[Q&A] How to I add a Google News feed to feedly?

This morning, we received this question from one of our users. I though that the community might be interested in the answer.

  • Please go to http://www.feedly.com/index.html and install the v16 version of feedly.
  •  After restart, open the left panel and click on +add content (at the top)
  • Enter the term you want to search in the search box.
  • Scroll down in the left panel and there should be a link for track <search term> in google news. Click on that link and if you like the results, click on +add to add that feed to your feedly.

If you have usage questions, please email them to care@feedly.com and we will try to answer them

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      1. I love Feedly Mini for adding new content. It’s in the Chrome web store. A tiny ghosted image appears in the right corner of the screen. Just click it for options to subscribe,, share, etc. in Feedley. You will get a chance to see how it appears in the Feedly app before actually adding the feed.

  1. After installing v16 I noticed that the font size changed. Before I was on v15.0.1. With the new size is definitely to big on a nexus 7.

    Any chance for a real user font size adjustment?

  2. When I enter “barack obama” as a search term in Feedly, I see:

    Tracking tools
    “barack obama” on Google News
    “barack obama” on Youtube

    I do NOT see:
    “barack obama” Google search term

    What am I missing?

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