Addressing The “My feeds are missing” Bug

We discovered today that some of the feedly users were not successfully migrated to the feedly cloud. After a couple of hours of investigation, it seems that it was related to   the feedly extension /app not correctly getting updated to version 16 and therefore not triggering the automatic migration.

We spent the rest of the day thinking about what we could do to fix this issue and deliver on our promise.

Given that all the feeds and categories information is available in the Google Reader takeout information, we decided to do a sprint and add a page to feedly what would take as input the subscription.xml file included in the Google Reader takeout and build the corresponding feedly. Our goal is to have that new migration option available in tomorrow afternoon.

If you are missing feeds in your feedly today:
1) Go to Google Takeout and export your Reader archive.
2) Locate the subscription.xml file.
3) If you have not done so, send an email to with [migration] in the title and the content of in the body.
3) See on how to import your subscriptions.xml into your feed.

We are sorry. We are looking forward to fixing this issue and hand you back your feedly.


Author: @feedly

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107 thoughts on “Addressing The “My feeds are missing” Bug”

  1. It sounds like this will essentially be an OPML import feature, right? Or will it only work for Google exports for now?

    1. Yes. It is an OPML import tailored for Google Reader users. We will expand the scope when this snake is dead and all users have safely migrated.

    1. Ian the email address is I believe a feedly Support email address which is closely monitored by Edwin and the team. I assume he meant to say send email with [migration] in the Subject of the email.

  2. The transparency and responsiveness of your team is really amazing. I’m not having this issue, but I appreciate that you acknowledge the problem, find a fix, and communicate it within hours. More companies should take your approach. Just another reason I love Feedly.

    1. I heartily agree with this. The Feedly Team has shown time and again how to do it right. Sure you make mistakes. You wouldn’t be building something tremendous if you weren’t making some mistakes. But this action, one among so many, shows how responsive and dedicated you are to making a world-class feed reading system.
      I’ve not had any problems with migration (knock wood) and love being able to use feedly in the cloud. Works great for my 390 feeds, on desktop, iPad, and Android phone. Thank you for all of your excellent work. I hope you know that we appreciate it.
      PS — feedly mini seems to be off-line right now — I use it and love it, so I’m eagerly waiting for it to be re-implemented. But everything else is working great.

  3. Thank you for the update.

    I was worried. I remembered that I imported my google reader data prior to the shutdown, but when I logged on to feedly today and saw it empty, I thought I missed a step and it didn’t mirgate everything over.

    I’m glad it’s being looked into.

  4. It’s encouraging to see the dialog with users, and certaining the quick turnaround for fixing issues such as these. I think I’m going to like it here. =]

    Now if I could just get my feeds from youtube and other sources to not show up 12 hours after they’ve been posted, that’d be spectacular.

    1. yeah, Im loving feedly, but suddenly all of my youtube feeds are backlogged a day, and others have waited 5+ hours to show up. others post immediately tho, so i dunno. you can see the time the item was posted vs. the time that feedly let it thru by hovering over the hr number next to the item.

        1. Would it be possible to add a specific blog entry when the Youtube issue is resolved? Or simply list all bug fixes somewhere for each new release? (I propsed that at uservoice, and I think it woudl help many users)

          The Youtube problem is the only remaining issue I have, but it’s been a serious issue ever since the migration to the Feedly cloud, forcing me to switch to a different reader for the time being. Logging into Feedly every day just to see if it’s been fixed isn’t ideal.

          Thanks :)

            1. I have no doubt they’re working on it; just suggesting that for this & other issues, users and the Feedly developers would both benefit from a list of fixes in each release, and perhaps a list of known but not yet resoloved bugs. Users wouldn’t have to keep trying it until it’s fixed, or keep asking when it would be fixed. Developers wouldn’t have to be as busy saying “sorry” 100s of times (look at from the last few days) as users could easily see what problems are outstanding & what ones are fixed.

              Having worked in software development & support for 27 years, a change log (list of fixes) is a fairly standard practice, and a very small investment of time & effort which goes a long way towards customer satisfaction.

