1. Thanks for the response. I am a dinosaur who is not active on any of the social networks, and hence do not have anyone of interest connected there. Is there a possibility to save to Dropbox/Google Drive, so that I can aggregate and mail from there?

  27. As a Google Reader user I wasn’t liking Feedly. This update takes care of that. Great job on the update.

  28. I don’t like how that Sort Alphabetically button does its thing without a sanity check. Since everything else leads a section, I thought it was maybe a section with an alphabetical list of feeds — I was really surprised when it turned out to rearrange all the categories! I think it would be a good idea for you to add an Undo button that appears beside that option after it’s clicked, and to put it somewhere else :)

    1. Since a few million users joined feedly in the last 2 weeks, we had to scale back on the font support. They will come back as part of a feedly pro package. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      1. But earlier only one of three fonts worked correctly with cyrillic titels. Now we have some problems with it.

  29. Is there any chance you’re going to release a version of the addon that doesn’t need access to all websites? I don’t want the share button. I just want a feed reader!

  30. Clicking the counter on the right of the folder no longer mark all articles as read (Firefox only, still working on Chrome)

  31. Can you pleaaaase remember when we expand folders? I don’t want to look at my content all mashed together, or have to expand the folders every time I open feedly! I’m sure most academic users feel the same.

  32. Is there any way I can revert to the old layout. I prefer my feeds grouped by sources rather than than merging all into today and yesterday.

  33. – gear butoon (“Change layout and filtering”) doesn’t work after update 10->14
    – “Uncategorized” view is empty even if feeds have some news (it happens with both 10 or 14 versions)
    Firefox 18

  34. The feature I miss most is being able to hit spacebar at the end of a category/feed and have it automatically go to the next category/feed. Now I have to either select them one at a time (slow) or just use the “all” tab (chaotic.) Loving how fast feedly is, but really miss being able to read things in order!

    1. Thanks. There has been indeed a big mobile update in the works (both Android and iOS). It will go out as soon as Apple has approved the app. -Edwin

  35. 1 Problem: If you have “Auto-Mark As Read On Scroll” activated, in columns view, it doesn’t work. It just marks the left column as read. (safari/mac)

    1 Request: please include a keyboard shortcut for “mark ALL read” (the checkmark on top right)

    1. I have this problem too on Firefox (latest, for windows), I use Feedly to parse huge quantity of pictures (2000 a day or so) and it’s annoying that a third or half of the posts are not marked as read when i scroll past them.
      I had to switch to the list view for the moment, but it does not respect the picture format, it crops them.

      1. I’m just annoyed that if I scroll down while reading stuff, then click through to view on a web browser, etc, come back — a significant amount of the time, it’s all marked unread again! Happens both in Firefox and on Android. I need need need an explicit ‘mark UNREAD and REMEMBER it’ button on the tiles/magazine/whatever/cards/with-a-picture modes on the Android app, because right now I have to click ‘into’ the article and back out, and even then it forgets it a lot if I don’t reload before swiping off that screen.

  36. Hi,
    I use Feedly for about one year now, and I just discovered there was a blog! :-)

    And even more surprising, there is no rss feed on the blog..
    Would it be possible to add it?


  37. Hey, I just want to say that I LOVE this update. Opening up Feedly to the smoother look was a great moment for me this morning.

    I’d also like to thank you for all of the work you are doing. Feedly was the second reader I stuck with for more than a few days; I tend to run through apps and programs fairly quickly, for a thorough and efficient test, and this brilliant app has been getting near-constant use from me for MONTHS now.

    I also would like to compliment you on your customer service; the way some people complain, whine, and generally do their best to be as unhelpful as possible when it comes to any problems is entirely frustrating to see, and yet you handle it so very well. Bravo!

  38. Thanks its v reassuring to see such a quick response from Feedly.
    However (sorry) – where are the articles that don’t “feature” in the category view. In G Reader a category shows I have (e.g.) 290 articles, in Feedly it also shows 290 as the total in that category. However there are unread feeds I can see in Google reader that I can’t see in Feedly (easier to spot now with alpha sorting – thanks!) and yes I have opened up the Unread Sources at the end of the category and the items aren’t hidden in there either.
    Keep going we’re nearly there!

    1. Would you happen to have more than 100 sources per category? We are working on extending that limit to 250

    2. Have realised that the feeds not shown/highlighted as having unread can be viewed by looking at the whole category where they are shown in date order. Would be kind of interesting to know why the feeds for these items were not shown in the list and are only available this way…good that I can see them though.

  39. Have you solve the problem when, moving with J/K through articles, gives you a End of Stream message even when there are a lot of items still to be read? That’s what it is making me not migrate to Feedly totally by the moment, and like me, there is a lot of people complaining about it in your support forums.

  40. I love feedly and think you are doing a really great job.
    The only thing I miss, that Google Reader has, is two “buttons” in my bookmark bar on Chrome. One with “Next”, which automatically takes me to the next article in my feeds and a “Subscribe” which snap the RSS feed on a page and add it to my feeds.

