Reeder 3.2 is out. Integrates with the feedly cloud.

Apple just approved version 3.2 of Reeder for iPhone. This is the first version of Reeder which connects to the feedly cloud. This means that you can now use Reeder to read your feedly on your iPhone.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.30.37 PM

It was a great pleasure to have Silvio as a design partner of the feedly cloud. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with him.

This brings the number of feedly cloud connected applications to 16!


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24 thoughts on “Reeder 3.2 is out. Integrates with the feedly cloud.”

  1. We need collapsible tags. The list may be loooong. And a count for tagged and saved articles may help to keep control.

  2. The “sign in” link on the bottom of the landing page within Reeder is throwing an error (login failed – please try again). Going through the “Sign up” button (even if we already migrated our feeds to feedly) is working fine.
    Maybe you should merge both action into an unique button as the result is the same?

      1. I would love to have it sooner than later but I will be here whenever it is released. Not moving on to any other reader.

  3. I found some synchronization problems between feedly and Reader. I don’t know on which side is the problem. If I mark some articles as read in feedly website ( at least with mark all as read, I haven’t tried this marking a single article) and afterwards I mark them as unread in Reeder, they don’t appear in feedly website and the next time they sync, articles disappear again from my unread articles in Reeder. I know this is not a common behavior or usage of the application but I have clicked by error in the unread item number at the side of a category and no confirmation dialog appeared.
    I know I need to get used to the save for later option and do not have unread articles lot of time in any category, or start using services like readability or instapaper to save them, but it is the way I used google reader :)

  4. I actually like the Feedly app now for the most part (needs some tweaks and better gestures on articles etc.) – Long time Reeder user.

    1. Great article. If you’re on the iPhone and/or iPad then I hgilhy suggest the Reeder App. I bought and tried a bunch of apps on the phone before landing on this one. Go for it.Also worth noting are some of the goodies features available under the preferences tab. One of them is a bookmarklet that installs on any browser’s toolbar for a quick subscription to a site.

  5. Longtime Reeder iphone and mac user. I now prefer Newsify for iPhone vs Reeder. Newsify has more/better gestures for navigating, is more visual with different views, and more choices for fonts. It also has a white background vs the dimmer background in Reeder which I never really liked.

    On the Mac, I really like the Feedly app and will not be using Reeder for Mac whenever it might be released. I like the different views by feed flexibility and the search for new feed capabilities. The only thing I really miss is Readability inline. I would like Feedly to add Readability view in preview.

    On the Mac, I also am using Better Touch Tool with the Feedly keyboard shortcuts which is working great.

  6. I have switched to using Reeder’s native RSS feature since news on Google Reader’s (then) eventual demise appeared, unfortunately Reeder’s native RSS is very, very slow while fetching feeds and it doesn’t sync as well. So I have been patiently waiting for Reeder to support Feedly, however, now I realized that there is no way to transfer my feeds to Feedly until v17 is out (can’t import OPML without Google Reader). So need to wait for v17 before I can actually start using Feedly.

      1. Very interesting post.I would like to add my 2 cents: I use Feedly with Google Reader for a nicer and more grpeoud presentation of my RSS feeds.I also use Xmarks to synchronize/backup my bookmarks. It has saved me quite a few times when my PC has crashed.

  7. Is it possible to reorganize the feeds so that it exists in the order in which it appears on

    1. I should have added the caveat that I was referring to items in iOS apps, particularly the once great “Reeder.”

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