Listening and improving the experience. 14.0.481 is out.

We received a lot of feedback over the last 30 days. Lots of questions, suggestions and ideas on how to improve the feedly experience.

We have been listening very hard and pushing out updates every weeks. Today, we are pushing out a new update with 5 new improvements and lots of bug fixes.

If you are using feedly on Firefox or Safari, you will only get these improvements if you go to and manually re-install the latest version of feedly. Chrome users will get automatically upgraded.

#1: Integration with Pinterest.

Pinterest Integration

A lot of feedly users seem to love using Pinterest to curate content, create inspiration boards or spark new conversations. In feedly 14, you can now simply hover over any picture and click on it to add that picture to one of your pinterest boards. If Pinterest is not your thing, there is preference knob to turn this feature off.

Feedly Mini#2: A new iteration of feedly mini

The purpose of feedly mini is to help you add new feeds you find while you are browsing to your feedly. In feedly 14, we made the icon less intrusive and the UI more consistent with the feedly mobile style. If feedly mini is not your thing, you can turn it off in the preferences.

We also changed the implementation of the twitter and facebook sharing to help feedly users discover Buffer – a service we love.

Note: there is a bug in the email function, we will fix it in next week’s update.

Note: we also fixed the firefox specific bug where feedly mini was sometimes showing in the middle of images!

#3: Preference option to hide categories with no updates That suggestion received 2222 votes on uservoice. So we implemented it. To turn it on, go to left navigation bar > preferences link and select the hide option.

#4: Google+ sharing and email sharing are back in the full article view. The google+ widget was slowing down scrolling in the full article view so we disabled it in last week’s update. We received a lot of unhappy feedback regarding that decision so we spent some time and re-implemented a new iteration of this integration which works well with the full article view. Regarding email, we added the option back. We are continuing to work on something that will be a lot better.

#5: Categories remember their open/close states between sessions. So that you do not have to keep re-opening folders.

We also fixed lots of bugs here and there so the application should start to feel faster and more reliable.

All this would not be possible without your feedback so please keep the comments, emails, tweets and user voice submissions going.

Author: @feedly

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376 thoughts on “Listening and improving the experience. 14.0.481 is out.”

  1. If there are no more Unread items, “All” section is now NOT showing past items. Can we bring this back?

    Going to “Recently Read” is not the way to go.

    1. Some people had asked us in the past to be more explicit about the all section no having any new articles. We few people seems to like the previous implementation. Not sure yet how this will play back. If enough people find the All done not valuable, we can easily roll back this change. -Edwin

        1. I disagree, when I am in the state of reading new articles, I do not want to see articles previously read unless I specifically select to do so.

            1. i agree as well. i like when its only unread. if i wanted to re-read something later, i’d save it or mark it as unread. too confusing when there are read things mixed in!

      1. Firstly, Thanx for all the improvements.
        Can “ALL” please honour my filters (Or make it a setting) [Oldest First, Unread Only]

        1. I’ll second the “Oldest First| Unread Only” request on a per feed basis.

          Story feeds I like oldest first; current events I prefer to have newest first.

      2. why did this get rolled back? a lot of us voted for this feature on user voice. maybe it should be an option.

        1. Much agreed! “All” is supposed to be the new Latest, but it has been broken for a long time now; just shows a blank page. Have reported this without any reply or subsequent comment.

    2. please no! I simply hated the thing that after having read all items I suddenly had full list in “ALL” items :/

      all in all – a good update, loving hiding empty groups :D

    3. Noooooo… it was so great for those couple of days. (Although it being so bright green was a bit over the top.)

      But seriously, that made no sense to me. I select “Unread Only” so I expect it to show nothing if their nothing to read. What made it worse is that I also have “Oldest First” selected, which, if I have read everything it gets me a page full of articles from a month ago.

        1. Agreed, having to actually see if an article is new or a month old every time is miserable. If people like it, that’s fine, but there’s needs to be an off switch.

    4. Very Great Job ;-)
      Finaly releases a new version to Firefox ! ;-D

      How is situation with normandy ?

    5. you only now need:

      OFFLINE mobile support and SOCIAL stream viewing/relevant network actions

      And the trinity will be complete.

    6. not sure if this has been mentioned or implemented actually (haven’t shared from feedly in a while) but can you implement a feature that posts to a facebook page as well?

      1. Is this related to the “Window Title” which *used* to show “F| ” ?
        (usefull for Autohotkey to “mark all read” via a mouse click)
        Now it shows just ” – Mozilla Firefox” and no “Feedly” reference
        Please bring back.

      1. If you’re open to yet another suggestion, IFTTT would be amazing as well. :) But, I love what you guys are doing with Feedly. Thank you so much for being here, it is easing the pain in my poor, betrayed Google-Reader-lover’s heart.

    1. I agree…I think the full screen titles view should be an option…like some people prefer this because of Google Reader but I like a mix of views and the changing back and forth is a bit annoying for sure.

      1. Fair enough. I will ask the team to add a preference to opt out of full width. Should be simple to implement. I will try to see if we can get it into next week’s update. -Edwin

        1. yes, please make it optional – like michael said – the changing back and forth kinda gets pretty annoying.

  2. I’m really happy with this new update. Some of the new implemententions were a must. I hope some of the basic features like “mark as read on scroll” will be usable on all views soon.

    I’ll keep an eye on Feedly to report any bugs.

    1. There’s one thing that I dislike about the current “mark as read on scroll” thing. if I scroll down and read something and then decide to mark it as read, then keep scrolling to my next item and decide to keep that one too, and accidentally scroll too high and highlight the first article, it stops being marked as unread, which can be very irritating

  3. Hello feedly
    I wrote my feedbacks in uservoice, but i dont think they get vote enough.please consider that my first feedback is bug and must be fixed, anyway thanx edwin.

    change the rolling of sharing bar in right to left languages
    The sharing bar widget opens from right to left in titles mode.
    u should reverse this rolling in right to left languages such as farsi. In farsi language share bar should appear from left to right, because titles are moving when mouse hovers on them and its very confusing.