      1. Thanks, it works, but the other Google Reader Goodie (next button in bookmark bar) is what I miss the most. It is great to be taken to the next article in the browser automatically

        1. This, this, 100% this. This is how I read blogs so a simple bookmarklet would sell Feedly for me.

  41. I don’t want to install website(!). Where is the standalone version without anything browser extensions?

    1. There isn’t one, they’ve app-ified everything, so you have to install the ‘app’ even in a browser on a real computer. They’re supposedly ‘working on’ making a regular website version, but it might not be ready till summer.

  42. Thank you for the constant push, team Feedly! Really appreciate all the hard work. Much respect also for being constantly professional and polite even when users are frustrated and demanding. I look forward to further improvements, especially the stand alone website. :)

  43. Next updates should concern :
    – search capabilities (great on GReader)
    – multiple tags on one article
    – open/close tags list
    – alphabetical sort for tags
    – navigation/search by tags on mobile

    Thanks for all, Feedly !

  44. Great update, I like how you try to clean up and keep things simple, that’s good! Here’s just a quick suggestion: instead of all the “mark above as read” links after each feed, couldn’t you add one at the bottom of the page to do the job of all those? It’d be much faster and also easier on the eye.

    1. I forgot to say I really liked Soho, it was a font with a twist. I hope it makes a comeback soon, please don’t forget about it!

      1. I second that. Soho was the only font that looked really good on Windows (whose rendering engine is notoriously bad with Helvetica, unless you’re using Safari). Sans Serif seems to use Segoe UI, which is just too plain.

        1. You can configure your browser; the point of ‘sans serif’ is that it uses whatever you’ve told your browser to use.

    1. Yes me too. Without all caps it looks so ordinary/a bit boring. And the grey border in full artikle view wouldn’t be necessary. Other than those little design changes, I really love feedly :)

  45. really nice updates for firefox. i just updated manually and saw the great results. thanks feedly team. but please back the grouping by day option in titles view, pleaseeee…. grouping by day is bad for sites which posts 1 article per day but it is really good for sites which posts more than 5 articles per day. please back it.

    1. I don’t like grouping by day option and I think the List view should be able to show exactly the same results as GR All Items view. It seems that this new version makes it.
      However, I respect others taste and, to satisfy everyone, give options for both.
      PLEASE, don’t undo the List view as it is now!!

    1. And make it possible to close the preview by clicking outside the preview window, please.

  46. Audio and Video podcasts should play automatically.
    Please, please, please, can you add that feature?

  47. Some requests/suggestions:
    • Move “sort alphabetical” to under the gear icon along with “unread only” and “oldest first”
    • De-capitalize the “for” in “Saved For Later”
    • Have the name of the feed be the name I gave the feed. I have some feed with an empty title or silly, long, etc. titles.
    • Full width. I know there are themes, but I prefer to have as few extensions possible and running themes on sites inevitably slows them down, causes weird glitches with updates etc. Or make it an option.
    • Get favicons back. Presumably these were removed to make it simpler, but I like these. Or make it an option.
    • Make it when you open inline feed it scrolls to the top so that I can see as much as possible, rather than having the scroll down manually myself. Make also this view more compact (see reader theme)
    • Load entire unread feed at once, currently it loads it partially and when you scroll down it loads some more.
    • When “Unread only” is selected have the page be blank when there are no unread articles. Or have “No new posts” or something like that. Or make it an option.

    1. Forgot one:
      • Both the icon count and the count in the sidebar instantly update when marking something as read, the unread count number under at the top of the page (under the title of the folder/feed) doesn’t.

    1. Log into Google Reader and export. Remember Feedly is just a front-end for Google Reader as it is now.

  48. I may say that, in List view, I have the same content as shown by GR. (two-page scroll), for which I thank you.
    However, if I change to Magazine view, the content doesn’t seem to be the same (third to tenth entry in List view doesn’t show up in Magazine view).
    For now, I’m very happy with this new List view,especially if I use Lockal skin (http://blog.feedly.com/2013/03/23/an-awesome-skin-list-view-with-full-width-support/), which extends the list to the right and to the top, thus saving more space for the content.
    I think that soon I’ll be start using Magazine view, but I would only do that if it would show the same content as in List view.
    Could you check that? Shouldn’t list-like views have exactly the same ordering criteria?
    Thanks anyway.

  49. i updated feedly on firefox but i can not change my subscriptions’ filters. for example i want to see my read articles but i can’t filter it via preferences button belongs to one subscriptions.

  50. This one is kinda hard to explain: when I’ve got the list scrolled down to the bottom (so that the top of the list is off-screen), if I click on an item toward the bottom of the list, the page jumps down (rather than the item I clicked expanding in place). Is that intentional!? I’m running Firefox 19.0.2 on Mac OS X. Thanks!

