Feedly is listening: the roadmap you helped us shape

Our focus over the last 60 days has been to add new hardware and release weekly incremental updates to make the transition from Google Reader to feedly as seamless as possible.

That effort is paying off: Our community is growing. 68% of the users who try feedly end up converting into weekly active users. Active users have been doubling the amount of time they spend reading their feedly. And thanks to a great partnership with Buffer, we have seen a 10 fold increase in the amount of content feedly users share on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

But we still have a long way to go. We have been turning to the community to finalize the roadmap for the rest of this year – thanks for the 3,500+ ideas and the tens of thousands of votes you casted on uservoice. This is what it looks like:

1) Speed. This is the most important aspect of the feedly experience. We recently hired some great people on both the dev and ops sides and we look forward to sharing with you the result of their work.

2) Search within my feedly (link to uservoice).

3) Pure web access (see uservoice).

4) Windows Phone and Windows 8 (link to uservoice)

5) Improved group sharing (see survey result)

6) Bug fixes (login, utm_source, loading…, missing feedly mini, adding feeds)

One more thing:

We are also hearing from users that saving their feeds is not enough: One of the key features of Google Reader was that they had an ecosystem of apps – apps that people love and depend upon.

We have been working behind the curtains with the developers of Reeder,Press, Nextgen Reader, Newsify and gReader as design partners for our Normandy project[1]. Today we are excited to announce that you will be able to access your feedly from all these apps before Google Reader retires and that the access to feedly API will be free. More details soon.

feedly cloud

June is going to be another crazy, awesome month.

Please continue to send your suggestions to @feedly or feedly.uservoice.com. If you are a blogger or publisher, check out our new publisher tools page and start building your feedly network by adding a feedly button to your site.

[1] When we announced the Normandy project, we received more than 100 developer requests. We apologize to all the developers who did not get into the first batch of invites. We are working hard on the second batch. If you are a developer, interested in the feedly API, please fill the developer form, to help us prioritize your request.

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541 thoughts on “Feedly is listening: the roadmap you helped us shape”

  1. Offline support is the third most voted request on uservoice, it hasn’t got even a mention as to why it can’t be implemented quickly. Maybe the full web api will enable that but it would have been nice to at leat mention it.

    Then again maybe the ~8k users who ask for it are all French and the problem is with our mobile providers.

    In the meantime I can’t read my feeds if I don’t manually preload them first while data is available.which is not always practical. Google Reader syncs in the background keeping a store of unread feeds for me to read when practical.

    Can you enlighten us what your intentions are regarding such a feature ?

    1. I can’t seem to be able to edit my comment : it’s 7k votes not 8k users I can’t know how many users have voted for it. still the 3rd upvoted item.

    2. As you pointed out, offline is an important feature. All of the apps we are partnering with offer offline support. We will re-evaluate later this year.

      1. Hi Brent. Which of those two would you recommend for offline reading? Offline reading is the main feature of Reader that I currently use on Android and so will not be able to use Feedly as my main RSS Reader.

        1. gReader has been a favorite of mine for the last couple of years, on my phone and tablet. Great app, <3 euros, for the payed version, really awesome app. Although I have been using feedly mainly for the last couple of months, gReader has some superior features to feedly.

          1. gReader is superior in all circumstances, but depends on google to work. Feedly was my first option on pc when it worked over google servers. There was even a search function, but now it has to depend over their own, and that requires a lot of resources. In time it will be even better than google reader.

    3. If Feedly can be integrated with Pocket, then it is possible to read offline using Winslew, a program produced by the maker of Meneré (find both at http://www.li-ghun.de/). There is a small cost of €2,99 involved for the full version, but I reckon it is definitely worth it, considering both the functionality and the open-source factor.

  2. YES! All I want from Feedly is more speed (Feedly is really RAM intensive in comparison to Google Reader) and support from the amazing gReader! So happy to hear these 2 things are in high priorities in your roadmap. Keep the good work Feedly team.

  3. what we really need is intelligence filter in feedly or filtering feeds by keywords. if you have tons of feeds in your account you simply cannot handle all the news, what is more some news in certain feeds are just trash so it would be nice to filter those important one or block spam/unimportant … any updates or future plans on this feature?

  4. I would like to second Piotr’s comment. A feed of feeds would be nice.

    Nicer still would be the ability to backup data by exporting to XML or another format. As a person who relies on RSS for work, not having the ability to back up my feeds means i’m at risk if your service ever goes down.

    1. Feedly seems to be avoiding this question. The most important feature for me is the ability to export as OPML. Not having it is a deal-breaker. I don’t want to be a prisoner of Feedly. If the export option is not there in Feedly when GReader retires, I’m moving the netvibe.

