Feedly Cloud is Now Available to All Users

Following up on our original post on our Normandy initiative, as well as our June 4th blog post on roadmap priorities and API design partners, today we are pleased to share more good news with the feedly community.

Feedly cloud is now live, providing a fast and scalable infrastructure to seamlessly replace Google Reader. Feedly cloud also comes with a completely stand-alone Web version of feedly, that works with all major browsers. Finally, we are please to announce the first nine applications built on feedly cloud, that allow you to expand your feedly experience.

If you are an existing feedly user:
Step #1: Go to http://cloud.feedly.com
Step #2: Login
Step #3: Restart feedly and your browser on all your devices

This will make sure that your account is migrated to the feedly cloud and will make sure that all your devices will remain in sync.

A fast, scalable and open infrastructure

Feedly cloud is amazingly fast, and has been built to scale. It is currently processing over 25 million feeds and crunching through billions of articles published everyday.

We have also been collaborating with developers of other reader applications to build a simple and ultra fast API to feedly cloud. This means you will have a fast growing collection of awesome apps to expand your feedly cloud experience.

Fast and Scalable InfrastructureA pure web interface

Feedly cloud also powers a brand new, standalone Web version of feedly (no plugins or extensions needed), making feedly available from any browser, including Opera and Internet Explorer. This was one of the most requested features, and we are thrilled to deliver on this today.

Feedly Cloud - Pure Web

Awesome apps for feedly cloud

Over 200 developers have contacted us since we announced our plan to provide an API to feedly. Many are already actively working on innovative apps that will work with your feedly cloud account. Today we are pleased to announce the first nine feedly cloud applications:

  • IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that. With the IFTTT Feedly channel, you can connect your feedly account to 63 other services (including Evernote, Google Drive, Gmail, Pocket, Instapaper, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, etc.).

  • Sprout Social is a social media management platform that offers engagement, publishing and analytics tools for businesses. Sprout enables you to more effectively manage social channels and provide an exceptional customer experience from your browser, iOS and Android devices. You can connect your Feedly account to begin reading and posting content to your community directly from Sprout Social.

  • Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, is a fast, clean and beautiful reader app inspired from Metro UI and packed with powerful features. It’s the best way to read your feedly on your Microsoft powered devices.

  • Press is a wonderful reader for Android that is all about the reading experience. It’s designed with the purpose of making your news easier to read. Also providing full offline support.

  • gReader is a simple, fast and intuitive reader for Android, featuring beautiful themes, podcast support and full offline support. With gReader, keeping up with your favorite websites is as easy as checking your email.

  • Newsify is an awesome reader for iPhone or iPad, with an amazing newspaper-like layout. It supports offline reading including image caching, and the use of multiple feedly accounts.

  • Pure News Widget is a scrollable and actionable reader widget for Android, with multiples skins.

  • Meneré is a Windows Desktop client to Feedly showing all items, filters them by read state, feed label and content and brings Snarl notifications.

Over the coming weeks and months we look forward to adding more names to this list.

Feedly Cloud Apps

The road ahead

This is a landmark for feedly, as we go from being purely a reader to becoming a platform. Feedly cloud is the foundation that makes us completely independent from Google Reader. It will enable us to build features even faster, and deliver the roadmap you helped us shape. More to come very soon.

There are only 10 more days before Google Reader is going away. Don’t forget to tell your friends to head to http://cloud.feedly.com and migrate their Google Reader too. And let’s all wish Google Reader a happy retirement!

Happy Retirement Google Reader

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706 thoughts on “Feedly Cloud is Now Available to All Users”

  1. No news on public API access? I have a bunch of scripts that work with GReader starred items.

    1. A public API is definitely necessary or please at least provide the option to create a RSS feed for all the starred items. At the moment I use such a feed in Google Reader to publish content on my blog. Right now I don’t see any way to do this in feedly.

      1. Same here. We really need this feature or at least some way around it..

        Thank you for the web version though! :)

    2. We are committed to making the API public. We need a little more time to organize things and make sure that when we open the API, we can actively support developers and make sure that they are successful. Thank you for your patience.

  2. Well done Feedly! I think the “plugin free” version is a HUGE step forward, and the performance is stil lightning fast! Congrats!

    1. +1 on this. I remember asking what the plugin even did at one point but never got an answer. Now that the plug-in is optional, I’m once again interested in what it does and whether there’s any reason to keep it installed.

      1. So far all I can say is it has Feedly Mini which the site can’t do on it’s own, but other than that I’ve no idea.

        Hopefully we start to see some new features for the extension/Chrome app version that provide a clear difference.

              1. Hello, Feedly Cloud and Feedly Plugin seem to be out of sync for me. I have made changes in my subscriptions after Feedly plug-in has been migrated to cloud. Is that a temporary issue, or I’ll need to reapply the changes in Feedly Cloud?

    1. I second Diego, if I log in gReader with my google account it just sync with google reader and Feedly?

    2. Looks like a build of gReader that supports Feedly isn’t out yet. Also waiting for this, I used gReader previously and liked it a lot.