  51. The next section navigation ‘>’ has gone. Can we have it back? otherwise you have to navigate on the LHS with the mouse again

  52. Why do I have to install something to get the update? How ancient.
    Make it a web service instead!

  53. Just need one more thing: A version for Windows 8. We, Windows 8 users, don’t have good options of free News Feed. The News Bento is little better, but it is years away compared to feed.ly… Please, make the Feed.ly App as soon as possible. : D

  54. I don´t have G+ but i want to send articles with my gmail account. Where is the gmail button now?

  55. In the new version exists problems…
    The heading for page titles do not seem to correspond to those published by me. But are to go to to feed visible.
    Understand the risk that has been made with the code of this new version.

  56. Thanks for the update Feedly. You have been a great alternative to Google Reader. One small request (for all the OCD readers out there): could you consider adding a preference to not show any items in a category where all items are marked as read? In other words, “Unread Only” is checked, but yet I still see all unread items *once* all items in a category are read. “Unread Only” should mean “Unread Only”, right?

    1. Yeah, great update (though took a few tries to get it working, uninstalled and reinstalled 2 or 3 times before it stopped getting stuck on “Synchronizing”)

      I am surprised that the “unread only” bug hasn’t been fixed yet.

      Choosing to show “unread only” still shows read articles (either when the group as no unread articles or often when clicking a group that WAS empty (0 articles) but had something come in at the same time you clicked, in which case you get read and unread mixed up.

  57. I updated Feedly to v14 version on my Firefox 19.0.2, and i found 2 bugs:

    1. The options icon (gear icon in top right corner of every feed) doesn’t work. I click the icon and i don’t see any submenu appearing.

    2. The link (button) “Product Updates” (left sidebar, bottom) triggers “Sort Alphabetically” action.

    Can someone please confirm it’s a bug and not only my browser’s fault?

  58. Most-needed feature: in LIST view, if I am looking at an article and toggle it between read/unread, the ARTICLE should have a visual indicator telling me it’s read/unread. Right now, I have to watch the unread count in the sidebar go up/down.

    This is very much a Google Reader style.

  59. I’m loving the changes, and have a kinda simple suggestion (I think): a keyboard shortcut to navigate between categories. Pretty much like j/k or n/p, but with categories. A shortcut to “mark all as read” too, would be nice.

    Awesome update, keep up the good work guys!

  60. Bring back the “Soho” font for article titles

    Please allow us to select the “Soho” font again for articles titles. It gives a nice and quite unique looking typographical touch to reading articles with Feedly. Thanks!

    1. There used to be a setting in the preferences were you could set the time for you to be on it for it to mark as read, believe the standard was 100 ms, change it to 10000 ms which is 10 seconds. But I can’t seem to find that anymore, perhaps it’s only in the Feedly extension and not in Feedly+.

      1. Well that’s not exactly what I want. In Google Reader if you use j/k (which, like there, always opens the article), it always marks opened articles as read. If you use n/p, it doesn’t open articles and doesn’t mark them as read. I would like Feedly to act the same way

  61. Could you also bring the > button back, to go to the next categorie? I use that button almost always!

  62. What is the difference between Feedly and Feedly Plus. Both appear to be version 14.0.470. Both appear in the Chrome Web Store?

  63. thank you for the click to “mark as read” counter option back :) you’re f**** fast guys!
    go on :)


  64. I have yet to find out how to make an article that was read awhile ago come back as unread on Feedly on my computer. (I can actually do this on the app I have on my Kindle, and it is literally the ONLY thing I prefer about it, since I can’t get a compressed view without any cover pages to come up in that app.) Occasionally I mark things as read that I did not intend to and need the option to be able to go back and make it unread well after the fact. Incorporating this feature would make it just about perfect for me now!

  65. Nice work! Your efforts are definitely appreciated. One small request: It would be helpful if the Index link was located at the top of the left hand menu rather than at the bottom. Perhaps above or below the Today link?

  66. In the Organize window, I can’t rearrange any of the feeds (by dragging) or edit them (the pencil icon). I hope you can fix this. Also, reading the feeds, the gear icon (change layout and filtering) doesn’t work, although I can’t remember what it used to do. Thanks.

  67. Please bring back the next section icon (>) in the toolbar in the upper right. The latest update removed it by default and it only reappears as you scroll down. This is the prime means to advance to the next section (until a keyboard shortcut is added for this which should be done as well).

  68. Since the update, I cannot make tags “stick” to any articles. I can still use the bookmark icon to save, but the tag button does nothing.

    Thanks for stepping up to the plate with your great customer service and for listening to customers!

    1. I’m having the same problem with adding tags – I click on “+Tag” and it does nothing. I have tried logging out of Feedly and reconnecting through Google Reader, as someone suggested below, but that hasn’t made a difference.

      Otherwise, this is a superb update. Thanks for your hard work!

  69. Looks good but lost the “next” arrow at the top. And I was going to suggest adding “previous” arrow so this is a bad loss to me. Would love both arrows back, to move from feed to feed,

  70. Having a reader that I can’t turn off, ever, might not be the best thing at work. Let me know when I can turn off the “always on, even if Chrome is closed” and I’ll give you guys another try.

