Migrating your tagged articles from Google Reader to feedly

We have started to upgrade feedly from the Google Reader backend to a new feedly backend. As part of this upgrade, we will automatically upgrade ALL your feeds, your category/folder structure and up to 250 starred articles.

Based on popular request, we are going to try to migrate the articles you read in the past and assigned tags to. This way all the gems you have collected in the past will continue to be accessible when Google Reader goes offline in July.

But we need your help regarding upgrading your tagged articles. We need you to go to your feedly preferences and enter the list of tags you have been using to archive old articles. We will migrate up to 250 articles per tag.

This is what my tag list looks like for example:Tag list

Note: If you have an interesting collection of articles which is larger than the 250 articles we are planning to upgrade automatically, please send me an email at edwin@feedly.com and we will try to see if we can handle special edge cases manually when the upgrade is complete.


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297 thoughts on “Migrating your tagged articles from Google Reader to feedly”

    1. Oops, more than *250* starred items.

      Also, what about multiple tags per item? That’s one of the points of tagging.

      1. If you have more than 250 starred items, we will migrate the 250 ones which have been tagged the most recently. If an item has more than one tags, it will be imported once for each tag.

        1. “…it will be imported once for each tag.”

          Does that mean that one article can appear two or more times in the list?!?

      2. You may want to use my app, CloudPull, to back up your starred and tagged articles. http://www.goldenhillsoftware.com/cloudpull/

        CloudPull will back up an unlimited number of starred articles and tagged articles. CloudPull can export article links into HTML Bookmarks files, suitable for import into Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Pinboard. This may not help you import them into Feedly, but at least you will have access to these starred and tagged articles after Google Reader is gone. I would be happy to work with Feedly on building an import mechanism if they are interested in doing so.


  1. What is the difference between a category, tag and folder?

    The categories I see in feedly, are what I entered originally as tags in google reader, but which google reader shows me as folders… go figure

      1. Question: when I enter my categories as tags-to-be-preserved, they appear as tags on the left. When I click e.g. on tag Architecture then I get this bunch of articles that are supposedly tagged as Architecture, but in fact they are not (I have never tagged any articles in feedly). What’s up?

        1. I found that too. It happens if your tag name is something obvious like photography etc. Then it gets mixed up with the feedly category of the same name. I had to modify my tag names in reader and type it again in feedly to get it to work.

          1. Exactly. Google Reader had a conceptual bug where they mixed feed tags and article tags. The work around you are describing is the correct one: do not use the same tag label for both your folders and tagging articles. -Edwin

            1. This distinction might actually break a feature available in Google Reader. Currently, if I have a folder and I tag an individual item with the folder name, the item is added to that folder. Additionally if the folder is public with a feed, the item is added to the feed. This is an important feature to maintain for those of us who produce a curated feed as a service to others.

                1. Will Feedly allow me to create a feed of curated content from tagged feeds and individual items? If that feature is not something planned at all, I’ll need to find a new product immediately rather than wait to see what Feedly will offer.

  2. Probably not the place but is there a way to view an entire category without limiting to 9 articles per feed (6 newest with thumbnails only)? I want to see every single unread article in the category (exactly like when viewing a feed with unread articles).

      1. Individual feeds yes, but timeline mixes all the feeds in the category and that is not what I want. Sometimes there aren’t many unread articles in a feed and scrolling one feed at a time gets tedious, that’s why I’m asking if it can be done for a future version, view all instead of limiting to 9 in category view.

    1. Yes. Sorry. We have been hunting down and patching a set of bugs. We just pushed out a new patch (487) a few minutes ago. Could you please try that update and see if it fixes your problem? -Edwin

  3. Is it possible to make it more than 150 items? Some of my tags have more than that. Its not a disaster if not, just curious.

    Thanks for all the great work. You guys are the best, most responsive team ever. I literally tell everyone I can about feedly.

