Group Sharing. What You Told Us.

Giving feedback is a creative act. Special thanks for the 7,000+ people who responded to the “group sharing” survey. Here is an overview of what you told us.



Here are some of the murmurs which capture the motivation behind this feature:

“Collecting and sharing design inspiration with rest of a team.”

“Commented news sharing between me and my brother. Read an article I like, “share it”, comment it, and then get notifications when he reads it and/or comments about it.”

“Mostly sharing interesting articles with specific people. Email gets old and would like to see what others are interested in as well. More of a two way sharing.”

“I have a small circle of colleagues and friend with likeminded interests. Whenever we come across an interesting article, we want to share it with the circle and get their thoughts on it. Email has too much friction.”

“I provide news alerts & research to a group of corporate recruiters. Topics of interest shared, change often, and may be of short duration.”

“Sharing and commenting with a few friends of similar interest”

“Share articles with my wife.”

“Fast and easy sharing to small group of people sharing interest (e.g, food, technology) and discussion about the items.”

“Co-workers in various disciplines, one group per discipline (project managers, CAD operators, managers, IT department, installers, etc.). Customers in various vertical markets.”

“I find interesting health related articles and forward them via email to people I know would find it relevant to their health efforts.”


Despite the very large number of responses, there is a very consistent set of requirements:

Be able to target smaller groups of people (wife, family, team, subset of friends with similar interest) and not pollute their twitter, facebook or LinkedIn timelines.

Remove friction from the type of sharing which is currently implemented using email.

90% of users think that they will be happy with 1-5 groups.

78% of users want support for threaded conversations (ie this is more about triggering interesting private conversations than simply sharing information).

The term “interest” was used more than 1000 times in the use case description field.

People requesting this feature are savvy sharers who use already heavily twitter, facebook, google+ and email – almost evenly.

Focus on simplicity and minimize the number of clicks needed to share an article with a group or comment on an existing conversation.


We have a few ideas. We are going to turn them into a beta and reach back to you for some testing. More on that in a couple of weeks.

Author: @feedly

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147 thoughts on “Group Sharing. What You Told Us.”

    1. Hi Kamran! We received a few thousand beta requests as part of the survey. A first for us. Our current thinking is to do open betas going forward. A little like what chrome is doing. More on this in 2 weeks. Note: thanks for your ongoing support on the facebook page. We are lucky to have you as part of the community! -Edwin

    1. i am not sure i want another curation platform, considering the plethora of pinterest, etc that has been doing great for those purposes, collecting and sharing the collecting = curating.

      i love feedly because it feeds information to me, the ability to aggregate enormous internet resources for me, is what i hope feedly will become. so far it’s doing a pretty good job, and fortunate for me to found feedly after many many trials with other apps.

      to ‘share’ to a curation tool might be useful, but feedly need to become THE app that can tell me what happening around my numerous online and offline world.

  1. I have 3 groups that I share with. Gaming, Comics and General Nerdy links. Its seperate by interest instead of sharing with everybody in facebook.
    Is there a better way for feed / rss discovery. Sometimes I want to subscribe to a specific RSS feed and not the general one. Like a special tag in a website, but can’t subscribe using feedly.

  2. This is not related, but it would be great to be able to add feeds to feedly from my mobile device. I read things more on my android phone or tablet than I do online these days but I am not aware of a way to add a feed that I come across from the mobile device. Is it possible? Many applications have a “share” option where to can send to FB, add to pocket, etc. Is it possible to have a feedly option that adds the feed from the site/app that you’re on to feedly? It would be a great addition. Right now I have to remember to add the feed later on a computer and I usually forget. It would get more more connected into the feedly universe. Love the product. Thanks.

    1. Agree with you on this one. Currently i just add it via Google Reader and it swings over to Feedly… but soon this wont be an option :-(

    2. It’s already possible to add feeds from the mobile application. It is done in a similar way of the desktop’s method. Just swype from the right side, type in your feed name or url (I wasn’t able to paste, though), click on “+”, select your folder and voilà! :)

  3. I think only being able to see 30 days of history is too short. Needs to be 90 days. I think this is a deal breaker for me in making feedly my main reader.