    Colorful List View
    It will be great if feedly adds colorful list view like this script for google reader:

    1. I hear you and understand your point. I have a bug against that. We should be able to fix more things faster when the upgrade to the feedly cloud is complete.

  4. as of this new update – feedly button is no longer staying where I place it in the firefox toolbars

    1. Sorry about that. Firefox requested that move the button after the search bar. But you should be able to customize it. I will log a bug. -Edwin

      1. After the latest update, I’m not able to remove the Feedly Icon from the firefox navigation bar. When I remove it…it just comes back whenever I restart firefox. I’m using ‘Firefox Nightly 23.0a1’.

        1. Same here with 20.0.1. As feedly icon is currently useless (doesn’t show counter or doesn’t change it’s color on new articles) i don’t find a reason to keep it on my toolbar (keeping it as minimal as possible). Maybe it is related to that code which is pushing icon behind the search bar? Mozilla is making directions where developers should put icons for their extensions? wtf? 0_o They are really pushing me to switch to Chrome with such arrogant attitude..

          P.S. i can change the placement of an icon and it saves it between browser restarts. Just can’t get rid of it.

      2. Just updated to .482 and the problem with the feedly button not staying put seems to have been resolved, thanks!

  5. Excellent! You guys fixed a bug that swapping between timeline and magazine view didn’t stick that was really annoying.
    A suggestion (probably a difficult on the technical side), it would be great to have a mixed timeline and magazine view for folders. Magazine when you have unread articles in feeds inside that folder and timeline when you have none.
    Just a doubt, I can set different views for different folders right?

    1. We are working on pushing the latest update to Mozilla. As soon as the build is up there, you will benefit from the auto-update.

  6. I use Hover Zoom extension on Chrome. Before this last update when reading some feeds (specially Tumblr feeds with pictures) I just had to hover on the Titles of posts and the full version of the pictures loaded. Now it doesn’t anymore. If I hover the different posts the first photo always load.

    I have 14.0.479 installed in other pc and Hover Zoom still works well there. I have turned off Pinterest integration in case that helped but the problem still occurs. I still think that Pinterest has more to do with this problem.

    1. The other pc has updated feedly to last version (I hate you Chrome) and now I just can’t use Hover Zoom. Can I force the use of previous versions of feedly untill this issue is fixed?

    2. Argh! Thanks for the warning, Jorge! I use Hover Zoom and I switch back and forth between Firefox and Chrome; that will be annoying. *crosses fingers that Firefox’s Thumbnail Zoom Plus is not adversely affected*

      1. Thumbnail Zoom Plus is not affected by this Feedly update. I also use both chrome’s and firezox’s Feedly, but I prefer chrome’s because Hover Zoom lets me download photos as I hover on them just presssing “s”. It’s very fast. Whenever you see a picture you like just hover on to zoom and pressing “s” saves it to your hard disk.

        But now I can’t do it because when I hover images the full version does not show the same image. Usually gets stuck with the first image of the feed. I think it’s something about the pinterest integration the problem.

  7. What a great company. It took me a while to fall for feedly, but what did it the end wasn’t the product (although it’s great!) but your constant updates and your will to learn, change and improve fast. Thanks feedly team.

  8. Great work to keep on updating, and good to see that your working on things that have been most requested in your feedback. But wasn’t the *most* requested thing to loose the browser extensions altogether? Shouldn’t that be your main priority?

    1. Yep, I still use google reader’s website because I can’t install browser extensions. Guess I’ll have to find another alternative after july 1st.

  9. I really miss a couple of clickable button to go to next/previous post as in Google Reader. I mainly use mouse to go through the posts and I must force myself to use keyboard and still i miss some functionality.

    Thanks and keep up the good work !

  10. “Note: we also fixed the firefox specific bug where feedly mini was sometimes showing in the middle of images!”

    Yes, you fixed it alright. There is no Feedly Mini button in image sites anymore. :) For example, I can’t see Feedly Mini Button when I open this image :

    I’m using Firefox 21 and Win8 x64.

    1. Same here. After updating, Feedly mini is gone entirely even on sites with RSS. I tried to disable and re-enable it in preferences but still no Feedly mini. I’m using Firefox 20.0.1.

      1. Same thing : mini is now so unobtrusive that I can’t find it anywhere even after disabling/enabling, restarting, etc. ! ;-) Firefox 17.0.5 Otherwise, good job!

          1. thanks for giving a link in which feedly mini bar is actually working! otherwise the update made it completely invisible (!shy) ! using feedly 14.0.484 with firefox 20.0.

    1. I don’t really need new themes so much as just to be able to set my own colors for everything.

  11. Hi, Feedly team!
    I am one of your new users that jumped from GReader after the announcement. So of course it’s normal for me to compare the two and their features.
    I’td like to let you know that Feedly is gorgeous and works really well and I’m happy to have found it!
    The only feature that seems to be missing is the Search option. I’d like to see a search bar that should serves as an equal to the Search Reader option that GReader had.

    Thanks for the great customer service!

    1. Totally agree with that. Being able to search in article titles and content is a must-have feature which needs to be revitalized in feedly as soon as possible.

      Really wish to see this in the next update. ;)

        1. As some of us mentioned, despite the deep quality of Feedly, search is one of key features we need (full web is another one…). And I’m afraid that corporate users will not wait for “later this year”. They even don’t wait till the 1st of July. They’ll choose before :-(. I can thus understand that it’s har work for you folks.

        2. Thanks for this. Unfortunately, I may have to use another reader between the time of Google’s shut down and the addition of a feedly article search.

        3. GREAT! I moved to feedly at the recommendation of colleagues, but once I realized that I couldn’t search my content in the feed, I had to revert back to Google (until July 1st or until feedly adds this feature). :)

      1. This is a major drawback as it relates to my experience with Feedly. It’s absolutely essential for me to be able to search old posts for strings of text. I’m curious why the “in my feedly” option was removed from Search, and I’m really hoping it’s brought back.