  5. While the PC browser experience is more or less satisfying, using Feedly on the phone (Android) is still a mess. I’m sad to see that improving the mobile app isn’t on your list above.

    I already posted this text in older articles and got no response, so I’ll copy/paste again:

    1. I still find it very hard to read articles by feed. I prefer to open each feed and read its unread articles, not view articles from all feeds combined. The Google Reader interface was much better at this, having the initial screen with the list of feeds, and you could tap one to see its contents, then use the back button to get back to the list. Why combine the main menu on the left with the feed list?!?

    2. The feeds with no unred articles are always displayed in my “uncategorized” list. Add an option to hide them when no unread articles are present. I don’t want to scroll through all the read feeds to find those with unread items. They are not even displayed in bold or coloured fonts, you have to look for the grey unread count.

    3. I never use folders / categories, so maybe add an option to edit the name of the “uncategorized” group?

    4. If you want to stick with the feed list inside the menu on the left (which I really don’t like), either move the menu button down or allow a “full-screen” swipe from the left to bring the menu. It’s very hard to always reach for that small button in the corner when switching feeds on a big-screen phone.

    5. Have a mark all read button always present while reading articles inside a feed, next to the search icon maybe. It can be an option in the settings menu, if other users don’t need it. Swiping over articles is not very intuitive and doesn’t seem to always work properly. Or maybe I don’t know how to use it.

      1. 4.) This feature is already in place on the Android version. As far as I know, has been for quite some time.

  6. Readability is still a huge issue for me. Hard to see the numbers, hard to notice which feeds/categories are bolded, hard to glance at feed titles in list mode (they’re a lighter shade). It hurts my eyes after a while.

    1. I also can’t stand the auto-resizing of the reader window when I switch feeds. Drives me crazy — keep everything static, please!

  7. What about the less voted things?!? are they out?!? Sadly Ifttt.com support wasnt here in it but its really a mostly social media nerdy thing, but the most important thing in my workflow

      1. I know you probably can’t say anything, but I need IFTTT for my workflow- it is absolutely vital. If there can’t be a Feedly channel in IFTTT can you offer an RSS feed of my saved for later items. All you need to say is that I don’t need to worry. I love feedly, but if you can’t offer this I really don’t know what I am going to do when Reader is pulled.

      2. Woohoo! That’s all I want! (Oh – also, please fix the incognito bug that makes it reopen every time I start an incognito browser session in Chrome.)

    1. This is a must. Even if an IFTTT channel can’t be created (which would be up to IFTTT) at least Feedly can have an RSS feed of our saved for later items. That way we can connect to IFTTT. Please, please, please!

  8. My Feedly seemed to update today and the font of the actual text of the posts (in magazine view) is horrible, huge, and almost unreadable (the letters all seem to blend together). Is this a bug or a change that is here to stay?

      1. From the blog post above: “Please continue to send your suggestions to @feedly or feedly.uservoice.com.” – they don’t look at getsatisfaction as far as I know.

        1. They don’t pay attention to tweets, either. I’ve tried contacting the Feedly people about 6 times now and I just get ignored every time. Pretty sure I’ll be switching to a new reader soon.

          1. Not true. I’ve had quite good response from them (last night at like 11pm had a reply in under 30 mins). I’m very surprised to hear they’ve not replied to you because I’m just this guy… not a partner or anything.

            Font-wise, I see the fonts as serif now. I wonder if the people having issues just need to clear their browser cache – that they’re seeing the new font but with old font metrics or something?

            1. Bah. Still no reply to me. Since I’ve had questions (over the course of the past month or so) I have submitted a question via that website they use, posted here, Facebooked them, tweeted them more than once, and submitted a question via email twice. :|

    1. Yep, the font can be select for the header but not for the body of the article… is it possible to rollback to a sans-serif font… or at least give an option to switch back to it ?

  9. 6) Bugs – what i really need is ALL my feeds actually working. Some of my feeds still doesn’t update automatically. Also some of them do not open links correctly, suppose because of that utm thing.

    Uservoice is ok for a few request which gather thousands of votes, but many of the ideas are lost in there. And also it is not suited for bug reports.

  10. I hadn’t considered a problem before today since I’m still using Google Reader, but I just noticed Feedly is using 600k of memory, more than the new Google Maps when using the Earth view… Happy you’re working on it! Thanks for the fantastic product anyway

  11. This is great and all, and I also appreciate the effort, but well I would love to see some way to finance this project, more users more traffic, especially if you get a full web access. you think you can finance this all with ads? I would pay 1 USD to make sure this project stay online and will get developed further, but then I would appreciate if you could make changes optional, like if i hate the “cover” story functionality, then please allow me to turn it off, its useless for me and many others.