        1. It just came out. To sync to Feedly instead of Google Reader, logout and then when you log back in, you will get the option to sync to either Feedly or Google Reader.

  3. Awesome, I uninstalled the extension immediately. Until tried to open a link and discovered the open in background extension I use doesn’t work with the website. Can you guys just implement that natively (and let me choose the key) (and yes it’s already uservoice with 400 votes)

        1. (I’ll take that as cmd-click) I don’t use my mouse when using Feedly. I like to just scan through the list with “n” (automatically marking as read as I go) and clicking “b” (which I had mapped to the open in background ext.) as I come across something interesting. Going through the entire list (or stopping every once in a while if it’s long, like in the morning) and then go through my tabs, ctrl-tab wise.

  4. Not having a pure web experience was a non-starter for me, I’m glad you guys finished it before Google Reader went away.
    Now when is the non-Google login coming? lol

      1. They are not interested in doing proper login because they want to harvest(and likely resell) as much personal information as possible. Proper authentication through Google would not give them access to your name, gender, profile image, location, etc

        1. Yes, it would. It can give the same information. It’s just easier for me to manage my linked accounts.

        2. Nonsense. They’re going to have other log-in options shortly. The folks at Feedly have always been open and honesty. They’re not mining your data.

      1. Hi, I started feedly. It’s awesome!
        After starting twitter/linkedin/etc. logins, I would like to change my login from Google to other authenticators (oAuth providers), say, twitter or “another” Google account. Or, plz allow us to login one feedly account by different ways (authenticators) by connecting some authenticator accounts. This might be quite useful when we want to change/remove Gmail addresses.

      2. Will you be adding a Feedly specific (not linked to any other service) login option at some point or is that not on the road map?

  5. Hopefully you update your extensions soon (especially Feedly Beta, or just an an icon to the normal feedly extension… since an icon in the browser UI showing an unread count is VERY important) which point to cloud.feedly.com. Should save extention creation effort and all devices/platforms benefit as you improve the master cloud version.

  6. Looks like there are still some small differences between the data I see using the Feedly plugin and the data I see on cloud.feedly.com. I’m assuming those will eventually be smoothed out (at the very least within the next 2 weeks :-/ ). I appreciate getting a web interface to the service. It means I’ll be able to use it on my main devices, none of which are iOS or Android.

    1. Can you check that you are updated to the latest version across all platforms?

        1. hey there and thank you for your information – I’ve certainly picked up something new from right here.
          I did however expertise some technical issues using this web site, as I experienced to reload the website
          a lot of times previous to I could get it to load properly.
          I had been wondering if your hosting is OK? Not that I am complaining, but slow loading instances
          times will very frequently affect your placement in google and could damage your high quality score if ads and marketing with Adwords.

          Anyway I’m adding this RSS to my e-mail and can look out for much more of your respective intriguing content.
          Make sure you update this again very soon.

      1. I have this problem as well. I’m fully updated on all platforms, so now they all read the same out of date number. I really don’t feel like marking 200+ items as read..

  7. Until now, this was the single aspect that kept me from using Feedly as as Greader replacement… Now that it’s out of the way, it might go back to the top of the list.

    Now you just need to fix the “j/k” (next/back) keys changing from the selected layout to a different one.

  8. Great news – the integration with IFTTT was something I was looking for, having used it with Google Reader. Well done on getting the new platform off the ground in such a short time!

  9. Will it be possible to align the text in feeds (titles only view) to the left? I always get a huge white gap between the list of feeds and the text of a selected rss item.

    1. I wish there was an align by width option, those giant empty spaces are driving me insane… Readly user script solves this problem, but I don’t understand why must I resort to third-party solutions for something as basic as this.

      Also, I cannot believe anyone could create a web service in 2013 without HTTPS support!

    1. You will have to mark them read manually. They already told they can’t migrate history (read or not), too much data and google limits their download capacity.

      1. This is not the problem. The problem is that cloud.google.com doesn’t sync with the Chrome and Android apps. Marked everything as read on cloud.feedly.com but the articles are still showing up on my Android app. Until they fix this, I will have to use the Chrome app.

        1. GameCube. If you go to cloud.feedly.com and login to migrate and then make sure that you have v16 on android and restart all your apps and browser, everything will start sync’ing to the cloud. -Edwin

            1. My Migration was a train wreck, lost all my unreads. Can’t mark anything unread on the new version. Ugh

    1. They are missing both OPML import and export. I guess they relied so much on Google that it was not something that crossed their mind.

    2. +1.
      I won’t fully migrate until there is a proper export as I don’t want to be locked in a service (we can’t even view the URL used by the feeds !!), and I’m starting to worry as the 1st of July is approching !

  10. I keep having the final item in a feed remain unread when I scroll to the bottom, forcing me to click on the check mark to remove that final item, even when the other items automatically mark as read when scrolled through. Are you aware of this issue?