    2. Yes! That is the only thing missing for me in Feedly now. I don’t know why they took it away in the latest updates…

      1. Search in feeds is server-side. Their servers are not enough for many people searching. This used to work before Google decided to close Reader because there weren’t many of us here. But now we must be millions and they need to add more servers to hand such a great demand of data.

        Hopefully this feature will be back when servers capacity increase.

        1. I understand…server side could be a problem when increasing number of queries…
          anyway, as someone wrote above, for me too is a MUST of google reader, so i’ll look for this option in other readers…waiting Feedly will bring it back to us!!!

  12. Hi feedly! I’m a new user of feedly for the past few weeks ago. I’ve found nothing better than this and admit it is the best site for RSS feeds. however, I’m looking forward if there is a possibility for Feedly Team to go for windows desktop version of Feedly? would be much appreciated, would be good if there is an Offline reading options to be implemented though. looking forward for this! =)

    1. Totally agree with that. Being able to search in article titles and content is a must-have feature which needs to be revitalized in feedly as soon as possible.

      Really wish to see this in the next update. ;)

  13. Sometimes I Want to review the feeds I have readed, I used to go to “All”, but now you update it and I can only see a big blue……
    More, I dislike the new icon of MINI TOOLBAR.

  14. Could you please add the confirmation dialog to marking all as read by clicking the unread count? I’ve far too many times accidentally cleared a category while trying to highlight it.

    1. I think the confirmation dialog is a really hard to control this problem. I use this function very often and the second click is really too.

      (sorry I’m not English and this is a google translation edit)

      1. Yes, but there’s a shortcut way to mark a category as read in the left column by clicking the number of unread items *right next to* the title you need to click to switch categories, and the confirmation box doesn’t come up when you click on it. Either an option to turn this behavior off or expansion of the “Confirm Mark As Read” dialog to this feature would be much appreciated.

  15. Please could you improve the “performance” of the phone app when there is no signal. When travelling on the train, I go in and out of signal all the time and the app is pretty much unusable for the whole journey, it reacts by telling me I’m not signed in, or constantly spinning. Anything you can do to this area (a bit of caching maybe, detection of lost connection, a small (maybe optional) amount of offline reading, remember my sign in without needing a connection etc) would be very much appreciated.

  16. I’m enjoying Feedly both on the chrome application, and on the android app, on this last one I would like to have the option to enable automatically the opening of the web page directly with the clutter removed imediately instead of having to press always the button when the webpage isloaded with the disadvantage of having to load all the damn flash ads with only drain my mobile data traffic.

  17. When opening an article, the pop-up window should open in full-height of the browser window, be centered always, and get it’s own scroll bar and a stationary close button. The pop-up should also cast more shadow behind it, making the article stand out more from the content in the background.

    A perfect example of how it should work can be found here:

  18. Looking good as always. But what you REALLY need to fix is the handling of preview images! More often than not, these are totally mixed up: articles often have some random image attached to them that just happened to be on the site, sometimes different articles from the same site have the same image and so on. If you prefer magazine-like views, this is very annoying :(

    1. I’ve noticed this too. Also, when in magazine view, the images sometimes don’t even show up.

      1. Exactly. For me, this is a deal breaker. I love Feedly in all other regards, but they have to fix this! Or, perhaps, provide an option for turning all images off in magazine view.. that would work to.

        1. (That is: Provide a text-only view with a grid of tiles that shows headline and summary. That would be insanely great looking, plus it would solve the faulty image-problem.)

    2. If the image is included in the feed they show it correctly. If no image is included they show the most relevant in the full web view. Sometimes this is weird because images are clearly random, but is visually atractive to see images in all posts.

  19. #3: Preference option to hide categories with no updates

    When I enable this option, hidden categories don’t reappear in the list when there’s a new post added to them unless I hit refresh button manually. Can anyone else confirm this? I’m using Chrome version.

    1. I think this is the normal use. If you don’t refresh Feedly won’t know there’s a new post. Feedly refreshes automatically every x minutes.

  20. No one is really using Pocket here? Mobile version has great pocket integration, but chrome extension has horrible one!!! There should be one button for sending article to Pocket. Now you have to point at share section, then click “Add to Pocket”, it opens new tab where you have to click “save” – a lot of work to do. Feedly and Pocket are great combination. Please try to solve it.

    Feedly team – you are great :-)

    1. With the extention for chrome getpocket enregisterer can link directly with right click on it (this is what I do ^ ^)

      (sorry I’m not English and this is a google translation)

  21. There’s still the bug, that new posts, that haven’t been seen yet, get marked as read if one doesn’t refresh the posts before clicking on “mark as read”.

    I see that Feedly is improving fast, but it’s, well, annoying to see, that integration with other services seems to be more important than fixing REAL bugs.

  22. I know the Feedly team is hard at work around the clock, and this release shows it once again. But I wish they addressed text contrast and legibility issues with somewhat higher priority. There are already a couple of relevant items on Uservoice, but If I could, I’d give them all my 10 votes rather than the maximum 3 allowed.

    With Feedly desktop for Chrome, in the text of articles the color of anchor text of links is too light and unlegible. With the 22” LCD monitor of my desktop PC I have to come close to the screen and squint hard to read anchor text, even with good prescription glasses.

    Contrast is instead much better on Feedly for Android.

    1. If you mean what I think you mean by “anchor text”, you can fix this with the Read Links Color and Unread Links Color prefs.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion, but this very moment I’ve recevied feedly desktop 14.0.484 for Chrome which fixes the issue. The contrast of the link color is now much higher and legible, and it resembles the Android version. There seem to be other new features, such as the number of Facebook/Google+ likes for each article.

        Thanks a gazillion to the feedly team.

  23. Hi Some good updates thank you and email is back but also it isn’t… it ONLY uses my Outlook email (which is on a work PC with a work email address) and I ONLY email from my gmail. So where does one set the default to be Gmail and not Outlook please?