  12. I’m most concerned that Feedly still relies on Google Reader running underneath. With less than a month to go, I’m worried that we haven’t been switched to the “Normandy” project yet. You should have already started migrating users over by now. I’d think that should have been your number one priority.

  13. No mention of an export option? Or is that coming “for free” with the API? I’m not likely to sign up for a service that doesn’t allow me to export my feed list.

  14. after adding a feed in Firefox I opened Feedly on another computer using chrome and the new feed did not show up. How can I keep everything synchonized? thx and best regards, allen

  15. Speed is NOT the most important thing. Working properly – no bugs, especially no lost data (like when I accidentally hit mark all as read and there was no “undo” – I used the RemoveItPermanently extension to get rid of that button on Google Reader).

    Also the UI could use a few more tweaks.

    But right now I think it is better than Google Reader, especially on Firefox (I only have tried that and Android), and Android is not merely acceptable, I like the web-in feature, but sometimes things like posting comments don’t work right, and I like to download embedded podcasts and such, or at least let me pick the media player.

    But I can only see it getting better. Google Reader was stuck in mediocrity for years, but now I think RSS will start getting better again.

  16. Can you guys please please give asap an invite to the developer of Mr. Reader, a very important RSS App on iOS? Imo better than Reeder, and it becomes more and more popular. The ratings in the app stare (5 *) speak for itself. If I search in the german app store and sort by rating it’s on first place. The developer works very hard to add support for multiple Google Reader alternatives, he released an blog post today: http://mrreaderblog.curioustimes.de/post/52060909928/supported-google-reader-alternatives-part-two
    It seems like he tried to contact you, but didn’t get a response.

        1. I absolutely agree 100%

          If Mr.Reader doesn’t work with Feedly, Feedly doesn’t get me as a customer.

          1. Absolutely agree with this. Mr. Reader is my go-to app for reading news, and I’ll be migrating from Google Reader to wherever this app moves.

          2. I totally agree. Another upvote right here.

            If Feedly doesn’t work with Mr. Reader, I am not even going to give it a shot. There _are_ alternative backend services, as mentioned in that Mr. Reader blog post. I’d be curious how Feedly compares to those, but luckily it’s not a must.

            1. Me too,
              The frontend is the most important, feedly doesn’t have a good one.
              Without Mr. Reader there is no chance for feedly.

      1. +1 I’ve pretty much decided to stay with Mr. Reader and would love to use it with Feedly.

        1. +1. I am sticking with Mr. Reader too. It’s just an amazing app and the developer has already added support for numerous other reader services but hasn’t had an response from Feedly so far. Please give him access to Normandy ASAP.

    1. +1 Adding my vote for Mr. Reader! The best RSS app on the iPad by far, and I tried most of them…

  17. What’s the actual timeline for these changes? Specifically I’m interested in the web service one.

    It was almost four months between “Looking into” to what is now “Planned”.

  18. As a user of gReader, I could not be more thrilled with this news. I was worried that my favorite Android newsreader might just die a horrible death. And hats off to the folks at Feedly for opening up its APIs to allow those third-party apps to integrate.

  19. What sort of timeline are you actually thinking about for this stuff? It was almost four months between “Under Review” and “Planned” for the pure web service.

  20. I’m really missing the ability to skip through messages using the keyboard and manually mark the ones I don’t want as read then go back and read what I do want. Currently skipping through marks every message as read, which is annoying.

    1. If I understand you correctly, I do this by pressing ‘N’ ‘N’ ‘N’ to jump to the next posts. If I want to keep it unread, I press ‘M’. Then finally I press ‘R’ to refresh and see my list over news I want to read. :)

  21. Right now, the “mail to” link opens up a blank tab in Chrome. I’d really like to see this fixed, since I used that feature quite a bit in Google Reader.

    1. I use Chrome on Windows 7 and I also use the “mail to” option ALL THE TIME in Reader. I have noticed that when using Feedly’s Mail To option, the Windows Live Mail program kicks in after a couple of seconds (so first I get the blank Chrome window but then the Windows Live Mail program starts opening) but it feels painfully slow compared to the process of mailing a post from Google Reader which is almost instantaneous.
      If Feedly improved the whole “Mail To” experience, I would rate it as a perfect replacement for Google Reader. Because of that process, I will keep on using Google Reader until 7/1 :)

  22. Just a quick shoutout to the dev team and everyone else for doing an exceptional job over the past few months. In the brief time I’ve been with Feedly since the panic of losing reader, I have been impressed by the effort to listen to users and implement features that are important to people. Keep up the great work, you’re doing it right.