    1. Hi Shawn. We needed to set the limit somewhere – this is going to result in a lot of data migration and storage. Do you know what your ideal upper limit would have been? -Edwin

      1. well, I have 113 starred items in the last 30 days only…I’ve been using Google Reader since September 2009, so maybe if you multiply 113/month * 44 months = about 5000 starred items. :)

      2. From Google takeout the starred items use about 25MB, not sure how many items, I guess 10.000 would have been a good number! Any option to have the archive in google drive or localy for example (?)

  4. As a 72 yr old non-techie – I don’t understand “Tags”. I want the Categories[folders] that I currently have and all of the Sources and all of the Articles that I currently have. I do not have any “achieved items”. So what is it that I need to do? Based on your response:
    @feedly on April 24, 2013 at 5:49 am said:
    We use the term category and folder for the feeds. We use the term tags for individual articles. I will try to clarify this.
    Are you saying that I have to individually re-enter each article?
    If this sounds stupid or idiotic then my spouse has probably been right all these years after all.

    1. Hi Jon,
      You do not have to do anything. Your categories and all your sources are being automatically copied from Google Reader to the new feedly backend. So you are covered.

      1. Thanks Edwin. I will now lay this tired ole head down for the night and dream sweet dreams of being able to read my daily news articles in blissful peace with the assurance that Feedly has covered my bases.

  5. This is great – just a question though, does this mean Feedly only keeps 250 articles per tag natively? Say if post migration tag A had 250 pulled in from Google reader, can you keep adding tag A to new articles within Feedly?

    1. Yes. Post migration, you will be able to continue to tag articles and add to your existing collections. The 250 limit is just a constraint on the number of articles we will copy. -Edwin

      1. I bet if you charged a small fee for complete migration many people would jump on it. I know I would gladly fork over money to maintain full parity of what I had in Google Reader.

  6. It it possible to make that 250 limit go away? I have been using stars to indicate “I like this article, keep it for later for reference” – as such I probably have thousands of starred articles, which I do like to go back on and read and reference when I do talks and blog posts. I’m guessing I have to find a solution for this elsewhere?

      1. Sad to see that the limit is 250 star items. Stars and search just makes it so easy to find information that you know you have read, but doesn’t remember the details…

      2. I’ve been looking for an easy way (short of installing Python to run a custom 3rd party script) to do exactly this Any suggestions?

  7. Thanks for the guide, Feedly! But I barely used Google Reader, so tags aren’t very important to me. But, I do have two questions. Once you guys finish the Normandy migration, will we have to create our own accounts? And once the migration has been completed, will you guys remove the ability to sign in with our Google Account?

    1. And by accounts, will we have to create our own Feedly accounts instead of signing in with a Google account?

      1. As part of the migration, we are automatically creating a feedly account for you and moving all your stuff to it. You will be able to login to that feedly account using your existing Google authentication. We will also offer facebook and twitter authentication later this year. We might offer feedly authentication later too if there is a lot of demand for it.

      1. I have saved a copy of my Google Reader account with Google takeout and it only takes 13MB to store more than 6800 starred items. I think storage capacity might not be the problem. RSS uses just XML text.

  8. Is there an estimate date as to when this migration will be happening?

    Also is there an easy way to count how many articles are tagged in Google reader? Doesn’t seem to be a number count in the infinite scroll..


  9. For anyone else who has a bazillon tags (well, ~500 in my case) and is thinking “are these guys for real?”, there’s a really easy way to add your tags to feedly without having to type them all in one-by-one. Go to GR, copy the entire page and paste it into a text editor – your tags will be a big long list in the middle of the file. Get rid of the non-tag sections. Do a find-replace to change a new line into a space and a comma. Copy and paste this into the little box in feedly. Job done. Didn’t even take me two minutes.

    I hope that’s useful to someone!

      1. Hello,
        this technique seems not to work anymore, at least on Firefox. Which browser were you using when you found that tip?

        By the way, because this technique was not working, I typed my list of tags (…) in the Tags field in the Preferences page. Imagine how surprised (and angry) I was when I discovered this morning, after a week-end, that all my tags have disappeared…

        Is there a recurrent problem? Is there a way to correct that?

