The Magic of Feedly Streets

11 flavors


We usually do not talk much about the technology which powers feedly. But today was a big day for us. Most companies announce a specific flavor of their product (for a specific OS and screen size). Some split across OS borderlines: releasing first iOS and then Android.

Today, we leveraged the magic of feedly streets to release 11 flavors of feedly across 6 operating systems and 4 screens sizes, across mobile and desktop. All sync’ing seamlessly through the cloud. I am really proud of all the hard work the team has poured into feedly over the last four years.

Special thanks to Oliv, Kireet and Seb who have been working around the clock over the last two weeks to add capacity and make sure that the service remains up.

We have the team, technology foundation and community to create something great.

-Edwin // co-founder and CEO

Author: @feedly

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49 thoughts on “The Magic of Feedly Streets”

  1. Yeah, this is really becoming excellent, Team Feedly. I’ve only been using for a few weeks as a Google refugee, but I’m impressed with what I’m seeing.

    Keep us posted as Feedly Pro rolls out. I don’t want to see you ever kill this off like Google did, just because they couldn’t monetize it.

  2. Thanks for the update, Edwin. Cool stuff, to be sure. I’ve been using Feedly since shortly after the Google Reader announcement and am hopeful it will be a solid utility to replace GR by the time it shuts down. The changes you and your team are implementing take it ever closer. Is there a preferred way you would like to receive bug or issue reports when we find problems?

  3. I’m really glad you guys have found so much success with all the folks coming over from Google Reader, and I love seeing the development of feedly being kicked into high gear to accommodate so many of the new users; a lot of the new features are really nice!

    I just hope that you guys don’t try to make feedly too much like Google Reader. Remember, some of us have been using feedly for a very long time and started using it because we like what feedly has to offer in terms of UI over Reader. Please don’t forget about us! ;)

    1. Shariq: we hear you. We are trying our best to not just copy but instead understand and feedlyfy the pieces we are bringing over. We are moving very fast so we will be making mistakes. We count on the community to let us know when we do. -Edwin

  4. I made a mistake. I accidentaly tap the screen on iOS in the mark all as read screen, and now many items of my list are mixed with old ones.
    I suggest a confirmation dialog in iOS like we have on the browser version.A “tap again to confirm” message would be fine, or even a double tap to mark all as read, but only one tap is really asking for accidental taps.

  5. I’m a very picky and unhappy Google Reader and Mr. Reader user that monitors over 225 RSS feeds each day. I always liked Feedly’s look but felt that the controls were lacking and too inefficient to use on a daily basis. During the last (3) weeks you guys have really cranked out some excellent work! I really like what I’m seeing in Chrome, on my iPad, and on my Android phone. Excellent work! I look forward to more enhancements that you seem hell-bent on delivering! Thank you!

  6. I really love Feedly, i’ve been using it before the google’s Reader shutdown announcement. This recent update is excellent but i have a question. ¿Why i can not be able to search some topic between my feeds?

    1. With all the new users joining feedly, we now have close to 100,000,000 feeds defined in feedly. We need to re-think how we do search to make sure that we meet the demand. Thank you for your understanding/patience. -Edwin

  7. Congrats, Feedly team! I read this post in your beautiful new Android version. Keep up the good job, you guys absolutely rock! Don’t forget to be awesome!

  8. Really appreciate all the updates for the past few weeks.

    Request to expedite the windows phone and windows 8 app.

    1. Windows support has been really high on people’s list. We are looking at ways to deliver a great app for both windows 8 and windows phone.

  9. Did you removed the sharing buttons at the bottom of the posts? because that was there yesterday but not anymore. It was something useful for people that share a lot and don’t want to scroll back to the top after reading the article.

    1. THanks for the suggestion. Tagging is an area where we are currently weak but want to invest a lot in v15 and v16. Can you please add that idea to so that it does not get lost and the rest of the community can up vote it? -Edwin

  10. Can you add an option to remove the GIGANTIC “Mark feed as read” button at the bottom of each feed? It is distracting as hell :(

          1. Wow! That’s what I call excellent support. You are winning many users with such attitude and willingness.

  11. Edwin, have you thought about [intelligently] offloading some server tasks to desktop clients? If it’s done right, I think your server bill could be reduced significantly. Besides, it could set the right tone for potential future changes leveraging WebRTC data channel if it takes off at all.

  12. I must say, I really like the way you’re streamlining the user experience of the browser version. I’ve been a fan of your Android app for a long time, but out of habit I stuck with FeedDemon for desktop use. After Google and shortly after Nick Bradbury made their announcements, I tried your browser version again and was sursprised just how much it had been improved. I never much liked the Google Reader website but I’m more than happy with your recent updates and consequently uninstalled FeedDemon for good. Being a web developer myself I always feel if a web service or an app is used by the developers themselves, because it’s the small touches that improve the handling and both the Feedly app and website give the impression that you use it a lot :-) Thanks for the excellent work.

  13. Keep going people, because Feedly is already totally awesome and it keeps getting better! Push, push, push!

  14. I’m loving my transition to Feedly from Google Reader, but one thing I cannot figure out how to do for the life of me. How do you share an article via email from within Feedly

    1. We had to temporarily disable email because our old implementation did not scale to meet the demand of new users. We are working on a new implementation. We will re-enable it as soon as possible. In the meantime you can use the Google+ -> email feature which is very nicely implemented. -Edwin

  15. I love how in the Web app/Chrome extension Feedly is very streamlined, UI-wise. Every little button/menu/list is right there or just hidden and waiting for a mouse-over; you need not click several times deep into a menu to access what you will use frequently when reading news feeds. That is ergonomics. That is thoughtful design, unseen in others who prefer clunky stuff.
    One feature I would like very much to see is news/titles block/multiple select capabilities. It will be very handy when you want to manipulate many entries at once, such as bookmarking (save-for-later) or mark-as-read many titles but not all in a list/category.

    Keep it up, I have been a loyal user and seeing and experiencing all the exciting development, it won’t change anytime soon! Kudos.

  16. Will ever be able to add specific search terms to my feeds, as I don’t want to know everything from my various sites, just articles related to my interests? Obviously now I use Google Alerts and yes I did a practice run to see if they would automatically move into Feedly from Reader and all went well. But I was hoping to ditch Google Alerts or even better, set up Alerts to run in my various Feeds on Feedly. Will that happen?

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