  23. Another request here: The possibility to sort saved items by category. It’s one of the best features of Reeder, and I’d love to have it native in Feedly as well :-)

  24. Why does Feedly require a browser add-on? The UI is very janky and images take a long time to load

  25. What about storing items for more than 30 days when Saved for later. I had to add all my saved items from Google Reader to Pocket, since Feedly have no support for this. So now I simply don’t use the save for later function at all. I use Pocket.

    1. Saved for Later items older than 30 days appear when you uncheck Oldest First, so the request should be for items older than 30 days appearing in the Oldest First view.

  26. So glad I discovered Feedly, and can’t believe I never would have were it not for Google Reader shutting down. It’s way better to me, and the iPhone app is AMAZING.

    What would make it perfect though would be the ability to filter out duplicate stories. I sub to a whole bunch of movie sites and comic sites and they report the same thing and it clogs up the feed something rotten. This comes with the obvious problem of which write-ups get priority, the first posted, most recent or most viewed, but being able to hide them or just see them all alone using keyword recognition for the titles would be a MASSIVE help.

    1. An algorithm that identifies the incidence of numerous articles with links to the same source article would be one way to cut down the repetition. If a bunch of sites are linking to the same article at latimes.com, just show me the article from latimes.com.

      1. Absolutely! Nesting them all under the Source Article, or something along those lines. Obviously, we’d have our preferred sources, and it’d be covered in different ways by different sites, so you wouldn’t want to lose the links, just the clutter.

  27. Still nothing by way of gmail support, huh? That was everyone I know’s most used feature for GReader.

    1. Agree. Very sad to not see mention of this, given the natural overlap of news junkies between BlackBerry and Freely.

    2. Agreed. I remember reading somewhere that they were working on BB10. Waiting to hear more and hopefully see something soon.

  28. Could you please give Mr. Reader, an iPad app for reading RSS news, access to your API? The developer filled the form in March.

  29. I do love feedly but on both my android tablet and my android phone my feed will get stuck on a couple of posts and cycle between them, while still marking the posts that it should be showing me (and isn’t) as read. This continues if I try to open a later post – it just opens one of the ones it got stuck on.

  30. I’m glad to see that improvements are coming to feedly. But you still have a few outstanding bugs! 1) Facebook button still doesn’t do anything. 2) certain video podcast feeds, like the ones from CNET don’t get recognized as podcast feeds (no in-line media player), even when the title links to the media file. (this for example:
    Please fix them

    PS: I’m using Feedly on Chrome on Windows 7

  31. Hi feedly staff,
    first of all, I woul like to congratulate for this wonderful reader and aggregator.

    I was wondering if you have in mind the connection between feedly and ifttt.

    I know, ifttt has got something to say too, but could you both have some talk about replacing Google Reader by Feedly in ifttt.

    Obviously, I’ve just asked too ifttt for the same question :)

    Thank you very much for your effort in giving us a great tool to read news.

    With the best regards.

    1. Agree. This would allow me to use Feedly to share my “Saved for Later” items to others without having to re-post/tweet individually.

  32. I actually really like the Feedly app on iPhone. I like swiping through my headlines. It made it a lot easier for me to skip content I wasn’t really interested in, and was a great way to show me which feeds I should remove. I’m a happy Google reader switcher. Thanks for stepping up!

  33. Building an entirely new web service in 6 months is a huge task…. which essentially what you guys are doing. I’ve been a Google Reader fan forever and switched over to Feedly after the announcement. You guys are doing great! I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the future!

  34. I appreciate that you guys are building Normandy and allowing other apps access – that’s awesome. However, I have a HUGE concern about becoming dependent on yet another free service that could just go away. How are you guys planning on making money on this thing? I’d gladly pay a reasonable subscription fee if it would help ensure a successful and stable product.

    I hate ads – if we’re going to get ads injected into our stream then I’m significantly less interested. Many of us have been asking for years for non-ad supported services that we’ll gladly pay for – someone just needs to step up to the plate and build them.

    1. Many new services have already set-out to do this. Check-out FeedBin, FeedHQ, FeedWrangler and BazQux. All are paid services with no ads and full APIs that can be adopted by leading RSS apps like Reeder, Mr. Reader, etc.

  35. Seems like you guys broke some stuff last night. The look and feel of the Web version seems not to feed articles the usual way, especially there are no featured articles. Hope this is temporary, because it is starting to feel like the old Google Reader app that I abandoned along with Flipboard to use your platform a while ago.

  36. And yet Feedly continues to grossly abuse their user’s ignorance when it comes to account privacy.
    Why does freaking RSS reader ask for these Google Account permissions?

    feedly is requesting permission to:
    View basic information about your account
    View your name, public profile URL, and photo
    View your gender and birthdate
    View your country, language, and timezone
    Manage your data in Google Reader
    View and manage your subscriptions, likes, and shares
    *Perform these operations when I’m not using the application*

    Why does an RSS reader wants to know my gender, birthdate, my name and have my picture?

