feedly mobile 14.1 is out: New Title-only View

Thank you to Apple for approving feedly for iOS 14.1. This release focuses on a better list view and fixing a few critical bugs around authentication and loading. It is a step forward towards making feedly a better home for Google Reader users looking for a new reader.

Feedly for 14.1 is available now in the app store and continues to be free:
Get feedly 14.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Get feedly 14.1 for Android

New title view

Here is the detailed change log:
☂ Users do not need to login over and over again.
★ Denser and cleaner title-only view.
★ Brought back the old list view.
★ Better support for Hebrew and Farsi.
☂ Titles are no longer cut off in the title only view on iPhone 4
☂ Better support for flaky network connections.
☂ Lots of small bug fixes.

Author: @feedly

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134 thoughts on “feedly mobile 14.1 is out: New Title-only View”

  1. It’s great you made the list view more dense…but you also just made it completely illegible for anyone other than those under 20 with perfect vision. Increasing the font size in Advanced Settings does “nothing” to the teaser text size in list view…it remains at some minuscule font size that I can’t read without extra glasses on.

    You won me over with Feedly…I’ve been happily using it every day, but if this can’t eventually be a user-configurable font size (the teaser text in List View)…I have to go another route, and believe me I will really hate that. But what good is news if you can’t read it…or in this case, read enough of the list view text to determine if you want to expand the article or not.

    Thanks for listening.

    1. Sorry. The overwhelming feedback from the community was to offer a denser title-only view. So we did that. If you want something with bigger fonts, have you tried the list view instead?

      1. Another old-dude readability request: The unread counts in the feed list are in a very small font size, and it is a medium gray that is only barely darker than the lighter gray background. This makes it really hard to which feeds have unread articles.

        The desktop version makes distinguishing which feeds have unread articles a lot easier, as it has the names of the feeds with unread articles in bold, and it also defaults to only showing the feeds with unread articles in the feed list.

      2. I was really happy to see you announce “title only” view. However, how is that title only? It still has the teaser (“title only” means only the title, not a teaser :-))

        Google Reader on my phone shows me on the first page on average 7-8 articles (depending on length of article). Feedly (v14.1.5) shows me only 5 because for some feeds it shows a teaser as well as the source in an extra (albeit small) line followed by some whitespace and a horizontal line. And yes, the grey color is terrible to read and causes the added illusion that a lot of space is used because less than 50% of the screen is used for the titles.

        Basically, look at the screenshot above. Everything in light gray should be shortened to just the feedname and put behind the title. This would save a lot of screen real estate.

  2. [Android] Some news are not displayed chronologically. Anybody got a problem with that?

    1. Yep, same for me. It’s almost correct, but there’s always a few items that are out of order.

      1. Sometimes it seems like it puts things in order of when you added the feed, then chronologically… definitely NOT what you want in a newest-first list.

    2. It’s been like that for multiple releases. I reported/asked about it multiple times via twitter and mail, but never got a response.

  3. The Android update is not displaying in the Play Store for me but maybe it is because I tested the Betas and RCs.

    Search in Feedly on Android is terrible. I searched for “counting cars history channel” and received literally nothing related to the show from any source and only one thing even related to the History channel.

    Swype is also ignored in Feedly. I tried to do a search and Swype is my preferred keyboard but the swyping feature was ignored by Feedly so I had to type in each letter…(ewww the 2007 way)

    1. oh crap I see the post was delayed because Apple sucks and waited 8 days to approve the app….I do have latest version because Android doesn’t suck. :)

  4. Great job Feedly. Love that you brought back the old list view, but I also love the condensed title view (with title chop fix). Please keep them both!

    Your mobile app is so simple and perfect. Love the night time theme and stack transition. It is a joy to use everyday. Blows away Google Reader mobile experience.

    A request is to allow REFRESH OF A CATEGORY by pulling down from the First Page of a category (or some other one-touch way to refresh).

