Feedly for Android 14.1 Beta

The focus of us over the next 8 weeks is to fix as many bugs as possible, simplify the experience and improve performance.

Here is a new beta of feedly for Android which is a step in that direction:

If you want to help us improve the quality, please install the build and let us know if:
1) You still need to re-login again and again.
2) If you have issues marking items as read
3) If you have issues refreshing content.
4) If you see “feedly is over capacity” – If you do, email us a screenshot.
5) If you see layout bugs
6) If you run into anything else you feel is not normal.

To report an issue, just leave a comment or send an email to edwin@feedly.com.

Here are some instructions on how to install this beta build:
1) Un-install the existing version of the feedly application
2) Go to Settings > Security and check the “Unknown sources” option
3) Open the browser and navigate to http://s3.feedly.com/private/feedly-14.1.1.apk
(this should start the download of the new feedly android app. If it does not, you
might want to try to dropbox the build to yourself)
4) Go to notification panel and wait until the download is complete.
5) Install the app

Thank you for helping us make feedly a better product.

Author: @feedly

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87 thoughts on “Feedly for Android 14.1 Beta”

  1. 1. Go to Saved section
    2. Click Unsave on any article. Saved indicator goes off which is right.
    3. Read
    4. Swipe left/right to go to another article
    5. Swipe back that “Unsaved” article. Saved indicator looks lighted which is wrong.

      1. Yes, I can reproduce it.

        1. In the overflow menu I select “Show updates only” (hide read articles)
        2. I tap a article to read
        3. I go back to view all articles
        4. The article I read is still there
        5. In the overflow menu I select “refresh”
        6. Now the article I read is no longer visible (that I expect without refresh)

        1. Thanks. This level of details is awesome. Once the cards are rendered, we do not remove articles from them, we just gray them out. The only get removed when you refresh or reload a section (otherwise the experience would be weird because as you read, articles would get removed and the layout would the reflow).

    1. Great find: the overflow menu of the category view is missing an icon! Please send me an email with you size information and a physical address: we would love to send you a feedly t-shirt to thank you for your time. I am edwin@feedly.com *THANKS*

      1. I think he is referring to the Action Menu (dot dot dot, the one just left of the search). When you click on that, only List, Magazine and Cards available.

        Could be because of this, Title View not showing despite it being selected as default in settings.

    2. Add on to this, for Title Only, can we not have the left-side thumbnail image? Looks like there are thumbnail images on first stack.

  2. And it used to be possible to swipe up when at last stack so articles on last stack can be marked as all read.

    It is now not possible to swipe up.

    1. If I understand you correctly and you are trying to mark the last article as read, try swiping from the right to the left (long wipe). -Edwin

      1. Yes am aware long swipe works. The current stable version on Google Play allows me to swipe up even when am at the last stack, bringing me to “You are all done …” stack.

        So assuming I have more than 1 stacks for start, I should be able to swipe up, up, up … to finish reading and not up up up, .. then do long wipe on last stack.

        1. You should see the You are all done on all the category and feeds. We just removed it from the today section because marking today as read is generating a lot of load on the server and we have a hard time processing those request. We will re-enable that after the migration. -Edwin

            1. No. I just tested it and I see the giant mark as read card at the end of my all section. How many cards did you swipe in “All”. Wondering if you just hit some limit before the end. -Edwin

              1. Erm .. this is weird ..

                I have now no unread items so to replicate, I went to Chrome feedly to mark items as “Unread”. Realised max I can mark unread in All is 10. To set more unread, I went to some of my categories to mark more. Looks like somehow there is a cap in Google Reader (Google Reader web-based has this cap too).

                So right now, I manage to set 18 unread items.

                On Android Feedly, I navigate to the “All” section. Swipe up once, swipe up twice .. Third stack shows 3 items. Swipe up again but couldn’t.

                Am using S2.

                1. Same here on a Nexus 4. Tried both in List view and Title view and got the same result. If you enter your last feed category, prior versions allowed “one last swipe up” to get the big green check mark. This beta doesn’t go to the check mark…I think the only way to get that last page “marked as read” is to select that option in the overflow.

