[Help] Adding new feeds to your feedly

Here are some tips and tricks on how to add content to your feedly.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.00.22 PM

Search for the site’s name (as opposed to the URL)
  • If you search for a site’s URL (e.g. http://www.interviewmagazine.com/ we might return: “No feeds found”
  • Try to remove http:// and .com and simply search for the website’s name (e.g. interviewmagazine)
  • We should be able to find the site’s feed or even all the feeds the site has if there are multiple ones
If you know the feed URL ( ending in .xml as opposed to site’s URL)
Here are 3 ways to find and add the feed:
  • Just paste the feed’s URL in feedly’s search box. We should then find the exact feed you are looking for.
  • Add the feed’s URL right after http://cloud.feedly.com/#subscription%2Ffeed%2F
  • Type the feed’s URL in your browser you should see “Follow to this feed using feedly” and a “Follow now” button. Clicking this will open the feed in feedly.
If the previous methods didn’t work
Then you will have to find the site’s feed:
  • You can look for the RSS button on the site’s page. Copy paste this .xml URL in feedly search (see above).
  • Pro tip: try adding /feed, /feeds or /rss at the end of the site’s URL. That will either return a 404 page (fail) or the feed itself (succes!). Once you have found the feed’s URL (and see above).
If none of these methods work please don’t hesitate to contact us at care@feedly.com with the subject [feed] and the feed’s URL in the body and we can try to find the feeds you are missing together.

This is an area where we want to excel over time, so if you have any suggestion on how to improve the discover and follow experience, please leave a comment or send an email to edwin@feedly.com

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441 thoughts on “[Help] Adding new feeds to your feedly”

  1. Would be nice to be able to organize feeds in sections on the android app, just like with google reader.

    1. When you add a new feed from feedly, you get to choose or create a new category on both deskop and mobile. To re-organize your existing feeds into categories, install the latest desktop version and go to the organize section and use drag and drop to create categories and arrange your feedly – then restart the android app to see the new organization. -Edwin

      1. You should be able to organize your feeds alphabetically within each Category. Now them seem to be in chronological order which makes no sense.

  2. For Chrome (and other browsers) it would be nice if you made a RSS Subscription Extension replacement within the same Feedly extension instead of the little semi transparent icon. Personally I don’t like to have extensions on top of the design of the website, no matter how subtle. Old school feeders would instantly recognize the button and I think new users would find it very intuitive.

    1. I know. But the Chrome framework does not allow an app to add buttons and an extension can only have one button so it would have to be a separate extension which would make it really hard to manage. We are thinking about other ways to approach the problem.

        1. +1. In v15, we will actually take the time to introduce mini to users and gave them the option of where to position it or to turn it off and replacing with a bookmarklet. Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction.

          1. i actualy have Feedly and Feedly Beta (both 16.0.528) in my Chrome (28.0.1500.52) and mini… disapeared day ago or two
            Can’t understan why

        2. +1000 Thanks for the tip. I tried this workaround but something just went wrong. I think the %s was part of it.

        3. +1 thanks so much! worked perfectly for me.

          @feedly – perhaps a blog entry with detailed instructions for this would help a lot of chrome users!

          1. My default subscription says BLOGLINES only. It gives me the option to ADD one, but I have NO IDEA what to put as the Feedreader URL. I hate to have to use Bloglines. I’d rather use Feedly. How can I add it?

        4. Yeah I think too it’s the best solution.

          A little bit more explanation for user who wants to do the same.

          1. Install RSS subscription extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rss-subscription-extensio/nlbjncdgjeocebhnmkbbbdekmmmcbfjd)
          2. In options (chrome://extensions/ – click on options near “RSS subscription extension (by Google)) : click on “add…” button, put “feedly” in “description field and “http://www.feedly.com/home#subscription/feed/%s” in URL field.
          3. Select feedly and click “Make default” (or optionally if you use only feedly, delete the other options it will be immediate when you click on icon if you have only one reader)
          4. It’s done, now when visiting a website which provide RSS, you have a RSS icon in the multibox, clicking on it open Feedly and at the top of the feed, you have a “+Add” button letting you add it to feedly. Clicking on it open a dialog which allow you to select the categories.

