14.0.477 – An update of feedly desktop focused on performance and quality

Our current focus is quality and keeping the service up. We are pushing out today a new release of feedly for Chrome/Safari/Firefox which addresses some of the most pressing issues reported by the community.

Download the latest version

feedly for Firefox (requires manual update)
feedly for Safari (requires manual update)
feedly for Chrome (auto-updates)

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Change Log

Issue #1: “Re-login”. The session management has been improved so that users do not have to continuously re-login, even when the server is under very high load.

Issue #2: Full width. To make reading in title only mode more efficient, we now stretch the content of the list to take advantage of the full width of the window.

Issue #3: Support for Hebrew and Farsi. Feedly knows now how to render right to left languages like Hebrew, Farsi and Arabic.

Issue #4: Faster load time. We optimized some of the client code to make loading feedly faster. We are also adding hardware as fast as we can.

Issue #5: Support for folders including [ ]. The previous version was not able to load categories with brackets in their name. This issue has been fixed.

Issue #6: Better feed search. It should be easier now to find a feed by URL and add it to your feedly.

Issue #7: More sharing options in the title only view. We added shortcuts in the list view to easily share articles to twitter, Facebook, linked in and Buffer.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 2.49.02 AM

Author: @feedly

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343 thoughts on “14.0.477 – An update of feedly desktop focused on performance and quality”

  1. bug: the subscriptions in no folder doesn’t appear and when apear in uncategorized folder it doesn’t show count number beside uncategorized folder

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Will take a look. -Edwin Note: this should give you an extra incentive to go to the organize page and arrange your feeds into categories.

      1. I agree….there are some feeds I just don’t want in a category. I’d like to see them broken out of the UNCATEGORIZED section, or treat UNCATEGORIZED as a folder and show an unread count for all the feeds under UNCATEGORIZED.

        1. Yeah, I would think anything uncategorized could actually be categorized from a technical standpoint. The default folder would just be a folder called “uncategorized” as you say.

        2. Solution is easy. Just create a category called “misc” and put all your uncategorized feeds there. Works the same in Google Reader.

      2. Feedly actually encouraged me to take everything out of a category because it wouldn’t load all the articles. I don’t know the logic behind which articles load, but for me, I would have to keep refreshing the page to keep seeing articles. When I took everything out of categories, I can read my entire feed uninterrupted. If this gets fixed, I have them ready to be categorized again.

  2. I am using Chrome, some bug/features request:

    1) Could the Desktop version not close the Detail Content Box when I click the white space around the box?
    The trigger of the white space for closing the box is too sensitive, I just click 1px after the feed content, and it closed. I always accidentally closed the box during I reading the content. It’s very very annoying!
    It’s better to make the trigger for left & right work on edge’s outmost by only 5 to 10px.

    2) The left side feed selector & also the “Organize” page cannot drag & drop to arrange the order of feeds inside a folder

    1. Drag and drop works for me? Could it be that you have another extension interfering with feedly.

      I will pass your #1 point to the design team.

      1. For the Drag and Drop, if I understood correctly, what isn’t working is re-arranging feeds inside a category. So if I have 5 feeds in 1 category and they are currently alphabetical, I can’t rearrange them to be in a different order, they will always be alphabetical…

      2. I also have the #2 problem described here. Can’t organize feeds within a folder on Chrome.

        1. Same here. Chrome v.26 on Windows 7 and Mac OS X v. 10.8. I think I’ve tried other browsers on the Mac, with same results—I can drag, but can’t “drop.”

      1. has gs ever worked? it has always been gl right? though that doesn’t make sense considering gs isn’t used anywhere else and s for save makes a lore more sense then l for later.

        1. Google Reader uses “s” to star and “gs” to go to starred items.
          Of course it would be preferred if feedly use “g” to be consistent.

  3. Can you add an option so as the title view will not expand to full width? I’m using different layout for different feeds so it’s kind of a strain in the eyes when switching from normal width to full (im using 1080p screen so imagine the movement of my eyes when reading feeds, at first it’s ok but when continued for some time it becomes strenuous to the eyes)

    1. We have seen that issue reported once last week. It ended up being a Chrome Dev Channel bug. Are you running the Chrome Dev Channel? -Edwin

      1. Ow, thats correct, I’m running Chrome Dev Channel… didn’t recognize it last week then. Thanks! :-)

        1. It’s not just Dev Channel. I’m running Chrome Beta and have the same bug with the German ä, ö and ü. Are you really sure, it’s only a Chrome issue? I have it nowhere on the web, but at the title view of Feedly.

          1. Not seeing this with Chrome Beta, so maybe it’s feed dependent? (Those characters aren’t “German”, btw. Plenty of other European languages use them, some much more regularly than the Germans :-)

            1. Well, you’re right. I’m running Beta 27.0.1453.15 and the issue only occurs with some feeds. Sometimes, the “Umlaute” are displayed correctly, sometimes, I see nothing (e.g. “für” becomes “fr”) and most of the time, the’re replaced by a rectangle. But nevertheless, it’s seems to be a Feedly-related issue, as I don’t have this issue anywhere else.

      2. I’m running on Chrome (OS) Dev channel, and I see this bug in Feedly and in a second web app, too.

        Have you opened a bug report on crbug.com? I would love to follow up then with more details so the Google engineers fix this before Chrome 27 reaches the stable channel.

