[IMPORTANT] Preparing to be upgraded to the new feedly cloud

We are in the process of finalizing the migration from the Google Reader back end to the new feedly cloud backend. This is an important post to help you prepare for the final step.


It is important that you run version 16 of feedly on all your devices.

On Chrome, go to chrome://extensions then select developer mode then click on update extensions to force the upgrade to the latest version.

On Firefox and Safari, you can go to http://www.feedly.com/index.html and manually re-install the app and restart the browser. The latest feedly desktop number is 16.0.515.

On iOS and Android, it is important that you go to the App Stores and make sure that you have the latest update. If you are not sure, you can un-install the app and re-install it. The latest android version is 16.0.5. The latest iOS version is 16.0.1.

Sync’ing via the cloud

Over the next 2-3 days you should expect to receive a green banner message (desktop) or a green card (mobile). This is the notification that your feeds and categories and up to 1,000 starred items have been successfully migrated to the feedly cloud and the articles you are seeing are coming from the feedly service.

It is important at that point that you restart the app on all your other devices so that they all connect to the feedly cloud.

The one part we did not migrate from google reader is your history (too much data) so you have to expect that you are starting from a blank history and your unread counts will be reset. This is a one time issue.

In some cases, there might be a gap of a few days in the saved items because migrating a few million accounts takes a few days. We have done our best to minimize that gap but we apologize if you are missing a few saved items. This is a one time issue too.

How do I login to my feedly cloud account?

To simplify the transition, we are going to continue to use Google Authentication to let you access your Feedly Cloud. We will be adding support for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn shortly.

How do I know which backend/version I am running?

If you visit cloud.feedly.com/#console you should see a list of data about your system. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 11.57.15 AM

This information should tell you if you backend is Google Reader or the feedly cloud and it should tell you which version you are running. The latest version is 16.0.515. If you are not running that version, see the first step to manually upgrade.

When will I get upgraded?

It is a random rolling update. Our goal is to migrate all the existing users between now and June 21st.

I can not add or load a specific feed?

This could be due to a bug in our new feed fetcher component. Feeds come in a lot of different flavors and despite trying to be very flexible and forgiving, there are some feeds we might not be able to parse. If you run into one of them, please send an email to care@feedly.com with [feed] in the title and the complete feed URL in the body of the message and we will have one of our engineers debug that feed and see why we are not able to parse it.

I see delay in some feeds getting refreshed. Why?

We are fetching about 20 million feeds every day. We have the horse power to fetch 100 million. But some of the domains we are connecting to do not know feedly yet and might throttle us. It is the case of live journal for example. We are working hard to get whitelisted. You can help by contacting the source and asking them to whitelist feedly fetcher.

We also have real-time connections to 7million feeds so updates should be generally very very fast for the most common sources.

Are there known bugs?

We are listening actively to the care@feedly.com and monitoring the issues which are being reported and pushing out updates everyday to address the bugs which are being reported. Here are a few known bugs. The iOS ones are going to take 7-10 days to fix because of the Apple approval.

  • If your read/unread counts are aout of syn please make sure you are running the latest version of feedly on all your device. To do so please log out of feedly, re-install feedly on all your devices and log back in. Also if you have an Android phone, please clear your cache!
  • If you have a category which is using the “Magazine” view, it will load a black screen. Reported by Anthony Scundi. Fixed in 16.0.512
  • A couple of users have reported clicking on a category and not seeing articles displayed despite the unread count being > 0. If you have this problem, please email us using the bug report section, we are trying to understand this issue. Fixed in 16.0.512
  • Feedly integration with twitter is broken. This was due to the recent twitter API upgrade. Fixed on desktop 16.0.512 and Android 16.0.5. Still broken on iOS. Use buffer as a work around.
  • When you have more than 10 tags, the tags popup shows a scroll bar but scrolling makes the popup disappear. We are able to reproduce this problem and are working on a fix. Fixed in 16.0.513
  • Keep unread is broken on the desktop. We understand this problem. Working on a fix. Fixed in 16.0.513
  • In the All page, the unread count at the top does not get updates as the articles are marked as read. We are able to reproduce this problem and working on a fix. Fixed in 16.0.514
  • Mark all as read, mark category as read, mark older than one week as read are slow and error prone. They require a manual refresh. Fixed in 16.0.514
  • shift+m should mark the current page as read and move the next section Fixed in 16.0.515
  • Editing feeds changes are not recorded by the server. Fixed in 16.0.515
  • Some users have trouble un-saving some of items which where saved during migration. We are able to reproduce this bug and are working on a fix.
  • Feedly 16 on Android 2.x has a article rendering issue due to custom fonts. We understand this problem and are working on a fix.
  • The list of categories is not properly sorted on iOS and Android when the app is first started. Work around is to pull to refresh. We are working on a fix.
  • On iOS and Android, the mark as read cards do not transition to the next section. We are working on a fix.
  • One user reported that only 7 of her 30 feeds migrated from Google Reader to the feedly cloud. Here again, if you have this problem, contact us, we want to understand more.
  • The Android widget is being migrated from Google Reader to the feedly cloud. It will come back in v17.
  • Feedly does not work on Safari 6.1 beta and Safari 7.0 beta. We are aware of this and are working on a fix. Coming soon.

We will be updating this document live as new issues are discovered and existing issues are getting resolved.

Reporting bugs

The entire team has been working close to 24×7 over the last 60 days to prepare for this migration. We are listening and happy to help make this transition as seamless as possible. If you are experiencing an issue or have a question, please send an email to care@feedly.com

If you are reporting a bug on the desktop, please include the content of http://www.feedly.com/home#console and screenshots if it helps explain the problem.

Help Spread the Word

Please help us spread the word: if you see other users who have questions regarding feedly or bugs, please point them to this document. We have a few million users to migrate in less than a week, you can help. #teamfeedly

(And thanks for all the positive tweets. It is great to know that the migration was seamless for the big majority of users)

Change Log

16.0.512 – 06/16 – Chrome/Firefox/Safari. Category magazine view. Twitter integration.
16.0.513 – 06/17 – Chrome/Firefox/Safari. Keep unread. Firefox custom fonts. Tagging.
16.0.514 – 06/17 – Chrome/Firefox/Safari. Mark as read bug fixes and optimizations.
16.0.515 – 06/18 – Chrome/Firefox/Safari. shift+m, subscription editing bug fixes.