        Thank you in advance,

        Best regards,


        1. Thanks, Laura!

          I used Chrome and had no problems copying and pasting. But once I copied into Microsoft Word, I found it helpful to paste as unformatted text.

          1. Then I will try with Chrome… But does someone knows why my tags have disappered during the week-end? My preferences as well are not saved from one day to the other. Do you know why?

    1. Wow, I wish I had read this ten minutes ago! I copied the list of tags into an excel archive, the selected the column that contained the names of the tages, pasted it into the “Tagging” in Feedly and added manually the commas… I hope it works anyway…

      I have another question, I don´t know if it has already been answered… Is it possible to assign more than one tag in the same article (I mean, in new articles received in Feedly, not imported ones)? I am unable to do so.
      And another question, Feedly does not have a “Search option”? I have not seen it yet and I think this is the thing I miss most from Google Reader.


    2. I cannot find the tag section in my feedly preferences…
      I also tried to manually tag a random article in feedly with one of the tags of gReader, hoping it would trigger the tag association in feedly, but nothing happened.

      I use chrome, and the adress bar says points to http://cloud.feedly.com/, the bottom version note says ‘ Powered by the feedly cloud Version 16.0.535’ and the chrome extension manager says I’m using version 16.0.528…
      I’d love to get my tags back.
      Anyone got into this also?

      (I also tried in safari, same result)

  10. 1. Who will be migrated first?
    2. How do we know we are.migrated?
    3. Once migrated, I assume we will still be using Google account to login. Correct?
    4. Once migrated, will change in feed subscription be replicated on Google Reader too, vice versa?

    1. 1. The migration has already started. It is going to happen by layer. Most of is happening transparently. All you need to do is to keep the feedly app installed on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS and Android.

      2. When the migration is complete, you will receive an notification letting you that your account has moved from Google Reader to the new feedly cloud.

      3. Yes. You will be able to login to your feedly cloud account using the same Google Authentication. We will be adding Twitter and facebook authentication shortly after. We might even offer a feedly username and password if there is enough demand for it.

      4. No. Once the upgrade is fully completed, feedly will not longer sync back changes made to the feedly account with the google reader account. We will offer OPML export instead.

      1. How about star export? Say I wanted to export all the articles I have stared later this year. Google lets you give you data in json format…

        1. Is it possible to just export starred articles from Reader? If not, then how would I go about just importing starred items into feedly? I don’t want to import everything from reader as Feedly otherwise has all of those items. Just trying to dodge the 250 starred item limit. Thanks!

  11. Sorry for the off-topic question, but are those of us logging in using our Google credentials going to have to change how we log-in when the transition to the Feedly intrinsic back-end occurs? If so do we need to do anything ahead of time to prepare for this?

  12. I currently have 215 starred items in feedly from google reader. I have no tags whatsoever on any items. Its also likely that I will exceed 250 starred items in the next few weeks.
    Do I need to do anything to keep those starred items accessible from within feedly?

  13. Hi,
    what about the special function of the googlereader to make a RSS-Feed out of any webpage, also without any RSS-function. Is there a plan to integrate this?

    1. Not in the short term. But it is a good idea. Could you please add it to feedly.uservoice.com so that the community can up vote it?

    1. They might release a Windows Phone app in the future, but right now I think they just want to work on the platforms they already support. ;)

  14. Thanks for the fantastic product.

    Is there any way to access my tagged items from an iOS device? If not will there be soon?

      1. Hi: I believe I am having a problem with tagging in Feedly; I have created some some tags – this is where the problem comes in, when I tag an article I am unable to apply more than one tag. I do not imagine this is designed, can you provide me with some assistance? Thanking you in advance.

  15. I had already migrated all my tags manually and then made changes to them, which means I have all the tags I had in GReader that I wanted to keep, and all the tagged items in them, but I have added some more tags and items in Feedly. Will this change affect what I currently have? Is there a risk that my tags will go back to what they were in GReader?

  16. Does this mean that the Starred Items that are already “in” Feedly from being synced with Google Reader will disappear and become truncated to the most recent 250?