  4. Please show the full version no. in Firefox Add-Ons – after installing 14.0.4747, it still shows “feedly 14.0”. Or perhaps the upgrade failed on this PC? Who knows…

    1. Yes. Firefox rounds to the first two parts. The best way to know that you are running the latest build is to see if you are seeing the additional sharing options in the list view. -Edwin

      1. I have >20 active Add-ons and Plugins, and of these 20 only feedly restricts version no. to the first two levels.
        I don’t see any sharing options no matter which view I choose, i.e. this is clearly not the ‘best way’ for me. Also there might not be such a distinction in the next upgrade.

      2. To get the full version number to show in Firefox extensions list, edit the install.rdf file in the .XPI and change the from 14.0 to 14.0.477 before installing it. So easy to change for each version. Why it’s not done is beyond me.

        1. That would be change the version number. I guess it interpreted what I typed as the “em” tag.

    2. I would suggest the version no. to be displayed in Feedly directly, maybe next to the user name on the left or on the top-right next the Go Mobile links.

  5. Why searching in article titles not working? I don’t want search new feeds, I want search in my feeds.

    Before I used shortcuts gg and search in my feedly, but this not woring now.

    1. Yes.We had to temporarily disable that feature to meet demand. It is a feature which is expensive to run when millions of users are using it. We are looking at ways to bring it back. May be in the feedly pro offering. Sorry :-( -Edwin

      1. If you want to successfully compete with other readers (including the upcoming Digg Reader) you need to keep your service free. That’s why people love you, cause you care for the community and its satisfaction is your top priority.

        So I suggest you bring back the gg search feature for everyone.

        All the best!

        1. Agreed, if Feedly does not allow me to search my own feeds, I will be looking elsewhere for an RSS reader. This needs to be fixed.

        1. You mean that search in my feeds isn’t working in the new version? Then I must be careful NOT to update it! Or else it is really useless…

      2. This is such a shame. Searching my own feeds is integral to what I need from a reader. Without it Feedly is useless to me. :(

        1. Agreed. Not really inclined to pay to search my feeds. I can search them in other apps. As beautiful as Feedly is, without the ability to search your own feeds it’s not very helpful.

      3. I cannot believe this feature has been rooted out of Feedly. Even in the “magic bar” where I USED to be able to search saved items and individual items in feeds, until just this week, this function is now gone. I can search for the NAMES of feeds (a function I don’t need, because I can find my feeds by name in the Index if I need to), but not individual items in my feeds.

        What gives? The “smooth” transition to from Google Reader to Feedly is turning out to have its share of pitfalls, because Feedly keeps digging potholes by removing features.

        The only reason I can think of is that Feedly is planning to make these features part of a “premium” subscription package, but isn’t letting users in on it yet, because millions of us would look elsewhere. I for one, would just as soon go to ANOTHER service that was honest about being a subscription service from the BEGINNING, rather than stay with a service that roped people in FIRST and THEN sprang a subscription service on them.

        It’s a typical practice on the internet. Everything starts out being “free,” and then once people have bought in and come to rely on it, features are trimmed down and their asked to subscribe for features that they used to enjoy. It’s a lousy way to do business. I understand that it takes money to run servers, etc., and that you’ve got to stay in business and pay your employees. In that case, why not just be honest from the beginning? Set up a free service and a subscription service from the beginning, and let people chose the one that’s best for them from the beginning, instead of offering features as part of a “free” service, only to move them behind a paywall after people have gotten used to them.

        Feedly stands to benefit from Google’s alienation of loyal users. But having been burned once we are unlikely to stick around if it happens again. There are other services that are already subscription based, and that offer tiered account levels from the beginning. I may have to turn to one, and start recommending them to my fellow Google refugees, and not feedly.

      4. Are you kidding me!? Not being able to search within my feeds???? This has me switching to “The Old Reader” Simply because this option has been removed. In addtion “Feedly Pro” You got to be kidding me. No way I’m paying for this. Sorry but this move has lost you a Google Reader user who is looking for an alternative. FAIL

    2. I have to admit, a “search within saved articles” feature isn’t just a nicety, its one of the biggest reasons a Feed Reader exists in the first place!! I’m betting those that use feed readers start off with just collecting articles but fast evolve into using them as storage for useful information. This must be coupled with search else its pretty much useless. Might as well just use a search engine and not bother with a reader.

      Hopefully this is just a temporary measure as you manage the exodus from Google Reader and the horrendous loads you must be under. But seriously guys, a search function is a necessity. If you charge for it then fair enough, you charge for it. But make sure you get the pricing right (i.e. very low or free) else get ready to experience another exodus that probably wont be a beneficial one.

    1. We are working on a new iteration of the email sharing feature. Temporary work around: use the G+ button – it comes with a powerful email sharing capability. -Edwin

      1. Actually, the G+ button only seems to work if your recipient also has G+. I’ve tried using G+ to email several people and while it appears to be successful on my end, none of them get the email. Patiently awaiting your new version of this feature!

        1. Agreed. I email articles to myself to sometimes read in a different environment and also to send to my colleagues. Please put it back in! Thanks!

      2. This requires me to have Google+, which is stupid. Please bring this feature back, along with the ability to search my feeds. Enjoying feedly, but somehow it’s getting less useful as time goes on.

        1. An update on the G+ suggestion: I send an article to a non G+ email address and it just had the link and the first few lines of the article. So emailing via G+ is not a good work-around

  6. Why sharing buttons are before the article? I made the decision to share or not the content only after reading the article. Not logical to place them after the article?