  71. After the upgrade feedly was not working for me: I couldn’t add tags, or click on the cog (settings), and my user info was wrong after changing the account (multiple accounts on google). Also Categories became invisible, or I couldn’t click on them…

    I use google’s account chooser and it seems that this was the problem: I had to log out (in feedly) and then connect to google reader again. Now everything works. So if somebody else witnesses some weird behavior, try to log out on feedly (that is, disconnect feedly from your google account).

  72. “mark as read” is marking all items in a category as read, even if they haven’t been displayed yet. Previous, with google reader, you could look at a category as long as you wanted, when you hit “mark as read” the items you haven’t seen (new unread items that have shown up since you had clicked the category) would appear in place of the already read one.

    Feedly currently is marking all items as read, even ones you haven’t seen yet.

  73. The Cards view still has the bug with “automatically mark as read” where cards in the right column aren’t automatically marked as read. This is very annoying as the Cards view would otherwise be the best view.

  74. The updated version of Feedly now makes it possible for me to use the reader on Firefox. Feedly directed me to login to my Google account in order to see a Feedly view of my subscriptions. I’m not sure whether I just used Feedly’s reader to see what was in my Google Reader or if I actually transferred my subscriptions to a Feedly account. My concern here is that once Google shuts down its Reader, I’ll have nothing saved unless I move my Google Reader data to Feedly. Am I missing something here? Is there an answer to my concern?

    1. For the time being, feedly is using Google Reader as a back end, but are already preparing for Reader’s shutdown. They have their own project (Normandy) to replace Reader’s server. “When Google Reader shuts down, feedly will seamlessly transition to the Normandy back end.” See here: http://blog.feedly.com/2013/03/14/google-reader/

  75. The read/unread contrast seems actually worse than is was before. Read items in list view only differ with lighter font color of the article title. It is very hard to find the last read item in the list. Dimming the source title may help?

    1. Have to agree. Still prefer the grey background for read items that Google Reader uses. I have a lot of Flickr feeds and many titles are a single character such as * or _. It’s impossible to distinguish these as read or unread in Feedly’s “All” view.

  76. And again NO FAVICONS for the news lists. I mean, implement at least an option to show favicons (hidden favicons as default).

  77. This is a great update. One suggestion: have a confirmation box (yes/no) when you click “sort alphabetically”. Clicking that by accident can blow up your carefully organized feeds in an instant.

  78. In Firefox, how do I move to the next content? I used to have the right (>) arrow even before I reach the end of the article list but now, I have to scroll all the way at the bottom before I can see this arrow.

    Nice to have a keyboard shortcut for this.

    1. They already answered this upstairs; if you search inside this page for ‘soho’ you’ll find it.

      Basically, the big whack of more-users they got in the past two weeks have overstressed the system, and they reduced fonts to make it run better. When they release a paid version, there will be more fonts in it.

      1. its ok if that is needed to keep the whole thing running. Custom CSS scripts let you change most elements of any web page to your liking (font, color, size,etc.). “Stylebot” thing for Chrome is especially powerful!

    1. Seconded. Also the name of the source should be the one you assigned to it, not the original one (which is often unnecessarily long). And i’d like to be able to get rid of text previews in list view. Headlines are sufficient, previews only clutter the view and don’t have enough space to serve any purpose anyway.

    2. I came to ask for this as well! Version 14 is definitely an improvement over version 10, so kudos to feedly for all the improvements–but I did like having favicons in list view. It made it so easy to differentiate between the different items, which I found especially useful when looking through my saved items.

      1. Please reinstate the favicons at the beginning of each line. And yes, the user-defined feed title is a must. Why allow the title to be edited if it is ignored in display?

  79. Feedly Chrome extension (both 14.0.471 and 14.0.469) completely locks up my system when I open up a Feedly folder and quickly scroll back and forth in the list of feeds using the wheel on my mouse. If I do the same thing in Incognito mode, all of my system and application menus and dialog boxes become blank (but no lock up in this case). Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit; Chrome 26.0.1410.43. Anyone else seen this problem?

  80. Crashed my safari. Nice. Had to click on the “Get Feedly for safari” link about a dozen times before it would actually start downloading. Worrying.

  81. Btw, it’s nice to have new features… but what about the old features doesn’t seem to work? In every category I read, I have this end of stream message. I then have to click again the category to get the again the unread posts… that’s really annoying!

  82. So in the iOS version, I don’t seem to be able to change the view. When I’m in a category/group and I click on the little gear icon, I can tell it I want any of the four types of views, but it doesn’t change from one big pic across the top, and two smaller ones below.

  83. Why does feedly change the default forward/back buttons on Firefox? Also, when the software is removed, why doesn’t it have the courtesy to at least revert these back? This behavior seems really intrusive.

  84. I initially chose Feedly over Netvibes, until I deleted everything in Google Reader. Feedly was empty, while Netvibes retained my feeds, despite also being overwhelmed by former Google Reader enslaught.
    So I see new features in Feedly, but still nothing about retaining our feeds INDEPENDENT of Google Reader. Hopefully that’ll be the next goal, once these bugs are ironed out.

