[COMPLETED] 30-minute Scheduled Maintenance

We need to take feedly offline for 30-minutes to make a change to the database structure. Will update this post when the maintenance is complete and the service back online.

21:16 Starting the maintenance operation.
21:19 Shutting down the database.
21:35 Database is down. Starting Schema change.
21:42 Maintenance successfully completed. System is back up.

Author: @feedly

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31 thoughts on “[COMPLETED] 30-minute Scheduled Maintenance”

  1. Hi,
    you wrote that the system is back up. But I still can’t access. The page announce for more than an hour that feedly will be back in less than 10 minutes!

    1. Not sure about that but be careful beacsue it can elevate blood pressure to some degree,if you are pregnant and have high blood pressure please be careful!I’m not sure how much you have t oeat for it to affect you but you should always play it safe when a baby is involved. )

  2. Dear Feedly, would you consider providing UTC for maintenance times _in addition_ to your local timezone (which by the way is not even mentioned)?

  3. Hi one question: what about feedly mini…beacause it’s been 2 day since it just disappear from chrome… other question… do you guys plan to put back the save later option in feedly mini.. i ask this question may be 5 or six time and no response?? i think you try to much to mimic Greader and think you start loosing your identity!!
    but you’re still the best out there!! peace

  4. I can’t log in. my browsers (Firefox, chrome) still show the screen of maintenance. Why???

  5. who can’t log in or have the maintenance than 10 minutes message just clear your browser cache and cookies .

  6. TAGS! Almost everything else can be resolved afterwards. But TAGS no!!

    Why is Tagging disabled in Preferences? And here’s the worst question: why so much silence about that? Does that mean I cannot trust the Feedly team?

    1. You don’t need tags in preferences anymore. You can tag an article whenever you want and even create a new tag.

      What you can’t find is a way to delete tags already created. That’s something to be fixed.

      1. What about importing the tags in Reader to Feedly? The Feedly team explicitly says that, in order to migrate them, you need to enter your Reader tag list. So you do need Tags in preferences anymore.

        And if even you don’t need that functionality, there’s nothing anywhere in anything produced by feedly saying so. They should say it somewhere, as at blog.feedly.com/2013/04/24/migrating-your-tags-from-google-reader-to-feedly.

        1. Tags, and tagged articles were imported (supposedly) before yout account migrated from google to feedly cloud. Once your tags are migrated you don’t need tag options in preferences. Now you tag and create tags directly from the article view.

          You may have problems on your tags (many of us have) and some or even none of your tags or tagged items have imported. That’s something that can hardly be fixed now feedly has disconected from google.

          All of my tags were properly imported but most articles tagged couldn’t. I lost a lot of tagged articles. Sigh.

          But now I can create new tags and tag articles with no problem (even multiple tags). The problem is that I can’t delete tags or edit their names. And I miss a count on each tag to keep control on how many items I have. And the possibility to colapse tags as any other category. When you have many tags the left panel can be very long, If you are not reading tagged items it would be better collapsed.

          1. “That’s something that can hardly be fixed now feedly has disconected from google.”

            1. Everytime you login, they ask for permission to access Google data. So, even if feedly “has disconnected”, they still imply it does not.

            2. Feedly advertises as if it is still connected.

            3. They never answered any of my repeated pleas, either by e-mail, blog or forum, concerning this subject. So there is no official feedback on that, and that is the worst part of all.

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  7. Hi (Edwin and David), I had a big problem (I wrote several emails to you, but I haven’t received and answers in the latest ones – and my worry has reached alarm’s level !)

    1) I renamed my tags from google reader (where they duplicated); non, in google reader the tags have bene renamed and unified, but not in Feedly(it doesn’t let me to use any tag, telling me to create news ones!)!!

    2) I have got thousands things sa ed on google reader, and only a smallest part of them have been saved in Feedly. Please, bring the renamed tags from 250 to 1000.

    I know you are working very hard, 24 hour a a day, but it si very necessary for me, to find a solution for this problem.

  8. What should one do before July 1st if they want to preserve their 250 most recent GR tagged items per tag, as promised?

    The Tagging functionality in Preferences is gone.

  9. every time i open the feedly it does not show me the unread articles and says that all articles have been read
    please help me

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