    1. They should be both at the start and the end of the article if the article is long, only at the beginning if the article is short and does not require scrolling. -Edwin

          1. I have the same issue, I thought it was just a missing feature so I added it to uservoice. I’m using Chrome in Full Article View and even for extremely long articles, I only get the share buttons at the top. Also, since the last update, my G+ share button is gone in Full Article View, which makes me very sad – it’s the only one I actually use and I use it frequently.

              1. nth this. I no longer have a g+ button at all and when I did, the articles I wanted to share did not reach their intended destination.

          2. I have the same issue. I get the hand pointer at the bottom of the article like there should be buttons there but it’s just white space and clicking does nothing. Like others have mentioned below g+1 is also now missing from the top as well.

    1. G+ is only gone in the full article view because all the little buttons were killing the performance. We are in the process of re-implementing the full article view so that it is faster as part of that new iteration, we will look at how we can bring g+ back. Work around: with the title only or the list view and use j/k keyboard shorcuts to navigate. In that scenario, you will get g+

      Email is being re-implemented. Our focus right not it to scale the system to make sure that the service does not go down. It is very challenging and makes it harder to know when those other features will come back. Sorry.

      1. If you let us choose which sharing methods we wanted then it would get rid of a lot of the little buttons and fix the performance, wouldn’t it? I would think that most people only use one or two social networks, not all of them…

        1. Definitely. I would immediately get rid of FB, TW, LinkedIn for example. Also, the G+ button is gone (was it ever there?) from “Title only” view.

          1. Me too, I only really use G+ and twitter, there is a setting for what methods you want to share but it’s not clear what this uses. It would be really good to get rid of most of the buttons and turn on the ones you want on

        2. I agree, but if you can’t customize it I’m going to say leave them all — obviously everyone uses different sharing and I wouldn’t want anyone else choosing for me. (although, LinkedIn? really?)

      2. I only use full article view, so having no way to do any form of email is very difficult. I never use any of the sharing options so can I turn them off to increase performance?

  7. I really want to be able to organise my feeds within a folder. It’s becoming a deal breaker for me.

    1. Feedly supports folders. We actually recommend folders. At the top of the left menu panel, there is an organize link. Click on that and you should see the page which let’s you organize your feeds in categories.

      1. Thanks, but I want to be able to organise the order of my feeds within a folder. I can’t seem to make this happen. Is it implemented?

        1. this used to be possible…like in v10 but seems like ordering them inside of folders has been removed…looks like you can’t order them at all and it just throws it whereever it “feels” like it.

        2. you can’t order the feeds in your categories at this point. You can up vote it in uservoice.com if you’d like. You could set a feed as a “must read” to bring it up first in the category. (open a feed, click edit button next to feed title and check “must read’). I hope this helps a bit :)

  8. What about Opera? This is the only browser I use, and the lack of Feedly version for this browser is the only reason I’m still using Google Reader…

  9. I don’t know if it is my problem, but before the update I could put a word in the search box and feedly showed me all the articles in my feed wich contained that word; but now i can’t, it just shows all the blogs that contain that word but not in my feeds.

    pd. sorry for my english, i hope you can understand ;)

    1. Not just your problem: We had to temporarily disable that feature to meet demand. It is a feature which is expensive to run when millions of users are using it. We are looking at ways to bring it back. May be in the feedly pro offering. Sorry -Edwin

      1. This is a must-have feature. Without it, this product is dead.

        Back to Google Reader and the search for a replacement continues…

        1. The Latest/All section has never worked for me. I’ve tried multiple browsers. It always shows a blank page whether there are unread items or not. And the navigation buttons on the top right never work while on the Latest/All page. This is the main thing keeping me from using Feedly.

  10. Do plan to handle how to toggle read/unread in the future. Read articles are not possible to “toggle mark as read”..

    In other words, shortcut “m” should then be “mark as read”.

    1. you can mark read items as not read…but there is a time limit…after enough time has past the ability to mark something as unread is gone…I am not sure how long that is but that is how Google Reader works as well.

  11. Two requests.

    Firstly, I want to be able to organise the order of feeds within a folder.

    Secondly, I want all my folders to be open (not collapsed) all the time. I don’t want the page to refresh and have them all be collapsed again.

    Thanks for your time.

  12. “More sharing options in the title only view” and we *still* can’t share by email? Common guys …

  13. I am Iranian user. it is powerful , but font type and font size is not good. My eyes tired when I am reading. please optimize it for right to left languages. use tahoma font. thanks.

  14. Hi, can you make ‘Mark the category as read’ to be not as easy to press? I have now several times deleted all my updates in a category either by the giant button under or via the small number in the side bar. Just confirmation would be fine …

  15. Why for Safari 6.0.3 on ML 10.8.3 after manual update I still see the version as 14.0.475? I try to to uninstall the previous version installed on my browser and to install the new version from the link founded in this page but nothing always 14.0.475. Why?

    1. There is an advanced preference to make the browser your favorite sharing tool and make it easier to open articles in external browser. Did you try it.

  16. Could you please tell me why “Save for later” icon is lost now? I don’t want to share it with my friends. I have it sorted just with one click :) I don’t read all of the articles that show up.

  17. Excellent update – Thanks. One curious thing about “Auto Mark As Read” function tho.. As far as i can see the auto mark as read does not work smart on “cards view” – only the articles on the left get marked as read .. also the auto mark does not works smooth on magazine view … if you scroll a bit faster articles get skipped and not marked as read tho.