    1. From what I understand, Feedly is currently dependent on Google Reader storage, but it announced that it will become independent by the time Google Reader shuts down.

  85. Won´t be better in left column with all the folders to have the option to see only that have unread items? Let´s hope that will be present in the next update. Good job with feedly and more themes if is posible.

  86. I’m still waiting for Feedly to be a normal web app instead of a browser extension. I don’t want to see anything Feedly related when I’m not on your site..

  87. I don’t mind using a browser addon (I have Firefox), though a web site where I could access my feeds when I’m not at my home computer would be wonderful. However, the one thing I’d really love to have is for the Feedly icon in my toolbar to show me when I have unread feeds.

  88. FEEDLY! Just switched to Feedly and I’m PISSED! Some of my feeds had 100+ unread items and Feedly only imported last ten of unread PLUS changed all the feed counts in Google Reader. FUFUFUFU!!!!!

  89. Thank you Feedly crew.
    It gives me great comfort that you are trying to help wandering Google Reader users. I am now using it daily, and happy to see your progress and efforts.

    I have a few feature asks, but my top 3 would be:
    * adding tag (iOS)
    * keyboard shortcut for adding tags (firefox)
    * search within tags or “saved for later”

  90. I have verified that I have the latest version, and I’m still experiencing *massive* memory leaks! Scrolling past 50 items makes the Chrome process eat up half a gig of RAM (!!) and refreshing does nothing to bring the count down. It eventually sputters to a crawl, and I have to kill the process. This is the one thing keeping me from jumping in with both feet.

    1. Really? Sorry about that. If the tab progress growing to 1GB or the background page process? Can you email me: edwin@feedly.com so that we can set up a skype session? I am wondering if it might be a conflict with another extension. -Edwin

  91. Today’s Chrome update is great BUT: I have 2 inches of white space on either side of the title view (the ONLY one I use…) Can we put this real estate to use by having an option to make the Left Nav persistent?
    It is a real PITA to have to mouse-over just to see article counts.

  92. I miss the designer elements and hierarchy of the previous version (bold/not bold, etc of Title only view and more)—I thought you guys did a good job with the attention to detail, but I understand the needs of the many than the few… And I liked the all caps of the left side, it made it less blah. These are minor things and will continue to enjoy using Feedly but I enjoyed the little bit of spice it had in comparison to Google Reader (which was functional but definitely not pretty). Good job anyway though. If there is a ‘fancy’ version in the future, i’d go for that.

  93. I miss how I was easily able to “Jump to Next” using the “>” button at the top of the screen. Sometimes I do not want to read a particular section but rather just jump to the next, and that was very useful to me. I see that if I begin to scroll down, the updated toolbar shows up with the “>” button now in it. Its adding an unnecessary step to have to scroll down in order to Jump to Next. I would love to see that functionality back.

    Love everything else you have done. Thanks.

  94. I really glad to see the new features and its help a lot! Now I less worry about GoogleReader death. Thank you so much for your hard work!

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  96. Ditto on Soho and the font options. It was so much more readable and made me switch to Feedly way before I had to. Donate for more features? Yes! But having to pay for “intro” features which go by the wayside? Rather not. Or, will someone build a better mousetrap?

  97. I’m still getting “end of stream” prematurely before I have reached the end of the stream…25 articles left in the same feed I’m reading, but “end of stream”. Click on the same feed again, and then I can read another 15 before I reach end of stream again.

  98. Search has stopped working for me in the new update – I used to be able to search and then choose “search for ___ in this feed” or “search for ___ in this section”. Now when I enter a search term, nothing happens and the search panel is blank.

  99. One thing I would love to see is all the feeds shown in a list (like in Google Reader) each time I come back to Feedly. I can click the little arrow by the categories to show the feeds, but if I close out of Feedly then come back, I have to do it again. It would be nice for the list of feeds to remain open unless I close them again.

  100. How bout some up and down buttons to click with the mouse (like in google reader:) to use instead of the n/p keys?

  101. 오랜만에 업데이트를 했습니다. 업데이트는 훌륭하지만 몇가지 실망스러운 점이 있습니다. 1.폰트를 변경할 수 없습니다 2.Sort(정렬)을 드래그로 할 시, 렉이 걸립니다. 알파벳정렬 이외의 다른 자동정렬법이 있으면 좋겠습니다 3.Viewer가 줄어들었습니다. 사이트 성향에 알맞게 볼 수 있도록 다양한 Viewer를 지원부탁드립니다. 4.프로필란은 우측 상단에 Text로 배치 하는 게 보기 좋은 것 같습니다.

  102. Thanks for the update but you still have this annoying feature/bug. When browsing through list of articles there is a fix header with some buttons on it. The last one is “jump to next”. When I’m in a “Full article” view mode I’m expecting that “Jump to next” will show me the next article, but it doesn’t – it shows me my next articles category. As a Google Reader fan I expect such buttons.