      1. Ditto on the Outlook hook. Would love to have gmail (or any in-browser) integration, but maybe this is what you are referring to when you say you are working to improve this feature.

        1. We hear you. As mentioned on the blog post, the email feature is a temporary band aid giving us time to build something really interesting in that area. -Edwin

  24. Uh, I’ve reinstalled feedly on firefox to get the recent update and now unread posts in the ‘All’ section loop infinitely?

  25. I dont know if this is happening because of the update or what but im getting every new article marked as read before I read them. What should I do?

  26. Chrome 27.0.1453.47 beta-m: I can’t find the Pinterest “preference knob to turn this feature off”. I need it off. Where is it?

    1. Second this, I have absolutely no interest in pinterest and that popup is the absolute last thing I expect to happen when I click on an image in my feed. It is counter-intuitive and frankly obnoxious to non-pinterest users.

  27. Hi! I’m using Chrome. There’s a problem that really drives me mad. When I’m trying to add a tag on an article, suddenly appears a window saying “Google session changed” and Feedly is beginning to restart. After the restart there is no tag added.
    Is it Chrome or Feedly bug?

  28. When I share an article from Feedly to my personal Facebook account, the Facebook options under the status update of “Like, Comment, Share” are changed to “Like, Comment, A Better Reader.”

    I need to share status updates with a Facebook PAGE but can no longer do that with updates from Feedly. Help!!!

  29. What’s the Safari extension for? It just opens the feedly web page. Feedly mini seems not to be there (how to access it?).

  30. I LOVE the new version of Feedly Mini. Would it be possible to integrate services like Pocket and Instapaper into Feedly Mini? That would be totally awesome.

    1. I agree totally: Vimeo is one of the most used online video pages, its a must.

      I cannot see any embeded video. I even don’t see that the post has a link to Vimeo, so I could see the video on wimeo, or any sign that there is a video on the post so I could go to the original page. So I am missing any Vimeo video that could be on any post

      I think this is priority Nr. 1 !!!

            1. I’m having the same problem. Embedded videos cause the feed to just abruptly end in feedly. The only way I can read the rest of the post is to “preview” via feedly or go directly to the website.

  31. Index used to be great when it would allow me to hide feeds that were not favorites.

    I track some “adult” content – it would really be great to have preferences button for the index page so I can show or hide categories.

    Please – More flexibility!

  32. There’s one thing I don’t like in this version: the Facebook button in the mini toolbar now brings up a Buffer Window in stead of the facebook post. I know Buffer and Feedly are strongly connected, but I prefer to use the Facebook post because it links to the original page, not a feedly shorted URL. I use Buffer for Twitter and that works fine, but please give an option to skip Buffer for Facebook posts!

    1. Hi John, awesome to hear from you and thanks a lot for the great feedback on this!

      I can completely understand your hassle with this and hope we can figure this out. My intuition is (and I might be reading your comment completely wrong, please correct me here if so!) that if you post to FB through Buffer, as it is Feedly shortened, you should still click on the link and go straight to the link of the actual page.

      Is your concern more about the actual branding of the link? Or have you had an issue with people getting confused when clicking through from your article?

      Would love your thoughts to see how we can best solve this!

      1. Hi Leo,

        A couple of things:

        First: I’ve a couple of Facebook pages and I want to choose wich page to post to depending on the article. And I don’t want to make several Facebook accounts (one for each page) in Buffer. One reason for that is that you can’t tell the differenc in the Buffer post pop-ip, you just see multiple Facebook buttons.

        Second: when I click the Facebook button, Buffer defaults to Twitter in stead of Facebook (yes, I use Buffer for almost all things I tweet). This means that I mustn’t forget to clcik the Facebook button in stead of the Twitter button which is prone to error.

        Third: in the Facebook popup the link is displayed as the article, the message text is blank. Most of the time I leave it that way because the title of the page is displayes in the article part and speaks for itself. Buffer puts the title and link in the message part, so I need to delete it or change it to something more appropriate. Which means it takes longer and more work to post.

        And last: yes, I do thnik links shortening is usefull for Twitter, but not for Facebook (or Google+ for that matter). If I read a Facebook post I want to know from which site the article is posted and I guess most people want to know that.

        Hope this make things clear ;-)



        1. I cannot agree more with John. Moreover, Buffer doesn’t allow to post articles as private messages or in Facebook groups as the original FB sharer does.

          In my opinion, the choice between FB and Buffer should be configurable in Feedly preferences.


          1. Or, maybe since Buffer is already a freaking option in Feedly mini, if people want to use Buffer, they can use Buffer. Let us use Facebook or Twitter or Buffer, but don’t be so presumptuous in forcing us to use Buffer to use Facebook or Twitter. Get out of your own way or I’ll have to find another newsreader.

  33. 14.0.481 for Firefox breaks Craigslist URLs by adding “?utm_source=feedly” to the end.

      1. was about to post this same bug. :) It breaks more than just Craigslist but that was where I noticed it first. – It breaks any site that doesn’t support url parameters.

    1. The same for Tumblr feeds. And that gives me some light on why Hover zoom doesn’t work properly since last update.

  34. Well done yet again!

    Not sure if it warrants a “bug” but I discovered that turning on/off the feedly mini feature it displays a message saying the “miniOnVersion7” feature has been turned on/off. Looks like other options are cryptic as well.

    Will file a ticket. Keep up the great work!!!!

  35. I use Feedly on Iphone 4 and Nexus 7 and loved having it open to the expore pages before diving into my feeds. Is it gone or am I just missing it? If it is gone please bring it back.

  36. Would love to be able to see stats of the blogs I’m considering following. (Maybe there is a way and I’m not aware- I just started using Feedly?) Like how many people follow that blog via Feedly, how many times they post per week, etc. I could see stats in Google Reader and that’s one thing I miss. Other than that, I love Feedly!!