    Thanks for the quick-iterative improvements.

      1. I would very much like a full article view for the ipad, where I do not have to keep going back to list view at the end of article to get to the next article. I would like to seamlessly scroll through article after article. That being said, I really like the feedly ipad app. I really really like the feedly ipad app.


  5. These are my thoughts / requests, using the Android version:

    1. I still find it very hard to read articles by feed. I prefer to open each feed and read its unread articles, not view articles from all feeds combined. The Google Reader interface was much better at this, having the initial screen with the list of feeds, and you could tap one to see its contents, then use the back button to get back to the list. Why combine the main menu on the left with the feed list?!?

    2. The feeds with no unred articles are always displayed in my “uncategorized” list. Add an option to hide them when no unread articles are present. I don’t want to scroll through all the read feeds to find those with unread items. They are not even displayed in bold or coloured fonts, you have to look for the grey unread count.

    3. I never use folders / categories, so maybe add an option to edit the name of the “uncategorized” group?

    4. If you want to stick with the feed list inside the menu on the left (which I really don’t like), either move the menu button down or allow a “full-screen” swipe from the left to bring the menu. It’s very hard to always reach for that small button in the corner when switching feeds on a big-screen phone.

    5. Have a mark all read button always present while reading articles inside a feed, next to the search icon maybe. It can be an option in the settings menu, if other users don’t need it. Swiping over articles is not very intuitive and doesn’t seem to always work properly. Or maybe I don’t know how to use it.

    Other than that, a very nice Google Reader replacement.

    1. 1- You can do this by the left pane. After selecting a feed from the left pane, it’s going in an order of feeds one by one. That’s how I use it.

      1. I noticed it jumps to the next feed after marking all as read, this is a nice addition. But using that pane is still harder to use with one hand than Google Reader, see my number 4 issue.

    1. What I do is glance at the article titles when waiting for the train and move everything I think I’ll want to read on the commute into Pocket which DOES work offline. It’s slightly hacky, but it does the trick until Feedly finally gets offline support.

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  6. When are you going to release a fix for Feedly? This replacing icon is really annoying.

  7. Finally, a title view for the iPad version! :D It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. I still think it’d be even more efficient if it had continues scroll instead of pagination (i realise this might conflict with the gestures to mark a whole page as read, but i’d still prefer it) and if you added favicons to easily identify the source of an article.

    Keep up the great work :)

  8. I really appreciate the Pinterest option for desktop. Any word on it for iPhone/iPod Touch?

    1. I am also really hoping for this option soon! I know not everyone uses Pinterest, but for those of us who do, it would be so nice to have the option to pin directly from my Feedly. Right now use the browser tool to open the website in Safari and then pin from there through a bookmark (which is already inefficient), so this makes it twice as time consuming. It’s okay temporarily, but really hoping to see the ability to pin soon.

      Otherwise, as a Google Reader convert, Feedly is great!

      1. Me too! It was extremely helpful for me to be able to pin via the Feedly app on my Android phone, but I just got an iPhone and really miss this feature. It would be even better on the on the iPad. As it is now, I go through my feeds using Feedly for iPad, ‘save for later’ the items I want to pin, then open the Mr. Reader app to do my pinning. Very time consuming! But not nearly as much as my old method: send to Pocket, then sit at my desk and open each article to web view from Pocket, and then pin it (before Feedly web added the Pinterest feature). Who wants to sit at their desk for hours? The only time I sit at my desk these day is when I write code, or work in Photoshop and need the big screen.

  9. When will you fix the swipe-article bug? When in browser view I still want to be able to swipe left to see the next article, like before.

    1. U @feedly just don fix it, since so many people feedbacked this shitty bug to u in every ways…
      Friend, just set the article swipe to “NO”, now you can swipe left to see the next only in browser, annoying, but better then nothing…

  10. [IOS] a couple of updates ago, it used to be sorted by feed. I can’t anymore and aas I got many different kind of “informations” gathered in feedly, it’s all mixed up in feedly and in my mind also.
    Could you please add this option (back)?

