Milestones: The Pogue Review and TIME 50


This week was another crazy awesome week: David Pogue wrote a review of feedly for New York Times and TIME selected feedly as one of the best 2013 websites. This would not have been possible without the on-going feedback and support the community. So thank you!

We are excited to see so many new users adopting feedly as their new reader. We are working on adding new hardware and increasing network bandwidth to make sure that the site remains up and fast.

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35 thoughts on “Milestones: The Pogue Review and TIME 50”

  1. Excellent! Congrats.

    Now, if you will just give us an option to eliminate that stupid link-breaking “utm_source=feedly” nonsense, everyone will be happy.

    1. We hear you. utm_source=feedly is going to be automatically disabled for site which do not support it in the coming v16. Thanks for the feedback and have a great week end.

      1. Why not dissable it at all? It breaks more than some sites. It makes some other extensions not to work due to this.

  2. For the record, I should mention that Feedly is soooooo much better than Reader. I was so glad to find it. But a newsreader that intentionally breaks links to the original articles is bad news. That’s the only problem I have with Feedly. PLEASE, give us an option to by-pass that on a specific feed basis. I have a site that I visit very frequently, and it’s a PITA to copy / paste / edit the URLs.

    1. I’ve been using feedly for a couple of years and it used to work perfect. Now that google reader is closing the door soon feedly is going to a wrong direction. It’s focusing on social networks and sure this utm_source has something to do with that.

  3. It would be great if you could implement a “Trends” style page similar to Google Reader. Its one of two things that I miss from GReader that feedly doesn’t have.

    Other than that, awesome work.

      1. Yes. There are really 3 motivations behind the new hardware: 1) minimize the downtime, 2) make loading feedly a faster experience and 3) have more power to be able to implement a new iteration of the personalized search. More on this shortly.

  4. Edwin:
    Commanded you an email few days ago.
    I if you want something to increase servers and other things, Please ask at the dudes.
    No objection in giving a money annually.
    $30~50~75 annual? No problem!!!!!!

    1. We understand that long term viability is important to the community (specially given that a lot of the users recently lost their home. We are working hard on understand what is the right way to do this. We have a few ideas and will run a survey shortly to understand the point of view of the users. I appreciate you offering us your point of view.

  5. Can’t use hoverzoom on tumblr feeds due to utm_source. Now you say you are listening to us and disabling that on certain sites. Please disable it on all tumblr sites. I don’t like the use of scripts to modify feedly behavior but I’m forced to it.

    1. Jorge. We hear your frustration. As mentioned earlier in the comments, in v16, we will improve this so that utm_source is only added to URL when we are sure that it will not break the link.

      Here is some context on why we did this change. Adding utm_source to the URL allow sources to better understand what % of their traffic is coming from feedly? Why is this important? Because sites will be less likely to block the feedly crawler if they know that it generates traffic. This was not a problem before because we were leveraging the Google Reader crawler and people do not block google because they want to appear in the Google search results.

      I hope this clarifies the motivation behind that change.

      1. I understand your motivations. But you could give us the ability to deactivate this feature at our risk.If some sites block us we will know what the cause was. Maybe our day to day work won’t be affected by disabling utm. What’s more, we could also enable/disable by feed on settings instead of giving feedly a list of sites to disable. I read some feeds that are not affected by utm, but others show me 404 error. And hoverzoom works horribly on tumblr feeds with utm_source. If I could disable utm on the feeds that are affected we wouldn’t loose efforts here arguing what’s right or wrong.

  6. How about that Terms of Service and Privacy Policy now? I’m sure someone over there is listening right? ” This would not have been possible without the on-going feedback and support the community.” Right?

  7. Excellent work guys. I wish I could buy you all a beer somehow. Im so happy that the fruits of your labor are really paying off and everyone is noticing your amazing work. I’ve told everyone about feedly.
    Kudos again.

  8. What about a Webinerface??? I dont want to install stupid add ons for access to feedly!

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