  4. not really interested in group. Would be awesome if you guys could make a favicon (for the tab) with an unread count like google reader, I miss that. Also fix youtube videos not being able to play in the android app? Thanks :D

  5. Hey guys, I would love to become a Beta tester too! You guys rock! You have totally nailed the Google Reader, which I have stopped using already since Feedly rocks. As I work as a head of Customer Service, I must say this blog post is absolutely outstanding. Not even asking people what and how they want it, but even tell them what they have actually told you? Wow.. this is not happening around the world.. I am clapping and so happy there are still companies who are user-centric. Thumbs up, would love to participate in Beta to give you feedback and report potential bugs. Have a great day.

  6. I don’t really use social networking sites. I’m still in the phase where I want feedly to be the best RSS reader possible before adding more features that I won’t be using.

    For example: fourteen thousand votes so far for a plugin-less version [which was a few clicks to actually find], but only about 7 thousand respondents to the social networking survey which was at the top of my feed page

    1. Yes, but please work first on stability, and make sure you can bear the load of the 3+ million new users, ’cause the experience has been quite bad lately.

      Also, make sure to not remove features that people have come to rely on, just because someone somewhere thinks that that feature is not interesting.

      Also, please let me pay for feedly, so that I don’t have to be told that it’s free and that I have to put up with all the random changes in behavior and all the bugs.

      I have been using feedly for many years, so it’s not that I don’t like it, but I am way past the window dressing; I think you guys spend way too much effort on trying to be everything for everybody and growing too quickly, instead of being good at what you do offer and only expand when you can handle it.

      Don’t become the victim of your success.

      1. Yes, completely agree. First things first. Fix and enhance the basic features and lately add new ones. I thint they are focusing too much on the social part and that will need too much effort.

      2. I completely agree.

        Once the core feature (imo that’s the ability to efficiently process a large number of articles) is done really really well then consider adding what your users really want (ie. they want it so much that they would consider not using Feedly because it’s not there. I doubt many users feel this way regarding Group Sharing).

    2. would be good to be able to grab the wall of a facebook page or my home facebook feed (although i would be more interested in the first than later), because facebook is not just an annoying social media thing these days, but can be use for serious business, keeping track what a company is doing, or getting in touch with classmates, or even seeing what’s potential job opening since some company post these things on their facebook page.

      if that can be grabbed and put into a folder of my choice, just like any feed. would be great. while we are on it, might as well take feed from LinkedIn company page, they post news and annoucements there as well.

  7. Estoy muy interesado en que un buen servidor de RSS siga existiendo, como es Google Reader hoy. Es un desastre que desaparezca para los que le damos un uso profesional, espero que Feedly sea la vida que surge.
    Hace falta un “loging” por fuera de Google Reader, urgente !!.
    Un gran abrazo y espero ser un probador de lo nuevo.
    Desde ya muchas gracias. Claudio.

  8. I want search function, and it can search my required things in past articles.Google reader has this function. Thanks.

    1. Yep, without a search function I’m about to give up on Feedly. It had one but then they took it away, that’s the baffling part.

      If there plan is to keep it for a premium version, where is that version? If it’s reasonably priced I would pay for a good Google Reader replacement. At the rate they’re going they’ll lose a bunch of users over search before a premium version ever exists.

    2. +1 for search. Without search, Feedly is just the consumptive side of Reader. Search is hard. Please focus on search, search, and more search.

    3. Yes yes yes! I agree with all of these responses.Search function is essential.

    4. Yes, PLEASE give us a search function to search within our own feeds! I miss this feature!

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  9. “email has too much friction”?! srsly? It’s the best out there – it’s highly service independen (i don’t need to convince anyone to use service x because only x and not y support this feature) and I can then respond to those people afterwards on any device, even if the dumb service x doesn’t not support it… not to mention e-mail is highgly lightweight (yeah, imagine loading complete webpage with all unnececery data only do display one comment =,=)

    1. Yes, please add the ability to assign multiple tags to articles. It really makes no sense to allow only one.

      1. Or use, support for which unfortunately lacks in feedly, but which is so worthwhile that I gladly take the extra step required to bookmark my articles: in feedly, I chose to open the article in safari, where I have bookmarklets for pinboard, which allow me to easily add as many tags as I want, with tag autocompletion. What I like is that pinboard allows you to create RSS feeds of the most bookmarked articles by other users, in general or with specific tags, so good stuff comes floating above. For a little extra fee pinboard backs up your bookmarked pages so that your bookmarks don’t go stale.