      1. I’d like to add that when you open an article in magazine view and continue scrolling, the following articles aren’t marked as read. You should go up and close the article to get the mark as read working again.

      2. Yes please, this a thousand times! I always hit the bottom of the page with articles still marked unread. This bug has been around ever since the beginning, which severely limits the functionality of pretty much any view other than title view.

    1. Is there any view that allows “auto mark as read” just by scrolling (the way it worked in Google Reader? I love everything about Feedly, except that I have to keep marking pages as read. Drives me nuts! And sometimes, certain pages don’t even have the option at the end for you to mark the entire page as read. I can’t figure it out!

  18. Bug: Some feeds which work well in Google Reader refuse to show images inline. If I open the image by right clicking it, I get the following error (on Chrome):

    Access Denied
    The owner of this website (wmpoweruser.com) does not allow hotlinking to that resource (/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/image18.png). (Ref. 1011)
    Timestamp: Mon, 08 Apr 2013 05:02:03 -0700
    Your IP address:
    Requested URL: wmpoweruser.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/image18.png
    Error reference number: 1011
    Server ID: FL_20F8
    Process ID: PID_5bece723e6802da
    User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2) AppleWebKit/537.31 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/26.0.1410.43 Safari/537.31

      1. Again, this happens with multiple feeds, such as:
        and more…
        I believe the issue is on your end, as this doesn’t happen on Google Reader with the same feeds.

        Thanks for your reply!

  19. There’s a bug that I can’t recreate all the time: I start reading the last item by clicking on it (Google Reader style) and press j/k to navigate. When I press k, sometimes it just closes the last item (if I press it again the last item re-opens) and sometimes it goes to the top article when I press j. I’m on Chrome’s latest dev build.

    It’d be awesome if you fixed that :)

    1. Yes. I have one item on my list regarding j/k navigation. Will try to get it fixed of the next update. Thanks for the heads up.

  20. I’m still confused and not happy with “mark as read” flyover/scrolldown promise like Google reader do it. With this, we’ll have a real super nice Google reader replacer.

  21. Hi. Thanks for the work you do for Feedly, it’s just the best feed reader now.
    I just need to ask for 2 things that annoy me:

    1) Enable the space bar to work just like in Google Reader. When the scroll reaches the end of the feed, when pressing again it should open the next feed. I know I can use the JK shortcuts, and I do, but the space bar is much easier to reach.

    2) Option to disable the click in the borders to close the feed. It is extremely annoying. Every time I am reading something and accidentally click and this closes the feed. Please, make it optional.

    I think that is all. Thanks.

    1. I’d love to see Space Bar functionality from Google Reader too. That’s mainly how I browsed when using it and found it terribly convenient.

  22. Still nothing for MSIE10, so I cannot use feedly. I don’t understand why something that was so easy for Google Reader is beyond your programming talent.

  23. Feedly gets more and more improvements. Please put more choices of themes. Now that Google is a big part of Feedly, could it be possible to put on Feedly themes found on Google?

    1. Google is not associated with Feedly in any way, actually. Feedly is it’s own company. Google doesn’t own Feedly. So I think that’s impossible to do.

  24. Update on Firefox: the “+add” and “Add” buttons look as if they were not active (although they are working fine), the problem might be on my end though.

  25. Will you add again the email sharing button working in the same way than Google Reader?
    Thanks for the improvements!

  26. Thank you guys for this amazing release. love Feedly so much. It’s the best RSS Reader out there. I look forward to even more amazing releases in the coming weeks. :)

  27. I have a bug (or several maybe) that isn’t addressed by this update.

    I read by folder in full-text mode, showing unread only, and oldest first. I click on a folder and it tells me “67 unread items”. I proceed to read from the top to the bottom. Once I get to the bottom, no more posts load but the unread count at the top of the page says “15 unread” or “5 unread” … not zero. So I have to hit the reload icon, and a few more will load. Sometimes this gets them all, sometimes it doesn’t. This is annoying and I don’t understand why it doesn’t just load everything that’s unread.

    Additionally, I noticed yesterday when I switched to title view, show all, oldest first that apparently feedly is not giving me everything in order. There were several in a row that were unread, then a bunch that were read, and then some more unread, etc. Personally I find that a pretty big problem when I’ve specifically said “oldest first”. I expect them to be in order, from the oldest unread item first.

    If it helps, I’m on Safari / Mac – both on 10.6.8 and 10.7.5. I installed the latest update on the 10.6.8 box and the issues I described are still a problem. I haven’t updated on 10.7.5 yet.

    Thanks for taking a look!

    1. These issues should have been fixed in the latest release, Carla since I’m not having any issues. :)

    2. I am also having the same issue where a feed displayed in full-text mode will not load all unread items. It only seems to load approx 15 articles at a time. I am using the chrome extension and it has auto-updated to the latest version. This issue has not been resolved in the latest update.

  28. I do appreciate the updates you’ve made, but (like many other people) I still desperately want email sharing back. Pretty much a deal-breaker for me; I’ve been mostly shifting to NewsBlur, which makes it very easy to share via email (keyboard shortcut, even!).

      1. OR find one of the ones already created and support it. There seem to be several instead of a unified vote. That said, I get the idea that these guys are VERY well aware of our wanting this back and will make it a top priority when feasible again.