  37. Great work but IMO using Buffer to post on Twitter/FB is annoying. I’m using Feedly Mini to post on different account and with Buffer i have to get an premium account to do that. Sorry but there’s no way I would pay for a service I don’t use a single bit.

    1. Hey David, great to hear from you and thanks a lot for the heads up on this. I can completely understand that this might be a hassle, especially as you say, if you have a different account for posting through Feedly Mini.

      I have one idea, you should be able to go to your Buffer account ( and from there connect the other social account you want to post with, without upgrading to Buffer Awesome. That way you’ll have it available in Feedly mini and it should work seamlessly.

      Does that help at all? Keen to get you all setup the way you want! :)

      – Leo (Co-founder at Buffer)

      1. It doesn’t deal my problem, I already have connected différent social account on different platform but my problem is to connect multiple account on the same platform (ie : 2 twitter account, 1 personnal & 1 professionnal or 1 fb account and 1 fan page)

        Is there a way to do that without upgrading ?

  38. Regarding #3, I’d like an option to see feeds that haven’t been updated, or at least have Feedly update the feed list when a feed does get an update so that it shows up.

    Appreciate the hard work you guys are putting in on it.

  39. Thanks for the update. But there are two new bugs (on FF).

    1. Mini-feedly has disappeared. Can’t see it. Not anywhere in lower right.

    2. The toolbar button for the feedly start page can’t be moved or deleted. Every time I delete it from the toolbar, or move it to another toolbar, then restart FF, the old preference is lost and the toolbar button comes back to where it was.

      1. I’m new to Feedly and just installed the “Feedly for Safari Update – 14.0.468”. I’m using Safari 6.0.5 on a Macbook pro running OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4). Safari appears to have successfully installed Feedly, but I see no mini toolbar whatsoever. Any advice?

  40. Why is there a Feedly Extension & App in the Chrome store? Why doesn’t the extension show a number with unread feeds anymore?

    1. I want to echo this. As a long-term Google Reader user and medium-term Feedly iOS user, frankly I was lukewarm about Feedly’s web incarnation this time last month. The willingness to solicit and act upon feedback, plus such rapid timescales, is impressive.

      Very pleased with #3 above, in particular. Self-inflicted overload now slightly more tamed.

  41. I would like to comment on a blog post I follow in feedly and find it annoying to have to VISIT website to comment, why can’t I just comment right there? or am I doing something wrong?

    1. let’s get them to make the current sharing options actually work first, before adding more.. Sharing to G+ from Title view on the web *still* doesn’t work.

  42. Je souhaite vous encourager à persévérer dans votre démarche pour le suivi des sites, vous êtes sympathiques, ouverts, à l’écoute et l’environnement proposé est souple et agréable. Je vous remercie pour tous vos efforts qui m’apportent beaucoup de satisfaction et j’espère que beaucoup d’internautes partagent ce point de vue. Bonne journée

  43. Hate the “featured” list in magazine view, and would love to toggle it on or off. I know the change hasn’t received many votes (yet), but I’m putting it out there.

  44. Bug to report:
    Feedly still not working for Win XP SP3 on FF 20.0.1

    Works at home on this machine at works both at home and at work on my Win7 machine.

    1. Nevermind…I restarted FF on my Win7 machine and now it doesn’t work there, either.

      Google Plus interface?

  45. I converted to feedly after g-reader is dead. After several updates, the LaTeX’ed math formula still won’t show in feedly. I wonder if we could get an update fixing this problem. I believe many people who have a scientific job would show their sincere gratitude, include myself.

  46. Any possibility of adding a “Mark all read” keyboard shortcut? In Google Reader it Shift+A, and I still hit it automatically when using Feedly.

  47. how about alternate ways to categorize things? or letting tags apply to feeds rather than just individual articles?

  48. This is a very small detail that should be trivial to implement and would improve greatly its usability: the posibility to open the preview from the headers, without having to open the actual article.

  49. I’m totally digging the speed at which you are developing Feedly.

    Any chance we can get a view that supports ?


  50. Perhaps already posted, but the “hide” categories with zero new items is epically failing for me. It worked well at first but now it fails to hide the zero categories unless I refresh, but then when they do have new items they are not returning. I love the idea, but it’s not working well at all in it’s current state.

  51. Thank you so much for continuing to listen to feedback and change things accordingly. My number one request is that you can do multiple tags per article. Right now, you’re only allowed one tag per article, and it makes it difficult with the nature of my work that I use Feedly for. Thank you!

  52. When I logout from feedly, I keep logged into Google. So let’s say, if I open GMail after logging out of feedly, it will open directly, without asking me for authentication. Can this be fixed?

    If you guys consider this is the proper behaviour, I would accept having an option where: “logging out of feedly also logs out of google accounts”.


  53. Thank you for the gmail-share option been back up again.

    I’ll just keep waiting for the tumblr integration, but don’t worry, everyone can tell how hard all the team is working, so take your time, I can wait.


  54. Here is a bug: On firefox I can’t get rid of the feedly icon on the navigation bar. If I remove the icon it reappears when I restart firefox.

    Not very good manners!

  55. Could you please an option to view the mouse-over text in the mobile version? The main example I’m thinking of is XKCD – as of now, I can’t figure out how to view the mouse-over text in the Feedly app.

  56. Why does the Uncategorized section not act like any other category? You can’t jump to it with Shift+J, it doesn’t save its open/close state between sessions. And when you open the uncategorized section, it shows there are no feeds in the main panel, even if there are unread feeds. Will this ever be fixed, or should I just make an “Other” category?
    I’ve also been complaining about how Cnet video podcast feeds are not able to use the inline media player, not to mention there is one that gives me an error (even though you can view it as part of a category, just not by itself). But I’ve never got a response.
    Finally, I cannot find the settings knob that turns off the Pinterest integration.


    PS: Since there is a Shift+J to go forward, why isn’t there a Shift+K to go backwards. I don’t always read my feeds in order.