  11. I’m very excited, as this means I will be able to use feedly on my computer at work, but sadly it doesn’t load in IE9 on Win7, just a white screen. I am keeping my fingers crossed for continual improvement. Feedly has come a long ways in just a few months and is very close to as great as Google Reader.

      1. Webpage error details

        Internet Explorer 8
        Version: 8.0.7601.17514

        User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; InfoPath.3; MS-RTC LM 8; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E)
        Timestamp: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 16:37:05 UTC

        Message: Expected identifier, string or number
        Line: 599
        Char: 550
        Code: 0
        URI: http://s3.feedly.com/web/16.0.515/js/10101_web.js

      1. Thanks Remi, unfortunally my corporate security policies also restricted RSS feeds on my Outlook, so I would reallt need the Web version (for IE8 on Win7 64bit) working asap so that I can follow my personal and (most of all) work-related feeds. Thank you again guys for being so proactive!!

          1. I cannot install chromeframe, no admin profile. Just free and friendly web. Any options?

  12. Yea! Last minute save — you won me over with the Feedly Cloud version because it works easily with MS Internet Explorer 10. (Very pleasant surprise to me.) Also very much appreciate the other integration, e.g., IFTTT, etc. Thanks!!!

      1. To fix the blank page in IE 9 this worked for me (it might work for IE 10): Hit F-12, click Browser Mode in the toolbar and select Internet Explorer 9. Then select Document Mode next to it and select Internet Explorer 9 standards.

        1. i have IE9. i changed browser and document modes. i SEE now something instead of BLANK page, however nothing happens when i click LOGIN button. so still, i am not able to get IE9 working with feedly. any ideas?

    1. Not sure yet. We do not have the resources to build a great web version of the sharing controls and Buffer has already done all this work (and we love the Buffer team) so we are going to rely on their work for a little while).

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  14. Still no Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy. I guess I have to skip this for Digg Reader or something that details its legal policies out in the open.

    1. The terms of service for the feedly cloud platform are actually on our developer section (currently only open to early partners to allow us to scale and provide proper support).

      The details are still a work in progress, but protecting users, publishers, developers and the platform is key to us.

      Here below is an excerpt form the introduction.:

      We believe in open. We believe in privacy. We want to a vibrant community of developers. We want this platform to be long term viable. We want to work with the community of developers, publishers and users to finalize the term of service of the feedly cloud.


      1. That’s nice but its useless to the millions of regular people who decided to use your services if its locked behind a developer privileged door.

  15. What’s up with Opera 12.15 x64?? I tried to login to Feedly to see my content, but it throws up a bunch of XML, and refuses to login. Also the left panel flashes on and off and mostly stays off. (It works fine in IE, I can login and see all my cloud feeds.)

    1. +1
      Downloaded a fresh Opera 12.15 install and installed as portable. Still cannot login – there’s just the OAuth popup :/

      1. Yeah, still no Opera support. Thinking of switching over to Feedly once Google Reader goes away, but if it doesn’t work in Opera I’ll have to go somewhere else.

        1. By which I mean, I first got a 503 error trying to import, and then I got a blank OAuth popup after that. It sounds like you are trying to support Opera, which is awesome!

  16. Android gReader is syncing perfectly with the Feedly back end! Very cool!

    Reader HD has much better offline reading functionality than gReader, so I hope they update soon with Feedly capability.

  17. Why is it not possible anymore to scroll down infinitely but instead I see “End of stream”? This is a very important feature for me! It often happens that I don’t have time to read my feeds for extended periods, and when I want to catch up later I start where I left off, even if that means scrolling back several months.

    If this change is permanent, I might as well use another service, because none of them offers this feature either (as far as I know). Please add it back!

  18. >>If you are an existing feedly user, you’ll just need to make sure you have the latest version of feedly installed

    Do we still need to have an extension installed for the migration to complete since we can just use feedly cloud? This is confusing.

    1. From my test, it seems browser extension is no longer required. Feedly Cloud will do all the rest. But do note it is now no longer sync-ing to Google Reader.

      Read articles on Feedly Cloud still appear unread on Google Reader (which is good). It just mean migration is sweet.

  19. Great job transitioning over! I love how smoothly it went. I know Feedly’s been having trouble accessing LiveJournal feeds, though. Any chance of that getting fixed soon? It’s the only reason I’m still using Google Reader at this point.

      1. I’ve sent in a support request to LiveJournal asking them to whitelist Feedly, though it will probably be a while before they get back to me (if they ever do). Anything else I can do on my end? I use Google Reader to track a lot of LiveJournal feeds, and it would kind of suck for me if this issue doesn’t get resolved before Google Reader goes offline.

        1. I also sent in a support request to Livejournal and got a response yesterday asking about IP addresses. I copied the answer from the whitelist page Feedly linked to in the last blog post and I’m still awaiting a response to that. I’m hoping this is resolved ASAP. Like you, I use Feedly for a lot of Livejournal feeds so as of now the service not very usable for me.

