Milestone: Apple features feedly

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 2.23.57 PMThe team has been working on building a better relationship with Apple for a few years so it feels great to see all the hard work starting to pay off. #souvenir


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33 thoughts on “Milestone: Apple features feedly”

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  1. Congratulations guys !
    “Building a better relationship with Apple”.
    What do you mean by that ? Could you explain how you pulled that off ?

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  2. Desktop version’s save to Pocket will pop out a window, can it be just a one click & save action, just like the iOS version? And it is better to auto tags the link saved to pocket with the feed’s category name.

    1. Yes. Our goal is to make the pocket integration on desktop be as nice as the pocket integration on mobile. We will look into that as soon as the upgrade to the feedly cloud is complete.

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  3. Hello Feedly
    How can i post my feedback in uservoice?
    I go to this url but didnt find out to post my feedback where?

  4. Edwin the share bar opens from right to left in titles mode.
    u should reverse this rolling in right to left languages such as farsi. on farsi language share bar should appear from left to right, because titles are moving when mouse hovers on them and its very confusing.

    my another comment is about colorful list view. it will be very gr8 if u add this feature to feedly.

      1. Nguyenquocthaitheand

        1. Nguyenquocthaienter@net

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