    1. I understand that Shift+J is to jump to the next category. As uncategorized is not a proper category there’s the problem. I made a category named “misc” to fit the ungetegorized feeds to better working.

      The Shift+J shortcut does the same as clicking on the right arrow symbol in the upper right corner. As there is no left arrow, there is no jump back function or Shift+K, but it would really help.

  57. Well, I must say I was so sad that Google Reader was going away. But Feedly is over the top awesome! Some kinks still, maybe … but overall you are doing a FANTASTIC job! Thank you.

  58. Please, give us an option to read feed in full screen or part screen (as it was) view. It’s make me mad, to read line with 100500 letters.

  59. As a Google Reader exile, I like Feedly a lot – especially after trying quite a few alternatives. However, for all the elegance (and it is elegant), you will lose me (and probably many others) if I find another platform that has a decent search function covering the feeds. I have not found one yet but I am only half way through my search process.

    This was one thing Old Feedly and Google Reader did well and I am afraid that we may be seeing a standard shift from substance to style, just when substance is becoming important to people once again.

    Sharing is getting less interesting by the day since it seems to be our hard work to help others make profitable marketing decisions. But credit where it is due – barring this error of judgment over search, it is a lovely product, although, if I just wanted to view, there are one or two others out there that are even prettier if much more basic.

  60. is it possible to get back the possibility of searching content in feeds ? it was present some releases ago, and it is quite useful …

      1. I really really like the ability to search content in feeds. Keep working hard! It is VERY appreaciated by me! ;0)

  61. Yay updates! Is there anyway we can get the “search within my feedly” feature back? It makes it easier to filter through items i have tagged.

      1. I can only agree with all the other people here, being able to search is crucial. Google’s decision to shut down Reader is giving me serious stress, as I’ve used it a lot in my work over the last couple of years and I’m very dependent on it… :(

        To say the least I was very relieved to find out about Feedly, but the response I keep seeing on this page (“more on search later this year”) is making me a little nervous… After all, we’re only in April…

        However, I don’t want to sound too complainy either, after all Feedly is free. Perhaps us professional/semi-professional users just need to find a paid for service

        Either way, great work and congratulations on the huge number of new users, I’m sure most of them are very happy with Feedly

  62. I ordered all my blogs within their categories. After this update they all seem to be in alphabetical order again. Not very good behavior. I’m not going to bother to order them if you’re going to overwrite them with every update. I’m still using Google reader on Firefox because of issues you haven’t yet fixed: read one blog at a time in titles-only view, be a web-only (no extensions) reader, keep blogs within categories in my order.

  63. I’m one of those Google Reader users, too and while I love all the updates you made to Feedly in the last few weeks/months, I find the behavior of the “no unread articles” view in the “All” tab illogical.

    When I still have 10 items left and scroll down, I get the big “mark category as read” ‘button’, which I click, but when I refresh the site, all articles I already read are there again. They are marked read as in they look ‘paler’ than the unread articles.

    If we have checked the “unread only” in the “All” tab, could you please make it as in the “Today” tab and show that “All done” sign? If I wanna see my already read news, I’ll just uncheck the filter option but right now it just not seems logical for me – or at least in my use case :)

    Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

  64. Feedly has no Terms of Service or Privacy Policy? If you do have one, please point to an official source. A blog post does not count.

      1. That’s not an official Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy. You’re going to have to do better than that.

  65. The ?utm_source=feedly at the end of all links is killing most of my feeds. I have to manually delete that from the address bar so I can see the web page correctly.

  66. thanks for the new features. can you include also the Webnotes just like Pinterest? :)

  67. I’m an ex-Google Reader user and have been very happy with the move to Feedly. I love the preview feature. It would be awesome if there was a ‘close window’ button at the bottom of a preview window, or if clicking outside the window could close the pop-up and return you to where you were before you opened it.

    Looking forward to new updates! Thanks.

    1. You can close the previews by clicking the border of the preview (the inside, not outside). Try.

  68. Hello Feedly,

    I’m a former Google Reader user like many of your customers. As a relic, I have the Google Reader extension on my Chrome Browser. I really appreciate that the extension shows the number of new articles in my feed.

    Could you please add this feature to your extension? I’m ready to completely disassociate myself from Google Reader but I love seeing that number!

  69. Hi, I was wondering why the mini toolbar doesn’t show up on every webpage like it used to? Eg,, livejournal and it shows sporadically on some tumblrs. If any could help me out I’d be much obliged. :)

  70. Hi, two things:

    1. SSl/https secure browsing. That is the only reason I preferred google reader over a desktop software version.

    2. A minimal view option that clears out all the wasted space in your UI and gives us the ability to just read/view the feeds in the browser, the way pressing the F key in google reader minimizes everything but a feed’s content. Please don’t get lost in social and other features; RSS is primarily about reading, and reading as fast as possible.

    1. I’d rather give the option to activate/deactivate the social networks to your like. I don’t usually share posts on social networks so I probably turn them off, but leave the email on. Other Android RSS readers give me the ability to turn things on and off.

  71. There is a bug, I’ve already emailed but haven’t heard back.

    In the Desktop version (on Chrome), when you click the number next to the “All” section to clear the articles–it doesn’t work. This works for any other section. It is present in Linux and on Windows, both Chrome.

  72. I Would still like to see an unread count on my feedly icon like it does in Chrome. I don’t know why this is available for one and not the other. Can you please add this?

  73. Definitely appreciate the active movement forward in Feedly development. However, no other update is as important as the ability to search your feeds. SEARCH! I can wait for everything else.

  74. Loving Feedly so far! Is there a way to search my subscriptions for titles/content? Sometimes I’ll read something and then want to come back to it later…but can’t find it. Thanks!! I was used to be able to do that on Google Reader.

  75. I’m already missing the tumblr option in the mini (and the full version, tbh) – it’s the one I used most, and I don’t want to HAVE to use Buffer, if that’s what you’re offering. Any news on that front? (Using Chrome, and right now wishing it didn’t automatically updated.)