        1. Thanks, guys. I seemed to have missed some of the earlier commentary both on this thread as well as previously. I’m relatively new to Feedly. So, I’ll try the G+ option and add my thoughts to what’s already been said if needed.

  29. Thank you for Farsi support and everything.
    Search in Specific feed or source would be great too.

    1. And for any other view as well please.
      I don’t understand why it’s implemented only for title view.

      We do not all use the title view..I for example use the magazine view for all my feeds.

  30. Chrome automatically updated, and now for some reason the RSS toolbar widget (the ‘click to subscribe’ button) doesn’t seem to be able to connect w/ Feedly. I’ve had it happen with two different tumblr feeds this morning. Searching the URL and adding still works – is this a Chrome issue or a Feedly one?

  31. Nice to see it’s gonna continu to grow, even if it is great as it is. However, please bring back the “send through GMail” option.

  32. Hi there,
    Since the last update for Firefox (14.0.177), the title of the articles (that previously appeared in bold font) aren’t displayed. I have to open the article in preview mode to see the title.
    Is that a bug?

    1. Well, I did close the page, reopened it, still no titles.
      Then I changes the layout of one folder (from cards view to titles ony view) and bam, all titles were displayed again.
      All seems back to normal.

  33. I updated to the latest Firefox (used on Mac Mountain Lion). I find two problems:

    1) There is no place to send through gmail, even though it’s still an option in the preferences.

    2) You have to point slightly below the g+ to access that link.

  34. I second a previous comment: please make “full width” available for other views, such as full article! I’m pretty sure I already voted for this feature in the user voice section.

  35. More and more features seem to be scaled (or even taken) down “for the sake of performance” (which I guess is inevitable when millions of Google Reader users join and the servers have to keep up) and your answer is typically that they “may be back in the feedly pro offering”… It looks to me like feedly is gradually going towards a “freemium” model, where we’ll end up having to pay for some ot the basic functionality that used to be available for free *before* the GR rush. I sure wish you’d be more forthcoming on that.

    1. The long term viability is a question we are getting from a lot of users. We are working hard on trying to determine what the right answer is. Freemium is definitely one of the options on the table.

  36. The “open in a tab” button at the end of the row of each article works only once. What I mean is that when I click on the tab again on another article, it reuses the same tab, thus losing the previous article.

    Can this be remedied so the new tab doesn’t replace the previous tab?

    I apologize ahead of time if this has been asked.

    I just migrated over from Google Reader and I like Feedly very much (so far ;)

  37. It would be nice that the Feedly would scale to narrow window. I like to read on the 600px window width as it is more less a book size view, but I can’t with Feedly on Firefox as it displays the content much wider. Could you please do something about this?

  38. First thanks for taking our feedback and implementing improvements. This is one of the reasons I like Feedly. Great support.

    I have three issues:

    1) When I mark items as read they are not staying that way. I have seen this across the desktop, Iphone and Ipad. I am not sure it is a syncing issue because I will mark an item as read and then a half hour later I see that same item again from the same source in bold. This made Feedly almost unusable the other day.

    2) Title view does not appear available on mobile devices. Is it planned for an upcoming release?

    3) On a mobile device, it would be nice to see how many items you have left in a folder that are unread. So as I work through a folder I see how many items I have left before I can go to the bathroom. :)

  39. The auto-mark as read in card view is not accurate for the Chrome version.
    I scroll pass a row and scroll back up to see only the first of the row is marked.

  40. I’m really pumped about the movement in Feedly. Hopefully this kind of development and response speed continues.

    Is there a plan to get support for comics like Qwantz/Dinosaur comics?

    Right now the width of the images are just too wide for the desktop version. Mobile (Andriod, Motorolla Razr MAXX) looks great.

    Thanks again!

  41. Feedly on Chrome:
    The folders from the left, sometimes reset their order to alphabetically after new feedly loading. Even after today’s upgrade they did it again.

    PLESE, add the sharing bar and below the article in “Full Article” view. It is more comfortable to share something after you understand that it really needs sharing, instead to read the article and then to scroll to the top again just to share it

    Feedly on Android:(Samsung Galaxy S2, Android 4.0.3)
    Sometimes I can’t read the items title. Instead the whole title, I can see just different characters and symbols. Not sure if this is only on data mode, or and on wi-fi

    1. Reset of the order would mean that your preferences are somehow reset. I will talk to the team and see if we see errors on the server logs. Sorry for the frustration.

      1. I’m having the same issue with folder order resetting itself. It started happening after I updated to the yesterday’s version and clicked “Sort Alphabetically” in the Android app.

        BTW, I think, it would be better to hide “Sort Alphabetically” button into the settings or add some confirmation to it, as this option is not used very often, but it takes some time to fix things after accidentally pressing it.

  42. Is there a way to send bugs to you guys?, i have a folder that says there is one unread article, i go to that folder and nothing, it has happened to me several times with different folders

  43. “Saved for Later” posts are missing a “G+” button. I just happened to try to G+ something today, so I don’t know how long it’s been missing.

  44. Did I missed something. Somehow the g+-share-button which was originally the leftmost element in the sharing bar is disappeard. Is this caused by the latest update or an fault on my side?

    1. The G+ button has been removed from the full article view because it was slowing down the app too much. We are thinking about how to bring it back. Temporary work around: use of the other views if google+ sharing is really important.