        2. I also sent in a support ticket to Livejournal yesterday and got a response inquiring about IP addresses. I copied the answer from Feedly’s whitelist page linked in the previous post and I’m still awaiting a reply. As with you, I use Feedly primarily for Livejournal feeds and as of now it’s not usable for me. I’m hoping this gets resolved ASAP.

      2. Please contact LiveJournal yourself because without specific information from your side they can do nothing =(

  20. Just uninstall firefox add-on and move to the cloud! Use Custom Buttons add-on to create custom button to launch feedly like before.

    1. It works well sometimes, we also see the connection reset notice. Tested by Hunan Telecom, China.

  21. OMG! More problems came.

    * name order is fixed first-name:family-name
    * read-unread reset (of course, this is previously notified. but is not notified at just import)
    * tags more like Google Reader’s bad habit. ‘feed’ tag auto tagged ‘entries’

  22. I don’t see Reeder’s name here.. I am not sure if it is IN or OUT. I remember that it was IN a week back or so.. What happened?

  23. I recently used Feedly after the news about Google Reader and I totally agree with the reviews about the application. I totally love the mobile applications on my iPhone and iPad and now the web application. Good job to the developers of Feedly and keeping RSS reading alive. If Feedly can offer offline reading for mobile devices in the future, this will be my single application for RSS.

  24. I ticked the Filter UnRead Only, But it is still showing all the unread post.
    It is possible to choose the default theme being totally expanded. Currently have the Main View as Title View only, every time i clicked on others area it will scale back to middle oriented which is kind of annoying.

    1. Forgot to mention, otherwise, as of first 20 min of using it this is by far the best alternative out there. ( Haven’t tried Digg Reader Yet. )

  25. I used it before engine update – it was all good. After the upgrade no longer updated news from LJ. And with all the other sites everising is OK. What can I do?

  26. This is great, although now that I’ve moved gReader over to using Feedly the content of some of my feeds has gone. e.g. the Engadget feed has no text now so I need to use the Article view. This is quite annoying, and surely a bug.

  27. This is awesome! Thank you guys – I am LOVING the Feedly experience and it’s been a great transition over from Google Reader.

    Also: Wow, there are a LOT of complainers on this thread! Keep in mind that you’d be pretty SOL right now if Feedly weren’t doing all of this (FOR FREE) – it’s not like Google Reader is magically going to stay around! How about stop the whining for a minute and just say thank you! :)

  28. I’d love to see the web app optimized for a mobile browser. Much better than native so since then you get tabs and background loading links!

    1. Having same issue. Mark unread does not keep item unread if you leave the individual feed and then return to it. (FF)

  29. The Feedly cloud seems to be very far behind Google Reader in terms of availability of articles. If I go to reader.google.com, I can see articles in some of my feeds which are 6 or more hours old, which have not yet appeared in Feedly. Hopefully (perhaps?) this will clear up in a few days after the rush of users coming into the cloud slows down.

    1. I have this problem too. Some feeds have appeared at Google Reader 6 days! ago, but not at Feedly cloud.

      1. I narrowed down at least 1 issue and sent an email to care@feedly.com – I have a number of YouTube channels as feeds, and they seem to be the ones most likely to stop updating. I noticed that if the feed name, as it came over from Google Reader, ended in “&client=ytapi-youtube-profile”, it typically had trouble. Unsubscribing and resubscribing, without that part at the end of the name, took care of it. I do still have some other feeds that are stuck though.

        1. Looks like removing “&client=ytapi-youtube-profile” didn’t really take care of it, at least not for long. All of my YouTube feeds are stuck.

  30. Which one is better: Feedly App (eg. FF extension or a App for Android) or purely web interface of Feedly Cloud? in terms of resources (network, processor) usage, security, etc.

    1. I’m not sure. The web version wins for me because it’s not running on the background wasting resource when it’s not needed. For mobile, the only option is the Feedly app or one of those new integrated apps because there’s no mobile website yet. Only problem with cloud.feedly.com is that it’s not using HTTPS (not sure if the plugin is secure either).

  31. bug report for ver.16 or cloud.feedly.com
    clicking keep unread many times, the unread count will keep go up

  32. My tags are out of sync. Anyone else with this problem?
    Stuff i marked with a tag the last weeks wont appear at that specific tag in the cloud-version.
    At the old extension however, they are marked with the tag.

    1. My tagged articles are completely gone! I had manually added my 100s of tags to Feedly this past weekend. When I clicked on each tag, all of my tagged articles from years of Google Reading displayed. ([phew]). Today, I log onto the cloud and now when I click on a tag there is nothing. Is there a step to make them display? Are they forever gone? What??

      1. Try importing your Google Reader feeds instead of logging in, and then logout and log in again.
        Worked for me.

        1. I’ve downloaded everything, and tried to “import” on every device and browser but it brings nothing back. Am I the only one? Everything is there in google reader.

    2. Same problem here: I cannot find my tagged items, they seem to be gone. I tried reimporting the feeds from GoogleReader but I had no luck. Also it seems that some older posts have disappeared now. In GoogleReader everything is okey.
      Please fix this bug because it is CRITICAL and don’t do stupid things like this on the future.

