The Fix to the “Missing Feeds” Issue is Here.

This is a follow up to the Missing Feeds issue we reported yesterday.

The dev team has put together a new migration path which will help users who are missing feeds to re-build the feeds and categories by importing the subscriptions.xml file which is available in their Google Reader takeout archive.

1. Go to
2. Shift+reload to make sure that you are running the latest 16.0.548 version (The version is available at the bottom of the left selector).
3. Login if you are not already logged in.
4. Click on the Import OPML link available at the bottom of the left panel. This should load
5. Select your subscriptions.xml (which is available in your Google Reader Takeout).
6. Import – Note: if you have a lot of feeds, the import might take up to a few minutes. Please wait. If you get a 504 error, do not worry. Just wait a few more minutes and go to and you should see all your feeds imported.

You should see all your feeds and categories get seeded into your feedly account. Note: This is not going to remove any feeds you already have into your account. Just add the additional feeds and categories.

We are here to help:
Sorry for the inconvenience. If you run into an issue during the import process, we are here to help. Please send an email to with [import failed] in the title and some description of which of the 6 steps failed. If there are still feeds missing, it is possible that those feeds are dead/dormant or that feedly is having trouble fetching them. Please list the URL of those feeds in the email body.


Author: @feedly

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103 thoughts on “The Fix to the “Missing Feeds” Issue is Here.”

  1. “3. Login if you are not already logged in.”

    But I can’t log in! Because I can’t sign up an account WITHOUT google!! Any plans to quickly provide your own sign up (/accounts)?! Or am I destined to move to another solution?

      1. Yes. Sorry. we have had our head under the water. We hope to offer more auth options later this summer.

      2. I need to login WITHOUT Google because all my feeds are gone that I had with my feedly account under a different email. I don’t mind connecting but I want my feeds back. They were feeds I added that I did not have in Google reader and now they are totally gone. I had hundreds of them.

    1. It should not. we feeds will be assigned 10 unread articles. The existing feeds should remain their counts (I think).

  2. Version# … still not seeing version number and Console not showing any more (Firefox)

  3. I tried to import a file from tiny tiny rss and feedly does not import anything and does not give any feedback.

    I hacked into the file and added the markup type=”rss” to every subscriptions and it worked.

    Thanks for adding that feature, much appreciated!

  4. Importing my subscriptions.xml form google worked like a charm. All my 399 feeds are now available.!

  5. That’s worked great for me. Thanks to the developers, those late nights were worth it!

  6. Hi, where are the articles I saved for later? They are gone since a few days. Can you help me?

    1. I have the same issue, items i saved for later in the past week on iOS platform are not available in the cloud version

    1. Having the exact same problem in Chrome 27 and IE 10, it was working absolutely fine yesterday.

      1. I am having the same problems in Chrome 27, Firefox 23 beta and safari 6.0.5. shows a blank page. I have disabled all add-ons on all browsers, cleared my cache. Still nothing. Please help!

        1. Same here on FF 22.0….nothing, blank page though I can view source and some of it is there.

    2. For me it works. By the way, keep in mind that IE 7 and 8 are not to be considered up-to-date browsers (actually I would argue they don’t even deserve to be called browsers). IE 9 is somehow “fine” (sort to say) and it should work.

  7. Very disappointed.
    Seamless migration from Google Reader…..I think not!
    Now can’t open to import xml file….MANUALLY.
    Time to move on?

  8. Hi,

    A little off topic but I have a few questions about the financial section within preferences. Are the stock ticker symbols linked to bloomberg? Different exchanges require different links, like Canada on Bloomberg has.CN, Yahoofinance has.TO or .V for venture exchange.

  9. some of the feeds are showing “There are no articles in this section refresh” though they were working in googlereader, i had imported those feeds long time back,

  10. Thanks for this feature. I was getting worried I’d have to bail on Feedly after using it solidly for a year or so. Congrats

  11. I got all my feeds back (yay!), but all of the articles that I had saved for later are gone. That’s disappointing

  12. After today’s update, some posts stopped showing up: the unread count was displayed next to the All section, but disappeared on hover or click (I can’t remember). The posts are not present in the “Recently Read” section, but I can see them if I go to Index and click on the feeds.

    I also have an item stuck in “Saved For Later”, but that’s a minor thing.

  13. Up to a few days ago, I was reading on feedly the opml links imported from google reader. All of a sudden I lost access to these links on feedly.

    After reading your message above i found that the link in the fist step takes me to a website to download the app which I already have installed. I do not see an import opml link on that website. Please help. Thanks

  14. I was sent here by get satisfaction, however this solution isn’t working for me. What do I do if items are not in a google reader and are also gone? I added them directly into feedly.