Author: @feedly

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455 thoughts on “[IMPORTANT] Preparing to be upgraded to the new feedly cloud”

  1. How do I search what I have already read to find something? In google reader I would just click on read then go to the search but when I click on search in freedly it has me searching the web for new things- not things I’ve already read.
    Thank you!

      1. I noticed after upgrading the desktop app, chrome advised I could search feedly from the omni bar by typing ff, then space, then my search criteria. This returned the headings ‘featured’ and ‘in your sources’ which were just loading indefinitely, as well as the headings ‘in the new york times’ and ‘in the news’, which were showing headlines;

        This is promising. Does this mean searching through feeds is a feature coming post-migration? =D

      2. This is my #1 complaint. There are other minor issues I have with Feedly, but I imagine those will go away once I get used to it. But the ability to search my starred/saved entries is major for me. I follow a lot of food blogs/craft blogs and often save entries with the intention of going back when necessary. Without this functionality, it is almost pointless for me to even use a feed accumulator. Making this an update to Feedly would win me over completely

        1. @Bailey – You may want to consider using something like Pocket or Evernote or Instapaper or Pinboard to save stuff for future reference. Use Feedly to skim through all the new stories posted on the blogs you follow, then save recipes/articles/etc. that you think you’ll want to refer to later in another service. I think of Feedly (or RSS aggregators in general) as my river of news and think of bookmarking/read-it-later services as the storage tanks that hold the interesting bits for future reference. Luckily, Feedly has excellent integration with all of the apps/services that I mentioned above and once you settle into a workflow, you can leverage the strong points of the different services to use each for the thing at which they excel. Hope that helps!

            1. Oops, sorry to get everyone’s hopes up. I thought Evernote integration was already around but I’ve actually been sending stuff to Pocket, then to Evernote from there for long-term storage. Hopefully the Feedly devs will roll out Evernote integration once things settle down a bit. Mea culpa.

              1. Did you have much success with posting to Evernote. I have a lot of starred articles I save, review, and then send to Evernote later. I tested the link today and did not like how it is set up. I have Evernote desktop – the Feedly button did not link to the desktop program. Instead it takes you to an Evernote web login page, then you go to another page to confirm which notebook to post the clip too. I use a default notebook as an “inbox” that I file later. I tested 5 articles today over a 5 minute period and I had to go through all the steps each time. I don’t want to have to sign in every time and select a notebook every time…too many steps. My work around has been to star/flag the article in Feedly, and then use FeeddlerRSS from my phone to send the article to Evernote. So far that has been the quickest method to email full articles. Anyone have other tips or ideas?

            1. It would be great! I have the same issue, I’ve got a lot of saved posts that I want to keep in some place to read when I need. Evernote integration exists?

            1. I, too, was disappointed that all my tagged recipes to make were going to disappear with Google Reader and I happened just now to discover CloudPull which backs up your entire Google account (docs, contacts, calendar and reader). As a result, it also saves all your starred Google Reader articles with title of blog post and link. And it’s all searchable. And FREE unless you want to back up more than one Google account. Odd workaround since it’s not all in the same place as feedly items going forward but at least I don’t lose it all. I just now figured this out so hopefully it doesn’t explode on me, but I’m thrilled right now.

      3. I am definitely wanting the ability to search within my feeds in a manner similar to Google Reader’s. Like another commentor, I star and tag quite a few recipe blogs for items to make or try at a later date and use my Google Reader search feature to search in those, and inside of feed folders for new stuff. Please bring us a search in our feeds function!

  2. Very bad that history cannot be transferred… Very inconvenient – I’m not always up-to-date on my read items and resetting all feeds to unread will wreck havoc in my reading list….
    Hope it would be possible to manually sync with Google Reader…

    1. I’m sure if you offered to pay the extra hosting and bandwidth costs for the *free* service then they might oblige and spare you from the “chaos” of not being able to remember what you’ve read. Might I suggest you take some steps to guard yourself from havoc by taking some screengrabs, or *gasp* you make some notes on paper to remind yourself of what free info you had read on a free service before it was transferred to another free service? I empathise with the fear of potentially reading something twice… It keeps many of us awake at night!

      Thanks Feedly for saving us from the actual collapse of RSS’s usefulness by keeping this (really) simple and free service going even if Google don’t have faith in it any more!!!

    2. “Hope it would be possible to manually sync with Google Reader…”

      Not possible to sync to a service that doesn’t exist anymore, thats why they are transferring the data to their own servers to begin with. Feedly has been pretty awesome how nice it has worked so far, and honestly has less ad’s in it than Google Reader even had, not sure how they are funding all of this.

      1. I’m not sure some posters here understood what I’m complaining exactly…
        GR keeps unread items marked for 1 month – I think this is the same with Feedly, unless it will change after migration.
        And GR is still up and if my data migrates at least couple of days before GR goes down, I’m fine. If this happens on the last day – I’m screwed – I may not have time to compare and mark everything I already read as read and keep the rest unread exactly as it was before the transition…

        1. It’s your tone that’s bothering people. You’re speaking as if Feedly owes you this feature, and that there is something very important at stake here. At the end of the day, it’s just your unread count in your RSS reader. It’s not that important, and I’m sorry that this seems to be causing you so much mental anguish…

  3. All my read history got reset yesterday. Does that mean I’m already transferred? Also, none of the posts I’ve marked as favorites (starred in Reader) are marked any more. Was that supposed to happen? That’s very bad!

    1. As an aside, what time zone are you in? It’s 8pm in California but these posts indicate that it’s 11am tomorrow.

    2. the moment it is synced you can recheck your bookmarks on the original google reader until the end of the month ;-)

    3. This happened to me yesterday too. Just after the message that told me I’d been migrated to feedly. This was running the Android app and logging in using “Android login”. The successful migration message appeared the second time I ran the app too.

      1. Me too. The funny thing is, only 100 of my elements were marked as unread. I solved it in 5 minutes by marking as read if older than a week and then manually checking the like 18-20 remaining posts.

  4. All went nicely, people w troubles could try check their browsers or software to be up-to-date. Thanks-

  5. Why don’t you just migrate users over and then get their unread/starred stuff from google reader?

    1. Google is throttling access to their infrastructure. So it has be an incremental activity. When you are migrating 7+M accounts, it is a lot of data.

  6. Why don’t you just migrate users over and then get their unread/starred articles back from google reader?

      1. I have updated to Chrome v16 (it shows the number briefly when it loads) but the footer of the left panel does not show the version number.