      1. Today I find the same problem: I can’t find the older posts like in last years. But all of them can be found in GR. I just want to keep all the old posts. Can Feedly do it well like GR?

  33. Why the cloud version doesn’t show Uncategorised tree like the extension does? I don’t use categories, but i like to see how many articles i have in what source. Now i just have all and can’t go to separate sources quickly.

  34. I wanted to thank you guys for this amazing work and for listening to us.
    Clearly user satisfaction is still NR. 1 priority.
    keep up the good work!

  35. Site – cloud.feedly.com – doesn’t load in IE8. Don’t judge, I have to use XP at work and that’s the highest version you can install.

    1. I’m on IE9 at the office, and it’s not loading with IE9 either. I sit near the IT security team, and they tested w/ Firefox and Chrome w/o a problem, so it looks like something in the IE browser.

  36. I tried 3 approaches to access feedly on my Nokia N9 (meego):
    1) open cloud.feedly.com in stock browser
    2) install gNewsReader
    3) install Firefox for Meego and visit cloud.feedly.com
    None gave a satisfactory result. The site gave a blank page in the stock browser and an unreadable layout in Firefox. gNewsReader havent got the support for feedly yet (at least in its Meego version).

  37. I have IE 8 and Win7x64 and it’s not working

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E; InfoPath.3)
    Timestamp: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 08:30:08 UTC

    Message: Script error
    Line: 0
    Char: 0
    Code: 0
    URI: http://s3.feedly.com/web/16.0.515/js/10101_web.js

    1. Why are you using Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7? If it was at least Windows XP, that would be okay.

    1. It’s a problem with the cookies permissions. I have firefox set to ask me for permissions before allowing cookies and I got the blank page. After changing to “allow” for cloud.feedly.com, it worked.
      To change it:
      – right click on the page > View Page Info > Permissions tab > Set Cookies > uncheck “Use Default” > select “Allow”
      – Tools menu > Options > Privacy tab > Exceptions button > enter “cloud.feedly.com” > Allow button

  38. Once in the feedly cloud, is there a way to re-import subscriptions from Google Reader again (I’ve made changes there since) ?
    I’ve read in the answers, that an import will be available in the v17, if there is no other way I will import my OPML list from scratch.
    Thanks for your great job.

  39. I see some ads or “offers” in the sidebar in the cloud-reader. No hard feelings, but I’d prefer to pay a little for your services.

  40. Can’t login with google from opera. After authentication it just shows the OAuth icon and nothing happens

    1. Some here! I can use feedly on Android and Chrome but Firefox just shows the Icons but I can not click them..

  41. Great service, awesome designed, congrats & kodos! Thanks a lot for saving us!
    However there are 2 issues on my side:
    1. I expected the “Save For Later” category to show all the posts I marked, “starred” or set “saved for later” within Google Reader. After migrating my data only the posts/articles I marked within the last 105 days are shown… but there are lots more (older ones). Is there any chance to get these also transferred to your service? For me, it’s some kind of ‘bookmark archive’ and I use it frequently
    2. I joined yesterday so I only get the new posts from the RSS feeds since yesterday – even if there are some unread from before. Where I can tell your service how long it should go into the past? (except of the “save for later” bookmarks – they should stay forever ;-) )

    1. I, too, use it as a frequently referenced bookmark archive. All my tagged articles that I’d manually recreated in Feedly are no longer showing. How do I get them back?

        1. Ditto — I can’t access things I had saved VIA feedly prior to the migration to cloud… how do I can I get access to the prior version of my account?

  42. How bizarre, you have totally confused your reader, me. I have no idea whether I have successfullt migrated and what the relation is between you “cloud” service, the add on’s on firefox and chrome and web access. You really need to clarify. I used to think I understood.

    1. Hear, hear. And for the completely-new-to-Feedly… how can I tell if I’m on the cloud version vs the non-cloud plugin version?

  43. Hello, Feedly Cloud and Feedly Plugin seem to be out of sync for me. I have made changes in my subscriptions after Feedly plug-in has been migrated to cloud. Is that a temporary issue, or I’ll need to reapply the changes in Feedly Cloud?

    1. I would like an answer to that, too. My feeds are not syncing on my Fire because of the version, I think. I’ve restarted it and it’s still pulling old and read feeds making my app useless :(

    1. I just followed the instructions above and cloud.feedly.com is showing everything as read for me as well. Argh.

  44. You guys are amazing. Thanks so much for picking up where Reader left off. I was hesitant to change my ways at first, but Feedly now seems a much better service for me! Y’all’ve really saved my workflow.

  45. Really cool! However, I can’t get it to work in Fluid app, it still tries to download the Safari extension (which doesn’t work with Fluid).

  46. Does anybody know if feedly plans on integrating a podcast app, either separate or included, wherein the podcasts can be downloaded rather than streamed? I’d pay for an ad free one, i just don’t want to purchase BeyondPod ($7) or similar product if feedly is working on this.