    Since Feedly is “free” and seeing how you are asking for way too much personal information, conclusion is you are selling your user’s personal information to finance this product!

    If this is not the case, FIX YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT PERMISSIONS!

    1. Most of this information is needed to feedly normal work. Your name and photo appear at top of side menu. They need all those permitions to sync with Google. If you don’t give permition to manage Google Reader data then everything you do on Feedly wouldn’t be synced on Google.

      Don’t panic. I’m sure this would change when google Reader closes on july and they will no longer sync with google. Most permitions will probably dissapear or at least be less intrusive.

      The reason all this happens even when you’re not using Feedly is because it’s an app and it works independently of the main browser. Sincerely, there’s no reason for panic on this.

      1. Bullshit!
        None of this information is “*needed* to feedly normal work”. Feedly does not “*need*” to know my age, gender, language, timezone, birthday, public profile url or photo!
        This is a fucking RSS reader! I (wanted to) use it as an RSS reader not a bloody facebook! I do not want or care for any of those “social” features! I’m not a moron, I know what I look like, I don’t need a photo in the corner to remind me.

        Yes fine, they need access to Google Reader to sync un/read articles. But with it shutting down in about 3 weeks, they better remove it.

        And worst of all, they are requiring access to ALL of this information even when I’m not using their product! That means that if people tried it once and then forget to revoke permissions, now Feedly have a huge, always-up-to-date database of personal information!

        I swear of lifes of every single child of Feedly employees that I do not and will never use this “Feedly button” that supposedly they created to simplify subscriptions. Yet it always has access to ALL DATA ON ALL WEBSITES that I visit…Including encrypted ones.

        “Feedly is listening” my ass! User’s privacy and security MUST BE ABOVE all other! Yet removing that spyware browser plugin is only #3 and there’s no word at all about stopping their demands for too much personal information!

        1. Ok. You DON’T really need your name and photo displayed to read your feeds. Agree with that. But you don’t even need it to access gmail. Log in to gmail and tell me now you don’t see your name and photo. Now go blame google for that intromision in your privacy. This is mostly for personalization. Not needed really. But mostly needed if you want to share articles. I don’t like the social part either, but most people do.

          They can’t quit syncing to google right now. There are lots of people still using apps that depend on google. I myself use gReader on android and it uses google to sync. If Feedly stops syncing right now I have doble work when I get home.

          The reason of syncing even when you don’t use Feedly is that people like Feedly completely synced just the right time they click on Feedly. Nobody wants to wait and see Feedly syncing until they can use it. That’s one of the worst part of gReader. I have to sync and wait (even more than a minute) to see my feeds with the latest articles.

          I’m with you on the privacy and security issue. But they are growing from zero to make things work well just in time google closes Reader. Let’s support Feedly and let’s give them some time to enhance this service that most of us NEED.

          In the meantime you could use other feed readers instead of complaining and blaming every single thing they do. Why don’t you focus your efforts in giving them some suggestions instead of just complaining?

          I have my own oppinion on Feedly and have expressed the things I don’t like. And they listen. Maybe their answers don’t fit your needs but they answer the most important issues. Try.

          1. What can be more important than safety and privacy on their users?! (Obviously profit.)

            I understand why they want access to my Google Reader and I’m fine with that.

            However, other RSS readers that do use Google for authentication don’t ask for so much personal information! And they certainly don’t ask to have access to my account even when I’m not using their app.

            How much more time do we need to give them? They had it since the beginning of Feedly’s existence. Why did they start requiring all this personal information from their users in the 1st place?

            I voiced my concern to them, even CEO replied to one of my posts, so they are perfectly aware of this issue. Yet they continue to harvest all that info.

            1. I hope Feedly makes the move soon and we’ll see how all this developes. I’m sure most of the privacy issues will be fixed on Google Reader’s closure.

              1. btw, how do you revoke access from feedly once you used “android login”?? it’s not even in google account app permissions page

    2. I ended up creating an entirely new google account with limited information and manually added my feeds in. I looked at it as an opportunity to purge some feeds.

  37. Simple, simple, simple please. Just make it do what Reader did and no magazines, etc etc nonsense. Just feeds, folders, and thats it.

  38. This is all great news! I believe a big long term goal should be noise reduction. For those of us who have many sources and want to only read what interests us it can be a chore to go through all the articles some websites push out. Would love to see some more personalisation in articles that surface and move less interesting ones to the background to only be considered later.