  11. 1) I still have a bug in Android whereby I open an article in list view and the last article I read shows up. If I scroll down the “old” article, the one I actually wanted to read pops up.

    2) Is there a way to search within my articles, tags, and feeds? The search button gives me external results only.

    1. Really wanted to know this too… before this update, you could search your feeds. Now, only external things that, if you really cared about, you would have on your feed.

  12. I used Feedly a couple of years on the desktop, but since I discovered Reeder I never came back… until now. It feels awesome and the experience has improved a lot. Cheers for Feedly!

    So, as an ex-Reeder user, I’m missing something like the Readability funtionality to see a full article for truncated feeds, without having to load the webpage and THEN using the “remove clutter” button; just use it directly. That would be awesome and a great improvement.

    Also, I agree with other suggestions here, like the preference for continues scroll instead of pagination on some views (configurable, maybe), or the need of the offline mode.

    So, anyway, I’m glad to be back and I’ll be looking forward for the next updates you guys bring, since it looks like you’re working intensively. Keep up the good work!

    1. those feeds do that to get ad views…RSS doesn’t have a good way to do analytics even though some do embed ads…it is very hard to know how many subscribers a feed has because the services that offer it like FeedBurner are not accurate at all so until it is trackable many sites have to do this.

      Complaining that you have to do what you are suppose to do is kind of jerkish though…the sites need to make money some way and unless you are paying them yourself, just accept the ads.

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  13. I’m a Google Reader convert. I like Feedly a lot. Two suggestions

    1. Add a “feedback” button to the menu so I can send you suggestions, or make it a link to this blog.

    2. I often read some articles from a feed and then go away and come back to it. Particularly true of some more voluminous sources. With Google reader I could see the articles I’d already read and quickly scroll down to unseen articles – I don’t want to read those articles I’ve already skipped over. In Feedly those already read articles are hidden so I don’t know how far to scroll down to get to the stuff I haven’t seen yet.


    1. I am a great fan of your solution from France, and searpd it around me. I have a strong preference for the bar on top in the header.I like the new button, even if i a agree it’s intuitive, you have yo be used to notice things and click on it.The tumblr button is maybe more intuitive. Otherwise, i loose my result box from feedly when i search something on google. Where it is ? this function was one of the most useful : a kind of doble search large and in my favorites in the same moove.Thanks for your answer.

  14. I agree with Armstrong: the missing of something like Readability is the main drawback with respect to Reeder (or Newsify). The fetch of a truncated feed could be realized via Pocket but it is a workaround; an option in Feedly will be really more useful.

    On the other hand the mobile application is really a great piece of code.

    P.S. also an offline mode for saved feeds will be really appreciated (at least by me)

  15. When in the list view I used to see article header which opened full article in new tab when clicked. Now the header is gone and to open full version I need to click preview first and ‘open in new tab’ after that. Incredibly annoying :(

    Could you please return old behavior here or at least provide another button to open full view with one click?

    P.S. Great app nevertheless, thanks for your work!

    1. P.P.S. I’m in the FF on PC-box, not mobile. But this happened only today, so I assume it has something to do with the update despite it titled for mobile only.

  16. [iOS] Since the new update, the app does not seem to refresh upon opening anymore. Even when switching between apps, I have to manually refresh the All category to see new articles. Also, there should be an easier refresh option; either pull down to refresh or a stand-alone icon on the main bar.

    1. I second this. It used to refresh on open. If this causes errors then perhaps like suggested a pull to refresh option would work. Or, instead on the gray all read screen there could be a tap to refresh.

      Other than that one very small issue this is just about the perfect RSS app in my opinion.

    2. I second this. It used to refresh on open. If this causes errors then perhaps like suggested a pull to refresh option would work. Or, instead on the gray all read screen there could be a tap to refresh.