    Also, I’ve manually entered my tags from GR into the tags list box in Feedly, which also synced the articles associated with those tags. Will they also become truncated to under 100 items?

  17. Hi: I believe I am having a problem with tagging in Feedly; I have created some some tags – this is where the problem comes in, when I tag an article I am unable to apply more than one tag. I do not imagine this is designed, can you provide me with some assistance? Thanking you in advance.

  18. I have set the tags in my pc chrome browser, but can it also sync it to my mobile feedly? I don’t see the tags in my android device

  19. Hello edwin.
    unfortunately feedly has a small problem for detecting titles of rtl languages.
    Here u can see what i mean. uploaded photo from google reader and feedly.


    and edwin because i am power user of google reader, i have a lot of tagged articles. how can i counting the articles that i have tagged? google reader doesnt show that.

  20. You guys rock and build a killer app.
    I can’t help wondering what’s next after invasion of Normandy.

  21. In Google Reader, you are able to search your read articles and it has the ability to search within categories (folders). This feature is missing in Feedly. Do you think Feedly can make this feature available?

  22. Now that I am using Feedly instead of Reader, I read an article and wanted to apply multiple tags to it…for example a recipe that falls under both “vegetarian” and “mexican”. Is there a way to do this? It only let me add 1 tag.

  23. How do I see my different tags, as the case in google reader. Right now it all appears under saved for later, but it is all mixed up.

  24. When will be the migration? I have to clean my starred articles as soon as I can, but I’d like to know the date. Is the same day when Google reader close?

  25. Please provide an option to pay for a higher “tier” of migration. I am happy to support your product especially if it will ensure it’s continued existence :)

  26. Hi,

    I spent some time copying/pasting my tags in the preferences page. It works for one day and after the week-end everything has disappeared. Is this normal? How can I manage to keep them permanently?

    Thanks by advance for your answer.

    Best regards,

    David M.

  27. Where the hell do you add a tag? Simple question – Twitter support fail, email support fail, usability fail!!!

  28. i connected google reader account to feedly after google reader shutdown what happen for my subscriptions

  29. Important note: Tags are case sensitive! If you change the case, tags do not match with google tags.

  30. When you talk about the 250 limit, do you mean 250 individual tags ie. ‘cars’, ‘tech’, ‘cool images’…. or do you mean 250 articles per tag, ie. 250 articles tagged ‘cars’ 250 tagged ‘tech’… or do you mean 250 articles in total ie. 125 tagged ‘cars’ 125 tagged ‘tech’

  31. Hi,

    Is there any way to store all Google readder Starred items (a payed service for the extra load could be a solution for example…)

  32. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. I don’t even see anything tag-related in Feedly… and I can’t even find “Preferences”…. is this because I’m using Feedly on an iPad?

  33. I have been using Feedly for over a month now and really like it. I do wish there was a way to transfer over all of my starred items. I have my preferences set to show 6 per page and some days there are 36 pages (216 total) and some days there are 37 pages (222 total). I don’t even get 250 total starred items. Is there a way to get all of my starred items? Or, do I have to look for a different RSS?

  34. locked out Tagging in Preferences. Created fresh Feedly tags and they only show up on the start page and not in Preferences. trying to migrate tags from Google Reader. help?

  35. I use “tagging” a lot on GR and would like to keep the tags I tagged to many articles.

    I just realized my Feedly account was upgraded, but I still haven’t followed this post instructions, so my question is, is there any chance to import now my tags, or should my account be “downgraded” so I follow those instructions prior to be re-upgraded?

    My account name is the email I’ve entered in this message details.

  36. Hi!
    Im trying to migrate form GR to Feedly, and can’t uderstand, how to search in Feedly fresh news using tags, or key word.
    For example – i need to find fresh news about “Ololo-phone” but without any “androids’, in GR ill just type in taggs “Ololo-phone -androids”, then get it.