    1. Good example: I read deadline.com, but there are sooooo many articles about actors changing agents and managers. I don’t care about those articles. If Feedly had an algorithm to make those articles go away, that would improve the reading experience for me.

      1. Everybody wants right now a search in feeds feature. The reason why this isn’t implemented yet is heavy resources needed to achieve every search multiplied by thousands of users searching at the same time. The use of an algorithm to filter what’s interesting or not for every single user is even more complicated and needs more resources than a simple search. And what’s more, it should be working all the time for all users. I think this won’t be implemented in a long time for obvious reasons. But sounds interesting and usefull.

  39. I’ve notice there is no offline feature, or its not very prevalent. Can the “Save for Later” feature somehow be integrated to Pocket or have users allow to export the Save for Later list to pocket?

  40. Feedly should develop a way to mine frequently-updated pages — like archive pages for individual writers at nytimes.com, slate.com, etc. — that are not coded for RSS. If Feedly could scrape sites or individual pages for new articles that meet user-defined criteria (like Google Alerts), Feedly would gain access to a lot of sites that don’t currently use RSS and hedge against sites dumping RSS down the road.

  41. Good to know you are listening.

    Then tell me why the bloody hell you need a damn browser plugin just to read a website, if not for tracking and hoarding private data?

  42. Please solve my simple query :
    “Is it necessary that the site which we want to add must have “FEED” other wise feedly will neither show it in search nor add it???

  43. Hello. I love that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are on that list, but I was wondering, what about them are on that list? Are you planning on making your own app or are you just opening up the API to WP8/W8 developers like it was mentioned in that thread?

  44. Um, I feel stupid, but your explanation on how to find the correct url for our feed in feedly is not at all helpful. When you say search for your blog on Feedly – where exactly do we do this? I subscribe to my own blog, but nowhere do I see a url for the feed displayed. Please help.

  45. Reblogged this on Monk of Cool Things and commented:
    At one end I was really sad that Google Reader will be sunsetted by July 2013 and i was really banking on Feedly to feed by RSS addiction and now this news from the feedly team, really makes me happy. I will miss Google Reader and I hope Feedly keeps me happy till RSS technology exists!!

  46. In the beginning, I was very pleased with Feedly, especially since it worked well with my desktop computer and the ipad, but since Version 14, there is a synching problem with firefox which is described on numerous websites and just doesn’t go away. Version 11 worked just fine and still does, but several releases of Version 14 don’t. What’s annoying is that there seems no feedback at all from the Feedly team.

  47. I’m a little disappointed to see no mention of better offline support in the mobile apps… but in a choice between prioritising that or the API, then obviously putting the API first is the right decision – hopefully some of the apps out there will fill in the gaps.

    There’s one big warning klaxon in my mind that it would be easy for Feedly to put to rest: This looks like being a free service, with an API that means some users may never visit the web site at all, with no obvious business model. You’d make it a lot easier for potential new users to trust you if you could make a blog post explaining how you plan to make money!

    Thanks for considering.

  48. I would love for Feedly not to have to be a Chrome app – or at least have the option. It runs all the time in the background, as far as I can tell. I don’t need that – I just want to open up the webpage when I wan t to shoot through my feeds.

  49. Hi Feedly,

    still no news regarding the tags? Why the tags are disappearing from one session to the other? Do you really think of implementing a system of tags or have you just announced the possibility to export tags in order to please ex-Google reader’s users?

    I posted several messages regarding that and I know I am not the only ex-GR, new-Feedly user that would like to find its tags back or at least being able to tag new content.

    Could you please give us an answer, even a negative one?

    1. +1

      This is exactly what I was coming here to say. I was really worried not to see any mention of tags in this post. What’s happening with the tags? Will we ever be able to add multiple tags like in GR? Is this even on your radar and list of stuff you care about?

      As the OP said, even a negative answer at this point would be useful, just so we know where we (and the tags!) stand.

      Many thanks.

    2. Glad I’m not the only one! Very important to be able to use multiple tags on one item, just like old GR — much like labels in gmail.

    3. I feel like I have endlessly posted my concerns about multi-tagging without any response from Feedly’s support staff. I refuse to believe I’m in the minority that a product that does not import my already-tagged articles as well as enables me to multi-tag new articles is a dealbreaker.

      I don’t share. I read and I refer back to saved articles and tagging is my critical tool for putting my finger on an article among the thousands that hundreds that I’ve saved.

    1. Google Reader don’t support sub categories. So we better wait to feedly disconnects google on July to see that feature added… maybe.