  76. Too bad the new direction feedly is going to. I used it for 3 years but now I guess I’ll look for an alternative.

    mainly for 2 reasons:
    – I don’t want to use buffer & I like the feedly mini
    – the removal of favicons from list view which was something that made scanning through my feeds a lot easier.

  77. I tried quickly scanning the comments for a similar concern – has anyone else had a problem with clicking the Twitter or FB share button to have a dialog (login) box pop up that cannot be removed until the entire web page is refreshed? Not a huge issue but just an annoyance…

  78. With the latest release feedly is coming up to support almost the way I used gReader ie from Firefox on a pc. But the search for items I have marked as wastebasket or read is needed! Also some of the panels only let me mark things as read and some allow the waste basket. Is this the same or a different marking??? We need consistency and uniformity.

  79. Very minor, but can you please return the trash bin to the upper right hand corner? Sometimes, just by reading the headline/first sentence of posts, I already know I want to delete an article and dislike having to scroll to the end just to remove it from my feed.

  80. I checked out the Full Article view to see how the G+ button is working and love it. Now can we get it like that in the other views, especially title only? (Some of my feeds post the same items or are largely ignored but for occasional gems and the title only view makes cleaning those up go much more quickly.)

    I’m also noticing that not everything new shows up when I bring up Feedly. I’ve seen, say, an hours-old tweet reference an earlier comment that I haven’t seen (I read from oldest to newest), I refresh the screen, and there’s the missing item, as well as several others. Never had this problem in G+, is it something with how Feedly’s picking things up?

    Thanks for all the excellent work!

  81. Why do you need this huuuuuuuuuuge icon to mark all items as read at the bottom of each category? A small text link “Mark category as read” is not enough?

  82. What it mean you blocked Iranians to use feedly !!!
    Is it related to uranium enrichment again ? :))

  83. 1) It’s strange there are so few reporting the loss of the Mini Button.
    Why is it only showing so very rarely?
    Maybe it’s not as widespread for some, otherwise more would report it ?
    2) Would be usefull to have an Issues Page available to see what’s being addressed?
    3) For those not aware that read articles *can* be accessed …
    clicking refresh on a feed that has “no unread” delivers “already read”
    Keep up the fine work guys.

  84. So where did delicious go? This habit of removing things randomly makes the application kind of hard to rely on…

  85. As a refugee from the GoogleReader crowd, will this service ever get the SpaceBar hotkey to open the next article in list preview? This is a huge help to quickly go through a long list without having to manually click with the mouse to open each one.

  86. Any news on the “search my feedly” feature that was taken away? Twice. Would love to see that back so I can stop panicking about finding a new feeder with that feature :)

  87. Thanks a lot for all the latest updates.

    Suggestion: the Pinterest popup window could bring the title of the feed (or any other information) just like the Pin button does when we’re on a site and click on it.

    Keep up with the great work!

  88. Thanks for listening.. Also,can you also have the option of keeping same old domain url’s in place instead of your customized feedly url’s while sharing.

  89. Does Feedly already operates independently from Google Reader? Now that I’m used to using Feedly, it would be a shame if it would run into problems when Reader closes down.

    Also, as a feature request, I’d like a real-life female with a soothing voice to read the articles for me – naturally willing to pay premium for this.

  90. My Feedly stopped working. It says “Synchronizing feedly v.14.0. Please wait……” and never moves on. I’ve reinstalled Feedly twice. I’ve cleared my cache. Newest version of Firefox. Can you help me please?

  91. I’m no longer able to scroll right when I have an article open from titles view. Titles are sized perfectly in my small window and article extends beyond window and unable to scroll. I like to have a small window for feedly up so I can check articles once in a while and read if something pops up instead of completely switching away

  92. A bug and feature requests:
    I find that whenever I click an article title to read, auto-marked as read when scrolling stops working for any titles after that point. Using the latest Chrome.

    Also, one of the greatest features from the Android app for Google Reader was “Mark Previous As Read” – which would automatically mark all articles prior to the selected one as read. Could something like this be implemented in the Feedly web UI and the Feedly app? Alternatively, on the web side, could each of the “Today”, “Yesterday”, etc, dividers have an option to mark that “day” as read?

    Also, with your new API mirroring the Google Reader API, will you support 3rd party apps connecting to feedly? My favorite desktop reader, Reeder, for OSX would benefit greatly if it could do that.

    Just a few ideas. Otherwise, I’ve really been loving feedly, and it is a great substitute following the death of google reader. I wouldn’t even mind spending a dollar or two a month to support your growth.

  93. Hello,

    Thanks for Feedly. It’s looking very smooth!

    One small suggestion: In the Firefox browser version, when I move my mouse to the little icon at the top left, the feedly menu appears. My account name, “Organize” and “Logout” are shown at the top.

    I think this menu should be re-organised so that “All” and it’s children are at the top.

    The way it is now is as if “Organize” is the default option. I use “Organize” and “Logout” far less than selecting the group I want to read. Re-organising this would streamline the workflow nicely.

    One more thing: After the experience with Google Reader, the issue of exporting data is an important:

    I’m hoping this is addressed when Feedly’s dependence on Reader is broken but at the moment there’s no certainty.

  94. Could you please back grouping by day option in title view? Or you can add both view’s 1) list view (titles only view) with grouping by day 2) list view (titles only view) without grouping by day. because grouping by day is really usable for me (i think for others also) to read old feeds and feeds which posted more than 10 per day.

  95. Thanks for making a great product. However, I really hate the new mini bar. In fact, it’s no longer useful to me. I also dislike being forced to use Buffer, it is a service I don’t love. That’s why when I share stories from the reader directly with the Twitter and Facebook interfaces and NEVER with the Buffer service. Being forced to use Buffer on mini bar leaves a bad taste in my mouth because it takes away my options. Bad move.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. There’s already a Buffer icon on Feedly mini. If it was as great as Feedly seems to think it is, people would use it. Unfortunately, Buffer sucks, so they don’t unless they’re forced to do so by ham fisted designers.

