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Dave Winer, one of the creators of RSS, is working on a new project called Little Outliner. I have been using it over the last few days to manage my daily todo list. I love how simple it is. It really helps me stay focused.

Daily todo list

Have you tried it?


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    1. Yes. What is nice is that it is very flexible and can support hierarchical content too to support things like mini mind maps, opml files, idea files, etc.. -Edwin

    1. to be fair, this is a lot more flexible than a simple todo app (see my first comment). I used to use a google doc to manage my global todo list. What I like here is the focus, simplicity and the fact that it is a pure web solution. Really helps me stay focused.

        1. Android Feedly “Unsaved” not responding.

          Steps to replicate problem.
          1. Go to Saved section
          2. Open an article
          3. Unsaved the article
          4. Open article in default browser (i.e. in a new window and feedly losing focus)
          5. Press back to close default browser after reading. Feedly is back in focus.
          6. Swipe left/right to next Saved article.
          7. Attempt to Unsave this second article not possible.

          The only way is to repeat the process i.e. go to Saved section again to reload. But hitting the Back or tapping on the Up button will just bring me back to “All” section instead of the “Saved” section.

          Do hope the Feedly team can resolve this workflow use-case problem.

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