        (I can provide my google reader email address in private)

        1. Same problem, I followed the instructions to update Chrome, but the footer of the left panel does not show the version number.

            1. Same problem, I just re-installed the app and have the latest version of Chrome as well.

                1. Sorry. There was a bug in the document. We replaced the “what version/what back end I am running” section with something better.

      1. Any progress on this? The updated app was supposed to be up on the 18th. It’s now the 21st and I can’t read anything from my feeds on my Fire because it’s out of date, pulling old and read feeds.

      2. Any news on when this will be updated. (Currently the app store has a version from May 2011)

  7. Just manually update feedly on my Firefox and waiting for the cloud!

    So, if there is a message that tell me the upgrade is complete and metadata information is properly showing (currently only google user name and log out) it is safe to clear all subscriptions from google readers? I want to delete all my data from google as a farewell to readers. Only youtube is left for google to mining any data from me!

    Would be good if feedly use its own account system after transition is complete. Google is the only one I have accoint with from the five you provide and plan to provide and I don’t want to use it…

    1. One you get the message that your migration has been successfully completed, you will no longer be sync’ing with Google Reader and it is safe to do whatever you want with your google reader account.

    2. Just a warning: I wouldn’t do that. Mine feed just got flipped over. I’m missing some historical stuff that it would just break my heart to lose. Gonna find a way to print it out or export or something before I get rid of GR.

      1. I periodically export feeds from google reader as part of crucial backup. After reading this blog I have exported it again and waiting for the move!

        Use Reader Settings > Import/Export and choose ‘Download your data through Takeout’ to create feeds backup. You got XML files which I don’t think feedly could import to its cloud in the near future. But that’s better than notthing at all! I normally bookmark any feeds I follow anyway, just in case of emergency…

  8. I went into preferences just now (web version 16.0.510) to edit my list of tags and there’s nothing in the section labeled “Tagging”. How can I edit my list of tags?

    1. You can add new tags when you tag an article. More powerful tag management (rename, delete, etc will be part of the August update).

      1. Does that mean you’ll be bringing over all the tags? I was going to delete the ones I’m no longer using.

      1. I’m still waiting on this, too. The updated app was supposed to be up on the 18th. It’s now the 21st and I can’t read anything from my feeds on my Fire because it’s out of date, pulling old and read feeds.

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  10. I hate it that there are so many negative comments. You guys at Feeldy did incedible awesome work and do your best to make the move from Google Reader to Feedly as graceful as possible. I just want to say thank you for your hard work and your great service. Keep it up!

      1. Ok, you asked for feedback. What is working right doesn’t need a fix, but I thought you were asking for issues so eventually the service is neat perfect.

        I thank you for your effort, for your time, for the idea of developing a new service, but I also want it to be not good but great and you are in the right track, so come on, don’t be so negative at people suggestions/complains. You need to fall first to grow strong!

      1. Giving feedback is not a negative comment. They already know what is working. But they need to know what is not, and there’s no other way to explain a problem without saying the negative part.

  11. Thanks for offering such a stellar service and meeting the deadlines Google put on you.

    I hope you will give us the option of supporting you with our money in the future, so that your future doesn’t become that of Google Reader. I don’t think any serious RSS readers are interested in a volatile freemium model.

      1. I don’t want to pay cause I want to save up to get myself a Mac. And anyway I don’t even have a credit card.

  12. i LOVE Feedly .. but, oh my gosh im so confused! lol. So will i lose all the feeds i have in Feedly?? or will they all still be there when I un/re-install the newest version?? im only running off desktop, does that matter at all?? does it matter when i actually get the new version?? ..

    1. Your feeds are stored on a remote server. You can un-install and re-install without any problem. As soon as you login, the list of feeds, categories, tags, etc.. is retrieved from the remote server to your PC or mobile device. I hope this clarifies.

    1. It could. The migration took a few days to complete so there might be a small gap and some of the very latest saved for later might be missing. Otherwise, we tried to copy up to 1,000 saved items so the old ones should be safe. -Edwn

      1. Edwn,
        Are you planning to copy all of the saved items or only up to 1000? Thanks for the great work so far!

  13. thanks for your hard work! i hope you guys aren’t beating yourself too hard on this! and also, i don’t mind paying for your service if you have a premium plan sometimes in the future :)

      1. Ok, after I removed Feedly from Firefox add-ons and reinstalled it from the Feedly site, I am now using v16.0.512

      2. I have just updated to 16.0.512 on FF21.0 (and on Chrome).
        As an aside, I cannot see Feedly’s version number anywhere near my login name on either Firefox or Chrome…

        Thanks for all your hard work, Feedly People! You’re one in a million!

        1. I can’t find the version numbers either. It briefly says Synchronizing feedly v 16.0 when I launch feedly in Chrome so I know that I’m not running “version 14 or something even older”

          The information in this blog post is so full of flaws and gaps it’s unbelievable and I don’t think the Feedly people are one in a million. They are just a bunch of Apple nerds that refuse to look outside their protected little Apple world and see how their product works on other platforms. The platform with the highest priority is Safari. Unbelievable!

          1. Really? I found their post to be accurate (Android, Chrome) and very informative. Why don’t you try some quick workarounds if something isn’t “exactly” the way it should be? For example, in Chrome, you can verify the version by going to the extensions management tab (chrome://extensions).

            1. You can’t call it accurate when the information is wrong.
              It says that if the version doesn’t show you are use a medeival version and must upgrade. If you read the comments you’ll see that loads and loads of users wasted a lot of time upgrading/uninstalling/reinstalling to get to that version number that would never show up.

              I bet you’re an Apple user with a “If it isn’t working it wasn’t supposed to work. There can’t be anything wrong with it” kind of attitude. Stop being such a blind fanboy and let people criticise where mistakes have been made.

    1. Google translate is your friend. :)

      Es una broma, pero sí, habrá gente que tenga problemas con el idioma y les cueste seguir los movimientos de Feedly. Ten en cuenta que Feedly está en San Francisco y no parece que haya nadie que hable español por el momento. Bastante lío tienen ya con conseguir que todo esto funcione como para encima tener que prestar servicio en varios idiomas. Siempre puedes prestarte voluntario para traducir las entradas de este blog al español y ayudar a los que no lo entiendan. Saludos.

  14. So basically, I am punished for switching from Google Reader to Feedly early? I have been using Feedly exclusively for a few months, but suddenly I have 999+ unread articles and all my saved articles from the past two weeks are gone. Perhaps I should already look for an alternative.

