Extracting the feedly logs

Sometimes, some users seem to have trouble accessing their feedly. To help us understand what is the root cause of the issue, please follow these steps and email us the content of the feedly log file.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 1.15.25 AM

1) visit chrome://extensions

2) click on the Developer mode check box at the top right on the page.

3) click on the _generated_background_page.html link (a dev window will popup)

4) click on the >= icon at the bottom left of the dev window (the console should show)

5) Copy as many of the message you see on the console window and email them to edwin@feedly.com

Note: please make sure that you are not running both feedly and feedly beta, if you do run feedly beta, please un-install feedly.

Update: There was a bug in the 14.0.475 chrome update – one of the API we were using was not available in the chrome release channel. This prevented feedly to load. Thanks to the logs reported by people, we were able to reproduce and fix this issue. The fix is in the 14.0.476 update of feedly for chrome. Please upgrade.

Author: @feedly

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15 thoughts on “Extracting the feedly logs”

  1. Hi friendly feedly’s.

    I’ve just checked my Chrome extensions version (14.0.476). In Chrome it is named feedly plus but if I hit the Chrome Store’s page it is shown as feedly beta. So, what’s correct?

    1. We are renaming feedly plus to feedly beta. Two reasons: 1) feedly is really big now so we need a channel to test builds for a few days before we release updates to everyone. 2) feedly and feedly beta are NOT meant to be run on the same machine. I am hoping that this naming convention clarifies this. -Edwin

      1. I’ve just checked again and now my installation got renamed to feedly beta. By the way, it doesn’t sync automatically, I always have to do this manually. Why?

        1. It does it automatically but with millions of users, it might take a few days for chrome to distribute the updates to all of the users. -Edwin

  2. Will this fix make it to Feedly Beta anytime soon? I am still seeing this error in the console: “Port error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist.
    chromeHidden.Port.dispatchOnDisconnect” on miscellaneous_bindings:236.
    I prefer using Feedly Beta so I can retain the icon on the top right of the toolbar.

  3. so at the moment I got this:

    Synchronizing feedly v.14.0. Please wait…

    Chrome Version 26.0.1410.43 m running on WinXP SP3.

    What’s up?

  4. Chrome is up to date and I just downloaded Feedly today and got the same error. “Synchronizing feedly v.14.0. Please wait…”

  5. Hi Feedly,

    Thanks for a great product – I’m a convert from Google Reader.


    Over the past few days, I keep getting this synchronizing error message on Firefox. Yes I have the latest version of feedly, yes I have the latest version of Firefox, and no it doesn’t get better when I restart the browser.

    Sometimes it fixes itself for a few hours when I re-install feedly, but then the problem starts again. Would rather not install feedly multiple times a day if possible.


  6. I found the how to solve my problem. It’s a conflict between Feedly and Disconnect.

    I make a video (in Spanish) to solve this conflict:

  7. News access with Feedly 14.0.482 sticks showing “Synchronizing feedly v.14.0. Please wait…”.

    Running CCleaner to clear Internet Cache and to Compact Databases of Firefox 20.0.1 solved the problem. I’m pretty sure clearing the cache is the goal.

  8. does feedly work on INternet explorer? I can’t see any feeds like I could on Google Reader. I thought it would look the same once I logged on

  9. Re: google is damn perifcteon… I’ll second that with you, I love how it opens in a fraction of a millisecond when clicking on google chrome :-) It’s very fast at rendering and pages come through almost instantly there after, even on a slowish internet connection, sure its a simple layout and all, but I love simplicity and sure it’s still early days yet, but a few more months down the line, a few more tweaks and eventually the google tool bar, plus a few extension’s and bang…!! the best browser known to man LOL!

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