    Nevertheless – thanks for the great service :)

  103. I’m using Chrome. I can drag and drop categories fine, but not the feeds within them, which I really want/need to do. Am I missing something or is this not possible?

    1. It’s not possible yet. But maybe you can rename feeds as they arrange alphabetically within cathegories. You can add some sort of prefix to the names of the feeds so that they fit your needs.

      1. I tried that and it doesn’t seem to work either. (yes, I removed the old version and installed the new one. I’m using Chrome version 25.0.1364.172 and that should be up-to-date enough for an extension which doesn’t seem to have a target version) I can drag categories (which are already as they were in Reader) but not actual feeds — which also do NOT get sorted alphabetically by feed name or actual feed URL.

        I know everyone is working very hard and I have no idea how the metrics flush out in terms of who wants what or how many of us are looking for specific features but I’m still surprised that if Reader was (or still is?) the 600 lb. gorilla in feed readers, nobody seems content to at the very least emulate it’s core capabilities and interface nuances. New things are good (great!) but the heart beat seems irregular. My (our?) reasons for preferring a specific order are specific to the individual — I may change a habit over time or due to a compelling benefit but having my head re-wired for lack of control of order seems a bit much.

        I’m new here *because* I want/need to replace what I’ve grown dependent on and the reviews are generally pretty favorable. But if I wasn’t shopping around before, the way to get me to stay isn’t by ignoring what held me fast to my old reader — it’s to understand those details and nail them first and foremost.

        I don’t want to be a downer and I won’t be trolling about trying to poke holes. I’ll leave this comment (which may reflect the feelings of many) and be on my way. Hopefully, I’ll see news of Feedly becoming usable in one of my various feeds soon …

  104. Mine is crashing during synchronization and saying I don’t have an internet connection… which I clearly have, as I’m leaving a comment here. :)

  105. Many users read articles written in cyrillic languages:Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian etc. But the default font doesn’t have cyrillic symbols. So as a result you get headlines with mixed letters from default font and Arial Cyr. As for me the comfort of reading depends on typefaces very much. You need to do something with fonts or you can simply loose many of your visitors.

    1. While I’ve not been affected by the Cyrillic-Non-Cyrillic issue you see I also think typography is a big part of ease of reading and it’s a shame you have such a problem. Hopefully you can bear with it till Feedly fix it tho :)

  106. Wow. 10 new features and it still doesn’t work. Nothing like a blank page and no support to make a man look for a better option

  107. In list view, the colour of read articles has gone back to default (aka virtually indistinguishable from un-read).. I have tried to set it to a bright, clear colour again in the preferences, but it’s had no effect. I’ve tried updating the feed and the extension, but that’s made no difference.
    You need to change entire box around the title/link, not just the text, so that it’s clear what is read and what isn’t. I like to keep the read items in a feed visible to better see where I have got to, as I don’t read everything.
    Also the Feedly app desperately needs a list view with just titles, like on the desktop, I don’t need to see pictures, it’s very unclear where you are in the list when you have to keep swiping past images.

  108. This is AWESOME!!! I have been having a heck of a time adjusting to no more Google Reader and this new update is exactly what I was hoping for. You guys rock!!!

  109. 2 Questions:
    1) What’s the difference between “Feedly” and “Feedly Plus”
    2) In the “organize” area, draging and dropping feeds to order still doesn’t work in Chrome. A fix for this?

    1. I think difference between Feedly and Feedly Plus is just updates. When Feedly done a mass overhaul they changed to Feedly Plus. I think that’s why it is but maybe someone could drop us an official answer :)

    2. I’m also having the same issue of not being able to drag-and-drop organize my feeds within a category in the left column using Chrome. I CAN drop-and-drop organize the categories, but just not the feeds within them. Any updates on this?

  110. Great features, all of them, especially features 3, 6, and 10: the alphabetical sorting,denser list view, and memory management. However, things are pretty bad on both my iPhone and Nexus 10. No alphabetical sorting, my choice of layout doesn’t stick, and there is no default view selection option. Though you are doing a very good job on the desktop at a very fast pace, I am surprised the iOS and Android are neglected in this mobile-first world.

  111. A lot of these updates are something I had mentioned when I received my follow up mail from Feedly. Good on you for taking user advice and jumping on it. Pushing out the updates that we want as quickly as possible :)

    I’m glad there’s the ability to go more minimalist with certain views because I’ve found I’m very easily distracted by what my FB and Twitter friends have been sharing appearing in the sidebar lol

    Keep up the good work guys, I’ll be a long time user if things keep going how they are. Now all I need to ask you is to make the Android app more minimalist as well. Stop me getting distracted while I’m using that too XD

  112. I really preferred the old left sidebar design with the all caps, I thought it was much cleaner and more attractive. Any way to bring that back as an optional design?

  113. Good update. But still very buggy with the “automatically mark as read” option. Especially in Cards and Magazine views, it keeps marking random articles as read.

    Please fix, but keep up the good work!