      1. You can already do the shortcut key for twitter, linkedin, facebook, why not do a shortcut key for G+? Then you don’t have the slowing down because the button isn’t there, but we can still share on G+ quickly and easily?

      2. Google Plus sharing is what, combined with Google Reader shortcuts, convinced me to finally switch and commit to Feedly. Within a few days, Google+ sharing disappears?!

        I mean, on the one hand, I’m getting fed up with Google anyway over reader, and part of me thinks perhaps I should just not worry about it and not share to Google Plus any more and use Facebook only for long posts… But there again, I enjoy the discussions I get from G+ users. What it comes down to is that I consider Google+ sharing as important a feature as Facebook and Twitter sharing.

        Feedly is doing a lot of great things (can I ask for additional keyboard shortcuts to be associated with specific sharing by the way – a shortcut for FB, Twitter and G+? Would very much appreciate that). However, as a Google Reader refugee, Google Plus sharing is an important feature to me for committing to this service. I appreciate it is giving you issues (the Google Plus sharing in Google Reader itself has frozen up and barely works any more…), but please try to get some kind of solution – even as a settings option or something. I’m personally willing to sacrifice some speed to have it there.


  45. Do i have to remove feedly from firefox and reinstall it to apply the update?
    How can i check if my feedly has been updated?

    1. If you are running the latest version, you should be able to see twitter and facebook sharing option when you hover on the title only view.

  46. Ever since I applied this update, I’ve been stuck with the “Synchronizing” screen. I’m on Firefox and even uninstalled/reinstalled/restarted the new update.

    What gives?

    1. Sorry about that. Must be a bug. Could you please let me know which version of firefox you are running and on which operating system?

      1. Wow…fast reply! Thanks!

        Checking through some other threads, I went to check which version of Firefox I was on (19.0.2 at the time), and found that FF was already downloading an update. By the time I updated FF, everything was working.

        Thank you again! Coming over from Google Reader, I’m really starting to like this app quite a bit. The mobile app (Android) has a better interface than the web version (that’s a complement).

        1. Tried to log in today, and the problem is back :-(


          Windows XP Pro SP3 and Firefox 20.0.

  47. Can’t share directly via gmail anymore, it’s that just me? Also, I’ve never been able to share via tumblr, and I’ve would like it.

    1. We are working on a new version of the email feature which will be safer and not require access to the gmail cookie. Between now and then, you can use the Google+ -> email functionality as a temporary work around.

  48. 1) n and p shortcuts aren’t working for me.
    2) thank you so much for preserving user’s own names for feeds when viewing content <3<3

  49. 1) Why not just go full screen all the time? The strech/compress thing seems odd – 100% with 100% of the time, please.

    2) And as someone pointed out – share via email. Surprised that’s not here.

  50. Please update the version at Mozilla add-ons site, for auto update to work and encouraging users to use a known site for addons installation (for security). You are using the Chrome Store so it is fair to use the Mozilla Addons site for Firefox.

    Thanks in advance

        1. I use chrome on mac OS and it causes the entire feedly tab to get stuck (including the scroll bar)

  51. Multiple tags per article, please! This is the one thing I really really need that Google Reader offered. Only offering one tag per article hinders my work flow majorly.

    Also, a way to search *only* your subscriptions for a specific keyword or article, rather than the entire web.


  52. There seems to be a pretty serious bug if you use Feedly in multiple locations – if I have it open in Chrome (which is an ‘all the time’ thing) and read my feeds on my phone, nothing gets marked read (well, as I read them, they get marked read, once I get to the end, they all come back unread).

  53. This full width thing has killed feedly for me. I always use title view and a 800×600 screen resolution, and now when I open an article it appears with too much indent and either I lose half the article because it’s wider than my screen or it’s compressed in a narrow band. It makes feedly unusable for me.

    Also there should be a way to disable those “tweet”, “post to facebook”, etc incons that appear on the title of the article when the cursor is over it. I’m always accidentally clicking them.

  54. I feel like there should be an easier way to close the article preview. The little “X” in the top right corner feels very uncomfortable…my istinct is to click on the title to collapse it, but that opens the article’s original page. What about binding click on the title to collapse preview and adding a “follow link” button?

    1. You suggestion is good. While it’s not implemented, you can click anywhere above the title to close it, not only the “X”, but the best way is just by pressing the ESC key.

  55. In title view I often get the wrong direction from j/k navigation. I’m viewing with oldest first and after some interaction, maybe it’s using the mouse to select the next article for a while or something else, when I press j I go to the older message then press k and get the one older again and then I press j and get the newer message and j twice more to get to a new message. It’s rather annoying.

    Chrome beta on linux.

  56. Been using Feedly for quite a long time and happy to see the great improvements the last few months.

    Re: Android (Kindle Fire) version of Feedly – when READING AN ARTICLE, please add the ability to press/tap on a Link and get the popup system menu that allows you to send the link to other services.

    Some of my feeds are daily posts of curated links eg a list of news/blog posts on a particular topic. Being able to save these individual links to pocket/instapaper for later reading is a must :)


  57. Please explain what is supposed to happened when using this feature.

    Auto-Mark As Read On Scroll
    Should feedly automatically mark articles as read when you scroll through them
    Full Articles View Only
    All Views

    I checked “All Views” and don’t see any change anywhere as I scroll through my articles.

    1. This feature doesn’t work at all. They’re supossed to be working on it but it never worked since the very first time they implemented it.