  15. I’m running 16.0.512 according to the Extensions view in Chrome, but I’m not seeing the metadata at “the bottom of the left selector” as shown in the screenshot above. I’m not certain whether I’ve been imported or not. If I’m running the right version, am I definitely imported and safe? I tried uninstalling and re-installing manually, and I’m running the most recent version on iOS too.

    1. I think the meta data down there just has your Name and Logout if have not been moved over yet, which is what I see.

  16. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the great work! I got the green bar this morning. I’ve got the latest version on all my devices. So how do I know that I’m using the feedly cloud? Because I still see an unread count with my feeds and I haven’t noticed anything different when logging in with feedly.

    Kind Regards,


    1. My question has been answered in the topic. Thanks! Already having living with my head in the cloud. ;-)



  17. Great work, I start to love feedly.
    I miss one feature: the ability to remove the social bar. I don’t of sharing with anybody. Why I am not able to remove it?

  18. Just want to say a very big thank you to all at Feedly for their hard work and efforts. It must be a massive task to take over from google’s reader.

  19. I have updated to 16.0.512 (checked in Firefox’s “about:addons” page), but I’m not seeing the version at the bottom of the side bar

    1. Yep, same here. I have version 16.0.512 and don’s see the version at the bottom left. As another info: I had to uninstall and reinstall feedly in Firefox to get the version 16.0.512. Upgrading did not work, I’ve got Version 16.0.500 everytime.

      1. Same here… I’ve got Version 16.0.500 everytime too :(
        And on Android in play stor is just 15.0.1 available…

  20. I’m not seeing the version number at the bottom of the left panel, I checked under chrome://extensions and I’m running version 16.0.512, I also tried to shutdown chrome completely and start it again, but I’m still not seeing the version number inside feedly

    1. Agreed, same issue with Chrome > I can see the version number under Extensions, but the left indicator panel only says my name and Logout, no version number.

  21. I am running version 16.0.512 in Firefox (manually updated), but I cannot see the metainfo with version number in the left hand column. I can see just my name and option to logout. Firefox reports version number 16.0.512. Is that a bug?

    1. Same with me. Firefox reports version number 16.0.512 but I cannot see the metainfo box.

  22. Thanks Feedly for making such a great product and free at that! I really hope your business model is successful… we are all depending on it for our daily news feed!

  23. Hi, ALL my feeds are missing (they got replaced with some feeds that I do not recall putting them), which is similar to the user who has only 7 out of 30 feeds migrated.

    Is there anything I can do (I have followed all steps in this post)?


  24. Can I use Feedly in Mainland China? If not I should prepare to seek other rss services available in Mainland China. Anyway, Feedly is the best!

  25. Hi, thank you for providing a viable alternative to Google Reader.

    After July, I would be very keen to see a replacement developed for Google Reader Filter, which I used to highlight the content I’m likely to be interested in from RSS feeds (academic journal alerts) that can sometimes contain hundreds of new items per week.

    I’m going to find keeping RSS manageable difficult without this.

  26. I have manually installed version 16. The only metadata displaying on the left hand selector is my account name and logout – no version info or statement about the cloud. Is there something else I need to do?

    1. If it doesn’t say that then you have not been migrated to the new Feedly cloud yet. I was migrated fairly quickly if you ask me.

  27. The Chrome extension is version 16.0.512 but it doesn’t show any version number in the left panel. The info given in this posting that “no number displayed” equals v14 or less is just plain wrong.

    1. Your account is still in Google. When you are transferred to Feedly cloud you will see that data.

  28. I have a question.
    For some reason, the contents of some tags from google reader didn’t import into feedly. I don’t think I did it incorrectly because most of my tags imported properly. Double checked the spelling of the tags in feedly and google and they match up, but some tags in feedly are still showing up empty.

    In any case, is there a way to fix this? Or to import my tagged items to feedly? I’m no longer synced to google reader.

    Also, of course, thanks for all the hard work on feedly!

    1. Many of my tags imported correctly. A lot of things were dropped., One tag, which I had spent a lot of time culling down to fewer than 250 entries, only imported 23 entries

      Can I have a redo on the import? *sob*.

  29. Chrome tells me I’m running v16.0.512, but no actual version info is shown at the bottom of the left bar. Just the menu (Index, Recently Read, …), my name and the logout link.

    1. Your account is still in Google. When you are transferred to Feedly cloud you will see that data.

  30. So when can we get our own usernames???

    In other words, why do we still need to logon via Google and get these messages:

    View basic information about your account
    Manage your data in Google Reader

    Awaiting your reply.

  31. Great job, but this kinda sucks for Windows Phone users. I can’t use my Google Reader app anymore, and as far as I know, there’s no application available for Feedly on the WP yet.

  32. I updated on Firefox, it says version 16.0.512 powered by feedly cloud.
    I can see my feeds but there just one page, “All”.
    It seems that not only it didn’t import the categories but I can’t even select single feeds.
    I haven’t seen the “green banner” yet. I don’t see a way to create new categories either. Does that mean my transition is not complete?

  33. Will we be able to export our data, like we can from Google Reader? Or once its in Feedly thats it?


  34. Why don’t you have automatic updates for Feedly for Firefox? You can easily provide your own update feed for using your own update servers instead of Mozilla’s. Having to update manually gets old very quickly.

    1. Why is Feedly an extension and not just a webpage like GReader? Then they wouldn’t have this problem. Still don’t understand this part of Feedly.

      1. Easy. Feedly grew as a cover layer over Google Reader. Two years ago, when I discovered feedly they just made a UI to show you GR information. But now they are giving the whole service. Now they can work on a web based service. Lets give them some time on this issue.

    1. ++1
      Unfortunately if the data export is not available by the time GReader retires, I’ll have to move to netVibes.

  35. I also cannot see any meta data at the bottom of left panel. Just my name and log out option. Running current version of feedly on chrome. And I still haven’t received any info about my mini toolbar being MIA for about a month now and you do not have that listed as one of the known bugs.

  36. Hi! I had over 40 items to read in a folder, but today those 40 were 600! And those were which I read on the last two weeks… Is it going to be fixed or sould I re-read them?

    Thank you for your hard work! Apart of this issue, everything else is working fine!

    1. Just read the articles you haven’t read and then mark category as read to get rid of the articles you already read the previous days. It’s that easy.

      It’s a one time issue, so it won’t happen anymore…hopefully.

