Keyboard Shortcuts [Tip of the day]

During the next 2 weeks, we are going to publish one tip per day on how to optimize the feedly experience.

Today’s tip is keyboard shortcuts. Did you know that by pressing ? anywhere in the feedly application, you can see a list of keyboard shortcuts? Keyboard shortcuts can be very handing if you need to crunch through a lot of content quickly.

Keyboard shortcuts


My favorite shortcut is gg. What is yours? Do you have suggestions on how we could improve the keyboard shortcuts?

Author: @feedly

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121 thoughts on “Keyboard Shortcuts [Tip of the day]”

  1. My favorite isn’t even listed. It’s gh (go home?), which takes me to the start page (which is the Index, for me).

        1. I understand. I am sorry about this. If you are ruinnng chrome, you should be able to use command+ to zoom into the interface. We are looking at ways to make our grid more flexible to over a preference setting for the font-size. But it is going to require some work before we get there. Have a good evening.

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  2. Could you add an “e” for email? It’s one of my most used sharing tools, and I’d love the shortcut. One for adding tags would be great as well – “;” perhaps, as “t” is taken.

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  3. Please fix the n/p shortcuts in full article view. Currently they do not work in full screen view. I really miss this feature as I used it constantly in Google Reader. Thanks for keeping RSS alive!

  4. Isn’t there an option to mark a post as unread, either through a keyboard shortcut or a button? I can’t find any way to mark posts as unread!!!

    1. There is. “m”, does this, but it’s been broken. Same for the “/” shortcut which is suppose to open the Add Content panel.
      I honestly didn’t think Feedly would still have so many bugs so close to Google Reader’s shutdown. I’ve been complaining about a video podcast bug for ages now, but no response whatsoever..

  5. Please provide an option to configure the shortcuts. I find n & p really awkward to type without losing mental focus on the item content, and would like to be able to use the keypad left-arrow & right-arrow, just like I do in every other case I can think of that involves stepping through a list.

      1. Hear hear! Just made the jump from Google Reader and this is the one thing really irritating me. At least make this configurable.

  6. Todo está perfecto, es estupendo, pero… ¿y el español) ¿cuándo los paises de habla hispana podrán disfrutar del mejor sucesor de Google Reader y lo podrán entender?

    1. Great tip, Lori! Having learned that from you, I stteard poking around and found that holding down the comma/exclamation point key pops up an apostrophe. Now if I could just convince Apple to provide a dash/hyphen popup for the period key.

    1. Yes This!. I hate having to switch back to the feedly tab after opening a new tab. This is especially annoying with my tab heavy workflow.

      1. For the old feedly version that works with the chrome plugin, there is another plugin that lets you define a key for background, but it doesn’t work with
        Would be nice to have this option.

    1. Not to mention shift-j doesn’t seem to stay consistent in what it actually does. If you have a folder opened, it goes to the next folder, so if you have a feed open, it should logically jump to the next feed, which it only does sporadically. I often have a feed open, but shift-j takes me to the homepage even when there are more feeds to be read.

    1. It works in any latin language, not only english. Of course they should fix this for cyrillic or any other non-latin language.

      This can be solved by adding an option to personalize shortcuts layout.

    2. I’m still trying to fruige out what I’ll use instead of Google Reader. So bummed.I use the WordPress app for blogging on the go. I don’t use it often, but uploading pics from it is much easier than I would have ever expected.Liz recently posted

  7. In google reader it’s possible to go through your feed using just the space key which is very convinient. Behaves like this: On long articles space scrolls down, when you’ve reached the end of an article it jumps to the next (simliar to ‘j’ in feedly), when you have no more unread articles in the category space jumps to the next one (like ‘shift+j’ in feedly).

    1. +1

      This is one of the bests features in Google Reader. You can keep reading and reading with the touch of a button. Is the best option for longer articles.

    2. I would subscribe instantly if this shortcut was implemented !

      Please feedly implement the spacebar shortcut Google Reader had it, Digg Reader has it , theOldReader has it, why not feedly !!!

  8. please add the “t” shortcuts!!!! in googlereader it allows you to quickly add a custom tag to the read news!!!!

    1. agree with the t shortcuts by andy, and also allow use to type in the tag instead of choosing it one by one

    2. Wow! You just took care of a huge part of my to do list for gardening. This is my first year and I’m very exietcd! This is wonderful! Thanks!Can’t wait for the fall schedule!

  9. Since the upgrade, I have lost all my Saved For Later feeds. This is hours of lost work. Can they be retrieved? Also I had feeds marked as read show up again. It’s a big mess. Not happy.