  96. What has happened to the ability to search within sources?
    Search now only brings up new sources.

  97. I’m using Firefox 21 Beta and although I’m glad you fixed the feedly mini not showing up in the middle of pictures anymore, I now lack the feedly mini on some webpages. On others it works just fine.

  98. The thing that bothers me about this is that now I can’t click on images that are links… it’s opening a pinterest login window instead of taking me where I actually want to go.

    Is there a way to disable this feature since I have no interest in pinterest?

  99. I can’t load Feedly anymore (both in Firefox and Chrome). The page loads “Synchronizing feedly v.14.0. Please wait…….” and nothing happens.

  100. The feedly mini button seems to be broken (extension 14.0.485 on Chrome 26.0.1410.65):
    Error in event handler for ‘undefined’: miniStreets is not defined ReferenceError: miniStreets is not defined
    at tryCompleteIncludeLibraries (chrome-extension://hipbfijinpcgfogaopmgehiegacbhmob/js/10101_gc-mini-button_94.js:27:315)

    After clicking on it, I get:
    ncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined
    askShowPopup 10101_gc-mini-button_94.js:28
    askIncludeLibraries 10101_gc-mini-button_94.js:26
    loadMini 10101_gc-mini-button_94.js:26
    (anonymous function) 10101_gc-mini-button_94.js:26

    and clicking again afterwards give me this error:
    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘show’ 10101_gc-mini-button_94.js:28
    askShowPopup 10101_gc-mini-button_94.js:28
    askIncludeLibraries 10101_gc-mini-button_94.js:26
    loadMini 10101_gc-mini-button_94.js:26
    (anonymous function) 10101_gc-mini-button_94.js:26

  101. One feature I really like in Google Reader is the previous and next buttons, they really help to skip through headlines without having to scroll like a dead sea through reams contents

  102. Hi,
    I’m trying to add new feeds by pasting a URL into the Search field (using a Samsung Galaxy phone) but when I touch and hold the field, the Paste option does not appear as usual.

  103. I use the Android app on my Nexus 7 and have notice that certain sites (Salon, Slate, Mother Jones, for instance) always crash the in-app browser. I don’t really expect Feedly to have a flawless browser, but I would like the option of opening links directly to Chrome, rather than in Feedly. I realize I can send a page I’m viewing in Feedly to Chrome, but since I can’t do this until the page is open in Feedly, this function isn’t usable for sites that crash the app. Either there should be a setting to automatically open web pages in another browser or I should be able to long click on the “view website” button and choose which browser I want to use.

  104. My issues with feedly is the white type on the dark orange background and the font. I find it difficult to read. I wish there was an option where we could change the font and the white/orange sidebar.

  105. Can’t add Google/Yahoo news feeds completely.
    The individual pages always show the “add” button.

  106. Using Firefox – have reinstalled many times. Feedly mini has disappeared (no option for preferences so it’s not even disabled). Pinterest feature doesn’t work. No improvement for me – as a long term user a bit fed up to be honest.

  107. Where are my article titles in Firefox? I can only see them in title-only view. I basically have to know to click an invisible anchor tag above the image or snippet depending on the view.

  108. Hi there i really want to sub categorize my category’s. I have too many and the list is annoying to scroll down and confusing. Also i want to tag an article into different tags, at the moment i can only have one tag per article. please help!!

  109. As was already said, I really miss that “next post” button too – speeds up things considerably when going through hundreds of posts. Once I decide I’m not interested in reading more, I just want to skip the rest. Please!

  110. There are some Tumblr sites where Feedly has never displayed pictures for me. Often, there’s not even a blank square, just a post with a headline that looks empty. Adblockers are off, and I can’t find any other recommendations for Chrome. Any thoughts, anyone? With Reader going down, I’d love to be able to rely on Feedly.

  111. When I click on a image to open it, it opens Pinterest? Whats that crap all about? I have no idea what Pinterest is and I dont want to use. So please stop spamming me about it. :(

  112. How can I mark a (wrongly “read”) post as unread? I can’t believe there isn’t a button for this…

  113. Feedly, several of my friends have recommended that I try your service, but I was just gobsmacked to find that clicking on any image in a feed forces a pinterest login.

    Yes, I know this can be turned off. But IMHO, this is supremely obnoxious. I am personally 142% uninterested in Pinterest, but that’s beside the point; even if I happened to be a Pinterest fan, I imagine that wanting to pin an image would be by far the exception, not the rule. Charts, graphs, news images, etc… I want to see the full image so I can read it, not so I can pin it.

    Please, please, please revert this. People shouldn’t have to fumble for the settings to turn off something which, IMHO, is so clearly focused on revenue vs. improving the user experience :\. Had this been intended for your users’ benefit, you would have added a “pin this” button on hover, rather than forcing Pinterest signins upon clicking any part of the image.

  114. Help!!! I’ve been using Feedly on my iPhone and iPad, and today I tried logging into the web version. Suddenly all my posts are marked as read, and even when I mark them as unread they go back to being marked as read, so now my app is showing no content even though I have 150 unread articles in Google reader. Please help!!!

  115. My Mini is gone – and it won’t come back, even after restarts, re-enabled, etc. :(

  116. Hola!
    Utilizo FEEDLY con mi tablet android y me parece maravillosa la integración con Pinterest, pero hace días que no puedo hacer “Pin it” a través de feedly, cuando le doy a “SHARE” with “CREATE a PIN”, me aparece “Loading images from…” y pasan los minutos y no me localiza ninguna imagen.
    Hasta hace unos días me funcionaba correctamente.
    He desinstalado las APPS de PINTEREST y FEEDLY y las he vuelto a instalar, pero siguen sin funcionar conjuntamente. es como si se hubieran desincronizado.

    Feedly en mi PC, sincroniza perfectamente con PINTEREST.

    A qué puede ser debido?
    GRACIAS y sobretodo GRACIAS por hacerlo siempre más fácil.

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