  3. Yeah, same here – the Title Only option only shows up when viewing a single feed, but not when viewing a feed group, or the “Latest” page (which is how I do the majority of my reading)

    The title only option is still far too verbose, too (only showing 6 posts at a time on my Nexus7, whereas Reader shows 12-14)

        1. Just given it a try – looks much better, but there’s still a fair amount of whitespace between items that could be reduced – I like dense data :)

          I can confirm that the Titles view in ALL is working again, too :)

      1. Thanks, that would help. Adding continuous scrolling instead of paging would be great too (and would probably make the # items/page less of an issue)

        Ideally just add some options to let users tweak a custom view – size of title vs preview, # of preview lines to show, whether to show the thumbnail, position for the thumbnail (left/right), whether to leave a space if there’s no thumbnail, etc

        (or open source the app, and I’ll fix it myself :-D )

  4. Even though the option “pull to close” is unchecked, in ‘website mode’ (the mode which came up after clicking “visit web site” in the end of a feed) it act like the option is checked.

    1. Good find. I am not sure if we will be able to fix it for 4.1 but I will add it to the list of things to polish going forward. Thanks for the feedback. -Edwin

    1. Could you please provide me some details as what steps you go through and when it stops? It would help me try to reproduce the issue. Did you get to login and then landed on a infinite loading spinner? What happens if you quit the app and restart it? -Edwin

      1. I was able to connect after forcing the app to stop and clearing all data and the cache.

        But the app is still not working properly, as I don’t see the settings button next to the search button. Instead there’s just a refresh button. And if I click the top left menu, it’s just the “Home” screen that’s asking if I’m getting started, although I’m obviously already connected to Google Reader.

        1. The start page is called TODAY. It does not have any settings…only a refresh option. If you tap on the selector button at the top left, you should see your list of feeds and categories, if you pick a feed or a category, you should see the settings button appear. I hope this clarifies.

          1. Thanks for the infos. But if I tap on the selector now, I see neither the ‘Home’ screen like I did before nor my feeds or categories but just “Loading…” – but nothing’s loading at all.

    1. There are a lot of alternatives. Thanks for trying. Note: next time you try to participate to a beta program, please provide more detailed/specific feedback otherwise you are wasting your time and our time. -Edwin

  5. Pasting feed URLs and other text snippets into the search box using “long press” doesn’t work. The Android “paste/insert” popup simply doesn’t show up.

    1. I saw the same problem with the released version (Nexus 7 running the latest stock 4.2)

  6. I think my Google Reader setting is screwed up after using this version.

    See my print screen.

    – this article handled using Google Reader. I can toggle read/unread without problem

    – Missing “Mark as read”. No longer able to toggle read/unread anymore after this article handled by feedly.

    1. Manage to replicate unable to show “You are all done …” and get your Google Reader “screwed”.

      1. Have some unread items
      2. Settings > Make sure “Auto Mark as Read” CHECKED
      3. Swipe up to last stack
      4. Swipe up. Stuck and not able to show “You are all done …”
      5. Have some unread items.
      6. Settings > Make sure “Auto Mark as Read” UNchecked
      7. Swipe up to last stack
      8. Swipe up. Able to show “You are all done …”.
      9. Tap to make all read.

      Go to Google Reader. Notice it is not not possible to toggle Read/Unread.

      1. This is awesome. It is 3:00am in my side of the world. But I will definitely take a look at this tomorrow morning. *thank you*. -Edwin

        Would love to send you a feedly t-shirt to thank you for your time. If you are interested, please email me you size and an address where we can ship it to you. edwin@feedly.com

          1. Hi Amy,Welcome onboard. Yes. there is a way to be able to see both read and ueanrd articles in feed and category pages:1) go to a feed or category page.2) click on the pen icon on the top right of the page.3) uncheck the ueanrd only check markHope this helps.Edwin

  7. Thank you very much for this amazing app,
    I using feedly since two days ago and now I can’t imagine my life without it!
    I want to report about few bugs I face in feedly 14 and 14.1 beta on my nexus 7.
    Firstly, there’s a problem in showing some sites in the feed and showing some sites articles, this problem happen when I add http://www.ng4a.com to my feed,
    here is a picture of the problem in my feed:

    and here is a picture of the problem happen when I open articles from http://www.ng4a.com site:

    Secondly, in 14.1 beta there’s a little change in feedly UI on nexus 7, the left sidebar and buttons inside it become bigger!

    Thirdly, I hope you separate the beta version from the stable version so I can install them together without the need to uninstall the stable version, and I hope you provide option to automatic updates daily without do this manually like chrome and chrome beta.

    keep the good work guys, I hope you more success ;-)

    1. We spent a lot of time on left to right text over the last 2 weeks. I would love to get a link to the feed whose articles broke the layout: http://i.imgur.com/MyRLMVl.png could you please email me the feed URL? I am edwin@feedly.com

      Also, what do you mean by the buttons on the left sidebar are bigger? Could you please email me a screenshot of what you are seeing?