          1. I already had that chome extension and already tried adding Feedly to it, whether I choose “RSS 2” or “Atom 1” I get:
            Feedly was not able to load feed:

            I did try to remove “/feed” from the url, that failed also…

          2. Worked for me. Very nice solution. I was trying that approach myself, but did not know what url to use, so thank you for sharing that.

        5. Juan Martin Montoro – thank you very much! This works so much better for me than Feedly mini (which keeps distractingly showing up inside web pages – if only it could be a button toolbar!)

  3. I have already suggested this in the uservoice section but I’ll do it again:
    enabling to subscribe to a new feed simply by dragging and dropping its URL inside feedly, this would be a really cool feature if it is possible to implement it.

  4. it would be nice if while getting led to a site within feedly on mobile we could easily just hit an add to feedly button, kind of like a mini on mobile. Its sort of a pain to have to get out of where Im being led in links and reading to go back to search panel and have to type it all in, because now Im back to my original feed, and have to start over!

      1. I use RSS Subscription extension plus. It lets me add feeds to a few different services (bloglines, feedex, google reader, etc) and we found a workaround to get it to work with feedly too.

        Just add a new service with this link below on it and you’re done.


        Give it a name (say feedly or whatever) and mark it as default if you just use feedly as a feed reader.

        Every time you are on a web featuring RSS feed you just click on an orange RSS icon on the address bar. That’s all.

  5. What I’m finding confusing is there is a Feedly extension and a App. Do I need both? I like the extension when it used to show how many unread items which it doesn’t do anymore. Do i keep oth or do I only need one?

  6. It seems that pasting URLs does not work. Latest Google Play version on SGS2 with JellyBean.

  7. Desktop version’s save to Pocket will pop out a window, can it be just a one click & save action, just like the iOS version? And it is better to auto tags the link saved to pocket with the feed’s category name.

  8. There could be very useful to have the application in Spanish or some other foreigh languages.

  9. Greetings from California! I’m bored at work so I decided to check out your blog on my iphone during lunch break. I enjoy the info you provide here and can’t wait to take a look
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    3G .. Anyways, excellent site!

  10. please add functionality to subscribe to Twitter feeds by just typing “@xxxx”, like I was able to in Google Reader, it is of utmost importance!!
    Thank You!

  11. Hi same problem : a lot of websites are not recognized…
    And it would be great to have a button to put on google chrome to inscribe new sites in one clic…

  12. I can’t manage to find if I can import feeds from an OPML file…
    I have A LOT of feeds there, it’s pretty annoying taking 1 link at a time and add it manually.

      1. I would love to import an OPML file.

        I currently have a feedly account that imported my feeds from my primary Google account. But I have a secondary Google account where I’d like to import my feeds from there.

        I put the OPML file on my website, so there would be a direct location for the OPML. I then tried using the “+Add content” feature. But it said “no feeds found.” Which is slightly ironic, because I have 400 feeds in that OPML file.

  13. I deleted a blog from my feed without meaning to do it. Now I can’t put it back, I tried all the options above. Can someone help me?

  14. on my android tablet, i dont get the option to paste a url in the search box.
    i can only type.
    is there a reason for this?

    1. This seems to be a common problem. I have the same issue. It’s a very important feature.

    1. This is why feedly is not a good replacement for google reader. Seriously, how hard is it to take an rss feed url and actually find the rss feed?

  15. I must be dense since this doesn’t work using the chrome feedly extension on windows 8 system. I got the rss button working and when I click on that I get a new feedly window with the feed and a +add button and when I click on that I get a panel on the left called add new source where I can change the name, select category but there is no way to actually add the feed, no add button, no done button etc. The pane just sits there doing nothing. I can scroll the feed but how do I actually add the feed. I just did the same thing on my android tablet and there it worked as expected. Same result if I use the add content way.