  50. Great Job !

    I do know that you have still a great deal of job to perform but in the future a direction connection between feedly and hootsuite would be appreciated

  51. Excellent news regarding API and support for other apps! Well done Feedly! I wasn’t sure about switching, as I’d got on so well with Google Reader etc including various supported apps that I found it hard to adjust to Feedly’s interface and (so far) a few missing important features, but this news means I’ll be able to continue using all those features! Great work Feedly, Thank you!

  52. I’m creating an app which is looking to support RSS web services. And I’m worry about Feedly’s Backend is going to use GAE… If Feedly is going to use GAE like Pulse.App. China user is going to be blocked by the government. And this is not good.

    Looking forward to news updates about the APIs.

  53. Pingback: Feedly partners with RSS apps like Reeder as Google Reader’s end draws near — paidContent
  54. Every few days I’m asked to sign in. I don’t mind that but the sign in seems to go through google. Does this mean my feed will go away in July? Please clarify.

    1. Even though Google Reader dissapears on july you could still log on using your google account after that. Feedly is planning multiple ways for logging on to your account. Google, facebook, feedly (own log in). There’s lots of services that you can log using your google account, so no problem on using it with feedly any time after reader closes.

  55. When I refresh my feed, all the posts that I’ve read get refreshed too and show up in my feed as unread. Do other Feedly users have this problem?

  56. I am just annoyed by the empty page that shows up on my PC screen when I’ve finished one and click > to go to the next one. Can we get rid of this?

  57. You’re doing a great job! Keep up! Also, It would be nice to have a section with recommended sources! ;)

    1. There is. Click on the magnifier glass icon on the right. You’ll see some categories to surf and search sources. In the preferences you can also select the language you prefer for those sources. It’s called “Essencials”

  58. I wish Android app development was on the list. At least on my Nexus 7, the app is borderline unusable. Nearly every time the app goes to the background, it hangs when I reopen it. At least once a day, the app won’t move past the logo screen and I have to force stop it. I could deal with those annoyances, but I can’t deal with how often Feedly crashes when I attempt to open a full web page. I would be satisfied if I could set Feedly to automatically open full articles in Chrome, but I don’t always know which sites will crash the app and it’s annoying to have to open the menu and click the little Chrome icon every time I want to open a URL.

  59. Bring back “mark page as read” ! ! !

    (since it wasn’t broke, you shouldn’t have “fixed” it)

  60. The Google Reader Android app has a ‘mark previous as read’ button which is awesome. If you are halfway through a feed, and you have to go elsewhere, and you didn’t open all the previous items, it makes consumption a lot more easier.

    1. I would really like to see this feature made available. I do like the feedly android app’s swipe to mark all as read function but the web app needs something too.

    It is so bold. I find it hard to read the articles.
    Fix please.
    Bring back the old one. Like the fonts on this blog.

    Thank you very much.

  62. I add my vote for offline support. It’s number one for me to pass from 4 stars to 5 stars.
    What are we supposed to do once google reader will be shutdown ?
    Is the transition automatic ?

  63. Thank you for the great work! I for one have no complaints at all. I think the Android app is lovely both on phone and tablet. Web presence is very nice too!

    I also want to add, that I think a lot of people commenting here are RUDE. Feedly is a free service, so please stop _demanding_ stuff. All I read here is “I need this”, “I need that”, “Feature A is absolutely vital”, “I can’t live without feature B”, “If you don’t do this, I’ll go to NetVibes” blablablabla.
    Here’s news for you all (pun intended): If there’s stuff that’s absolutely vital to you, that you can’t live without, you’re not very smart using a FREE service.

  64. What I would like to know is, what exactly is the business model for Feedly? I think I havn’t seen any ads and at the moment it’s free. I would assume at the point in time when you can no longer use the Google API but have this running on your own machines that your costs go up.
    What I would like would be some sort of pro/premium version with which I could help to ensure that you’ll still be around next year, or the year after that. RSS is really important to me, it’s the only way I know to keep track of, and sort out the mess, that is the internet. And I do that from 2 machines (home/office) every day, so an offline client is not an option for me. So….how can we help to keep Feedly alive and kicking?

  65. My feedly seems to be stuck behind a darkened screen. I can see items, but I can’t open feeds or make anything happen behind the screen. I am tired of having to reinstall the app every time there is an issue.

  66. I love Feedly! really do … but wondering is there a reason that Readability integration still hasn’t been added? I got work arounds using IFTTT but that will stop working as soon as Google Reader is dead :(

    Provided another login method. leave Google account .
    Current we can only login using google account. the only way.

  68. Topical/Keyword scoring/sorting, so that one could push certain stories to the top and less crucial bits down. The large lump of items in the middle should sort by timestamp.

  69. Please provide https access, so that Chinese users can bypass the national firewall. https access is a considered functionality when we choose rss reader.