  47. If I save as favorite the Index page, when I click on it, it shows only the left and the upper toolbar, but nothing at the centre
    Much thanks!!

  48. Woah, Feedly, switching to the Cloud totally messed up my save for later section. Brought back every article I’ve ever bookmarked but since unbookmarked because it had been dealt with. Now it’s a mess :(

  49. Thank you so much! You guys have made me almost grateful that Google Reader is going away, because I would never have found you otherwise and you have been AWESOME. Well done indeed!

  50. Tried to use new cloud.feedly.com on N9/MeeGo device (webkit based browser). Just blank white page visible. Google reader was (still is) the most use website with my device.

  51. Wow. Things are still really slow getting articles from some feeds. I’ve had some luck by removing and re-adding feeds, but in some cases, removing a feed (or even an entire category) doesn’t stick, and I end up with duplicates. I may go back to Google Reader until it goes away, then export everything from there and manually add everything back into Feedly from scratch.

    1. As a followup – I reported a few issues to care@feedly.com, and heard back from them asking for more info about the issue with not being able to remove some feeds/categories. So I do appreciate knowing that they’re listening to us :)

  52. I updated to Feedly cloud and gReader for Android is ok. I hope we will have a serious app for Windows 7 with proxy support…

  53. Since yesterday I noticed my feeds stopped updating, although in Google Reader they are updated. I’ve checked this on 2 devices I use. And yes, I have “the latest version” etc.

    Your Feedly stuff doesn’t work ok. I’ll better be looking for something else, than your “browser app” which doesn’t work.

  54. Já instalei e re-instalei o app para Android e nada. Quanto tempo vai demorar para o aplicativo voltar ao normal? A aplicação web, no Chrome, aqui já está ok, mas o app não faz nada além de abrir uma tela de erro depois da introdução padrão.

  55. Well, this sucks. Everything was fine then I updated to the cloud. While it pulled all my feeds over it marked every last article as read and is now not updating correctly. For example, the newest article in one of my news feeds is from 13 hours ago. It should be more like minutes ago. Another feed is saying there are no new or old articles to show at all so its just blank. Cloud.Feedly fail.

    1. Frank: Yeah, I think trying to move to the Feedly cloud so soon after they made it available was a mistake. We’ve got until the end of the month to use Google Reader, and I hope the cloud issues will get resolved by then. At this point, I’m having the same situation as you – very slow to update feeds – and some other problems when I try to work around that. Sometimes, removing a feed and re-adding it helps. But now I’m ending up with feeds and categories that I can’t remove, or duplicate feeds. I can’t see a way to totally purge what we have in the Feedly cloud and start over again, but I’m planning to go back to Google Reader until the end of the month.

  56. Well done! The cloud site is running very smoothly on my Chromebook. The app was always a little slow. Migrated over, great to see the innovation that sprang up from Google bowing out!

  57. Not working on IE and Opera (not tested on Firefox) !
    You disclaimer for that browsers support and can’t test it before?

  58. The posts I marked as read are not showing as having been read – as soon as I refresh “All,” it goes right back to showing the read posts as unread. Could you please look into this glitch? It is making me crazy as I follow something like 300+ blogs.

  59. When I try to load the Feedly cloud page, it’s just a blank page in my browser. I’m using IE 8, and it’s a work computer so I can’t change anything.

  60. I have a problem with marking items as unread. It does not stick.

    Upon import, everything was unread, so I marked everything as read, and then marked a few items unread again. Each section now shows something like “4 unread” in the main pane, with no entries below that and then the text “There are no articles in this section refresh”. If I refresh, the counter at the top is reset, and everything is marked as read again.
    Same on Chrome and Firefox.
    This does not propagate to my iPhone. (I restarted the feedly app there.)

  61. In case Feedly’s team was wondering, LiveJournal has replied to my support request with this:

    “Thank you for your inquiry. We have investigated this issue, and determined that Feedly is blocked because it uses Amazon’s EC2 (cloud computing) service. EC2 is blocked from accessing LiveJournal due to the frequency with which requests were being made to our service. This is not just from any one particular person/user/bot, but an issue with the entire system.

    Our site administration team has said they wish to find a way to remove these restrictions, but cannot do so immediately. We don’t wish to restrict legitimate users from accessing the site, but will do so for the sake of preventing large amounts of malicious traffic which we receive when we allow traffic from EC2. It may be a few months before we are able to remove the restriction. I am sorry for the inconvenience.”

    Welp, I guess I’ll have to wait for Digg Reader instead and cross my fingers that they don’t have the same problem.

    1. That’s a really interesting situation; nice that the LiveJournal folks were willing & able to dig into. Seems that it’s hard to know if traffic is legitimate when the volume makes it look like a Denial of Service attack. Wonder if Amazon has any thoughts on it or if other sites have issues with that technology.