  16. Is there a way to add multiple feeds at one go? Sometimes you find articles listing a number of blogs which you might want to follow. Adding them one by one is cumbersome.

  17. Hi I’ve just transferred over from Google. I’m trying to add a feed and I have it up and click on the + button but its not adding that feed to my lists. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

    1. I’ve got exactly the same problem too. Is this a bug with the new version? Or am I doing something wrong?

    2. Similarly, I’m getting this! If its possible to investigate soon and put a fix, that would be great. I’ve tried two installations now on the iPad and it replicated each time.

  18. Why doesn’t the “+” work when trying to add feeds in Feedly for IOS? You can find content easily but I can’t add it.

  19. my ‘add content’ is not working on the ipad, i can make the search but when i click on the + bottom nothitng happens…

  20. I can’t add any content. When i hit on plus button, nothing happen. What should i do? Please help.

  21. Hi there I am also unable to add content on my ipad app the + button does nothing. Could you please advise. Other than that issue I’m enjoying using feedly after many years using google reader.

  22. As above posts, the “+” does not work anymore. I am using an iPad–this feature used to work, but I cannot add feeds now. Probably a bug in your last update.

  23. The + button stopped working for me too on iPad. Nothing happens when tapped. Please fix!

  24. Same problem. Was adding content just fine last week but can’t anything this week. Pretty worthless if they can’t get this fixed.

  25. Am having same issue on iPad– but this is a blog post from April, so not sure it’s the best place to leave feedback for the devs.

  26. I don’t even see the “semi-transparent button”. Maybe a OS thing? I’m on a Win XP machine, running Firefox.

  27. Getting really frustrated because the + feature will not add new blogs to the ones I am following :(((

  28. I have so many categories! I would like to further categories my category’s, is there anyway of doing this so i have maybe 4 starter category’s with sub sections?? Also is there any way i can order my categories differently than alphabetically?

  29. Is there a way to have a # or Twitter feed/list in your Feedly account? I was was able to manipulate this in Google Reader (RIP) but switched to Feedly to be my news feed moving forward. Same question for Facebook / LinkedIn posts. I am sure this has been addressed so if there is a link to a comment or forum post let me know.THANKS!

  30. For starters Your product is great. However i dont know how/or if you can sub categorize my existing categories. i have about 100 and i would like to put them into general categories with sub categories so my homepages looks neater and its less confusing.

    Also how can i tag multiple times on one article so it appears in more than one of my tags?. at the moment i seem to be restricted to one tag per article.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Please be in touch


    1. I agree. I keep running into a situation where a news source fits into more than one of my lists, and I don’t know how to add to multiple lists in the iOS version. For instance, if I want to follow a blog about start-ups, I may want to classify that under both “Technology” and “Business”, I don’t think I can do so in the iOS version. How difficult/resource-intensive is it to add this feature?

  31. I know that you can search for new sites using keywords and urls etc, but it would be nice if Feedly had a way to make recommendations given what you have already subscribed to, as in, ‘people who subscribed to x also liked y.’

    Great job, keep up the good work!

  32. I go to add new websites to Feedly and when I get to the new source part where I choose what name to give it and what category to place it in, the add button at the bottom is off the screen and I can’t seem to find a way to get to it. Tried minimizing the screen, playing with the tab button, but nothing. Could this be an issue with my computer due to its 1900×1200 res?

  33. “How to View Full Text of any RSS Feed??” Please I need something like these http://fulltextrssfeed.com/ In Google Reader this was a very helpfull tool (and free!) but i can´t use it on Feedly… Why not? Or maybe you have another way to help me. Thanks!

  34. @feedly: Unfortunately, when I add an “private feed” (which requires a user name and password), the feed is added to feedly without any warning, but no updates are shown as feedly obviously cannot access the feed. Is there any workaround to work with private feeds?