      Other than that one very small issue this is just about the perfect RSS app in my opinion.

  17. [Android -help!] Can someone explain to me on Android how I am marking all read from the flyout menus? Some how I marked 70 some blogs all as read at once from the blogs I follow heading. I’ve done it a couple of other times too but I have no idea how. It would be good if there was some sort of confirmation before making all read.

  18. I like to scroll through my blogs and leave some to read later by marking as unread. I can’t figure out how to mark unread with android. I tried using the shortcut of tapping on the right side of the screen, but it didn’t work. I’m trying to make the switch from reader ahead of time.

  19. hope two improvements can be made: 1. adding custom tags don’t work. every time I add or delete a tag, feedly refreshes itself, and then loses the revision. 2. please add a more powerful search tool. google reader can search everything, in different feeds or even what I’ve read. at least please allow us to search within “saved for later”

  20. First off, love the app. I use it everyday and I’m so glad Google Reader shut down so I found out about you. Here are my 2 complaints so far:

    1) [on iOS using iPhone] The update took away the big check mark at the end of each ‘Today’ section that marked them all as read. I haven’t been able to find where to get this back. Am I doing something wrong?

    2) [on iOS using iPhone] Maybe it’s just me but since the update I’ve found the ‘hold to tag/save’ feature is a little too sensitive. I’m always finding myself holding it down to what I think still enough to save it only to have it start scrolling to the next feed down below. Am I just too jittery of are others having this problem too?

    Any feedback from anyone would be great.

    Again, love the app, thanks for all the hard work!

  21. 1. It seems it is not possible to search articles (read or unread) in feedly by keywords?
    2. The key “m” toggles the “read” and “unread” status. It would be better if the title color can reflect such a change when the current item is opened.
    3. It would be nice if the “f” and “u” key shortcuts of google reader are also supported.
    4. When sharing an article, it would be better if the url is the original one, instead of the one prefixed with “feedly”.
    5. Articles older than 30 days should NOT be automatically marked as read.
    6. “Mark all as read” sometimes is evil. Better if it can be undone, or alert the user more clearly.

    1. Agree on point 4. Sometimes there is a TON of nonsense in a link shared from Feedly when on Google Reader it was JUST the actual link that got shared.

  22. Further comments:
    7. The key “s” is to save an article for later use. When the article is opened, “s” indeed does the work, but the small bookmark icon to the left of the title does not always change color accordingly.
    8. The link at the top of the feedly reader linking to the current page should by default open a new window (or tab).

  23. Users from Chinese Mainland still cannot access feedly for iOS with blank articles while PC version is just fine.

  24. +1 for offline support or at least read ahead caching (maybe pull down the next 100 articles when you are the 90th of the current batch)

    Also, this may not be relevant with the current release but with the last one I accidentally left feedly running on my screen for half an hour and in that timne it ate 20% of my battery. I can only assume that it was constantly polling for new articles. Something that offline caching would fix.

    Finally, can you take a look at flow reader on android. at the top of the page it gives you a count of where you are in the article list (eg 29 of 247) this would be handy in feedly. I use that to decide do I continue to the end or do I stop now and have another look later when I have more time.

    Other than that I love the app and it keeps getting better.

  25. Is there any way to read the alt-text from web-comics like XKCD and Doghouse Diaries on the mobile version? If not, please implement this. At the moment I always have to skip the comics with alt-texts and read them on the desktop later.

    1. In Settings -> Advanced Settings you can set your favorite saving tool to pocket and then enter your pocket login. That should do it.

  26. Feedly on iPad is becoming extremely useful now; there’s just one thing I need you to add before it’s perfect (for me!)
    I read lots of web comics, and many times they load up a bit too small – please can you add a pinch-zoom for the viewer?