      1. Livejournal’s team is known to be a bunch of incapable rookies. LJ users are no strangers to long outages and overall sloppiness of the service. They like to claim that they are being DDoSed by Russian government because they host many opposition blogs, which may be true, but the realty is that their infrastructure is unreliable and their team is incapable.

        That being said, they host a tremendous amount of interesting read and I believe feedly’s team can figure out a solution to make things work.

  62. I migrated to the cloud.feedly.com site today but now I am having a problem that some of the articles in my feeds are not showing up as unread. They show up in the list of all items, but they never appeared as unread.

  63. I just tried cloud.feedly.com, and the list of subscriptions there is out-dated. In particular, I made a bunch of deletions and additions to my Reader subscriptions list a few weeks ago, and they’re all synced up with http://www.feedly.com, but cloud.feedly.com still shows the old subscriptions. Is there a way to sync it up?

  64. How do I know that it is done? I mean, when I log in to Feedly Cloud it still requires my google account. Nickname and password. Will I have to create a new username and password? If so when and where?

  65. One behaviour I’m finding quite annoying, which is different to the browser extension version, is that once you use “mark all read” on a feed it jumps to the “All” page (or whatever your default may be) instead of simply remaining on the feed with all items marked as read.

  66. Congratulations/ However i have a small request. You have overlooked Win Phone 7.8 users since NextGen Reader does not support that version.

    1. Next month will be a new beta of NextGen Reader for WP 7.8 with feedly Support according to the App Author. But i will hope, that there will be also a native WP 7.8 App from feedly directly and not only for WP8

  67. C’è la possibilità che inseriate la funzione di scaricare la lista delle sottoscrizioni? come succedeva con il google reader?

    1. Looks like this is a request for being able to delete the list of subscriptions, so we can start over from scratch if we want to? I think that would be great too.

    1. HOOOOOORAY!!!!!!

      Now its working!!! Slowly things are settling, Android clients synchronized, I’m able to add feeds and categories via the web and via android clients (feedly and greader pro), just started work ok on the afternoon of 21/06 …. GREAT!

  68. Well done on getting the cloud version going – it’s great to be able to move away from Google Reader before its demise.

    I’m afraid that there are definitely some problems with the synchronisation of read/unread items though. After some initial problems, my various Android devices and the cloud web interface all seem to agree on the contents of my unread list, but I keep getting previously read articles reappearing as unread ones across all the devices. In some situations it seems to be the last article in the ‘all’ view reappearing as unread later on, but I’ve also had some bigger groups of articles reappear as unread and its difficult to work out the exact pattern of what’s happening.

    Any ideas for a fix?

  69. I used to be able to go to all and really see ALL my articles. Now when I do it, I see only about 70-90 articles. I have them sorted from oldes to newest and the nevest article I see is 12 hours old. When I sort it the other way around, I see articles which are 3 minutes old etc.
    So all does not really display all stuff even if I scroll down and come to end of stream.
    I really would like to see all stuff at once.

  70. One of the odd problems I noticed yesterday and reported to care@feedly.com – If I removed a feed or an entire category, it would show that it was gone, but then logging out & back in again, it would be back. Some experimenting revealed that it seems to be due to removing the browser extension and using cloud.feedly.com. Once I put the extension back and started using feedly.com again instead of cloud.feedly.com, the issue went away. Seems that simply logging into cloud.feedly.com will mess things up again. Note that feedly.com IS actually using the Feedly cloud for me (not Google Reader) as reported by #console but it seems like there are 2 copies of my list of feeds which won’t stay in sync.

  71. Please say the kindle app will be updated as well, love all that you’ve done in these past few months, keep it up!!!

  72. All my articles in all feeds were marked as read (unread count 0) when I logged into cloud yesterday, and now that has propagated to the plugin version, so I can’t use Feedly anymore. Is there any way to fix this? Should I delete my account and start over, will that force a new import from Google Reader?

    1. I now see this problem was mentioned in a previous blog post, but there was no warning in this post or anything one would encounter before signing into the cloud version that it wold result in resetting the read count. Short term this makes Feedly semi-useless to me.

  73. Are porn feeds blocked? Cause while this time, i can receive my this feeds on my Google Reader feed reader, but it don’t get updates on Feedly.

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  74. Thank you for your work!
    Drew attention to a peculiarity.
    If you add the RSS feed from Google News on words (for example, the word “Floods” https://news.google.com/news/feeds?pq=earthquake&hl=en&sugexp=cpsu2&tok=iFAf_ESWFKDwaTC7TUp5Zg&ds=n&cp=6&gs_id=y&xhr=t&q=floods&safe=off&gl=us&gs_upl&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1920&bih=921&wrapid=tljp1329476426604013&um=1&ie=UTF-8&output=rss ), Ten news shows, for every – one source, in the following days did not appear new, not updated.

  75. Feedly Cloud is entirely unsynchronized with my Google Reader. It shows dozens of feeds I deleted weeks ago (from within Feedly), and none of my recent starred items arrived. How do I tell Feedly to delete everything and resync from scratch, so that I get the most recent state of my Google Reader in into Feedly?