  35. Awful app, truly a pathetic attempt to be a Google Reader replacement. I hate it and do not recommend using it.

  36. Hi, I am unable to set a Feed. Pasted the URL the system shows this message again & again “Tutorial on how to add feeds.” Kindly assist.

  37. is it necessary that the site which we want to add must have “FEED” other wise feedly will neither show it in search nor add it???

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  39. Hi there would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using? I’m going to
    start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a hard time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique.
    P.S My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!

    1. Scroll right down to the bottom, they use WordPress.

      “Blog at WordPress.com. | Theme: Customized Hum by Daryl Koopersmith.”

  40. Hi Feedly,

    I would like to get an RSS feed of my saved items. Reason for this is to share the RSS of this page with others, that way I can ‘curate’ a bespoke Feedly for an external audience of colleagues at work based all of the content from my other Feedly feeds (!) ??

    Can you make this happen please?.

  41. Hi! Is it possible to filter the search on the country I’m in or the language I speak? I’m from the Netherlands and I’m trying to make a search for a certain company (A.Hak) , but I get Turkish results popping up which I don’t want. Probably the word of the company in the Netherlands means something in Turkey as well :P

    Can anyone give me advies on this matter?

    Thanks in advance!

  42. I’m using Google’s RSS Subscription extension and I added Feedly using the URL http://www.feedly.com/home#subscription/feed/%s, but when trying to add The Oatmeal’s feed the URL’s special charcter are escaped first once, then *twice*, making it impossible to add the feed because Feedly can’t find it.
    However, pressing the browser’s back button, it manages to load the feed.

  43. I added a new feed but would like to see more of the posts from the past, but feedly only shows the past 9 or so, how do I see more posts from before?

  44. In Google Reader I was able to create a feed from any website, even if they did not employ RSS or Meta feed. This way I could follow twitter accounts and newer startup sites. If Feedly could figure that out it would be GOLD!

  45. Hi! I know I did this before but couple of days ago, I’m having a difficult time removing subscriptions.

    I normally go to Organize >> Find the Feed >> Click the ‘x’ button. Now, it says ‘Removed’ but it’s still there. Help!

  46. I’d like to add my Dropbox changelog feed to Feedly, but when I enter the *full* URL, Feedly says “No feeds found” instead of just adding the subscription.
    But the same URL works, if I enter it directly in Firefox (as address).
    It’s a “https”-URL. Does that mind?

  47. Your first four instructions begin:
    “Open the right explore panel by click on the search icon.”
    WHAT search icon, where?
    My Feedly window doesn’t seem to have a search icon.
    There isn’t one among the other icons in the upper right corner of the window.
    There isn’t one among the links in the left panel of the screen.
    … sorry, these instructions just aren’t helpful if the first step cannot be followed!
    (And it would be reassuring if the grammar were correct – that phrase does not seem to have been written by a fluent speaker of English.)

    1. Just click on “Add Content” (left top) instead of “Open the right explore panel by click on the search icon.”

  48. Why is adding feeds such a convoluted process? Clicking on a hidden menu then clicking again as opposed to just hitting the ‘A’ key as Google Reader does it!

    Why does it fail to add valid RSS URLs? Receiving “no feeds found” for RSS URLs I can pull up in my browser and see that are valid (and add to Google Reader).

  49. No: On chrome and firefox, feedly didn´t add a little semi transparent button to the bottom right of the site. I saw it a while. But at the moment, both extensions (including beta) does not show this button.

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  51. Firefox 22.0 (Windows 7 – 64bit)
    To make Feedly one of the default options when clicking on a rss feed I did the following:-
    In the address bar type about:config and press enter.
    In the search type browser.contentHandlers
    In browser.contentHandlers.types.0.title right click on My Yahoo and select Modify
    enter Feedly
    In browser.contentHandlers.types.0.uri; right click on the Yahoo subscription address and select Modify
    enter http://cloud.feedly.com/#subscription/feed/%s
    restart Firefox to activate.
    Only do this if you are confident in modifying about@config.