  15. 1. I add the new source ( to my 133 source account
    2. checkbox “must read” x, add button
    3. the subscription appears normally
    4. then I check it again in a couple of minutes – it DISAPPEARS with no trace
    5. Repeat several times, no success
    What is going on, Feedly? Nobody wants his feeds dissappeared, It’s a terrible bug. React asap, please.

      1. Now I see new tagged feeds, but not tagged feeds are visible only on ipad (via mr.reader). It’s insane. Problem with feedly api with chrome or what is it?

  16. will there be an option to import starred items as well? These also can be exported from google takeout service (to a file called starred.json)

    Anybody has any idea how i can import my starred items to feedly?

  17. I loveee feedly. And now I just got the feeds back but I was wondering what will happen when google deletes all the data from its servers on 15th July since Feedly still asked me to sign in through my google account????

  18. i wrote you 3 times already!!!! no response!
    my entire starred items were erased! and i’ve been on feedly since april… i need to know what to do!

    1. This happened to me too all of my saved for later is gone. Those one i migrated from google reader before shut down and those marked using feedly

    2. Same issue here, been on feedly since April and all my feeds and starred items were working fine and syncing with Google Reader. But now they’re all gone! The feeds I could import again from the Google Takeout file (subscriptions.xml) but not the starred items. There is a json file from the Google Takeout which lists the starred items – will it be possible to import this into Feedly? Please reply to this, it is really crucial for my workflow!

  19. I’ve been using Feedly for a couple months now — today: no feeds. What’s the solution?

  20. I still cannot get any of my feeds to come through… I had many different feeds and unfortunately I cannot remember all of them. Even this work-around is not working for me… What else can I do?! I miss my feeds!

  21. The same with me. I updated to a new Feedly version and this erased all my feeds. I had stored a lot that I professionally need. These authors do not publish often but they are nevertheless important for me. I reloaded the xml file from Google Takeout. But this file did only contain the feeds I rebuilt after my other feed disappeared.

  22. I was very unhappy with this problem because it meant that all the posts I had marked, all the feeds I had added since moving to Feedly a few months ago were lost when I reloaded my old Google Reader file. I did not complain, even though this was at least the second technical hiccup (all tags had disappeared after a Feedly technical update a few weeks ago.)

    Now, a new one: Feedly has move to another sharing app, Buffer, in order to send posts to other social media. Buffer wants access to just about everything under the sun in order to post to Facebook, just extravagant permission requirements. At this point, I’d rather share posts from the original sites using their built-in apps (when they don’t require additional security permissions) or SHareThis (since I’m already signed up for it.) This extra clicking around makes Feedly far less useful.

    While I have liked the interface of Feedly and I was willing to put up with a certain amount of “beta”, this unreliability makes it look less and less like a product I’d be willing to pay for even when it stabilizes.

  23. Will this work for feedly mobile (Android) or is this only a workaround for browser-based readers?

  24. Doesn’t work now that Google takeout no longer offers reader export. So I guess you lost my data. Lame.

  25. for another confusion, why should feedly convert some feed title words first-character-uppercased ? IBM converts to Ibm, which looks so ugly.

  26. someone help? I have lots of tags imported from GR but now all I can see is one or more article by tag ?? all of my tags are gone ?? how can I restore them ? pls help

  27. Hi.
    A couple of months ago, I migrated from Google Reader to Feedly.
    Everything was okay till 20 days agao when I logged in into my account and
    saw no feeds. It was like that I was in a newly created account. The
    worse is that I added several feeds after I had migrated to Feedly.
    They are also lost :(
    Please help me to have my feeds back.

    1. Same problem here. Hundreds of subscriptions all organized – gone. There has to be a way to figure this out! Am I using the wrong login info now that it just connects directly to my Google account? Help help help help help!

    2. I just logged in today and my several dozens of feeds are all missing. Same as you, I migrated from Google Reader months ago, and was able to see all my feeds transferred to feedly. Today, I see that my account is blank. The option to download the files from Google is no longer available, either, so the instructions at the top of this page are useless.

