Core 77 Android Widget

core77 android widget


We have been working with the Core 77 team on a standalone Android Widget. If you are a Core77 fan, you can download this widget from the Google Play Store.

If you are a blogger or publisher and would like to create your own Android widget, join the feedly publisher program.

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9 thoughts on “Core 77 Android Widget”

  1. I wonder if anyone actually uses widgets. I’m an Android user for four years and I still don’t think those are useful in any way.

  2. I’m excited to try this out! I agree that I don’t use a lot of widgets either, but getting a glimpse of my news would be perfect. Who knows, down the road we might be able to point to a specific folder so I can have my “The Daily” category at my fingertips. 8^D

    Keep up the great work Feedly team!

    1. Agreed. In fact, just copy the entire Google Reader Android app UI, including account switching and true title view scrolling, none of this page flipping that’s being passed off as scrolling.

      And for the love of god, please remove the URL shortening and in-app browsing. Google+ doesn’t need short URLs, Twitter does it for us, and I strongly prefer my own browser to Feedly’s.

      1. Also, when RSS item links directly to external zip/pdf file, it is impossible to access said file through mobile app due to some Redability nonsense thingie. Please fix as I read financial reports through RSS and all of them are in pdf/zip.

        Must sound like a broken record but there is a reason Google Reader is so loved and there should be no shame in outright copying it.


    1. I second this comment! Feedly should have, in addition to its pretty ‘cover picture’ widget, another widget that looks like the old Google Reader one — a list of recent, unread articles from a specific category. Thanks Feedly!

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