  58. The check mark that turns green as you click on it is humongous and too much in your face. Need to tame this more and does not flow well with the overall aesthetic of the site that is supposed to be minimalist.

    It functions very well though by moving to the next section after you click it.

    1. You can turn off the giant “mark as red” feature in the settings.

      A new setting that would be useful is an option to have the little mark/read checkmark (top right) to advance to next unread tag/category like the big/bottom checkmark does now.

      (personally love the big bottom checkmark — and it fits well with my green theme :)

      -feedly, please make note of my android/kindle feature request above

  59. Hi Feedy

    Full width is a very good feature, thanks :)
    But the acme would be to be able to hide the left panel, so that the entire screen width is dedicated to reading the feed titles.
    Could that be implemented?

    Also, do you consider adding a sharing option to send an article to a Kindle e-reader (in its “beautified” version of course)?


  60. For the last couple of days I’ve not been able to see all of my tags in the left hand menu nor can I scroll down to the bottom of the menu to get to other settings.

  61. Why giant Mark as Read shows before I reach the last unread item? It just happens in feeds with more than 20 items or so. For example, I happen to have a feed with 100 items and the mark as read shows after I just read/scrolled 50 or 60 (in all views). It invites me to mark all the items read instead of marking as read just the ones I scrolled. It’s irritating.

  62. How do you tell the version? Is 14.0 the same as the current one? Very confusing update on firefox. Do you delete the old one first?

  63. Thanks for making such a great product. I really appreciate it.
    One problem: for some reason a couple weeks ago, Feedly decided to make a duplicate of my Blogger-Following feed. I already had a Blogger-Following feed so I didn’t try to add it again or anything. I didn’t do anything to my knowledge to do that. Help? Thanks!

  64. Great thanks for the update
    I think a backup feature for subscriptions would be good, yes you can backup from Google reader but google reader will be gone soon. so i think a backup solution from feedly would be great.

  65. Bug: “Giant Mark As Read” can’t be turned off
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Turn it off in preferences
    2. Close browser (Firefox 19)
    3. Open browser
    4. Option is turned on

    1. UPD
      Actually, it looks like all preferences are not saving. After browser’s restart they all reset to old values.

    2. I was about to post that Pref settings aren’t saving (or at least, aren’t staying saved), but you’re ahead of me on that one.

    3. I’m having the same problem – every time I open Firefox (20.0, latest version of Feedly from link in post above), I have to reset my Preferences. :(

  66. When I toggle the saved status of an article, e.g. by clicking the “save for later” bookmark icon or issue the “s” keyboard shortcut, the article no longer immediately disappears from the “Saved For Later” section as in previous versions of feedly desktop. The article remains there until I go to another section and then switch back to “Saved For Later”.

    I’m using feedly desktop 14.0.477 with Chrome Beta 27.0.1453.15 on Ubuntu Linux 12.10.

  67. Started having the “Synchronizing” screen again this morning on FF 20.0 and WIN XP SP3

  68. How can I edit the URL of one my feeds? For example, if the blogger changes their feed to feedburner from a local feed or vice versa. Do I just add the new feed and remove the old feed?

  69. Just updated to the newest version but I stilI have the oauth problem when logging to my google account with feedly. I tried almost everything from surfing in private mode to disabling all addons manually. I saw the problem being pointed out on the forum before as well with no solution. Feedly seems to have a conflict maybe with some firefox preferences, but I cannot allow myself to reset the profile only for that one application. Please check that and give us all a solution.

    The second thing is that “feedly mini” icon in the bottom-right corner – I really do not need it at all. When I copy paste something it also is being copyed – is it possible to turn it off?

    I was hoping for a fast migration from google reader to a new one, feedly was one of the top choices on various forums, but for up till now I am willing to find out another rss reader as it’s been too much trouble making I guess.

  70. Chrome has this feature and I would love to see it in Firefox. The ability on the Feedly icon to show how many unread articles you have. I know its possible because Chrome has this yet Firefox don’t. Really would like this feature.

    1. Yes, this could be done – e.g. the “Brief” (rss reader) Firefox extension shows the new/unread count next to it’s label on the toolbar.

  71. Since the latest update, my first two categories won’t load. They show a # next to them, but clicking on it shows that there are no new items. I can go into the category and click on the individual feeds, but the overall categories are emtpy.

      1. Aaand I figured it out. I have (had) two categories that had an exclamation point at the end. Something in the last update broke the ability to have this. I removed the exclamation points and everything is working fine.

  72. I like the system & improvements, but I’m concerned that when Google Reader goes down, the new backend will not be sufficient. Is there any way you can get volunteers to transfer to the new backend earlier, so that the transition is smoother? I’m sure other people have this concern.

    1. I do, if for no other reason than I wonder how much Google Plus integration there is here. Since G+ is blocked at work, I’m worried that it’s making feedly unusable, which is a showstopper for me.

  73. After installing this updated version, the horizontal scroll bar in the Firefox tab in which Feedly is displayed, is gone. Other tabs in the same Firefox window still have the horizontal scroll bar, so this is an issue related to Feedly.

  74. btw, i just wonder if this end of stream thing is a performance relevant issue? why do I always get the “end of stream” message while reading in full article mode. I read somewhere that this issue has been fixed once… but I always need to reclick on the category again… please help.

  75. I love all the updates. What I want, though, is an email link so that I can directly share articles (for me, via Gmail) directly. That would be cool.