    Also, are you going to develop a full import tool? So that I can upload my downloaded Google Reader information (the one I get myself) to Feedly and get all my old starred items into it, beyond the standard 1,000 ones you’re trying to preserve?

  76. I installed the new Extension to Chrome (it’s called beta) and now feedly.com/home is timing out and just saying “Synchronizing feedly v.16.0. Please wait…”

    When I log into cloud it’s clear that items aren’t synced, I’m seeing hundreds of items that have actually already been read.

  77. hi
    i did every step you said but in everyone of my gadget include pc phone ipod and cloud version when i open feedly it does not show my unread items
    but they were synced
    i mean when i use google reader itself it is ok with new items
    but when i am using feedly new items does not show to and appear that no unraed articles
    please help me with this
    thank you
    sorry for my bad english

  78. I had used SharpReader between 2003-2007. Good software but no longer upgraded/enhanced ; reason I had changed…

    I remember I had choosen Google Reader because it allow to import/export subscriptions feature as OPML format.

    If Feedly Cloud not provide import/export feature, I will no longer use it.

    Feedly is best way to read feeds, but nothing is more important than keep control of my subscriptions list.

  79. Some feeds are no longer retrieving new items since my account was transferred to feedly cloud. Specially the tracking tools for google news and youtube.

    1. I’ve definitely seen a problem with YouTube channels as well. At first it appeared that as long as you didn’t include “&client=ytapi-youtube-profile” at the end of the YouTube link, it would work. But now it looks like all of my YouTube feeds are way behind.

  80. Console shows that my backend is “feedly cloud”
    Yet my subscriptions are not updating. I can still see new posts appearing in Google Reader, but not in Feedly. Specifically it seems that livejournal is not updating in feedly at all.

  81. Lots of congrats to you guys and hope you live a long life or prosperity. Been a fan of your site since day 1.

    But praises aside, I believe your work has only begun. There is a long list of features I could sing a song about, but the most important to me is feed recommendation and search, e.g. if I type in techcrunch, I can get the techcrunch feed without knowing the exact URL or if I type in verge, I get the verge feed without knowing the verge URL. Target version 19?? Please??

  82. error 403 arises for some feeds after switching to feedly cloud service.
    Also, the feeds which are based on secure protocol (https) do not load at all and error 403 arises all the time. I have missed many of my feeds.

    1. I get the same thing… wow, so much for using this instead of Google Reader. Looks like I have to find a new one yet again.

    1. Same here. Also on IE7 in our citrix environment. It was mentioned on here 5 days ago but I haven’t heard anything more about it? This is a big issue for us as the reason we’ve been teaching & using Reader is that it worked for everybody, even in restricted environments where they only had access to IE.

      1. To fix the blank page in IE 9 this worked for me: Hit F-12, click Browser Mode in the toolbar and select Internet Explorer 9. Then select Document Mode next to it and select Internet Explorer 9 standards.

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  83. Pingback: Going With Feedly
  84. I can’t get it to work on any browser on my iPhone (Safari or Chrome). I don’t want to use my newsreader in an app as I like to immediately open anything I want to read for later in a background tab in Chrome. When I try to login with either browser it just sits on an empty OAuth page.

  85. Yep, cloud.feedly.com still just opens blank page on IE 9. They haven’t bothered to fix this in several days. This seems to be an indication of how they’ll be doing things (or won’t be doing things) in the future. Moving on to a new reader..

  86. Hi we are students from Carnegie Mellon University and in one course we are building a rss reader. We are really looking for Feedly’s public API to come up. Is there any possibilities for us to have access to the API sooner? We really need to build upon it before the course ends in 6 weeks. Thanks!

  87. Feedly, is there still no readily available official privacy policy and terms of service/use? Feedly looks very promising, but it is unacceptable to have millions of users without clearly and openly defining your privacy and legal practices.

  88. Like RG, I am also getting just a blank screen when I try to access feedly via IE9 from my Windows operating system PC. Is there a workaround for this?

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  90. Worked fine for a while, then Chrome updated to automatically to version 28.0.1500.72 m, now Feedly newsreader loads a blank page. View source shows minimal header information and empty body tags. All extensions disabled, restarted, tried a different machine (same home network) but the problem persists.

    1. That’s all I’m getting at my workplace (on IE). I think I need it to be https: at my workplace – but clearly not working there.

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  93. Is it possible to get a feedly login which is NOT à Google one? I have none and don’t want any…

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  96. Sadly, I still can’t access Feedly at work via IE – there is a scripting error (no doubt caused by something on the network) and they’re unwilling to help with a work around (unblocking or whatever needs to be done to allow access). I believe this is because of the app that needs access to my data. Any chance of an update on or change of this feature so feedly works more like Google Reader did in the way it accesses the cloud?

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  120. I haven’t been able to access Feedly for WEEKS. All I get is a blank page even after deleting all my extensions in Chrome. Can no longer access from any browser or my Kindle Fire. Phooey on your damn cloud. I’ve lost all my links. Thanks for nothing.

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