  70. You guys are by far the cleanest and simplest replacement for Google Reader (and more!): kudos!

    Here’s a small (I believe) relatively easy-to-do fix which is driving me mad, as a converter from Google Reader to Feedly: when viewing title only on the PC, that little menu bar which slides in as you mouseover! Two things about it:
    – Possible to make it static instead of sliding in only when you mouseover? Otherwise, it’s a bit disorienting for using a pointer to follow in.
    – When CTRL-clicking on the “open in new window/tab”, it does two things I don’t think it should:
    1. Leaves the item marked as unread (it should be marked as read automatically)
    2. Opens into the same “new” window if I CTRL-click multiple news items (so now I can’t CTRL-click the interesting ones as I scan down the list, and then peruse them across my open tabs afterwards when they’re done loading in the background)

  71. just wanted to say the amount of transparency you show your users is utterly fantastic. this post, plus the open uservoice IMHO make feedly the model of a great user-focused and appreciative service. no one else comes to my mind.

    that said, i hope you also figure out how to monetize feedly. the shock of google reader disappearing is only subsided by the fact you guys are stepping in to replace it. i seriously don’t want to experience that again. so, do whatever you need to to stick around… forever!

  72. How about the ability to re-order tags/categories by alphabetical order or even by dragging them for sorting.

  73. Still no support for MSIE10 or its HTML5? So sad to hear you are still discriminating because of your personal prejudices.

  74. I would love to know where we stand on Tags as well. I wish I could save that work I’ve done over the years!

    1. In feedly you can import all your tags from Google reader, and for new posts you can also tag them – multi tag is just arrived to feedly

  75. Need a way to view each post in feed list without having to click directly on the post line. Like google reader has the arrow to go back or forward. Need something like that.

  76. Congratulations Feedly team!
    Because you just turn on the multi-tag feature.

    Thanks for all your effort.

    1. I’m not. “Synchronizing” issues have been going on for months and no one to my knowledge has heard a single word from anyone, and yet they’re still rolling out new features.

      How about making a reader that’s stable and isn’t an extension or written for one browser (which it doesn’t always even work on)?

  77. Would love to have an interface in plain old internet explorer 8. I’d like to use this at work (120,000 employees) as I did with Google Reader, but that is the only browser we have access to.

  78. Pingback: Anonymous

    SPACEBAR = open next article.

    This is a huge feature of Google Reader for the PC. Please add it. Thank you.

  80. Marking feeds as read is not working. No matter what option I choose and if it says no unread for a feed, and I set that feed to show only unread messages, I still see stuff in my view. This is not what I hoped for. Are your servers swamped?

  81. I hope that removing the blogger-following feed permanently will be available soon/

  82. I’m absolutely fan of Feedly eversince i started to use on both: laptop and smartphone (Android app is superb!). Great tool to have my many sources of news, very varied sort of channels

  83. Feed.ly seems promising, but it’s maddeningly frustrating that I can’t sort/organize the feeds within a given category. How is this not a feature implemented for day 1? After importing my content from Google Reader, it’s totally out of whack and there’s simply no means for me to organize within a category. Can we expect to see this in the foreseeable future?

  84. Oh please let me forward a post to someone from feedly using my gmail account. Google Reader did that and it was simple and easy.

  85. FEEDLY CLOUD IS JUST ON. And it seems it’s all working perfect right now. Sincronization on google is still working anyways.

    Keep it up, Feedly.

  86. As of this morning’s update, my selector menu on the left side is an unreadable mess. Most of the text is replaced by ellipsis. Expanding the menus doesn’t display all of the items listed. I’m basically guessing what’s in each list.

  87. Is there a feedly for dummies page? The feedly homepage is just about its features. Everywhere I look I only find info about WHAT it is and does. No “how to” info at all. Where does a newcomer start? I’m looking for a simple step by step guide about how to set it up and how to use it.

  88. Feedly is an amazing product. Used even before the Google Reader shutdown announcement. I just recommended it in all my social networks. Keep on this great work and I believe you guys can do even better.

  89. Haters gonna hate.
    I love you feedly. You did enormous job guys, in order to make it run via cloud, for everyone, so blazing fast!
    For me now it’s cristal clear – there is no more alternatives to Google Reader thatn Feedly. Number 1

    Keep up a good work
    All the best!

  90. Please add “create an option to email the full content of the post instead of just the link” to the roadmap!

  91. Really impressive and speedy roll out by Team Feedly, in time. I think the features you have mentioned in the blog, all are must. and i also looking forward email sharing feature just like Google Reader and also provide an email that i subscribe for non rss website.

    and i think you should go wordpress way where you can charge similar like wordpress.com and provide a installer similar wordpress.org which can ingratiate with feedly API. just a thought..

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