  37. I just wanted to say I was switched to the cloud yesterday and didn’t realize it. I hadn’t seen this post yet, but when my ipad didn’t act right I uninstalled and reinstalled and voila! I know you are getting a lot of bug feedback and so on, just wanted you to know we do appreciate what must have gone in to making this happen and that you did it!you could have left us all floundering!

  38. Hat dies auf SCHLEUDERGANG rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Migration done. Thank you, Google Reader, for all you’ve done. Blame the Don’t-Be-Evil-Company for shutting down a great service.

    Welcome feedly!

    1. Same here. I had to check on the Extension page. I’ve also re-installed the extension just in case. It’s still not showing the metadata.

  39. Reading about the read/unread state of transferred feeds got me to wondering: I have a half dozen old (very old) feeds that are no longer active. They’re still stored in Google Reader.

    Will the historical content of those feeds be transferred over??


    1. Well … got my answer. Killed. Killed. All the closed feeds that I was keeping (half a dozen, maybe) … all gone, all empty. I’m trying to find a way to print or export or something so I can save them.

      1. You don’t even get that data if you export from Reader manually (by Google Takeout). There’s probably no way to export it.

  40. Thank you for giving us an excellent Google Reader escape plan so quickly! Great Job Feedly Team!

    1. There’s no way as far as I know. For people with a few articles can be easy. But I had quite a few thousands. :(

  41. This is a great, thorough explanation, but… I wish it had been posted last week. I already sent some feedback via the contact form when I discovered that the migration happened for me on over the weekend.

    You say this: “In some cases, there might be a gap of a few days in the saved items because migrating a few million accounts takes a few days. We have done our best to minimize that gap but we apologize if you are missing a few saved items.”

    This actually would have been super-helpful if I would have seen it ahead of time, instead of after the fact! I spent a lot of time early on Saturday reorganizing my feeds and saving a ton of items. When I returned later in the day, I had the banner about the migration, had lost all of those saved items and ~200 feeds I’d deleted were back.

    I realize this was just unlucky timing on my part, to decide to do that reorganization project during the migration. But I would have been happy to put it off until the migration was finished if I had known. Instead I had to go back and delete feeds again, and lost all of those saved items. I know this particular migration is a one-time thing, but in the future if there are going to be any other changes where something “takes a few days,” could you post this kind of message BEFORE it starts? Thanks, Feedly!

  42. Huge congratulations to the Feedly Team!! What a brilliant upgrade and about as smooth and seamless as anyone could have expected, considering all the moving parts here! I was a bit skeptical that this could be pulled off so nicely — but you folks did it.

    And thanks for keeping in touch so regularly, even with updates on the weekend and at all hours!!

    I’m thrilled with the Android app and the Firefox plugin is quite nice and more than adequate for now … that is, until I see Feedly running in my Opera desktop browser!

  43. I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Feedly crew for all of your hard work and your excellent communications with the Google Reader diaspora community. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  44. I will continue to use Google Reader until gReader on Android migrates to Feedly, so it’s possible to keep Feedly syncing with Google Reader up to 31th of July? I wouldn’t like to find myself with 15 days of unread feeds on Feedly

  45. The current version of your app available on Android is 15.0.1, at least that’s what is listed in the “What’s new” tab. Is this the most current version? Or should the Android app be v.16 too?

    1. Open Feedly left panel and scroll down. At the end, just below the logout option, you will see the version you are running.

    2. The PLAY STORE details say 15.0.1, but the actual app installed from the store is 16.0.5.

      **** Someone from the Feedly team needs to update the STORE information. ****

  46. Go Feedly! Really happy.

    Only one observation, which means i’m not entirely sure where i am re: the transition to Feedly Cloud:
    – when i scroll to check what version i have (as per instructions), it doesn’t say- i just have my name and then an option to log out. Is there anywhere else i can check the version?

    1. I have the same issue. I’m on version 16 but no version number at the bottom of left panel. I’ve re-installed to make sure but version number is still not displaying. The other way to check the version number is to go to the Extension page. I’m assuming you have Chrome, if so, type:


      in the address bar. If you have other browser, corresponding extension/add-on/plugin page should show the version number.

  47. I’ve noticed that if I spend some time reading through my feeds and then choose to Mark All As Read then it will mark items that have come in while I’ve been reading, but that are not displayed in the current list. Google Reader didn’t function this way, and I assume this is unintentional behavior from Feedly. I read from the All tab and this happens every time so you should be able to reproduce it easily. Can you confirm if this is a bug or intended behavior?

    1. That’s a big problem. I’ve noticed it too. The mark as read on scroll doesn’t work well either.

  48. Only “Magazine View” is working for me now.
    I can switch between all views, but all looks “Magazine View”.
    Google Chrome Version 27.0.1453.110, Feedly Version 16.0.512

  49. Just upgraded to .512 in Chrome and it’s fabby. So easy. And THANK YOU for the visible scroll bar!

    The only thing that happened with my upgrade is I lost some settings (default view, etc.), but they were easy to fix.

  50. Wait, only 1000 starred items? Are you serious? Starring articles and finding them is THE reason I use Google Reader and THE reason I started using Feedly! I’m willing to pay for a good GReader replacement service, but NOT if years upon years upon years of carefully curated items are thrown away.

    I don’t care how much it costs. Set a price, charge upfront, but import ALL my items, ALL that’s starred, ALL that’s marked as read, ALL that’s marked as unread, everything! Otherwise Feedly has just become useless for me.

    Sigh. Time to (re)start searching for an alternative. A free or paid one, it doesn’t matter, but something, anything, that doesn’t force me to basically restart from zero.

    Poor, poor, POOR decision!

    1. Save a copy of your Google Reader account with Google Takeout. Maybe in the future we will be able to import all the data to Feedly (Feedly pro?) and get ALL our starred items back as it should be.

    2. A few posts up they say that it wasn’t a decision but the 1000-starred-item limit is because google is throttling their access to Reader for the transfer.

      1. We could provide that data using Google Takeout. Maybe, if they want, we could upload a copy of starred (tags, and everytihng) items with no problem. But, do they want?

  51. I wish there was an option for showing how long ago a specific feed was added. Right now the only option (at least with the list view option) is how many days ago it was released. I wish I could also see it by date added (as in 14 feb 2013) since I sometimes am looking for a specific article.

    1. I agree. “Days Ago” is got to be one of the most unhelpful ways of describing a posted-on date. I’ve also noticed that when I look at “All” sorted by date … some “two days ago” slip in before current stuff. Extremely confusing.