  37. The Tagging section in my preferences is empty – can’t see the field. Also will my tagged items be migrated?

    1. I’ve had Feedly for months, I still have a problem missing my google reader tags since I missed this April blog post with instructions. In Chrome when I go to Preference > Tagging … I see nothing, there’s no box to start typing in tags. This looks like a bug to me since I’m not finding any other way to add tags. And on my ipad, Preference doesn’t even mention “Tags”

  38. Newbie here .. I have not finished copying my tags from google reader that I would like to use. I am not seeing the tagging box available in the preferences area now for 2 days to add more Is it coming back before July 1st?

    1. I have the same problem. But all my tagged items are now in the “saved for later” menu a the top of the side bar

      1. Until I read this, I thought Feedly lost all of my tagged articles that were pulled in and showing as of last week. Now I see they’ve moved, all in a jumble, to the Saved for Later (and when I click on my tags, the ‘containers’ are empty. I hope this is just a waystation until they fully migrate??

  39. Yes! Is this disappeared forever because it’s being implemented on your end? Or are we SOL with our G REader tags? There is nothing available in the Tags section. I’d also like to know how to delete Tags.

    Last, and least importantly, I really hate having my tags capitalized in one place (the list) but not in another.


  40. My tagging option is also gone!! moreover, some tags are empty now, but there were stuffs I stored before. This worries me as the end of Google Reader is approaching~~~

  41. Tagging is one of the most important features of Google Reader and as of now this feature is disabled in feedly. The clock is ticking and there is nothing but silence the last days concerning this. I’m definitely very preoccupied.

    1. Same thing here. It would be nice to hear from Feedly, at least to know if they are aware of the issue and whether they plan to do something about it.

  42. I can see the title Tagging but there is no box underneath for me to enter my tags (to get them from G Reader). Help :(

  43. The tagging option has been gone for days. Can we get some kind of answer on this please? Also, the tagging import from GR apparently doesn’t work if your GR tags were more than one word long – anyone else have that problem?

  44. Another day has gone by and still there’s been no word what’s being done to deal with tags and the years tagged articles from GR. Can Feedly please comment and give clear guidance? Thank you.

  45. I am having trouble with Tags. I am an avid Google Reader user and am really disappointed in this mess. I just transferred to Feedly and did as much research as I could regarding my tags – that DID NOT IMPORT even though I got an email from Feedly stating “Google Reader is retiring in 6 days. Millions of people have already migrated their feeds to feedly and are now reading their feeds with feedly or through one of our 10 partner apps. If you have not already done so make sure you visit http://cloud.feedly.com and safeguard your feeds (and tags) from Google Reader through our 1-click migration.” As I stated, my tags DID NOT IMPORT. I have 5 years worth of reading and I’m losing the majority of it because of this. I noticed something in regards to tags up at the top from April 24 where you have to manually put in tags again??? The email stated Feedly would import them. What am I doing wrong? When I look in preferences I see that the Tagging and Sharing function, but there are NOT MY TAGS and NO WAY TO MAKE NEW ONES. What is going on here/what am I doing wrong?

    1. After reading above comment, I see I am not the only one with this tagging issue. Does anyone know of another service that might be more user friendly or has all the kinks worked out? I mean we have 3 days to figure this out or I guess the GR’s are SOL.

    2. YES, this is very serious.

      The whole problem is that tagging in Feedly was considered a given already and users counted on that when it came to migration. All we needed to do was to copy the tags in Preferences. But Tagging got disabled!! And the Feedly team is completely silent on that! How can users save their tagged items now?

      Note that this relates to DATA PRESERVATION. There’s a deadline. Improving other functions can wait, for nothing will be lost in that area. But things like tagging can’t wait.

  46. I am vigorously searching for an alternative to Feedly, even thou I like what they bring to the table. I just tried “InoReader” and they imported my tags; however it also does not work and it also says I have 1000+ unread items, which is not true because I made positively sure all my items were read and tagged before beginning this migration process. I couldn’t be more unhappy with the way things are going with this process. I will update on other readers as I see fit. Here is a good article on alternatives to Google Reader: http://cnet.co/11KVt6O

    I am livid about this whole process and the deceptive email I recevied from Feedly stating (what I mentioned above today) that they would be migrating my tags: FALSE ADVERTISING as that is not and did not happen.

