feedly for Android / Beta

We have a new beta of feedly for Android for the community to test. The focus of the v15 update is around bug fixing (around session management, bit.ly integration, preference management). Based on popular demand, we also added better support for comics.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 10.15.39 PM

You can install the beta APK from:

If you run into a bug, please send leave a comment.

(Apple is currently reviewing the iOS version. We will release is as soon as it is approved).

Author: @feedly

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75 thoughts on “feedly for Android / Beta”

  1. 1. In landscape mode, please still show the feed snippet, source, “saved”, etc indicators just like in portrait.

    2. Switching between themes still didn’t fix the wrong colour of horizontal separator.

  2. +1 for better xkcd support, but IMHO you’re not there yet. Showing the caption in the already-existing image alert would make more sense, as it won’t change page layout and allow closing.
    In addition: are you showing this on all images, on all feeds, or is xkcd a special case. For example, I don’t see captions on “what-if”.

    Thanks for doing a great job!

    1. we are showing this on all feeds which include a single image with a title in a post with less than 300 character of text. What is the feed url for what-if? I can text and see which condition is breaking.

      1. What-if is part of xkcd – it has longer posts with multiple images, so won’t fit your heuristic.


        Reader just had an option in the long click menu to show the caption on any image, which is probably an easier option.

        Keep up the good work (and thanks again for the tshirt – it seems I’m now the envy of twitter!)

        1. Haters are the best reason to do anhnyitg that’s worth doing. I’m surprised they even have time to send you hate mail with all the time they spend reading things on the internet instead of actually doing anhnyitg that they could be proud of. It’s always easy to dislike someone for their accomplishments when you can’t get off your ass to do anhnyitg except run to the 7-11 for cigarettes and beef jerky. So hate on haters, it just narrows your competition.In other news, a friend sent me your blog a few days ago and I spent the rest of the night reading it and laughing out loud on my couch. Thank you, it takes some serious twisted humor to get me to laugh out loud like that.

        1. For now, I’ll keep using “xkcd browser” for reading xkcd and what-if, as it handles images and captions correctly.

      2. Good initial copcnet, but why is so much space wasted around the border on what looks like a desktop wallpaper? Navigation or sharing buttons could fit there. Or you could simply expand the content farther and fit more of it on screen at once. It looks pretty, but it seems really wasteful.

  3. Apk downloads from posts (like this one) still don’t work inside freely – you just get a blank page. Should probably just spawn the browser for any file links

  4. If we install the beta APK, will it be upgraded from the Play store by later versions?

    Sorry, that’s probably been asked a thousand times before.

  5. Launch Feedly, click Android “Back” button, and the overflow menu popup.

    Don’t think the overflow menu should popup.

    1. I have the same problem. And if I click the back button while on the left menu, it quits the app instead of hiding the menu… :/

  6. Good thing you showed a XKCD comic. Mobile users can’t see the mouse over text of the comics. I wish there was a feed reader that could fix that somehow. *wink wink nudge nudge*

    1. Erm, that’s what they’ve added, with the “show image caption” button ;-)

  7. Feeds are STILL not properly chronologically sorted. They are still randomized with some multi-hour old posts thrown in.

  8. And STILL custom bitly is NOT working at all… Please fix it, it’s from at least three releases that it’s broken! I know that there’re much important things to do but leave it completely broken is very bad!

    1. The custom bitly should work: when a user clicks on the feedly.com/k link, he or she will be redirected to the bitly link first so that you get the analytics. No?

  9. You guys are really awesome. More experience tweaks in a month than Reader had in years. <3

    Once you get the Android widget to have more stories and allow forward/backward like the Google Reader widget I will officially uninstall Reader from my phone.

  10. I already posted this reply to an older article, but the issues remain the same.
    Android / HTC One X:

    1. I still find it very hard to read articles by feed. I prefer to open each feed and read its unread articles, not view articles from all feeds combined. The Google Reader interface was much better at this, having the initial screen with the list of feeds, and you could tap one to see its contents, then use the back button to get back to the list. Why combine the main menu on the left with the feed list?!?

    2. The feeds with no unred articles are always displayed in my “uncategorized” list. Add an option to hide them when no unread articles are present. I don’t want to scroll through all the read feeds to find those with unread items. They are not even displayed in bold or coloured fonts, you have to look for the grey unread count.

    3. I never use folders / categories, so maybe add an option to edit the name of the “uncategorized” group?

    4. If you want to stick with the feed list inside the menu on the left (which I really don’t like), either move the menu button down or allow a “full-screen” swipe from the left to bring the menu. It’s very hard to always reach for that small button in the corner when switching feeds on a big-screen phone.

    5. Have a mark all read button always present while reading articles inside a feed, next to the search icon maybe. It can be an option in the settings menu, if other users don’t need it. Swiping over articles is not very intuitive and doesn’t seem to always work properly. Or maybe I don’t know how to use it.

  11. I hope “better support for comics” also includes being able to set how wide your feeds are, or at least not shrinking the size of the images. Having to click to open up an original article just so feedly wont resize it seems pretty clunky to me. Let us use the screen real estate we already have, please!

  12. Horizontal article swipe: still need to tap after the 3rd article on each one to make them visible. Very annoying. Please fix it.

    1. I personally think a list view is esatneisl. Certain feeds update very quickly and have a low ratio of things you actually want to read compared to the overall flow of posts. If I’m trying to get through a site like this, just scrolling through page by page is going to be far too tiresome to even bother.

  13. Feedly, as always, focusing on adding new features instead of fixing the basis.

    Every link I click ends with a “?utm_source=feedly” sufix that most forums still don’t support. This forces me to manually delete that part and hit enter to load the web again. And besides that, It’s making some other addons in Chrome like “hover zoom” don’t work properly. You just keep on adding features we don’t need. And, of course, you don’t give as the option to activate/deactivate the options we just need or use.