  114. Can the next update be Share to pinterest? Now if you pin anything it just links back to feedly and I’ve run into a lot of deadend pins on pinterest as a result of this.

  115. No way to save a preferences. I always the feeds to be shown in a list view? Pressing space bar should select and expand the next feed item. Rather than simply scrolling down the page

  116. Is there a reason for inclusion of the ““In My Feedly” bar? It seems like it only wastes precious screen real estate.

  117. I can’t get the Gmail button work – I don’t have a G+ account, but still would like to send articles via my Gmail, as I did in GReader.
    Another thing that would be useful: an all count, that shows how many unread articles I have alltogether. Also, I, too, preferred the all caps version design.
    Thanks for the app though, it’s really great.

  118. 1- Where are the general preferences? The link is not in the left column.

    2- Where are my list of folders from Reader that I had in the left column?

    3- I don’t want the recommendations either.

    4- The version for my personal Gmail account is different to the version I’m seeing for my Google Apps account, and yes I’ve restarted Chrome.

    5- Please put all the old links back in the left column and have a visible scrollbar.

    I use Feedly regularly and I don’t understand why there wasn’t a beta stage for this release to iron out the problems. Personally I don’t know how I feel about Feedly now because the UX has been negatively impacted.

  119. How about not marking as read when n/p and only mark as read if m is pressed or item is expanded, like in google reader?

  120. Thanks for a great service/product, and sad to see Google leaving Reader, it’s my main source for updates of news and everything.

    Thanks for fixing showing all feeds. Before it said 70 more sources, and it wouldn’t let you see any feed after “R”, even for when it only displays unread.
    Now I was “greeted” with the offline-screen and when I reloaded it said 82 more sources, and I could see all my feeds again. I have 130 feeds total, many which not works anymore, but still contains old data.

    A couple of questions.

    1. Would be great if you could have feeds in multiple categories at same time, or rather create and manage them in Feedly.
    Right now you can only move feeds to another category.
    It does however support the sync if doing it from Google Reader.

    2. On the Android version, when using the option Remove clutter, you can’t go back to the regular website view. An option to make the uncluttered view first would also be nice.

    3. When you transition over to Normandy, will all the data from the feeds that exists now also be available? And will it work like Google Reader, if someone already has the feed you can see all the history from when it was first added, or like any other, only displays from when you added the feed?
    That’s what I really like about Google Reader, be able to load old content.

  121. Love the new changes, and really appreciate your willingness to listen to (and respond to!) the users. Never got that with Google.

    I’d like to suggest that the n/p keyboard shortcuts not mark items read as you navigate past each title with the keyboard. That’s what the “m” shortcut is for, right? Sometimes after finishing an article I want to navigate down to another one a few lines below using the “n” shortcut, but I don’t necessarily want to mark the unread articles in between as read when I “n” past them.

    Thanks for listening.

  122. Would it be possible to display the feed’s calendar date, rather than “days ago”? When searching through older feeds GReader’s “25 Nov 2008” is informative, whereas Feedly’s “1,727d” is not.

  123. This is a small thing: I have it set to mark items as read as I select them by scrolling through them, but it doesn’t select/mark some articles. I think it’s because I’m using firefox with smooth scrolling turned off, which can make it literally jump past a post without selecting it at times. As I said, not a big deal, but maybe the mechanics of marking things as read as you scroll through them could be tinkered with at a later date.

  124. I was hoping to use feedly as a replacemet for Google Reader, but the fact that I can’t search within a stream makes it dysfunctional for me.

  125. Would like if there was an option to add feeds by their URL instead of the search function that exists now. Am surprised this isn’t a default feature.

  126. Better read/unread contrast, I love.
    But worse normal/star (save for later) contrast, I think it urgy.

  127. Love Feedly and so, so happy to have found a suitable alternative to GReader, but…

    I have installed the new versions on both Chrome and Firefox, but I’m coming across problems with the FF version (my preferred browser):
    – the cog/gear icon does not work (I make any change to layout and filtering in Chrome).
    – support (left column) does not work, but it does sort alphabetically! (as does the sort alpha option).
    – product update ‘left column) as support above.

  128. Great work, you’re on the best way to become my Greader alternative.
    But there are two things I’m still missing:

    – hide feeds in the sidebar where there are no unread elements (the new contrast thing is kind of a bad compromise, I don’t care about a feed unless there is an unread element)

    – make you’re whole design fullscreen (like GReader’s f shortcut) or wider, so I can focus just on new articles while scrolling through them…I’ve got a resolution of 1920px wide and there are probably more people out there with a widescreen…feedly only uses half of the space…

    I’ve got over 300 feeds and need to be able to get through them quickly, so a fullscreen mode would really be perfect.

    Thumbs up guys ;)

    1. I just have to log in once in a while. Your browser must be the problem. Try other browsers or a clean one (with no addons) and see if it makes a difference.