  47. Ok, I don’t know if my complaining and harsh email to feedly got something to work; however my “Tags” were imported when I log into feedly: cloud.feedly.com

    I honestly have no idea what happened. However; under the preferences “Tag” option on my feedly page they are still blank and you CAN NOT add new ones.

    I’m happy that my “Tags” are there and were imported as promised, but am worried they will one day not be – this is a major concern. 5-years of reading down the drain if that happens…

    Feedly has a great layout and from research for past two months the best alternative I could find to GR.

    FEEDLY: PLEASE COMMENT REGARDING THE TAG ISSUE. As you see, people like your product, but you support (always seems to be the case with the interwebz) is not addressing a MAJOR ISSUE we GR’s are facing. There are 3 days left. PLEASE RESPOND.

    Anything, Anything, Bueller?

  48. And POOF they all disappear. I had a new article so I figure I would see what the deal was. Starred it and tried to create a tag: 2013 Albums (which was a tag I previously had in GR) BOOM ALL TAGS GONE. WTF????????????

    1. Closed out of feedly in Chrome browser, re-opened and all tags are back along with the one I just did a test with. Maybe I should become a developer or tester.

  49. TAG Workaround?

    As you can tell from all my posts, I am trying to get this to work. So here is what I have done, and all my information from starred items and my tags have been imported via: cloud.feedly.com

    Here is a workaround I found, since under Preferences there is no option to create tags. This is what I did and so far it works.

    1. Migrate you data from GR to Feedly: could.feedly.com
    2. Make sure your All your tags are there
    3. If you go under preferences (like an article told me to do to add tags and get it working), there is no place to add tags.
    4. When a new article pops up; open it and find the option to “Tag”
    5. Create New Tags: With the same names as the ones previously used in your google reader.**The first time I did this all TAGS went POOF to never never land. I closed out of chrome and restarted and there they were again.
    6. Pat yourself on back and HOPE this continues to work, so far for me ALL my DATA from as far as 5 years back is all there.

    Let’s hope this continues to work. I am very worried…haha

    1. Andrew,

      Thanks for posting this. I just didn’t understand their instructions for restoring your tags until I read through your list. This worked perfectly for me.

  50. My tags from Google Reader do not show up in Feedly when I use Chrome, but they appear in a list in the My Feedly sidebar when I use Internet Explorer. However, I had assigned more than one tag to some articles and it looks like only one tag shows up in Feedly. Also, when I try to assign a tag to an article, it doesn’t auto complete the tag’s name, as Google Reader did.

  51. I managed to ‘activate’ my Google Reader tags and associated articles by tagging a new article I used to have in GR. Now I need to go through all my 50+ tags (at least it seems that we can type it all in one go using a comma to separate them).

    Unfortunately, new articles I tag like this seems to randomly appear and disappear from the list of articles under that tag.

    I guess we need to be patient will they stabilize their back-end… I would not like to be in there place. Thanks for all the work guys!

    1. “I guess we need to be patient will they stabilize their back-end… I would not like to be in there place. Thanks for all the work guys!”

      Yes, but they could give ANY kind of feedback. Their ongoing absolute silence is an awful hint.

  52. Hi,

    I don’t understand because in my preference panel under “Tagging”, there is no input field to enter my tags ??

    Could you help me because it’s an essential need for me !


    1. New version of what? Are you using the webinterface and if so, which browser and with or without addon?
      I understand that under “preferences” you now see a “tag” section and can input stuff into that section, is that correct?

      1. cpierres is not being clear. Tagging is currently disabled. It can only be “working” if he had enabled the tags before the tagging feature turned blank in Preferences.

        Let it be clear: there has been NO FEEDBACK concerning this crucial Feedly feature as of now, when the time is almost over. It was made avalailable and then they backed off. But the Feedly team doesn’t go out and admit it, which makes things a lot worse. If they only admitted the problem it would be evidence of greatness. But no, they behave as everything was going fine, and advertise accordingly.