    Sent from my iPad

  10. I have to give Feedly credit for an awesome experience.

    In the past I’ve had several RSS readers (including Google Reader) that I had – but never used. Feedly has changed how I collect content.


  11. I honestly think you guys should be squashing bugs at this point. Feedly is sitting on the edge of annoyance for me, and so close to Google Reader’s shut down too. I’ve submitted numerous bug reports too, but have never gotten any solutions. I’ve kind of given up on feature requests at this point.

    1. Hi MarciaI was so dismayed to see it will go. I sarettd using it about a year ago and now subscribe to about 100 blogs.I looked into Feedly yesterday. It has an app for iPhone. My Reader has two categories: subscriptions and blogs I follow’ via Google Friends Connect. Not sure if the latter will go away.Either way, boo hoo.

  12. Please add a shortcut key to save directly to Pocket (without opening another tab). One way to do this would be to provide an option to configure the “save” feature to save to Pocket. Or, you could provide integration with IFTTT so Feedly saved items could be sent to Pocket.

    1. I would llike to second this – I have a ton of feeds and its a real hassle to have to open each individual story in order to just send it over to my pocket.


    2. Guys just so you know.. you can use IFTTT on the web to create a ‘recipe’ so that everything you ‘save for later’ in feedly, will auto-get saved to pocket. Then I have another one which auto emails me whenever something is saved to pocket as well.. but that’s just my personal preference.

  13. I using a not “n” and “p”, which compared to google reader, have the nice feature to automatically mark as read. I use also “m” when I want the item to be kept unread.

    My most wished improvement is about the “v” key. I’m using firefox. Current, it open the article in a new tab and firefox automatically switch to the new tab. Firefox can be configured to avoid it to switch to the new tab when opening a link, but it does not work with the “v” bindkey.

  14. I find the Mark All Read shortcut, shift+m, rather awkward to hit with one hand. I prefer the Google Reader shortcut for this which was shift+a.

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  16. The shortcut to go to “Saved For Later” items should be “gs”, not “gl”, to be 1) consistent with Google Reader and 2) consistent with the shortcut “s” that marks an item as Saved For Later.

    Or at least, please add “gs” as an alias for “gl”, as it’s currently unused

  17. I used to use “f” a lot in Google Reader when the shortcut meant “full screen view”. Could you make that available (and ideally replacing the facebook shortcut too)?

  18. Feedly has done a great job in a short time to make itself a viable replacement for Google Reader. Some keyboard shortcuts are missing, but hopefully they’re coming. I know I would love to see a quick tag ‘t’ shortcut, ‘gh’ for home, spacebar for moving forward by screen for long articles, and a save to pocket shortcut (perhaps a ‘shift + s’ for all sharing options like email, twitter, facebook, pocket, etc). Keep up the great work.

  19. After having considered many alternatives, you keyboard shortcuts made the deal for me. On thing, though: shift-m is currently not very effective as a keyboard shortcut, as you have to use your mouse to confirm.

    (A shortcut to hide the side panel at will would be great, too.)

      1. I ended up in the same place. I like the feel of Feedly (I already use Flipboard on the iPad, so it wasn’t a big adujmtsent). I’m still getting used to adding new RSS feeds, etc, and I took the opportunity to clean up (reorganize and delete) my existing feeds in Google Reader before they discontinue it.

  20. Is there something you guys can do about caps lock and the keyboard shortcuts? It makes me really sad when I hit the ‘m’ key with caps lock on and mark ALL my stuff as read. I use caps for my vent key so its happened a few times.

  21. Keyboard Shortcuts : Ergonimically “mark all read” should be something which can be done with single hand preferably left hand eg Shift+a/z. This way you can use mouse + keyboard for faster work.

  22. These keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to work with the Cloud version that I use with Internet Explorer 10. Will they be added to that implementation?

    What I want to do is be able to be using a list view and looking at the details of one article and then with a single keystroke that is very easy to find without looking (like an up-arrow or a toolbar button or spacebar or – or + key of keypad) move to the next article above (then next most recent article) in that feed. (And stop when I reach the top of the feed.) Sometimes I go top-down, but when there hundreds of articles in a feed I need to go bottom-up (read oldest first before they expire).

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  25. In Google Reader when you pressed Space while browsing a specific category you select Next article and it is marked as read. When the articles of the given category are all read the next Space you press transfers you immediately to the next category with unread articles. Can you please integrate this, because it was the most useful button for me and I did not have to use mouse or other key to change categories :(.

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    j advances to next article, but Slashdot’s fancy comments widget highjacks focus and the j shortcut to cycle thru their own comments, meaning you have to use the mouse to click out or press shift tab about 20 times.
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