  52. I got feedly on tablet, phone, and chrome. Found that something I read on tablet appear to be unread on chrome. And some posts I mark as read in Chrome are unread posts in tablet. Just updated all to v16, and login with Google Account (instead of Android, or via Google Reader), thing look good now.

    1. This is temporarily fixed by lowering the font magnification from 175% down to 100%. Another solution needs to be found … there are a lot of us with poor vision. Thanks.

  53. Some feeds I no longer subscribe to got imported in the transition but I cannot delete them. Error 403.

  54. Bye bye Google Reader! :-)
    Just one thing: I have a category called ‘Read It Later’, the content of this category based on a tag called ‘Read It Later’ too, and now this category is empty. It worked before this last update.

  55. I’m having trouble with my android app and web app syncing. When I read something on one device, it isn’t marked as read on the other. My android app also isn’t showing feeds I have recently subscribed to on the web app. Both platforms are updated to your latest version.

  56. This post states:

    “If you do not see a version number at the bottom of the left panel, it means that you are running version 14 (or something even older. Go back to step 1 and manually upgrade).”

    I do not see a version number at the bottom of the left panel. Mine just says my name with a link to Logout. I have already performed the manual upgrade and according to Tools -> Addons in Firefox I am running version 16.0.512.

    So what does that mean exactly?

  57. Does “Unread counts will be reset” mean everything will be marked as read, or unread? Comments here seem to indicate the latter, hope someone will confirm.

    Also, looking at the Extensions view, Chrome reports that my feedly is at 16.0.512, but I also do not have the metadata in the screen shot above. Should I expect this to appear only after migration, or what?

  58. I’m excited for my upgrade!!!! I saw the banner this morning to prepare, but no banner saying that I’ve been upgraded. Is it possible that it occurred and I missed it? Would it be possible to push a quick update that shows something down in the status at the bottom that says what “engine” I’m running. Maybe a “Bienvenue au Normandy” or something like that? 8^D

  59. …just followed the instructions given on how to upgrade (using the ‘install on Chrome’ option on the page provided) to the latest Feedly version as I am not showing the version details in my left sidebar as indicated, but still no change to the version shown. So am I or aren’t I?

    Confused :(

    1. Try moving your mouse into the area where your folders are listed and then scrolling. The version number will show up at the bottom of the list, but it’s nested within the sidebar on the left and is a little tricky to work with.

      1. …thanks for the help, Dillie, but sorry, no luck. Not there. I have my categories, below that options ‘index’ through to ‘product updates’ and below that my name and option to log out. Nothing else after that. Scroll bar all scrolled out :(

  60. I’m loving Feedly so far, but it feels like the elephant in the room is the lack of exporting ability. It’s a one way street. I have imported my 4+ years worth of cultivated feeds with no way to export it out. With Google Reader going away, I don’t feel good about subscribing to any new feeds for fear I’ll lose it if I find a reader I like better. I would love the ability to share with friends via RSS reader, so as soon as I find that product and convince my friends to use it (or if Feedly decides to go that way) I’m out. Even when I exported my data via Google Takeout, they had a huge warning about this:

    “If you have decided to take your data elsewhere, please take a minute to research the data export policies of your destination. Otherwise, you might import your data into a service that doesn’t let it out. If you ever want to leave the service, you may have to leave important stuff like your photos behind.”

    I really hope Feedly creates an Export feature, and am really confused why I don’t see them responding to the hundreds of requests for information about their plans when it comes to this.

  61. Maybe I’m having a really blonde moment – but I can’t seem to update to 16. I followed the link, clicked on the button to install into chrome. restarted Chrome and my feedly still doesn’t tell me which version I’m running, so I am to assume I’m still running 14.

    What am I doing wrong?

    1. Go to your Chrome’s extensions and see what version you are running. Feedly won’t tell you the version you are running untill your account gets transferred to Feedly cloud. You’ll see a green banner on top telling you when this happens. Then you will see that you’re saying.

      If you’re using Chrome is most probably you’re running the latest version of Feedly as updates are seamless and automatic.

  62. Interesting… Now that i’m migrated it seems to load my feeds much faster than before. Thanks alot btw. I hope it stays free.

  63. Just switched from google reader. Feedly looks great!
    There’s just one thing that worries me though: what happens when feedly pulls the plug? I hope you don’t, but just to be sure: is there a way to export my data and/or is it possible that a copy is constantly made somewhere else, like, in the firefox config dir?

  64. I’m running the iOS 7 beta on my iPhone. Will this mess with the Feedly transition at all? I believe I’m up to date – I got a notification a few days ago wishing Google Reader a happy retirement.

  65. Is it possible to stop relaying on my Google Account for Login? And, if this is going to be automatic, how do I find out my password and login?

  66. Ok – I’m confused. Please humor my dumb question…

    When you say you won’t be able to transfer history, does that mean I’m going to lose all of my tagged articles? Does my account essentially start over with tags and stars once it moves to your cloud structure?

    1. I’d love to know the answer to this too! I have a ton of tagged articles in various categories and love looking back on them. They’re great references and I’d hate to lose them. Any advice for backing them up anybody?

  67. The Amazon App Store (Kindle Fire) only lists Feedly 14.0.9, is the APK being hosted directly by Feedly for download?

    1. I’m still waiting on this, too. The updated app was supposed to be up on the 18th. It’s now the 21st and I can’t read anything from my feeds on my Fire because it’s out of date, pulling old and read feeds.

  68. Hi Feedly!
    Just wanted to say thank you for taking over from Reader. I’ll make a point to take the time and clean up my starred articles and history, so that my “read it later” pile doesn’t slow down the migration.
    And thanks for taking all this feedback! It’s awesome that you are so open to all of us lost Google Reader users. Sometimes I feel like I’m on a sinking ship looking for life-raft with an available seat!
    Thanks for the available seat :)

  69. You guys are doing an incredible amount of work to make this a great app and make the transition from G-Reader as seamless as possible. Despite the issues above, I just wanted to say thank you.

  70. I’m still having the problem I had a couple of weeks ago: When I manually refresh my feeds, all the items I marked as read show up as unread again. What is being done to solve this problem?

    1. I’m still waiting on this, too. The updated app was supposed to be up on the 18th. It’s now the 21st and I can’t read anything from my feeds on my Fire because it’s out of date, pulling old and read feeds.