  10. I would find practical to be able tu use the news, timeline or whatever from social network (twitter, linkedin and google+ in my case), just like any other feed, and to be able to read it in a category

    1. I second this. I would use this feature almost every day (which incidentally Google Reader had).

  11. Carefull we don’t re-invent the wheel here surrounding ourselves in circles. Sounds remarkably similar to Google Plus for which a link is already available.

    1. I second that. Feedly should be a feed reader and not a 237th social network. Feedly already lost some of its simplicity in the last 2 months.

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    2. I agree 100%. I only wish the g+ button worked correctly. Many times it does exactly, nothing! If that worked reliably, my own g+ circles take care of who I share with, and the ability for people to comment back and forth.

      1. Exactly. I just want to be able to enable/disable the social networks so I focus on the ones I use. Maybe the whole feedly could be even better and work more fluidly if we could disable the unused/unwanted features.

    3. agree. don’t want another social the services that builds on existing social network and curation tools.

  12. hi guys!
    great job as I replaced imediately GoogleReader, but I miss a lot some features like direct link icon Send To (Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter) etc… coulf be nice a customizable pane as the add-on FeedlyReader 2.0 did for Chrome.
    let’s see,

  13. когда будет переведен интерфейс на русский язык?

  14. Spoiler: If Feedly is turning into a social network, nobody will be using it.
    You may want to look into the kind of “following” that Rdio allows for; for instance, one could be allowed to see what others have read and the feeds they have in a certain category. But for actual sharing I recommend simply implementing more sharing options with established social networks.
    (Just don’t forget to allow us to choose which options we want to be displayed. I already now don’t know half of the symbols in Feedly iOS.)

  15. Feedly just another shout out for how you saved the day re: the demise of google reader. You’ve made my life soooo much better thanks! (I was nearly out of my mind for what to do post GR shutdown!)

  16. Wow I’m very impressed with the promptness of the Feedly staff. It’s nice to know that the users really matter!

  17. Isn’t it funny that Google already had the best social network and let it fade away, earlier by removing sharing capabilities of Reader and more recently by deleting the whole project?

  18. i am anew user of feedly, what annoy me most is why feedly repeatedly asked for authentication from my google reader. I have confirmed again and again, so boring. pls change it.

  19. I would like to have the ability to create a new RSS feed from items that I star/share. Google Reader used to have this ability and I used it to share starred items on my blog.

  20. Until i have to fight with Feedly’s bugs every day i don’t care for any new features.. Today it started showing same articles indefinitely while scrolling down, it constantly loses images in the magazine view (Firefox), logouts if i leave my browser not staying on feedly tab and some of my feeds are still not updating automatically. Also i hate that i have to refresh to get updates. Maybe Digg will create something more reliable. With current quality i’m open to try new things..

    1. With the recent changes I am also seeing a lot more bugs. I will echo a previous comment about allowing us to choose which social icons to display. I never use any of them and at this point, the Mark as Read icon has been crowded off of the list view. The Auto-Mark as Read on Scroll function is not working for any view other than Full (and yes, I have that setting set for All Views).

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  21. Are you going to enable a share function with LinkedIn, especially for your mobile app as I come across stories that I want to share directly to my LinkedIn profile but cannot currently do so?

  22. Loving FEEDLY and it could replace flipboard except. I’m getting lots of random crashes (course get it in flipboard too) and the flickr photos are too small. Flipboard has the win on that one. I also have stopped using google reader.,

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  24. For my slightly above basic RSS needs (sharing RSS articles or web pages with my wife and quickly saving/tagging/searching articles) and my own experiences with a couple of other tools, I want Feedly to be a cross between Pocket and Springpad so I can narrow the number of ways I hoard/share articles by at least one (Pocket).

    Pocket’s Chrome extension makes it very easy/quick to save/tag any page and it doesn’t disappear on some pages like Feedly Mini does. I’ve only briefly tried its new sharing feature but it looks OK (allows for comments). The web app allows for pretty quick access to those tagged articles (and nice title/url search function) and bulk editing.