    Every week my feedly experience is getting worse and just because they don’t FOCUS.

    1. Sorry for the frustrations.

      Could you please email me a few sample forum feeds where utm_source is preventing the site to load.

      We are definitely focused. If you look at the description of this mobile release, it was mainly about bug fixes.

      1. Never mind. It’s not a matter of giving you a sample. Craiglist.com had the same problem but the last update fixed the problem by not adding the utm_source tag “just” on cragilists links. The workaround works well on that web, but are you fixing web by web as people complain? Isn’t it better to just not use utm_source at all? Would be crazy to add an option to deactivate utm_source for people with problems on that? Is it necessary or usefull for the users to have utm_source on every link?

        1. OK, if you are eliminating that utm_source by request only, please add


          I love Feedly, but it’s a PITA to have to edit links manually.

          1. I suffer the bad effects of utm on a few different feeds and an extension that affects the whole feedly. Imagine now such huge PITA. :(

          2. for your purposes. If you are brand new to blgngiog and have never designed a site I would suggest starting off with a .com and building your content and readership. Eventually you will see if you want to make

        2. Thank you, Katthleen, for sharing your ideas. It conanits some wonferful tips. I have dipped into blogging with my students in the past, but as you mentioned did not feel like I had it right to start, mostly due to some of the things you mentioned at the start of your own try. This year I am working as an EAL teacher and thought about integrating blogging and a digital portfolios at the start of next year. Your post here is an excellent summary of important things to consider. I am bookmarking it! I know it will serve as a great resource. Many thanks.

  14. I just entered my credentials for Pocket in the preferences and when I clicked out of the preferences back to my feeds I received an error message “bit.ly user or API key preferences may be incorrect :-( Not a JSON response”. I didn’t even enter any information for bit.ly. Now, everytime I open the app I get the same message.

    1. i just reinstalled the app and the problem has seemed to go away for now. I will give an update if it returns.

  15. I use Feedly on my iPad and My nexus 4. Reading feeds like Reddit, the Feedly button on my iPad takes me back one page at a time. On my Android phone the same button takes me all the way back to feeds, no matter how many pages I’ve loaded. This is frustrating when I’m reading comments and clicking on relevant links. I’d like the back button on Android to work more like the Feedly button on my iPad.

  16. Woot for better Xkcd support! However, the widget still always force-closes on my Droid 2 running Android 2.3.3 and GO Launcher. Please fix this!

    1. Hi, this update is nice (it’s the first time I say this, beuscae I didn’t like all those past updates at the beginning, so that’s a good sign). Just one thing when pressing visit website’ button, it always opens in the same (one) tab (as in previous versions you always got new tab, whenever you cliked visit website’. So if I am listening to some song, and decide to click visit website’ when checking any other feed, it opens in that tab, where the song plays. Or it is just me? I’m using Chrome.

  17. Bug. Using Apple ver on IP4S, touching the top of the app just close it at once!

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  18. Please provide an easy way (a button at the top would be best) to mark an article read/unread, for those of us who have opted not to have articles read automatically. At the same time please display an icon that clearly indicates the read/unread status. Currently the article goes very slightly gray but not really enough to tell the difference.

  19. Really like the ui, but was unable to add any feed, neither to market version nor to beta.
    Can it be because of my old Google Reader account which I’m still seeing in feed.ly?

  20. Unfortunately I still have the bug where I can’t change the save / unsave-status (the equivalent to the GReader star-feature) when I am on the webpage of a feed inside Feedly. Also the color of the save-status-icon isn’t changing always the correct way so I tend to tap the icon too often. This remains one of the last things annoying me. Anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Also Feedly still tends to loose connection to my Google Account on my HTC One X, so I have to sign in again and again. Wasn’t this a bug of the early versions?
      One last thing which irritates me is that all feed categories in the left hand feed selection menue get grey when there is no unread feed. The “Saved for Later”-section is always coloured, even when there is no feed assigned to read later

  21. There’s one problem with this beta and the latest update, when using the “back” function, first the app goes back to the last view, if you press on “back” again, in open the menu, if you press “back” yet again – it closes.
    The behaviour has changed, because in previous versions, “back” closed down the application completely (that’s what I’m expecting it to do in the latest build, obviously).

  22. Could you please add an option for opening URLS in the external browser on android? Opening within feedly just isn’t ideal

    1. I’ve successfully margited to feedbin. I gladly pay the 20 bucks a year for their service. Think about it. They get paid and have something to work with.People want free, but you end up paying for it anyway…with ads and privacy violations.And their service is great. I haven’t missed Google Reader for a split second since I margited everything over to feedbin.Disclaimer: I have no connection to them, I’m just a happy customer. Go feedbin!

  23. I do not seem to be able to find any of my Google Reader “tags”. On my desktop browser, in Feedly, I manually (re)added all my tags into Feedly as instructed, and then all my tagged entries started showing up. Is there something similar I need to do with feedly Android to see the same data?

  24. I noticed it is a bit faster. After the offline sync, one thing that seems to me essential is avoiding truncated feeds. Being always forced to click [visit website], open the web page view to read more than only the first sentence of a content is slow, annoying and uncomfortable. I think making “remove clutter” a default would be a good start.

    Putting that aside, thank you for the amazing job you’ve done and making such a difference in my daily reading experience.

  25. When swiping to the right from a post, it often displays the previous post for half a second before showing the next post. (E.g., swiping from 2 to 3 will show 1 for a moment.)

    Nexus 7, stock Jelly Bean.

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