    1. Sometimes (now with 2.0a and FF 3.5 very often) when I hit read all and then refresh, fedley just freezes. It shows: Refreshing digest. Please wait and that’s all. Is there anyway to fix this, and is there anyway to simplify the process of refreshing and marking content as read ?

  27. The iOS version is still giving me that red screen login error. I can’t see any of my feeds. I certainly appreciate that it’s a free app, but ever since Google announced that they killed off Reader, I’ve had nothing but problems with the app. This recent update didn’t fix any of the problems I’m having.

    I really liked Feedly and it was an extremely efficient way to view feeds. Unfortunately, I feel like I’m being used as a beta tester. For now, I’m going back to Google. I hope you guys can get it working again.

  28. on iOS, when i click on an article why does it open the full webpage in the app instead of the card like it used to? I looked through all the settings and don’t see a way to set it back. Am i missing something? Love the product and the rapid releases. thanks.

  29. May I ask something?

    Why oh why are the images on the feed being reisized to mere 578px when I’m using the list mode and the entire interface stretches to fill my widescreen monitor?

    The entire point of the extended view is to view more stuff! It’s messing up my webcomics!

    Can’t you do like Google Reader and only keep in check the size for the text?

    Other thing. I never know when I successfully marked something as unread after reading it. There must be a visual cue to show if I managed to unread something through a keyboard shortcut and the link shouldn’t throw you off the article you’re in.

  30. The new iOS app no longer automatically refreshes when I open the app. I have to manually refresh, or go into my preferences and tap today. This is very annoying! It should refresh when I open the app. Please fix this as soon as possible!

    1. I find that annoying too.

      I have also noticed that articles are no longer marked read in Google Reader. Feedly will say they are marked as read, but as soon as I refresh they all show up again as unread. (This is using the iPhone app).

      This just started happening today. I can’t say if it was immediately after I updated the app or later.

      Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

  31. Thanks, one ‘simple’ suggestion: (amazon)

    I am sharing to Pocket, and as of yet have not been able to get them to pop up a message. I’d like you to turn the ‘share (to prefered)’ button dark after hit it, and leave it turned until I go to another page and , so that it is clear that the ‘share’ was done.

  32. In one of the most recent updates you added the Pinterest to images, which is great and makes it super easy to pin something. However…sometimes images are links to webpages, downloads, etc. The only way now to use this feature is to right click and choose open in new tab/window or click on the title and leave feedly. Kind of a pain. Hope you can fix this without losing the ability to use the Pinterest thing. Thanks.

  33. Please redesign the left side feedlist menu to fit with the design of the desktop or the feed itself. It looks so out of place, and ugly. It does not fit the design principles of the rest of your design. Also the transition to it could be better. The overlay feels to web interface-like.

    See Instapaper for reference; Simple, yet good looking.

  34. Hello,
    Would it be possible to have a “full view” with the abstract (and not only title & image), like it was in google reader ?
    Thank you

    1. So here we have a dead serqruil, a live serqruil and a murder of crows. It would appear that the live serqruil is protecting the remains of his dead serqruil colleague. That seems like anthropomorphizing to me. What is going on here?You know the crows eventually got their supper, right?

  35. Well, it appears that your newest version has introduced a bug I’d like to see fixed immediately. For this you will have to look at the website http://www.artshow.com. This website keeps track of art festivals, workshops, exhibitions and such. When a new posting is put it, it is put in usually by date. The old Feedly would get the RSS notice of a new post on this website and it would load the page and then move down the page to the new posting. NOW, Feedly just loads the page and stays at the top and forces me to have to scroll through hundreds of listings to find the one I went there for in the first place. I thought that maybe this one something about the new postings at this site, so I went back about two or three weeks into Feedly’s listings for this site and tried one of the old listings that I know used to work. No dice. It doesn’t work anymore. Please fix this! It makes artshow.com a pain in the backside to use now. Oh, and just as a point of reference, I went over to my old Google Reader page and clicked on one of their new postings and it worked fine by scrolling halfway down the page to the new posting.