  53. I have reloaded my cloud.feedly.com. Guess what? The Tagging entry box (that got blank/disabled) in Preferences is gone, as if it had never existed.

    Will Feedly give any feedback at all?

    Do you realize that there are issues that need to be addressed NOW (such as giving feedback on this topic) because of the deadline?

    I know, I know, I know, you can numerate endless reasons for the silence, but part of fixing issues is giving feedback! What should one do before July 1st if they want to preserve their 250 most recent GR tagged items per tag?

  54. Farewell feedly and good luck – it has been a pleasure being with you ..until now. Just opened feedly and ALL is gone. My folders, my subscriptions – EVERYTHING! If anyone else is excerpering this then hurryt to DIGG Reader – you still have a few hours to import your Google Reader incl all your tags and tagged items.

  55. Well thought I’ll try once more to log out of Feedly and in again and import my google reader account. This time my folders and subscriptions was back again but not any tags or tagged items. So i when to a random article and tagged it with a tag I new I have in GR. Refreshed and bam.. all tags was back and it seems all tagged items only they are there DOUBLE.

  56. The reason
    I wrote to Edwin at the Feedly team and they fixed the problem. They reset my feedly account so I could re-migrate my GR content. Thanks to Edwin and the Feedly team.

  57. Hi, I need to import my GR tags but when I access to PREFERENCES, TAGGING and text box not appear. Can you help?

  58. I’m having the same issue – the tagging field doesn’t exist!! And I’ve tried to logging on with Explorer, Chrome and Safari. My guess is that they’ve shut if off due to server overload – still completely unacceptable! Worse still, I’ve tried Digg, which is suppose to import tags automatically, and no tags either. Scrambling through Google for other options, but to no avail. If anyone has any ideas, please post! (Little faith in Feedly customer support)

  59. Under preferences I do not see the option to tag. All of my items are under “saved items” without tags. How do I fix this!

    Time is running out!

  60. waiting for an answer on this as well – no more tags settings in preferences
    And the named article is offline

  61. I started a new tagging scheme when I moved over to Feedly, and then they imported all of my Google tags one night… now I’d like to clean up the list of tags, but the “Tagging” section in preferences has disappeared. I’ve been patiently waiting, thinking that eventually it would come back, but it’s been almost two weeks now. Any ETA for this setting to return to the preferences menu?

      1. List of tags does not work anymore in the free version. Manuals and blog posts are not updated.

        The next version planned in August may include the feature back. (paying version?)

  62. I laboriously typed in and entered over 100 tags into Feedly a few months ago. Now that Google Reader is gone, I went to Feedly and cannot see my list of tags anywhere. What happened to them??

  63. Aghh! What happened to my tagged items? I can still the list of tags I entered into Feedly over a month ago but now all of the items I’ve tagged over the years are gone! What happened? Please tell me my old tagged posts are gone…

    1. The “Tags management” feature described in this post has been suddenly removed. Manuals & blog posts are not updated. Lots of users face the same issue.

      The August version may include this feature back, but not for free anymore. (no clear Roadmap, only rumors)

  64. Is there any way to delete tagged articles? I never really put a proper use of tags withi Reader, still I tagged several articles. Moreover, I set some tags which never got articles assigned to. These now all show up in Feedly, but I can’t remove them.

  65. Like many others, I migrated over from Google Reader and added all my tags in one shot through the Preferences. (I copied/pasted a list of tags separated with commas that I had saved in Word.) Then tags disappeared from my left sidebar and the option to add disappeared from Preferences. So here’s what I did, it worked for me. I picked a random article, clicked the tag icon, clicked create, and pasted my comma-separated list of about 250 tags into the create box. All my tags now appear in the left sidebar, AND they connect to all my old tagged articles from Google Reader. Give it a try!

    1. Thanks Ray, this is awesome !
      I successfully imported a list of 100 tags in 3 steps :

      1. Pick a random article
      2. Click the tag icon and click CREATE
      3. Past a comma-separated list of tags into the create box.

      All tags now appear in the left sidebar, and they connect to all old tagged articles from Google Reader.

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