  5. I could not get my feeds to import with two days ago when I first migrated…eventually I downloaded the Android app and once I logged in there, my feeds were immediately imported properly…I’m not sure that’s still an option with GR officially shut down now.

    I’m getting used to Feedly now…liking it for the most part…a little concerned with what seems to be slower pulling of my feeds into Feedly as compared to GR…today it seems like it’s pulling very slowly and when it does, it’s getting like 10 articles at once from the same site, at the same time. I hope these are just server congestion issues that will be ironed out.

    Keep up the good work! Thanks

    1. We hear you. The ops team is working on parallel on acquiring new hardware so that we can maintain the performance despite the load increase more on this over the next 5-10 days.

  6. Sorry but I don’t understand what this is about. I don’t miss feeds. My feeds are just not getting updated.
    I migrated to feedly weeks ago and I followed the update process to version 16 closely a few days ago.
    So what do I have to do? Could anybody please help me? Thanks.

    1. The load was really really high today (about 3x what we had last week) so our pollers where a little bit behind schedule. They have caught up now. The ops team is adding hardware to help make sure that the performance stays fast despite the load increase. More on this over the next 5-10 days.

      1. Thank you Edwin. So the above mentioned steps are not relevant for me? There’s nothing wrong with my feedly?

  7. HI – is it possible when I want to email the feed that instead of just the url/link to the article/feed that I am able to email the entire text so I can read on the subway when I am unable to have an internet connection?

    1. Hey there would you mind sharing which blog plaroftm you’re using? I’m planning to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a difficult time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique. P.S Sorry for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

  8. thanks – your support has been phenomenal. I was disappointed that my imports didn’t go smoothly, but I’ve received awesome personal email support from Edwin and being transparent like this makes me confident that it’ll get worked out eventually. As long as I have my opml backups I’m willing to wait.

  9. will this also import others .json format file from Google takeout?
    Also is it my settings problem, RSSFeeds are only go back up to 1 month only

    1. Me too. I only got very few feeds for each of my subscription. Lost most of my previous feeds.

  10. As one of the affected: I was honestly surprised (in a VERY pleasant way!) at the responsiveness shown by the folks as Feedly. Kudos, y’all.

  11. I do not know what instruction #3 means – ” > > 3) If you have not done so, send an email to care with [migration] in the time >

    “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” -Native American Proverb

  12. I have an issue with my tags not fully moving over from google. Essentially any tag that had a space between two words is now empty. I sent an email to the last week but haven’t heard a response. Is this an issue that is being looked into? The content if those tags stopped showing up when the switch to the cloud was made.

  13. Can someone please help me? I’ve been using Feedly on iPad for weeks with no problem, having never hada Google Reader account. Yesterday it wouldn’t load, and when it does I get the capacity message. What I can’t figure out is what to do. It’s not an issue with my migration, as I haven’t! Do I sit tight and wait for something somewhere to fix, or should I be doing something else?

  14. Yeah this doesn’t work for me because I was using the Feedly app before, not google reader. My feeds are all gone and my subscriptions.xml is empty (I guess because I was using google only to login on my android). Apparently this fix isn’t for Feedly users in general, but only for new Feedly users who switched from google reader. The rest of us…out of luck.

  15. I have the same problem, but I cant fix it folowing this instruction, the subscriptions.xml (which should be available in Google Reader Takeout) deosnt exist. And what should i do now?

    1. Same here! I thought I had everything taken care when I joined Feedly and connected the accounts.

      I used the service sometimes, I had the extension on Chrome. All my subscriptions were there.

      Today I thought about organizing my feeds and to my surprise it is all gone! And I just realized I’m 2 days late to get my data from Google.

      Because I trusted feedly I lost years of content curating. I’m still digesting this information…

      1. Again, same boat right here. Except I have a backup from May when Google Reader announced they were closing. What I’m confused about is that I also lost the dozen or so feeds that I added since joining Feedly. Feeds that were added directly within the Feedly console. My feed is empty, imports and otherwise.