    3. I am as well… and I had added at least 50 new feeds after migrating to Feedly from Google Reader pretty early, as in around April 2013. I don’t understand why or how after not logging in for a month (due to vacation) suddenly entire feedly account is completely blank. Is there anyway to get back at least the feed sources’ URLs? Because I hardly remember the exact site names…

  28. Bye bye, Feedly. Finding an alternative and collecting my hundreds of RSS feeds is going to be annoying but at least I’ll have fond memories of using your service

  29. Google Reader Takeout is no longer available. I migrated all my feeds to feedly SUCCESSFULLY months ago, and was able to view and use this service in place of reader. Now, all my feeds are gone completely and it’s like a blank new user. So, by choosing the migration you offered from Google Reader months ago, I’ve lost all my RSS feeds completely and for no apparent reason. Is there any plan to recover this data and restore accounts like mine that seem to have basically been erased in one of your upgrades? This is an upsetting problem.

    1. Yep, I’ve got the exact same problem. Happily migrated to Feedly months ago, and was enjoying using it, but now I’ve lost everything! I can’t even import my old Google feeds as the option to export my reader archive from Google is no longer available. Is there any way to fix this, or do I have to start again from scratch…

  30. Please Feedly team, address whether or not our feeds are gone for good. I, like many others, migrated from google reader months ago. I didn’t realize my feed was blank until after July 15th, which means I can no longer download my reader data. Is it possible to recover the data that was already imported or not? I know there are a lot of people that would appreciate an answer.

    1. Exactly what happened to me. Migrated it all and now it’s all lost. And, or course, I can’t get it back from Google.

      And I have to log in with Google? What’s the connection there?


  31. I am missing everything as well. I migrated everything in May. Sorry Feedly, you just lost me. Ridiculous that it’s just all gone. Thank you for nothing.

  32. epic fail. i trusted feedly to keep my google reader RSS feeds. went on vacation, came back, and its gone. i can’t pull my subscriptions.xml from google anymore.

    thanks for fucking up my newsfeed sources. should have probably moved to digg reader.

  33. Yo, y’all suck. Same story as the last few commenters – went abroad, just now checking to read everything again. 200+ subscriptions down the drain. well done.

  34. I sent the mail to reply my missing feeds problem (after 7/15 so I can’t use the takeout to import), but you don’t even give me a reply. I’m so disappoint in your service. And I’ll try to inform some media or blogger about this bad happenings…

  35. Looks like we were all suckered. I don’t understand why they weren’t transparent about the Google buy out? Suck my salty balls Feedly!

  36. WTF none of the things this post states exist. There is no “import OPML” option. it’s gone. FU FEEDLY

  37. Back before Google Reader shut down, I migrated all of my feeds in reader to feedly. At that time, I could see they were all there and feedly had appeared to work.

    Fast forward a few months to 1st September 2013 and I find that feedly has lost all information. I log in and I am present with an import option and suggestions to add some categories/channels whatever.

    Well I don’t have a file to import because back then feedly appeared to work?

    I am lost and confused, I think I will start again from scratch with another provider. I have found feedly to be relatively confusing anyway. Sigh…

  38. “4. Click on the Import OPML link available at the bottom of the left panel.”

    It doesn’t exist. I’m viewing version 17.2, and it doesn’t exist. How do we import OPML files now?!? You guys can’t bother to update these instructions?

    1. “4. Click on the Import OPML link available at the bottom of the left panel.”

      I am logged in but i am unable to see import OPML file.
      When i log out than there is a button saying Import OPML file but when i click on it it gives an error.

  39. Me too – all my feeds had imported “automatically” in the Spring of 2013, no Google Take Out file was required, because of the Feedly one click automatic import. Everything appeared to be working fine. We moved from one state to another and I did not look at Feedly for a couple of months. The next time I opened up the app, everything was gone. Not one feed left, though I had spent years curating the data, had about 150+ feeds, all tagged and organized for research. I cannot believe this happened. Had I thought there was any chance of this, I would have created a back up of the data in another RSS reader. Everything appeared to be working – didn’t seem possible they could lose the data of that many customers after the data had clearly imported successfully. Feedly CEO says this happened to 20K Feedly subscribers.

  40. Hi, in version 17.3, the “import OPML” is available in “Personalize” section (3rd link of the left panel).


    It doesn’t work for me. I tried also to import a very small list (10 rss), without success.
    File selection –> start –> nothing, back home without links.

    Feedler, please fix that!!

  41. I have been using Feedly for over a year now and never had a problem with my feeds coming over from Google reader. I was told since I had begun using Feedly long before Google Reader shut down, I had NOTHING to worry about and could go about my business without doing anything. I just went to my Feedly for the first time in a couple of months and ALL MY FEEDS AND CATEGORIES ARE GONE!!!

    There were over SIX YEARS of feeds in there. SIX YEARS!! I cannot get any file to import from Google because it’s shut down. WHAT DO I DO???? Everything was fine and well organized, now it’s blank. FIX THIS. I need my feeds back ASAP.

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