  71. As a user, I’m really happy with the effort that Feedly is putting into this. But as a worker, when you say “The entire team has been working close to 24×7 over the last 60 days”, it doesn’t sound that right.

  72. Hi I have 88 feeds and about 500+ unread articles in Google Reader but feedly does not sync with my GR… Previous it worked fine when there were about 10 feeds syncing between GR and feedly. Today I tried to import more to GR and I thought feedly would catch them. Unfortunately nothing happened in feedly.

  73. Before the newest version and the cloud, all of my tagged items had successfully moved over to Feedly. Now they’re gone. Will they be coming back before Google Reader shuts down or did I just lose 2 years worth of tagged articles?

    1. I’m in the same boat. I was so relieved that they transferred to Feedly that I wasn’t worried about saving them elsewhere. Now, we’re just a few days from Reader dying, and I don’t have access to my tags in Feedly like expected! What’s going on??

  74. Hey guys, good job with feedly overall, it was no accident that all those users migrated from Google Reader!

    What bugs me after reading this post is that (to my understanding) I’ll lose the all the unread articles at the time of my migration. Does this mean that those items will remain unread in Google Reader?

    Hoping for a clarification! Keep up the good work!!! :D

  75. Things worse in the backend version (Feedly 16):
    * the sidebar should have a longer lag: it gets in the way whenever the mouse casually moves to the left side of the window. I suggest that not all the left side area should be sensitive and/or the lag is increased. It gets really annoying when one is using also a browser sidebar (such as Scrapbook in Firefox). I do not recall having problems with the behavior in Feedly 14.

  76. Running 16.0.513 in Firefox now. Nice to see the version number in the bottom-left of Feedly now. Might have been a good idea to disable comments on this specific post and send folks to a feedback post or thread in the support forum. This thing is a mile long now LOL. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  77. Any news on when the Google Play store will have the latest version of Feedly? I’m not showing it has updated yet.

  78. This is probably a stupid question but is it possible to manually delay the migration of my Google Reader stuff to Feedly?

    I know that Feedly can only import 250 posts per tag so I am busy reorganizing all the posts in my history to best accommodate for this.

    And is there anything I need to do on Feedly to ensure that all of my tags/posts get imported correctly? Or is the process automatic?

  79. So, if I see “Powered by the feedly cloud” at the left bottom, that means the entire migration process is successful?
    Because I clicked on “Import your Google Reader”, but didn’t see any alert if it’s done.

  80. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally right.

    This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  81. Is it just me when I say that I keep getting other users’ feeds instead of mine on Firefox desktop?

  82. Looking forward to the Facebook/Twitter log-in, Google log-in is annoying, want’s you to re-log-in every few days, and authenticate the feedly app.

  83. I have 16.*.502 and have downloaded the app twice and it fails to increase to .514. Will I be OK for the cutover?

  84. I’d like to drop a comment really quick. I just noticed this weekend, because I was away from my computer for three days, one of my feeds in particular built up really quickly. It appears that when it reached 1000 unread feeds, it stopped updating. Have I lost whatever might have been posted on that feed after 1000? That seems a bad idea.

    Also, though I have feedly set to go to “All” as the start page, it never does. Learning the keyboard shortcut to go there has made my life easier, but it’s still kind of annoying.

    And since I’m here I might as well request a way to get rid of the “in my feedly” sidebar, and recover a bit more horizontal space that way.

  85. Hello,
    Is there a way I can prepare for this without enabling developer mode for all my extensions?

  86. I installed and used Feedly for Chrome on a computer I no longer have access to (and thus cannot upgrade Feedly on that computer). Is there any way to disconnect clients from my Feedly account, or somehow still upgrade?

  87. Mine says Google Reader as the backend but also the latest version. How do I correct this?

  88. I have a question about importing from Reader.

    While I have already imported all my feeds, and I’m not too bothered about the unread/history resetting, I am a little annoyed about the limit of 1000 saved stories. In all fairness, I have saved them with Google Takeout, so what I would like to ask is:

    Are you planning on allowing the import of Reader data exported via Takeout?

    This would allow us to import those stories that we saved previously

    Also, as we are personally uploading the link data could these not be stored and as links ONLY then cached/loaded on demand?

    That would mean that we would only be storing them as bookmarks (essentially) saving your servers the strain of loading them when upload them.

    Just a thought.

  89. In Google Reader I used to have a Category for Listen Subscriptions. I use(d) it heavily for podcasts by using the Android Google Listen app. Everytime I hit refresh there, my subscriptions would synchronize with my Google Reader Listen Subscriptions category. How will that work now with Feedly? What do you recommend?

  90. Reblogged this on bullxead and commented:
    Feedly. – We are in the process of finalizing the migration from the Google Reader back end to the new feedly cloud backend. This is an important post to help you prepare for the final step.

  91. I rely on blogs for my work (trend forecaster) and need to be able to access my history. Needless to say I am very worried about losing all of it…its over 7 years of information that I rely on to do my job. Are there any options for me?

    Feedly community, please help!!

    1. I just checked Google’s “Takeout” ( https://www.google.com/takeout/# ) system which lets you get a copy of your data from many of their apps. I downloaded an archive of my Reader account and in the zip contained:

      I don’t see anything about history. Sorry. :(

  92. i have intalled feedly on 6 different PC’s (at work) what will happen if i dont upgrade all of them?

      1. I think everybody is dealing with this now unfortunately. Gah, I hope they fix it soon. I’m starting to get a little panicky over it considering that was my main reason for going with Feedly. I don’t want to lose everything.

  93. Why don’t you guys just create a button to automate this process for us instead of making us read this entire page and figure things out. That would be ease of use and of great value.

  94. Will there eventually be background “offline’ sync’ing access for Android similar to the current NewsRob app?

  95. Is there a chance to add information about latest version available in feedly? For example, under currently used version?

  96. My feeds are not syncing across devices and the browser extension. I have the most recent version on two devices and in Chrome, but when I mark things as read in, say, the iPhone app and then a couple of hours later look in Chrome, the items I already read that morning are still showing up as unread.

    1. I’m having the same issue, only with Android (v. 16.0.5) and Firefox (v. 16.0.515). Replying to subscribe.

  97. Pingback: Feedly hits 12 million users, launches web version and quits relying on Google’s backend — paidContent
  98. Why don’t you rename your Chrome App from “Feedly – Your News, RSS, Google Reader” to “Feedly”. It’ll attract more users (really). Could you make the change in the Chrome App after the transition, if you cannot do it now (it’ll take just 5 minutes, max.) [And Chrome Apps autoupdate].