  16. In the same boat. I was loving feedly and had spent a LOT of time sorting through my mammoth list of blog feeds, categorising them and getting rid of the duds. I’d put all my blog feeds into feedly (deleted RSS, emails, blogger follows), so I don’t have a list anywhere else to go back to. I miss my feedly. Bring it back. Please.

  17. I migrated my Google data weeks before the deadline and had used it on Feedly – now it’s empty. I had years of links – what can be done?? I’m just so fed up!

  18. 4 days too late, apparently! Same here: years of links gone, even though I had *urgently* migrated all my data to Feedly months ago for the very purpose avoiding this. So disappointed. :(

  19. WHERE ARE MY FEEDS!!!!!??????? I signed up with your service months ago, on the promise that you would handle the transition from Google Reader without any further action by me. Now my feeds are gone, and not available from Google??? Feedly, you need to fix this. You must have an archive or backup or something so you can look up the information on people’s data that you have since LOST!

  20. Hi,

    I migrated to Feedly from Google Reader a while ago. I’m trying these steps but cannot locate subscription.xml anywhere. It’s all blank like the first time logging in. Any help? I feel like I’m going crazy.

  21. Arrrrggghhhh. Super bummed that my data is gone forever when I migrated far in advance of the shutdown. When my app on my phone wouldn’t work after the shutdown, I just let it ride for a while, thinking it would get sorted. I let it ride too long. Once it was fixed, my feeds were gone, and it’s too late now.

  22. I migrated everything when the first mentioned the change and just checked today and everything is gone. I thought the point of migrating early is so we wouldn’t have to deal with these kinds of issues and loss of info..?!

  23. Damn it guys, this is really crap. I had hundreds of feeds in reader and 5 years of history, thousands of hours of my life and because of this stupid bug I’ve lost all of it. You could have at least sent out an email.

  24. When you stake your reputation on providing a seamless transition from Google Reader I just feel that it’s a mild disappointment when all my data is gone. And not even something having to do with Google ending Reader as far as I can tell. This is just your stupid fault.











  25. So it’s gone for good then right T_T I trusted Feedly to import everything properly to it’s “Cloud” only to find out that it wasn’t actually “imported” and died the minute Google Reader did.

  26. Same boat here – years worth of links gone and I had migrated a few months before the end. THought I had done the right thing. The silence from Feedly is deafening.

  27. wow this is BS. I logged in a few days ago and all of my stuff is just gone. I sent them an email and never heard back. Just today I found this. this sucks and love how feedly has no replies at all to any of this. guess we’re just SOL. thanks for nothing.

    1. Same here. I added it all to feedly thinking all was well and good. Logged in today and it’s all gone and the xml reader file is no longer available on google takeout, so FANTASTIC. would have been great to have received a warning email from Feedly about this before it was too late. BOGUE

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  30. Hi,

    Same problem as above, my google reader blogs, which I had imported (or so I thought) are now gone. Years of collecting blogs. Is there any way to recover them?

  31. Hey all,

    Just logged in to my feedly app to find all my feeds are gone.

    I have never used google reader and just started using feedly from a fresh.

    Logged in to read my feeds and nothing is there but feedly’s ‘get started’ messages!


  32. This is total bullshit and a big disappointment!
    I missed the Takeout date and Feedly wiped all my feeds, wtf?

  33. Just going to add the same comment to this: I have come back to feedly looking for my Google reader data and it is ALL completely gone. Pretty devastated. I imported them into feedly thinking I had saved all those years of curating… and perhaps would have taken other steps to save them if you hadn’t advertised this transfer. I was even using feedly to read them until they were gone… and then it was too late. PLEASE take some steps here, feedly people. I imagine your business is pretty much shot after this but have a little compassion for us sad sack readers who trusted you ….

  34. Same here–there is not subscription.xml file in my Takeout, so now all my feeds are gone!? This really sucks :/

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    Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Many thanks!

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  40. Feedly has been working fine until just now. I had a Windows 7 update and my Feedly ls now empty. Any idea how to get them back? (There is no Reader archive or Google Takeout that I can find.) The instructions above are no longer valid.

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  53. Did Feedly ever address the missing content for those who transferred over so early? I am in the same position. Years of work gone.

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