  36. The Android version seems to have a simple bug: if a directory is named “Read”, then the unread count of this directory is always 0.

  37. Is it possible to allow sending a post using e-mail straight from feedly ?
    (instead, i need to open the post in the original web site and use the mini feedly).

  38. “Thank you to Apple for approving feedly for iOS 14.1.” – are you guys developing for a secret pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha version of iOS? :)

    1. I recognized that when I am not logegd in the feedly mini appears even though I prefer it to be disabled. Only after I log in it disappears. This seems to be unnecessary as feedly should save prefs no matter if I am logegd in (I am the only one using this machine).Keep it up

  39. Preference for continuous scrolling, please! Mr Reader handle that perfectly and also automatically mark articles as read. It´s so much faster, efficient and comfortable..

    I also think the placement of the back-button on Ipad is really bad (thanks to Apple). You never have your fingers there and has to re-grip iPad to go back from full web view. Double tap to go back only works in article view. In Mr Reader you can choose how you want your layout, and place back-button in lower right corner for example.

    Otherwise a really good reader! Thank you for listening on feedback.

  40. Can you bring back article swipe? not sure if it was removed or a bug but you can no longer swipe to the next article after clicking into the article link and opening the browser. And yes, I have article swipe set to “Yes”

  41. The Blogs I subscribed only via GFC are still not showing. When I first installed Feedly all was working nicely, now I do not see the feed from these Blogs anymore. Even though I reinstalled and tried refreshing a few times, still not showing..
    Hope you can fix this! Thanks!

  42. Hello,

    I’m on android (galaxy tab 2) and I still have problems discounted items when I’m reading the news in detail. When I pagine, I always see the last three items in a loop, I have to do a refresh by dragging my finger horizontally on the article, it’s pretty painful.
    Another note, I use Pocket and before, when I left my finger on an item, this one was added to “save for later”, today, it is redirected to pocket. So I have to open the details of the item to be able to do a “save for later”. I preferred the former option more convenient.

    Otherwise, the application is really handy.

  43. Feedly did work great, now not so much. I just read/marked read 52 articles on my iPhone 5. I then refreshed the view by dragging down as instructed. All 52 articles reappeared as unread. In other words the Chrome desktop version is syncing with the iOS version. Not good.

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  45. Hola. Aunque podría explicarlo en inglés, es posible que no sea tan claro y que hasta me explique mal. Lo diré mejor en español.

    Uso Feedly principalmente en el móvil. En Android, en un pequeño Sony XPeria Tipo. He visto varias veces que se actualizaba la aplicación, pero en ninguna de ellas se ha solucionado un problema bastante importante, que me impide usar Feedly al 100% en mi smartphone. Paso a explicar de qué se trata.

    Cuando llega el momento de añadir una suscripción, o de organizar las que tengo hechas, pasan cosas extrañas en la pantalla. Al intentar añadir una nueva suscripción, la pantalla simplemente queda en blanco y no puedo hacer nada, y cuando quiero organizar las suscripciones, la imagen hace cosas raras, no sé cómo explicarlo.

    Por culpa de esos problemas, me veo obligado a guardarme la url del blog, podcast, o lo que sea que quiero seguir, en un correo o una nota, y aprovechar que abro el navegador en un PC para agregarlo a Feedly.

    Por favor, echen un vistazo a este problema Es posible que sólo pase en dispositivos con pantallas pequeñas, como el mío.

    Un saludo y gracias.

  46. I’ve installed Feedly 14.1 on a friend’s iPhone. I introduced him to Feedly and he’s liking it.
    Just a problem: the “Today” section is missing. It shows properly on Chrome. How can I make it appear again? It’s weird because I have it on my iOS app, but his won’t show.

  47. Thank you for this update and wonderful product. Along with the others, I agree, offline support would turn this into a killer product.

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