  99. How can I update the Feedly addon for firefox? Acc. to the console information I’m on feedly cloud but my firefox addon is only of version 16.0.500. On http://www.feedly.com/index.html I can’t find a way to re-install the addon to get the latest version.

    1. Click on ‘Product Tour’ and you’ll see a big blue button…

      It took me a long time to find that out! Usually a product tour is for new users only. Now I’m at version 16.0.515. Firefox’s update check for extensions didn’t find it (it seems to use addons.mozilla.org which is still at 16.0.500).

  100. The download for Firefox (via their Add-on feature) is 16.0.500, not 16.0.515.

    Now that I’ve updated 2 PCs (Win 7 and Win 8) I get no, or very slow, updates (same version and responsiveness for Android). The console says
    “backend”: “feedly cloud”,

    For Kindle Fire (not HD) – I’m only seeing a V14 available from Amazon.

    1. I’m still waiting on this, too. The updated app was supposed to be up on the 18th. It’s now the 21st and I can’t read anything from my feeds on my Fire because it’s out of date, pulling old and read feeds.

  101. question: I want to do the following:

    Run Feedly on my iphone
    have web access as I did with Google Reader
    stick with Outlook for reading RSS feeds on my laptop

    Is this possible? If so, How?

  102. Big problems trying to get my Feedly cloud data from Opera. My account has already been moved to Feedly (and is therefore is now out of synch w/Reader.) So how do I access my Feedly cloud from Opera? (I tried to login to Feedly to see my content, but it throws up a bunch of XML. I’m using Opera 12.15 Windows 7 x64.)

  103. My mini toolbar stopped working a few weeks ago (I use Firefox). Any word on getting it back? It is much easier to add new things to follow that way.

  104. I spent an entire day changing m view to the Title view. Only to see it revert back to stupid fuciking magazine on EVERY SINGLE feed. How about a button to change ALL default view to Title, and put it where I can see it?

    1. fully agree when you have several hundred feeds it takes forever to change to the title view only to see feedly revert back to magazine with ever update. sure you aren’t related to the facebook folks?

  105. Can’t login to the webpage version on Windows 8 modern UI internet explorer nor via Windows Phone. :( Gets stuck at the oauth screen after accepting the google login)

  106. I have updated versions of the tablet (android) and chrome. I have many items in “Saved for Later” and many others in categories unread. I have the green bar with the warning “[IMPORTANT] Preparing to be upgraded to the new feedly cloud” already migrated to the cloud feedly? Run the risk of losing my thousands of unread items or saved for later? Thanks

  107. When will Feedly accounts be available? I would prefer to not have to use my google account to login, and have a separate username/password.

  108. I have a problem here un Peru. I upgrated Feedly the latest Android version (16.0.5) but it is not working. When I want to read an article, it just displays a blank pannel, and I can’t see anything on it but the images. Please fix it :(

  109. Ok so I’ve connected my Google Reader account to feedly and over the past few days whatever I did in Google Reader transferred over to feedly and vice versa. For example marking a feed as read in one would do the same in the other, however today that has stopped. Is this normal??

  110. It seems that several feeds I have previously removed from Feedly are back after the migration.

  111. Is the newest version available for Kindle Fire? I’m currently running v. 14.0.9 on my fire, but see no updates in the store for the newest version. Please advise.

  112. Chrome says I have the latest version 16.0.521 – Unfortunately whenever the page ‘cloud.feedly.com’ loads there is nothing in the page – Completely blank – The tab says “(0) feedly: your news,” etc. – I’ve cleared cache, shut and opened Chrome with no change in behavior – Is there something I’m doing or not doing?

  113. Hello ! Good day to all ! Is it me or am i really just out of sync ? The One-click Google Reader Import Button is doing nothing like not a single brass farthing . I have 3822 subscriptions out of the GRF . I… am totally clueless . Is there no other makeshifts somewhere out there ? I am at the end of my tethers . What am i doing wrong Feedly ? Please ! I beg of you ……….

  114. What is the good in panicking ! Should i be positive about all this ? Like i will just bargain for something uncalled for . Something phenomenal , better yet magical a sleight of hand of some sort off of you Feedly per se . Quite a wishful thinking ! But you simply didn’t expect me just to sit down to it did you ??? Please tell me what am i supposed to do in this dire sitch !!! Feedly !c

  115. SO… for as long as Feedly app is installed everything would be just A-okay or should i bid my 3822 subscriptions adieu and start rolling up my sleeves again and get down to brass tacks and get my derriere put pen to paper pronto !! In lieu of chewing my fat ‘ere Feedly ! I needly

  116. Where is Feedly when ye need’em the most ? When you most need it , it’s not there but when you least need it , it’s there . I just don’t want my 3822 GRF to succumbed to death and write it all off as sundry . Useless as the sand on the beach . Please tell me there’s an escape from all the dilemma we GRF bibliophile are about to face the music !

  117. “The one part we did not migrate from google reader is your history (too much data) so you have to expect that you are starting from a blank history and your unread counts will be reset.”

    Acting like this is not a huge inconvenience to users is really problematic. “Too much data” is a pretty lame excuse, and something Feedly users should have known in advance.

  118. Any word on the Kindle Fire app? I haven’t been able to use it b/c it doesn’t sync with the latest pc and android apps.

  119. Is there any way to sync more than 1000 starred items? In my case, it does not include all the elements … :-(

  120. I’ve Firefox and nothing works. I use feedly since the last year and now nothing works, nothing at all, no subscriptions nor anything appears. I have uninstall and installed the feedly and nothing works. I’ve passed many hours trying to solve this problem and I can’t find any solution, If I can’t fixed this I’ll move to the Old Reader.

  121. I logged into feedly today and it upgraded me to cloud, and all my blog subscriptions are gone!! Google reader is gone so I can’t look to see what I used to subscribe to. Plus I’ve added a lot of blogs directly to feedly since I stopped using reader. Now when I go to feedly its all blank and just asks me if I want to add content. :(

  122. how to send a message on blogspot it lacks one thing boton through which you can send a message to the blogger, maybe someone knows if there is such a possibility, or maybe you have something to add because I’m looking here and there is nothing on this share this

  123. As of 31 July, Feedly redirects to cloud.feedly.com and the instructions for upgrading in Firefox do not work. Help please!

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