  76. Love all you’re doing with this. Yay!

    One thing I’d like is the ability to email through the system. I can’t seem to find that.

  77. Still no support for Readability? Please consider adding it. I have a workaround set up now that sends all my “starred” items from Google Reader into Readability, but that will expire when Reader shuts down. Besides, I don’t necessarily want to send all my saved items to Readability. I’d just like to be able to send to Readability directly.

        1. Yes, it seems fixed for this time. But I don’t know why some updates break the user settings and others don’t. I hope next update keeps working well with settings.

  78. Just realized that I can get to feedly from home, but when I’m at work (where Google Plus is blocked), I get the “Synchronizing” screen.

    At what point is the Google integration going away?

  79. issue: Clicking the “open in new tab” button doesn’t mark the article as read. (Using chrome). Also, it would be nice if when clicking this button with middle mouse, it doesn’t immediately switch to that tab (i.e. I can line up a bunch of articles to read in tabs, then start reading them)

    1. Reverse problem in Firefox. Clicking the “open in new tab” button DOES mark the article as read, but it overwrites the previous articles, so you can’t line up a bunch of articles to read in tabs. Clicking with middle mouse does open up new tabs, but then the titles clicked on are NOT marked as read.

  80. To the Feedly crew – the lost of the Google Plus icon seems to be limited to the full article view. If you use any of the other feed views and click on the article, the G+ icon appears.

    1. I use the ‘title only’ view and while I see the G+ icon, it doesn’t do anything. And that’s the _one_ button I use, darn it!

  81. I have a problem. I use both desktop and iphone / ipad. But it does not synhchronize. When I read a blog and mark as read on iphone, I see it is not read on desktop. So I lose time. Can you fix it?

  82. Looks good. I’m still trying to figure out how to get notifications of new feeds. I’m pretty sure you can get them with the add on in Chrome. Unfortunately, I’m using Firefox and the Tab Badge add on doesn’t seem to apply to Feedly. Feels like I’m overlooking something, but danged if I can find it.

  83. Any particular reason you guys refuse to update this plugin at addons.mozilla.org but still update it in chrome store?

  84. 1. “o” to expand a Saved article
    2. “s” to unsave while it is still expanded
    3. “o” to collapse article
    4. This article still “appear” Saved but in fact, it is unsaved. <<< BUG
    5. "r" to refresh. Indeed, that article is already unsaved.

  85. Bug: The Index shows feeds with 0 unread articles along with everything else, rather than just those that actually have unread articles. And there doesn’t appear to be any way to change that.

  86. Same as above. Index shows all feeds whether they are read or not. Clutters up the screen. Please allow an option for only viewing unread posts like it was before. Thanks!

    1. Yes, this is really annoying. I don’t need to find the five feeds with unread items in the midst of the other 200 feeds that contain no unread items. Categories don’t help me because a post looses context if it’s not displayed as part of the feed. Also, why does this seem to be the only way to express a concern of this nature?

  87. Thanks for the update! Would it be possible to have a dark theme similar to the one that’s used on the iOS app? Thanks

  88. Is it possible to do a version for Chrome that doesn’t require permission to “access your data on all websites”? I don’t want to give you access to read my banking website.

    I miss reading on the web, though. I understand that it’s resource intensive to provide that sort of a web service. I’d happily pay for it.

    Also, please support G+ for making posts on the blogs? =)

  89. I’ve lost my left side panel. All I have now are the 3 horizontal bars that fly out. Instead of the left side fly out, can I get the static left hand panel back?

  90. hey, team…long-time user, great to see so many back-to-back updates, especially related to performance. any chance we could get a little love on the mini toolbar front, though? options for g+ and buffer in the toolbar would be fantastic!

  91. I’ve used feedly for a long time, but I’m frustrated because I have several blogs in one category that now won’t show up. It’s my homepage and even though the panel on the left shows 747 articles, when I click on the category, it says there are no articles, no blogs, nada. Tells me to refresh, which I do and nothing happens. I haven’t read them for more than a week and nothing is marked as read. SO FRUSTRATED!

  92. What’s up with the tags from GReader?
    That’s the last thing which hinders to change completely.
    Testing now Fever and Selfoss.
    Tags are the only way to manage the read artikels and have kind of buffer.

  93. Perhaps you could make it look and work and feel just like Google Reader? I’d advise replacing the ‘Google’ and ‘Reader’ logos with ‘Feedly’ and ‘Feedly’ respectively but it’s your call.

  94. Dear Feedly codermasters,

    Please, please, please let us sort the feeds manually in whatever order we want! That’s the only thing missing for me! Not folders, but feeds! Thank you!

  95. I really love your blog.. Great colors & theme.
    Did you build this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m hoping to create my own personal website and would love to find out where you got this from or just what the theme is named. Thanks!

  96. I really miss the internal search : when i don’t have time to explore my feeds, i used to check through the search.
    I missed so much that i am looking for another tool and it’s a shame because i LOVE your service
    Please give back the search !!!!

  97. Hello,
    I like feedly reader. I am getting used to it. One thing I like that could productivity is keyboard shortcut for the index. I often read an article and go back to index. It is just that i have to scroll down all the way to find the index every time. a keyboard shortcut is blessing. thank you

  98. stop doing shit and put the fucking notification number.. ITS URGENT PRIMARY EXTREME NEED that we are waiting FOR SO MUCH TIME… Hope that digg reader will be shit if this is not sovled when it comes out and greader shut downs…

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