  129. Using Feedly for Safari. I like to view as full articles in chronological order. But all of my items won’t load at a single time, so I often reach the end of the feed and have to reload to see more unread articles. And they are often not chronological (as in, I reload to see the rest of the items and there are still unread articles from many hours ago). Any advice on this?

  130. it take too much time to scroll down to see what other feeds i have.
    i read really fast , and feedly lags & making me wait for sync…
    and on since i know it works on google reader & on feed deamon..
    would be nice if you fix it (-:

  131. When Tagging I am not able to utilize more than one tag. Is this possible? It definitely should be; and if so how? And if not will this be considered. Thanks for your attention o this matter – I look forward to response/ commentary.

  132. Pls, add an option to remove “In My Feedly” block in the right. For me, it’s absolutely useless and duplicates left panel with feeds list. BTW, thanks for adding an option to remove featured articles :)

  133. Notice the width of feedly gets resized narrower if “Today” is selected. It then expands wider when “All” is clicked. IMO, this added “animation” is annoying and unwanted.

    Possibility to remove it completely? Do not feel it warranty to be an option.

  134. Loving it so far! Thanks! Only issue I’ve had is having to re-login a couple of times so far. If I could make a request; can at least one more of the font options have sans serif body content? Thanks again.

  135. I like all the new functions and layout, but I’m spanish and I have a problem with the special characters, they don’t display correctly:(

  136. So I just made a bunch of replies to people talking about the Mosaics view…to let them know that I made a Stylish userstyle that brings it back…I don’t know how WordPress does their reply emails because most comments systems only notify if a reply is made directly to your comment so I commented to everyone who mentioned it…if it sends an email every time then I apologize and if it does…then that is a massively stupid decision by WordPress.

  137. What happened to the “mark page as read” option at the bottom of the page in the Magazine layout? That’s essential to me since I would read the top articles for various feeds, mark the page as read, and then each feed would refresh with another set of articles. Is it gone for good? If so, then I’m glad I didn’t update my FF plugin on my home PC.

  138. I live in Iran and for some reasons! I have to change my IP regularly.but whenever I do this,I get signed out of feedly and i have to sign in again.

  139. Mostly, this is a great update, but I’m not a fan of the new sidebar: you’re forcing my tags and categories to display with the first letter of every word uppercase and I don’t want that. A lot of my tags and categories contain acronyms rather than words, so for example, a NASA tag will display as Nasa, which is clunky and wrong.

    I actually liked the uppercase sidebar (though I understand why many people didn’t like it) and certainly preferred that over the current behaviour. Why do you need to decide how tags and categories display? Why not just display the tags and categories as users type them and let us decide where we want uppercase and where we don’t? That way everyone is happy!

  140. Why the new “mark feed/category as read” big box comes out even before all the unread articles have scrolled up. Sometimes I click on it and afterwards I realize that more articles were marked as read without my knowledge?

    It’s very annoying that you cannot have an infinite scrolling or an option to load the following articles. Instead of a big “mark feed/category as read” you should have an option to mark as read or load next articles.

    And finally, when is “mark as read on scroll” going to work on all views?

  141. Pingback: Feedly adds 3M new users in 2 weeks, updates mobile apps, and plans premium version — paidContent
  142. I am encountering a totally blank screen on Firefox v20.0. Nothing appears. Have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, always get the same thing.

  143. Hi, I have been trying feedly, and love the layout. But I am not able to do searches, which is one of the main uses I give to reader. Is there any way to search topics, tags, words? Many thanks in advance!

  144. Maybe I am just going crazy but I don’t see the Google+ icon on the bottom of my articles and it’s driving me crazy.. I am on the dev build of Chrome Version 28.0.1469.0 dev.. I really miss it.. not sure if it because of dev version or something else, without that I can’t share anything..

  145. I too preferred the all caps version. It gave a very “unique” feel to Feedly’s design. Anyway, this is still the best looking RSS reader out there, just a little more common that’s all. I’m really looking forward to use an offline version of it, especially the “save for later” part. Keep up the good work !

  146. I keep going back to GReader for two features that I can’t find anywhere else…
    1) Searching either the titles or content of previously read articles
    2) IFTTT support

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    pay a quick visit this site every day since it provides quality contents, thanks

  148. Hello would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with? I’m planning to start my own blog soon but
    I’m having a difficult time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique.
    P.S Apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

  149. I like how Google Reader would bring your screen view to the top of the article whenever you pressed [n] or [p]. This made it very clear what was in focus at any given time. Sometimes it feels confusing to me in Feedly to determine which article is “in focus” while using my keyboard, it is requires me to use my mouse simultaneously.

  150. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with
    the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Thank you!

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  153. Hola,

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  157. I see a lot of comments about asking to give us an option to have the left navigation panel always on. What’s the story? Is this in the future, or not? The worst thing about it is that there’s no obvious way to tell when it is “always on” and when it “autohides”. I just banged my head against the wall, my computer, and my pet rock Eric for about an hour, until I finally figured out that it was the width of the browser that changes the behavior. I *hate* the auto-hide feature. Please make this an options setting! Please?

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