    Springpad has individual item or notebook sharing and comments.

    As an aside, being able to import an HTML file exported from Pocket or from Chrome bookmarks (Gmail folders too?) to further help me consolidate where I store my information would help tremendously so I’m not hopping from app to app and trying to convince/train my wife every few months.

  25. The one big thing I miss from Reader is having all my articles visible when I open it, read or not. When I read something in the Android app it’s gone and I have to remember where it was and track it down again.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Absent a search function, trying to find an article after it has been marked ‘read’ and vanished is a time-inefficient task. I am grateful that Feedly is there for us long-time Google Reader users and so far I have enjoyed the experience. Please don’t turn Feedly into the next social network at the cost of delivering a feature-rich RSS experience which might include options for sharing to social networks in a more dynamic way in the future…who knows? Focus on that and not on becoming “Feedbook” Thanks for taking our opinions into account. :)

    2. I’m one of the people who want the old degisn back — it was what attracted me to feedly in the first place. The new degisn isn’t minimal at all, it just takes up too much space and is slow to use. It feels so cramped and cluttered that I have stopped using feedly almost completely. The top navigation was the best feature and I miss it desperately. Also, the feedly mini button keeps popping up even if I have turned it off several times. I’m not sure what’s the deal here.

  26. Scrolling to the last post doesn’t always mark the last post is being read.
    Especially with smaller posts.

  27. Maybe searching and and sharing can be important for some users, reading is important for all users. Please, keep feedly lightweight, simple, and the best rss reader.

  28. search,search and search for article is much more important than search for feeds

  29. This is totally unrelated, probably, but would it be possible to have a way to look at the oldest news first, like Google Reader? Thanks guys.

    1. There is. Above, the engine icon for “Change layout and filtering”. You can select new ones or oldest ones first.

  30. Honestly, I had never thought that a spring cleaning of Google Reader was going to be such a good thing. Congratulations to all Feedly team for making it possible!!!.

  31. I actually liked how Google Reader kept the feeds in the same place at the side (alphabetically, even with/without new articles). Is that possible here too?

  32. Congratulations for the awesome work and wish you the best in your next steps.

    I’m a developer too, if you want me to find bugs or something, count on me.


  33. I want a founction, when I move mouse in each read format,mark the articles as read

  34. tagging is not available in the android version and tags are not available.

  35. All I want is my old google reader experience back, I want note in reader, I want to share and comment on shared items within my reader, not somewhere else like google+ or Facebook.

  36. I was really enjoying Feedly until a recent change :(

    We used to be able to click on an image/photo in an article and it would enlarge itself, but now when you click on an image it brings up Pinterest crap and I can not see the image enlarged. What the?????
    Now I have to actually go outside of Feedly, to the blog in order to view the images enlarged.

    PLEASE give us an option to view enlarged images!!

    1. Please ignore my disappointment.

      I found where I could disable Pinterest so now the images enlarge when I click on them :)

  37. Hi, I believe your web site may be having internet browser compatibility issues.
    Whenever I take a look at your website in Safari, it looks fine however,
    when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping issues.
    I simply wanted to give you a quick heads up! Besides that, great site!

  38. I just bought an S4 to compliment my Q10 and I’m looking for a good RSS app to rival Social Feeds on my BlackBerry. Seems like Feedly is pretty good but it appears it doesn’t have a search through feeds function. Is this going to be added soon? I am not keen on downloading it as an app without a search function.

  39. Maybe this has already been requested, maybe it already exists through another service that I’m unaware of…

    What I’d like to see is what Google Reader “used” to have which I really missed then Google thought it was a good idea to make everyone use Google+.

    It’s the “Share to RSS feed” or “Share to RSS feed with comments” button.
    Anyone else miss that? I like to be able to have people follow the articles I like in one simple feed.

  40. I want to be able to email from any email address I choose and not just what is connected on my desktop…

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  41. I’m really jonesing for this feature. I have a couple of teams of old and current co-workers who used to use this all the time in Reader and we’re finally starting to standardize around Feedly and this feature is the last thing we are all dying for.

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