[COMPLETED] 30-minute Scheduled Maintenance

We need to take feedly offline for 30-minutes to tune some of the database parameters. Will update this post when the maintenance is complete and the service back online.

21:11 Starting the maintenance operation.
21:16 Web front end off
21:26 Pollers off
21:32 Restarting HBase will different heap parameters
21:37 HBase Started
21:41 Web front end is back up

Maintenance complete. Thank you for your patience. This change is going to make feedly faster/fresher.

Author: @feedly

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31 thoughts on “[COMPLETED] 30-minute Scheduled Maintenance”

  1. 1) Can there be an option to disable the click action in the left selector’s subscriptions unread count which set the unread count to 0 ? I accidentally clicked the counts few times, and it clear all my unread counts!

    2) Mentioned long times ago, your staff replied me, but the bug still there! The left selector’s subscriptions cannot me be reordered manually after sort by alphabets.

  2. I just did the same thing as Sing – I didn’t even know it cleared the unread count until I’d done it.. Clicking it again in the hope that it would undo my misfire didn’t work. Would love to disable this ‘feature’ … :)

  3. Any chance that you will fix the “Open in Tab” bug in the List view? It opens articles on top of each other, rather than creating a new tab for each article.

    Using Ctrl-Click or Middle-Click (in Firefox) opens a new tab, but doesn’t mark the article as read.

    Google Reader had this working perfectly. One could look at the list of un-read articles and open a selection of them in new tabs and (at the same time) have them marked as read.

  4. There is a important bug in starred items that made feedly unusable.
    the article is unstar in expand mode but it is starred in list mode!

  5. I’d say again. In what time zone?
    PDT? EDT? UTC? JST?(:-)

    only, but always add time zone. your service is world-wide.

  6. I have not been able to use Feedly on my iPad for 3 days . Always get the message Feedly is over capacity. I have not been able to use Feedly on my iPhone. Cannot sign into Google. I can use it on my Mac, but that doesn’t help iif I am AWAY from my computer.

    1. I’m your fellow in misery, Mary, in each and every aspect you’ve mentioned. The only difference: I’ve contacted Feedly via email for troubleshooting and got the response: “Sorry about that. Feedly was under maintenance for a few moments. Everything should be back to normal now.” Hello? No way to use Feedly on iPad for days, and they are talking about “a few moments”? They didn’t even listen to what my complain was. Wonder whether they’re listening at all, going through this thread of comments?

  7. So, apparently the Feedly “cloud” is available, but there are problems with the front end reader, and Apple has not approved a new iOS version yet. Elswhere on this blog, Feedly suggests trying four other front ends. My brief experiences: Reeder (iPhone only, text only), Mr Reader ($4), Byline (ads and clumsy). However, the fourth, NEWSIFY, appears to work nicely and looks pretty; may even be better than the Feedly app!

  8. My iPhone app keeps giving me a “feedly is over capacity” error and won’t start. Any suggestions?

  9. I’m getting the same message as everyone else on the iPhone “feedly is over capacity” getting real annoyed Because it’s been down for three or four days now… Some communication as to when the problem will be resolved would be nice or some
    Basic directions on what some of us using the iPhone / iPad could on our end would also help

  10. I cant login using my phone “Windwos phone” Same thing when using Windows Tablet “windows 8”, IE touch only, works fine with the desktop one!!!!
    After login I stuck on Oauth logo page!???

    If you add mobile web UI would be awesome :), Thanks

  11. i’m using the chrome extension of feedly. for the past two days it says “scheduled maintenance feedly will be back in less than 30 minutes.

  12. I’m also getting the “Scheduled Maintenance Feedly will be back in less than 10 minutes.” trying to log in via Chrome extension

  13. Same problem. I’ve had “Scheduled Maintenance” message on Chrome extension since yesterday.

  14. Same here – always “Scheduled Maintenance” in Chrome 27. Surprisingly cloud.feedly.com works fine for me in FireFox 23. Tried to clear all cookies in Chrome but still the same.

  15. I feel like a dunce with all these discussions BUT, there you are. What do I need to do to preserve the feeds I’ve subscribed to in Feedler on the iPad. If I upgrade will they be there or do I need to do something extra with BazQux or ? I downloaded Feedly but I’m still getting the “over capacity” error message (apparently they are waiting for fix approval). Once that IS fixed, will I have to do something to move my feeds from Feedler to Feedly? Thank you!

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