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  53. Hello,
    You feed input try to look for the site, even with the complete url some do not work.
    Feedburner works only if feedly is integrated on the blog side.
    And for this site: http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/feed/ the url doesn’t get any result in Feedly. although this url brings you to what seems a standard xml rss page.

  54. Re: Type the feed’s URL in your browser you should see “Follow to this feed using feedly” and a “Follow now” button. Clicking this will open the feed in feedly.

    Where does this show up? It does not seem to appear. I used to use the chrome extension, but it disappeared well over a week ago and I have tried disabling and reenabling it over and over (also tried contacting you on Twitter 3 times, to no avail).

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  56. I use Chrome. When I find a blog I want to follow, I click on the orange icon up to the right. Looks like radiowaves. Then I can choose between Atom and RSS. After that I end up on a page where I have to choose HOW to subscribe. I can choose Google Reader, iGoogle, Yahoo and something more. How do I add Feedly there? The RSS-feed address is not written anywhere, so I can’t copy it and paste it in manually… When I used Google Reader I just clicked on that and it was added automatically.
    Excuse me for my bad English… I am a Swede.

  57. Is there a way to push searched articles? Previously on Google Reader, I was able to set Google Alerts so whenever a keyword shows up in a search, it would automatically show up on my Reader.

  58. In Firefox you can find out if a page has any RSS feeds by right-clicking and selecting View Page Info. If there are any feeds, there’ll be an RSS button at the top; click to see the URLs.

  59. Hi there are using WordPress for your site platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying
    to get started and set up my own. Do you require any coding knowledge to make your own blog?
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  60. when I Long Press On The feedly Search Bar To Paste A URL, The Option To Paste Will Not Come Up. Also When I Press Rss On A Site, I Get The Option To Use FeedLy, But No Feed Is Added. Using Android App. WhaT Should I Do Differently?

  61. Would be nice to have a chrome extension that you can use to automatically add a new feed to your list while browsing any site that has rss feeds.

    1. Look above in this thread at the post from Juan Martín Montoro (@jmmontoro) on April 10th. He describes how to do exactly what you’ve asked.

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  63. Hi.
    I know it is possible to recover feed from a Facebook Brand Page.. but in my case i follow posts from Personal Facebook Page (f.e. from actors, politicians or sports people)… how can I set those posts in RSS into my Feedly account?

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  66. I am trying to paste alert feeds from talkwalker into feedly’s search box. Long and short of it is that it doesn’t work.

  67. RSS feeds generated by Yahoo! Pipes used to work fine in Feedly but it stopped loading since some 4 days ago. Anyone else facing the same issue?

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  73. I dont understand this. I am trying to add the following URL to my feeds here but it simply unable to search and says No Content. There is no .xml link also.

    How can one add then such Urls.

    1. You are not alone. Feedly Search is absolutely useless. It cannot find simple things like CNN Money or NASA. Sent them a detailed message hoping to sort it out. Check out AOL’s Reader – it’s awesome.

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  75. Any chance Feedly will implement the ability to follow a website even if it is not a feed? Google Reader had this capability but I wonder if it was because they indexed the entire internet…

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  78. Can you add locally hosted feeds. Like those starting with C://folder/folder/file.xml ?
    FeedDemon allows you to do this, but I can’t figure out how to do it on feedly.

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  80. Hello ! Little problem here, I clicked on a RSS button on a website (Mac, Firefox as a browser), it redirects me on the feed’s page. Here, I see “subscribe to this feed using”, I select the app as “Feedly”. Problem is that it opens more than 800 tabs in the Feedly desktop app that I built with Fluid. Needless to say, it doesn’t load and crashes. I forcequit but when I re-open the Feedly app, the tabs go back and it’s the same problem again and again. Moreover, I tried to do the file>Close window, it doesn’t work either.

    Do you have a workaround for this problem ? It’s extremely annoying.

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  85. Any idea how to turn this URL into something Feedly can consume? I don’t know how to determine if there’s a .xml view of the output, as it’s being generated by a .aspx page with a querystring to specify the included feed category.

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