  8. Start the beta app and swipe up through the first intro screens. Click the red Sync with Google Reader button and select account. I saw a flash of a black box and all I saw in it was “Expired: Beta”. There was more text but it went away too quickly. Then took me back to the initial swipe screens again. Swipe up an click red Sync button, select account again . took me to the Today page with spinner and never loads.

    Uninstalled and started over and same thing occurred.

  9. Start the beta app and swipe up through the first intro screens. Click the red Sync with Google Reader button and select account. I saw a flash of a black box and all I saw in it was “Expired: Beta”. There was more text but it went away too quickly. Then took me back to the initial swipe screens again. Swipe up an click red Sync button, select account again . took me to the Today page with spinner and never loads.

    Uninstalled and started over and same thing occurred.
    Galaxy Nexus running stock Android 4.2.2

  10. Looks like now re-login problem solver (at least for me) with this last beta.
    One question – guys, can you change (or at least add ability to change) colors of: 1. Blue color when swiping to next feeds and 2. all rss read, comes green color. Take example – reading in bed, dark.. and bah – comes very painful color :)

  11. Absolutely loving the remove the ‘clutter remover button’.

    A feature that is missing from the inbuilt browser is the ability to long press a link and having it added to your saved for later reading (feedly/pocket/instapper) rather than interrupting your current reading.

  12. I love the continued development of Feedly, I think it can be improved with the following:

    Somewhat surprising is the ability to save changes to the user settings, is a bit annoying when installing the settings again and change the font size, etc..

    Another point to be improved and for the general good is the ability to maintain “keep reading without an internet connection.” This in turn would have many ways of working, for example: Feedly could download the “feeds” in the background or the user decides or at least the apparatus “Saved For Later”.

    A “bug” I noticed from previous versions is that the change in the configuration, apparatus “Look and Feel” the “transition” to “Scroll” gestures left and right to view the list and look away. In the case of “swipe” Obviously you need desapecer as it is up to the user, but in the other two cases should manterse the slide.

  13. Thank you so much for your great work! This app is a lot better than Google Reader!
    There is an issue I also had with version 14.0: when I want to save an article to check it later, I usually save it on Feedly, and less often on my Pocket account, so I’d like to have in the top bar that convenient little bookmark icon rather than the Pocket one. In Settings > Advanced Settings > Favorite Saving Tool, if I select “Feedly” it works fine until I quit the app. But every single time I start Feedly, I find this setting reset to “Pocket”, and I need to set it again to “Feedly” if I want the Feedly bookmark icon… :/

    1. This is really interesting. I am not sure why your preferences are not being saved. This is a local save to the phone. Could you please let me know why phone you are using and with OS version you are using. It would be very helpful. Do other setting changes get reset too?

      1. I use a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, with Android 2.3.6. I think all other preferences are saved, it’s just that one.

  14. I feel guilty hiding all the pretty feedly goodness to try and recreate newsrob, but I like the title only. works well on the phone (razr m), but on my rooted nook color (4.1.2), I get snippets which 1) reduce number of headlines per page; and 2) are a distraction, esp in day mode. switching to night mode helps. any way to get “true” title only?

  15. Y dont u accept my comments???
    Is this ur support? or should i write my problem somewhere else?

  16. Can’t edit my message, so writing new one:
    Too fast say hooray about no need any more re-login, it still happens.

    galaxy tab 10.1 (1st gen.), cyanogenmod nigthly build

  17. Could the Desktop version not close the Detail Content Box when I click the white space around the box?
    The trigger of the white space for closing the box is too sensitive, I just click 1px after the feed content, and it closed. I always accidentally closed the box during I reading the content. It’s very very annoying!
    It’s better to make the trigger for left & right work on edge’s outmost by only 5 to 10px.

  18. Android 14.1.1
    – Night Theme: horizontal white lines too stand out and catch all the limelight from the articles. I thought the version on play store is now ok.

  19. Can’t tag articles with mobile versions or access the articles that were tagged on main site….

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  21. Issue with released version: Images for most feed articles are not shown in card view on Galaxy S2 (4.1.2 stock jelly bean). Images for same articles are visible in Firefox add-on card view. Can provide screenshots if it helps.

  22. I have installed Feedly on my Android Galaxy Nexus and the ‘Today’ view just appears when I start the app but I cannot find a way to go back to this view as it is not available in the left menu. What can I do?

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